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Site Review

Could you good people take alook at http://www.javajeffscoffee.biz and let me know if you can recommend any changes to make it better? I'm new at this!   Thanks So Much,   Phil

Jul 15 2017 by Loft Curtains
Renew domain on closed store

Hi. I have closed my store sometimes ago and forgot to check my domain renewal if it's 'auto renew' or manual. Last week i received an email to renew the domain.  Since I'm not using the domain anymore how can i check if the domain is on auto-renew or not?

Nov 10 2018 by JaColby Napier
Shopify admin looks to be down due to some shipify cdn files not reachable.

Hi all, It seems that shopify admion console is donw due to some file(s) not being reachable on the shopify cdn. https://cdn.shopifycloud.com/web/assets/vendors~error~main-4c542b8b3883726528a76725cc0e32a23a01b9c790613476e3bc9a4367c5e1b2.js I get these errors in console: admin:38 GET https://cdn.shopifycloud.com/web/assets/vendors~error~main-4c542b8b3883726528a76725cc0e32a23a...

Nov 6 2018 by Simoné Kasselman
there is something not right with the forums

I have been going back and forth with several gurus. I can't login into the forums. I made an account and it just kept saying invalid login, invalid token, email does not exsist, got escalated to the the tech team, everything was okay, they suggested a password reset, i did and it worked. 3 days later, over 50 messages through chat and 30 minutes on the phone and I am still having troubles. I d...

Oct 30 2018 by christopher york
500 internal error on page load

i've been getting off and on 500 internal error messages when loading my site. I've mapped in my own domain and it worked great for the first few hours before getting the error. Without changing any settings on my end, it keeps having the error and then no error off and on.

Oct 30 2018 by Pankaj Yadav
My post got caught in a spam filter, who do I contact?

My first post on this forum was caught in a spam filter (apparantly, it doesn't show up). It's just me asking a question about the Shopify APIs, nothing spammy. Who do I contact to get it unblocked?

Oct 25 2018 by Lars
E-commerce Course

Hi guys, Nobody probably reads this section of the forums but let's give it a try.  My partner and I are developing an e-commerce course where you'll learn anything from finding a niche and products to sell to finding suppliers and building your store.  For this I'm looking for some people who want FREE access in exchange for their brief feedback on the course.  My question: what's ...

Apr 18 2018 by Ann
I want to show Collection name of selected Products

<h4>{{all_products[section.settings.product_1].title }} / {{all_products[section.settings.product_1].collection.title}}</h4> <p>{{all_products[section.settings.product_1].description }}</p> I want to show Collection name of selected products Help me please

Sep 14 2018 by Beyou-hav Admin
Website for search Best item to dropshiping or viral item now

Hi, just want to ask if are a website or another way to search viral item now or search the best item is selling I knew this website but have to pay i want free.   I known drop spy an ecom are the best, what drop shippers use or method?   https://dropship-spy.com   http://www.ecomhunt.com   https://pexda.com   https://angage.net

Oct 17 2018 by Karlie
Wordpress, a good search plugin?

I'm looking for Wordpress plugin that just improved the search results. So does anyone know a good plugin that will make the search a whole lot better?

Jul 18 2018 by Curtly Woakes
Am I at the right place?

Hey guys! I came across this forum through google while looking for a fulfillment center forum. I'm looking for a community to share some tips, experiences, struggles, etc. Am I at the right place? Thanks, Kevin

Sep 25 2018 by Elle
System testing for our platform

A brand-new cross-border shopping platform – GlobalMai.com. Inviting first 1000 users located in America to test our system. Here are some benefits we are offering;   1/ Help you buy Chinese products at low price. No need to worry about the tariff issues caused by trade war. List what you want to buy from China, we help you do the left to meet your need. 2/ Register a seller acco...

Aug 22 2018 by zoelee
How to push array data customer order and filter by status?

I want to show confirm button on my customer account page If status order is Pending and this is my code showing confirm button {% capture products_list %} {% for order in customer.orders %} {% assign status_note = order.financial_status | ',' %} {% include 'dump' with status_note %} {% endfor %} {% endcapture %} {% assign status_all = products_list | ','%} {% if s...

Apr 30 2018 by Team IT Fast Print
Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered

Hello Experts. I Got a problem wich is very annoying. Everytime a customer (or me) try to apply a discount code they get this error   Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered   Does someone know how i fix this? All the discounts are active and should be working. I recently installed Conversion Pirate but when i uninstall it, it still happens. SO i think its a...

Sep 13 2018 by Steve Moore


Sep 9 2018 by Morgan
Moving to another country!!

I just recently created my store in the USA. I now find I am moving to Bogota Colombia. What would be involved in switching everything over? It seems it must be doable. But I'm not at all sure what it would entail.Has anyone else here ever done this?

Sep 1 2018 by Jade
Teach me Shopify for £100

I am Marla I live in London, I am thinking of starting my own Shopify store but not sure how to SEO for it. I have been ready all around to understand SEO but still confused as everyone has their own method(s) Recently I won £100 Amazon Gift Card for taking a free life cover quote which I am ready to giveaway if somebody can help me establish my store. PM me

Aug 30 2018 by Nick
Create order, customer, custom_collection, product with private app cre...

Hii, I have to "create order, customer, custom_collection,  product" with private app credentials. Can any one help me how to do this. For this I have created a private app and get API KEY, Password, Shared secret, Access Token from these credentials I have get all these things but can't create. Can any one know how to integrate these credentials with php. Thanks

Jun 7 2017 by Noor
I want to help other store owners...

The other day I was shopping for hairgel. It was on an quiet afternoon and it was my first time buying it online. To start my search I did what anyone would do, I typed it into google, didn't find it right away, went to amazon and started my search. I was looking around and boringly and as usual, I found the product I needed quickly with a ton of reviews and by a seller who obviously has don...

Jun 15 2017 by Heather Hubert

Hello,  I am interested in a Shopify certified course for developers (advanced). Do you offer any? 

Aug 14 2018 by Nick