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Wordpress, a good search plugin?

I'm looking for Wordpress plugin that just improved the search results. So does anyone know a good plugin that will make the search a whole lot better?

Yesterday by Curtly Woakes
I have a question!

I have been testing on facebook for a little while and but i dont feel like i am doing it the right way or a effiecient way.. what ways do you guys recommend testing ? Thanks!

Yesterday by Ann
Saying Hello

Hello friends, I am newbie here, just joined this forum site.

Yesterday by Robert Williams
Can you help me?

In my cart, it says "shipping & taxes calculated at checkout." I offer free shipping and include taxes in my prices, so I want that text GONE! I can't figure out to do it. Anybody know how to get rid of that stupid text?

Yesterday by tramanh
Shopify 502 erroe

I made some changes to my shopify store and now it is not loading and i cant acces my store ore store admin panel. I read that its becous of larg website posts is that true? And if yes how long it does take to go away?

Jul 17 2018 by RKM
I wanna remove "/pages/"

Hello everyone,   I created "pages" in my shop. URL of that page is "https://example.com/pages/hoge".   But, I wanna create  "https://example.com/hoge". Can I do it ?  

Jul 13 2018 by JHAW
Traffics....but No sales...Why?

Hi I'm Rhonda..recently open my store www.liciousstylez.com. New comer, im advertising like crazy and breaking what i dont have, still no sales. The traffic coming through, is from advertising on facebook and instagram but no sales, they adding to the cart but not going through with the purchase. I'm getting bored and tired of using money i dont have and not reaping nothing.  Any help, an...

Jul 6 2018 by J-za
Offering pro bono eCommerce UX audits

I'm looking to become a Shopify Marketing Expert, so I'm offering pro bono eCommerce UX audits. - Are you a store owner who has trouble increasing sales? - Are you a developer who wants to offer more value to your clients? I could evaluate your projects before you launch client sites.   I'm a UX designer who specializes in improving eCommerce sites. If this sounds interesting to ...

Jul 12 2018 by Zaid Hisham

What is best activity of seo off page?

Jul 11 2018 by Mohit Gupta
Dropshipping branded computer products from amazon

I've been searching a lot for information on this and it made me very confused. I'm wondering if it is legal and allowed for me to take branded computer products like mouses and keyboards from brands like logitech, hyperx etc from amazon, list them on my shopify store and sell! If so, are there any apps that can help with this! Otherwise do I just fulfill the orders manually by ordering f...

Jul 10 2018 by Linksis

Hello,  I am interested in a Shopify certified course for developers (advanced). Do you offer any? 

Mar 8 2018 by Gloria
IELTS is not a cake walk but it is not a trial by fire either!

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Jun 30 2018 by toni
going live

  Ngoài việc trang trí đám cưới bằng bong bóng thì sinh nhật cũng là một sự kiện sử dụng rất nhiều bóng bay để trang trí. Ngoài màu sắc rực rỡ của những quả bóng bay thì kiểu dáng của nó cũng ngày một đa dạng hơn rất nhiều. Do vậy để trang trí sinh nhật cho teen bằng bóng bay đòi hỏi người tổ chức phải có lựa chọn trang trí sao cho phù hợp. Trái tim bằng bong bóng trang trí sinh nhật ...

Jun 1 2018 by Katy
Are you looking for best quality app install at very affordable price fo...

if yes then I want to recommend you for skwar which is the best company in Ad Network and Android App Marketing. SKWAR is very trusted,Guaranteed and Affordable with Professional App Marketing services. skwar offers app promotional services for android & Ios developers. We can promote your Android app by keyword installs and package installs. We can rank your app in any desire country in...

Jun 24 2018 by SKWAR AGENCY
I'm about to give up

My store is up for about 3 months. I spent hundreds $ on Facebook ads, launched give away promotion. Only couple sales on give away items from ladies I know via facebook group. New item arrived every day. I set my price is a bit lower than on other consignment sites that I'm selling. However, all of my sales are from them, not my own website. I have pinterest, facebook, instagram...all sort ...

Jun 21 2018 by Renee
Car lights

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Jun 20 2018 by stevekensun
E-commerce Course

Hi guys, Nobody probably reads this section of the forums but let's give it a try.  My partner and I are developing an e-commerce course where you'll learn anything from finding a niche and products to sell to finding suppliers and building your store.  For this I'm looking for some people who want FREE access in exchange for their brief feedback on the course.  My question: what's ...

Jun 20 2018 by Nemo
Untrustworthy seller with no Return Policies

I recently bought an item from a Shopify vendor, Stanlice which is a clothes seller i wouldn't even call them brand..., and the item turned out to be cheaply done, awful materials, it didnt match the size chart offered so it doesnt fit, and since i got 3 USD discount im not able to return it. This is truly awful and it seems there's nothing to be done, but shouldn't you also protect your cus...

May 30 2018 by Alex

Newbie here.I'm Edna Wise. I love to write and read. I am a Market Research Analyst.

Apr 13 2018 by Jade
Blacklisted on DOD sites

I have had several customers that have told me they can't reach our site.  Mostly these have been people in the u.s. Army. how to I find out if a DOD agency blacklisted my site?  And if so how can I go about getting off such DOD blacklists? is there any consultant tha can help me with this?

May 29 2018 by Pedro DeJesus III