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SEO Tips for Spreading Your Business

Organic search traffic is free – thus despite your budget size, your business will contend with larger promoting bucks with a sound SEO set up, an excellent web site and compelling site content. we have a tendency to advocate regular blogging regarding your field of experience. It’s useful to growing targeted traffic and building authority in search engines. Search traffic is enticing to bus...

May 23 2017 by agneslee
Building a Shopify App for my bachelor thesis. Can I have a few minutes ...

Hi guys, My name is Dat and I am a bachelor student from the Netherlands and I am currently working on the design and development of a Shopify plugin for conversion rate optimization. For my design, I need feedback from actual shop owners.  I would be very grateful if someone here would be willing to do a 10-15 minute interview with me. (We can do Skype, phone, facebook messenger - whatev...

May 23 2017 by ecommerce_student
What is The Top Jacket For Summer?

Collect some gym jackets online as per your need I mean need,because this little belter works just as well with jeans as it does with dresses, shorts and miniskirts to give you a trendy look. You can easily afford it, so purchase some cheap gym jackets online now from a leading brand.

May 20 2017 by Karoo Shopping
Mosquito Net from Phifer, USA

Phifer Mosquito Screens is the subsidiary concern of Phifer USA and now deals with finished Mosquito net fitment systems all over India with its own exclusive showrooms and franchisees.Phifer is the only brand in the world that manufactures Mosquito screens, fabricates into mounting systems in their own facility and retails to customers through its authorised franchisees.For queries/free demo c...

May 19 2017 by mosquitoscreens
I'm about to give up

My store is up for about 3 months. I spent hundreds $ on Facebook ads, launched give away promotion. Only couple sales on give away items from ladies I know via facebook group. New item arrived every day. I set my price is a bit lower than on other consignment sites that I'm selling. However, all of my sales are from them, not my own website. I have pinterest, facebook, instagram...all sort ...

May 17 2017 by exr
Site Review

Could you good people take alook at http://www.javajeffscoffee.biz and let me know if you can recommend any changes to make it better? I'm new at this!   Thanks So Much,   Phil

May 17 2017 by braveluke
How do I put a 'collection' of products under another 'collection'

Hi all,  I'm new to Shopify so please pardon me if what I'm asking is stupid.  What I want to do is put multiple 'sub-categories' under each category. Then each of the 'sub-categories' might have 'sub-categories' under them as well. So for an example, I have a cateogry 'A' and now I want to create subcatagories like 'B, C, D, E' and put them under 'A'. The subcategories might have product...

Apr 11 2017 by mia lexi
Work on QuickBooks Remotely

How a user can work on Quickbooks Remotely?

May 11 2017 by Kiara Grundy
"Quickbooks has Stopped Working" Error?

How to Fix Quickbooks has Stopped Working Error? Please Help?

May 5 2017 by Kiara Grundy
Hot Girls Gym Shorts !

In an urge to flaunt your sassy legs and make the most of workout sessions, get in touch with one of the top-rated online stores like Gym Clothes where its latest collection of gym shorts for women inclusive of pop colors, pink gym shorts and more, you get finely structured stuffs offered at the best prices. Grab the biggest deals now when you shop online!

May 10 2017 by Audriana Brown
For sale: Ortery 3D/360 imaging machine (to create GIFs)

I have a 2012 Ortery 3D PhotoBench 260 for sale and I thought a fellow webstore owner maybe interesred in purchasing. The machine is used for 360 degree imaging of your product and the software creates GIF's, you can view the latest version on the Ortery website here: https://www.ortery.com/photography-equipment/360-product-photography/3d-photobench-260/ A new Ortery PhotoBench retails fo...

May 5 2017 by Tori Ferguson
Intigrate DHL logo in my store

Hi all,anyone knows how i can intigrate DHL logo in my store? Cheers

Feb 24 2016 by Enny
Get Cash on Hand For Gift Cards! No Online Transaction!

No online trading, no frauds, no long waits for cash! Get Cash instantly for your unused Gift Cards at the nearest US Card Buyers location. All you need is a valid Gift Card and one identity proof and our operator at the location will give you instant cash. Our operator will check the validity of the card and give information regarding the % value you can get of the amount unused in your Gift c...

Dec 10 2016 by Gracie Josheph
Hire a professional copywriter to write product descriptions for your O...

Need a copywriter to write copy for your SHOPIFY store? Send me an email at info@shirleyjeanbaptiste and check out my website at shirleyjeanbaptiste.com. 

May 1 2017 by Copywriter03
Facebook account deaktivated during set up! WTF?

Hi, in the process of setting up my store i created a facebook account as well. I was out of fb for years and signed up now in order to create a site and shop. I did not waste any time creating my personal profile. At the point where i actually was able to go create site, they kicked me out without delivering a reason. I suppose some fake precaution was triggered. I sent a appeal every da...

Apr 28 2017 by LVNGCTR
How To Display Collection Page Products Onto Homepage

Hii, I am trying to look for a two solution for my shopify site - 1. First thing is that i want to display all my collection page content onto the homepage.. Check the link of my site (https://morereviews.myshopify.com/collections/all) 2. The last point is that i need to fix my filter as new to old format so that current pricing looks like 510$,850$,450$ and 850$. Please help me ...

Apr 21 2017 by Sanskar Dubey
Hello everyone!!

I'm new to this forum and wanted to say Hello to everyone. Hope will get best knowledge by discussing with all.

Apr 11 2017 by mia lexi

Newbie here.I'm Edna Wise. I love to write and read. I am a Market Research Analyst.

Apr 19 2017 by Everette
Check your SEO knowledge

Hello all, Actually we have launched our new site called meetingwall. And we are doing SEO from last 4 months, but unable to get good ranking. Please tell me best strategies to get our site at better positon and we appreciate your SEO knowledge. Thank you in advance!!

Apr 19 2017 by shrikantha
What is the difference between software engineer and software developer?

Have you ever thought that the terms software engineer and software developer are the same? Well, theoretically, if you’ve ever, you’ve been wrong. The two concepts can be regarded among the most confusing in the world. There’s not even a textbook which distinguishes them. For most of the time, we use these terms interchangeably, and in fact, they do share some similarities. Software enginee...

Apr 13 2017 by mia lexi