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Lexmark printer hanging ?

hei guys , don't worry if your lexmark printer print blurred page , I have a solution of your problem , if you facing this problem you have to disconnect your printer from electricity and remove the cartridge , clean the cartridge also clean the dust that inside your printer and set all this ones again and check hows your printer work if you still face same problem i suggest you to kindly be in...

Today by anndreakartan
Your acer laptop wifi driver not working ?

hei guys if you use acer laptop and your wifi driver not working don't worry I have solution for this , this problem happen bcs of lack of updates you have to update your driver in this case , what you should do to update is to go to device manager , choose there network adapter , inside that you get wifi driver option , you have to click on this and update . it very simple , if you still face ...

Today by anndreakartan
How to change cartridge of HP J4580

hey, my name is marina living in UK. i am suffering from an issue.. i bought printer HP J4580 last year and now due to it all my files are getting abrupt and i could not find solution to it. Actually i am not getting what is the main problem, it connects easily but when it comes to print..it does not take it. Earlier it used to print bad though. my friend suggested me a hp printer helpl...

Today by anndreakartan
SEO Tips for Spreading Your Business

Organic search traffic is free – thus despite your budget size, your business will contend with larger promoting bucks with a sound SEO set up, an excellent web site and compelling site content. we have a tendency to advocate regular blogging regarding your field of experience. It’s useful to growing targeted traffic and building authority in search engines. Search traffic is enticing to bus...

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
[Test post] Trying to attach gif.

This is just a test post to see if I can attach a gif file to a post.  

Mar 20 2017 by Clement
How can I run my store without a Social Security Number

Hi, I am an international student in the United States, I already opened a Shopify store but Shopify said I can not receive Credit Card Payment because I do not have a Social Security Number. What can I do please? Michael

Mar 17 2017 by Koreen W
Prediksi Bola Lengkap 15 Maret 2017

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Mar 15 2017 by bolaseo87
Bookkeeping Services in Barking London Area | Access Accountants Firm UK.

Access Accountants Award winning Tax Accountants and Bookkeeping Services in Barking and London. Access also provide remote and on-site Bookkeeping Services. Free advice, free consultation.

Mar 14 2017 by accessa532
Insulation Panels Pakistan | Thermofoam Pakistan

Insulation Panels Pakistan. Thermofoam Insulated Panel Pakistan is an organization of construction professionals dedicated to providing quality Insulation Panels for all segments of the construction industry.

Mar 10 2017 by thermofoampk
SEO Services Islamabad |SEO Expert Islamabad |SEO Company Pakistan Wikisol

SEO Services Islamabad is World Leading Digital Marketing & SEO Consultants in Islamabad. We Offer SEO, Email, Content Marketing and PPC Services very affordable Price in Islamabad & Pakistan.

Mar 9 2017 by seoservices0
How do I put a 'collection' of products under another 'collection'

Hi all,  I'm new to Shopify so please pardon me if what I'm asking is stupid.  What I want to do is put multiple 'sub-categories' under each category. Then each of the 'sub-categories' might have 'sub-categories' under them as well. So for an example, I have a cateogry 'A' and now I want to create subcatagories like 'B, C, D, E' and put them under 'A'. The subcategories might have product...

Mar 6 2017 by Koreen W

Hi I am new member and excited to join this group. I have been running my e-commerce online store i.e. is storeforlife.co.uk since 1 year.  I have heard so much about shopify and now i am really excited how its support to me towards enhancing my business.

Jan 23 2017 by RogeraFrance
Shopify App Beta Testers WANTED! (Only Established Brands)

Every brand has a story about how they got to where they are. A recurring problem is that customers or interested buyers don't know this story. I am currently developing an app that allows merchants to create an engaging page sharing their story throughout their time in business - turning a visitor into a follower in the matter of minutes. This develops an emotion connection between the bran...

Mar 2 2017 by Jordan Smyth
How to stop the preloader from showing on every page

Hi, I have installed a free theme by template monster. Really nice theme but everytime you go to the site or travel between pages the preloader shows first. Is there a way that anyone can suggest to stop this. Please look at NJdiscounts.com to view. All thoughts will be appreciated.

Feb 27 2017 by David Taylor
Hi all!

Hey all. I'm new to this forum. 

Jan 31 2017 by Evies
Create email with my store extension

Good morning, I already register my website address that is www.trendvictim.com  . How do I create emails with that extension? Like admin@trendvictim.com ...   thanks a lot Vincent

Jan 31 2017 by Dave E
Joining fitness classes

You should centralise with your fitness objective and make a point to accomplish it by enlisting in the right fitness classes. By any possibility, if you don't realize what practice is gainful for you, no stresses, there are fitness specialists and fitness coaches who can help you choose.

Jan 23 2017 by alka
How to Split Outlook Email file Manually?

As I know Split technique is usefull for managing large size Outlook PST files and it allows user to break PST files in some small PST files by Date, Size and Email ID. As I also heared about its manual technique but have no idea about manual metho. So please can someone explain me how to manually  Split Outlook PST files.

Dec 8 2016 by James Britton
Golden Goose Slide Sneakers half compared

J. Crew is also offering membership to their Shoe of the month club, for those who are big fans. You can avail of 12 pairs of great shoes handpicked for you by the J. Use bunion cushion in your shoe. This cushion must be inserted in your shoe just by the toe region. The cushion will serve as a soft place for the bunion to land as you walk. Buy canvas bags for shoes. Some shoes come with thei...

Nov 25 2016 by golden goosebfso
Showcase your business's reviews and build trust with customers

Hello All, We are building an online business review platform called Communifty. Which will help customers choose an online business confidently and at the same time allow online store/business owners to showcase their business's reviews and build trust with customers. http://www.communifty.com We are working hard to put finishing touches on to Communifty. Things are going well and it ...

Jan 7 2017 by Communifty