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Need Help please! How to Remove Store name from page titles.

Hi guys, need some help with this. I'm not sure what to change here to remove my store name from page titles. On google all my links are showing up with with my page titles and at the end so it has it has [Page Title] - [Store name]. Really hope someone can help with this.  Don't know what I need to change in the code. This is in the theme.liquid   <title> {{ page_title ...

Apr 24 2018 by Kelly John
Looking to upgrade....

Hello there, Got a hp pavilion p2-1113w from my dad and stepmom last winter. Did not use it until couple months ago or so since I finally bought a power for it. Fixed it up and upgraded to windows 10 and then gave it to my neighbor since she needed a computer for basic stuff. Now I got it back today since she is moving out and doesn't want to bring with.  Anyways... is it possible to upgrad...

Apr 20 2018 by LarryWalker
E-commerce Course

Hi guys, Nobody probably reads this section of the forums but let's give it a try.  My partner and I are developing an e-commerce course where you'll learn anything from finding a niche and products to sell to finding suppliers and building your store.  For this I'm looking for some people who want FREE access in exchange for their brief feedback on the course.  My question: what's ...

Apr 18 2018 by Ann
Which Platform is best for E-commerce Website Development?

Well, there are several good platforms available for Web Development and Web Designing like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, and OpenCart etc. All these are open source platforms and have different use like WordPress can be used for Content or information based Website Development and Magento, OpenCart can be used for E-Commerce website development.  All these platforms...

Apr 18 2018 by Click4networks
Hi Shopify, Can I make Coupons Website with Shopify

Can i make coupons website??? Need HElp

Apr 6 2018 by Stephen Hutcheon

Newbie here.I'm Edna Wise. I love to write and read. I am a Market Research Analyst.

Apr 13 2018 by Jade
How are topics on shopify ordered?

The way topics are sorted here on Shopify forums are confusing to me, I would assume the last posted or last created thread will be at the top, but find them to be all mixed up. Is there anywhere where you can sort the threads, is there something I'm missing or overlooking. Thanks.

Dec 15 2017 by Emmanuel Flossie
Saying Hello

Hello friends, I am newbie here, just joined this forum site.

Mar 10 2018 by Maryna Mriia
Directories are not accepting the URL

I've been trying to add my site https://bugattihairimports.com/ on many free directory sites but I am getting this error: "The URL could not be validated. Either the page does not exist or the server could not be contacted. The URL already exists in the directory." I have no clue what might be the reason for the above error.  I heard that this usually happens with all the Shopify sites. I...

May 26 2017 by Bugatti Hair
Email scrubbing

My email bouncing rate is increased now a days so need help from email scrubbing service? 

Mar 10 2018 by laibren

Hello,  I am interested in a Shopify certified course for developers (advanced). Do you offer any? 

Mar 8 2018 by Gloria
Categories and sub-categories

Do you have main categories and sub-categories? Also I would like a list of the categories on my home page if that is available. Everytime I add a new product it starts a new collection, so I don't see how the customers can find same types of products like that. Should be able to have the Collection as the main subject like Outdoor Living and the sub collections like Windchime, Birdhouses, etc....

Mar 5 2018 by Maggie M
Need help with your store??

Hello you guys my name is christina. I am a shopify expert here in charlotte nc. I have 3+ years working with shopify building and designing websites. I offer full store set up, including: 1) A premium shopify theme. 2)20 top selling products from your niche uploaded through oberlo.  3)set up collections 4)create up to 8 pages 5)link pages to navigation 6)1 minimalist logo design Pm or c...

Jan 31 2018 by fireflies
7 Tips to Help You Choose a Mobile App Development Company

If your business is looking for a mobile app development company, you should consider to some key factors. It’s not enough to simply Google a selected keyword or two. You should follow these seven tips in order to find the right company for your needs. 1) Know Your Needs Before thinking about various features and functions in a mobile app, you should consider your requirements your busine...

Feb 24 2018 by MarilynDecarlo
I accidently deleted the footer.liquid file!

Hello. So I wanted to remove the 'powered by shopify', but then at the end - i accidently deleted the whole footer.liquid file.. I can't seem to recover it, cant even paste a file in.   Can somebody help me please? I'm launching sunday so I really need help    Thanks a lot guys!

Feb 23 2018 by Alex
Facebook Ads vs Google AdSense Which is Better?

Google and Facebook are the biggest advertising platforms today, so it’s natural that every clients wants to know while working with us which one is better or gives best results.

Feb 15 2018 by fireflies
Not getting any email notifications when someone answers my posts.

Not getting any email notifications when someone answers my posts. Ideas?

Feb 13 2018 by fireflies
Migrating FROM Shopify

I'm seeing tons of stuff on how to migrate TO shopify but I am looking to transfer my site FROM Shopify to another hosting site. Not seeing too much from google either. Anyone? 

Feb 11 2018 by Paul T Woosnam
What do I do to fix the fact that "localhost" suddenly goes no where?

What do I do to fix the fact that "localhost" suddenly goes no where? I don't know exactly how this happened.  I recall that I was able to pull up localhost in my browser and then one day I could not.  it throws an error.  The only thing I can think of is that I was prompted at work to reset my password.  Does this mean I need to go into the IIS and reset my password there as well? I have...

Feb 9 2018 by Xarzu
Why do some companies resort to third player to make their custom website?

I think that shopify is very user-friendly for small and mid-sized companies, and it makes them avoid hiring programming staff and support additional fixed cost. However, there are still companies who resort to buy E-commerce Packages, companies which will create and customize a website for the online retailer, and make the online retailer pay the Ec provider for the online shop and the mainten...

Oct 18 2017 by flower0009