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iPhone armband manafactuer

Looking for a smart phone armband or case manafactuer for a prototype product I would like made. If you know any or where I could find one inside or outside the USA please let me know. 

Dec 14 2015 by Kerry Hammond
$20 K return for $100 K Investment backed by inventory and real estate

Hi, My sales are almost $30 K a month (will prove on paper). I need to get more inventory. I am willing to offer 20% return on $100 K investment. I can offer my current inventory and/or real estate to secure this loan. Also, willing to exchange equity. I will be paying the $100 K loan and $20 K profit in equal monthly installments of $5 k a month (it will come from my monthly sale).I will be...

Dec 2 2015 by Ali
Need Crowdfunding Advice For My Business

Dear Shopify Community, I launched my business 7 months ago, Mint Ultimate. It has become globally known as selling the best frisbee gloves in the world. I am going to be releasing arguably the most important piece of gear that all frisbee players needs but don't have, and my designers and I came up with a unique design that is specifically for frisbee (I cannot say which gear it is). I n...

Jan 19 2016 by Alexander MacGregor
Purchased Retail Products from China - Paying Duty Import and GST

Hi Shopify Community,   Again - I posted a question earlier that was pretty rookie, this one is like rookieness on steroids... but a very real problem for me because I have stock landing in the next fortnight. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.   I have approx US$15k (AUD$21k) worth of stock coming via TOLL from my Chinese manufacturer in the next 14 days. 9 boxes arriv...

Dec 15 2015 by Jared Malan
Looking for manufacturers or wholesalers?

Seek Style is a full-service clothing sourcing agency based in South Korea. We find suitable clothing wholesalers and connect manufacturers with customers who want to have their own product line. Our biggest strength comes from our capability for fast response and our low minimum order quantity requirement. These will make test marketing possible and reduce risk. We do our best to help o...

Sep 19 2015 by Bumsik Yoon
Women shoes and bag manufacturer

Hi,   Does anyone know a good, relieable, and high quality manufacturer for women shoes and bags?

Dec 14 2015 by Kerry Hammond
Copyrighted Designs on Alibaba?

This is probably a silly question... but any advice would be appreciated. I've noticed a lot of the products I'm looking at sourcing from alibaba are actually designer products that are found on other websites. What are the legalities of purchasing these products?  Also, if I see a design online, am I allowed to forward this to a manufacturer to have made up so i can sell in Australia? Or...

Oct 3 2015 by Analyn King

Our Brand is having our annual end of year wholesale inventory sale. Everything on our site will be 60% off but the more you buy the higher a percentage we can give you. Check out our website at and e-mail us (Please reference the sale in your e-mail) at and let us know which items you are intrested in (3 items min)

Dec 3 2015 by Shanice Jones
Just Launched Our Kickstarter

It's taken a year of my life but I'm finally ready to announce the launch of my startup company, Legend. The first product is a running armband that we want to be the best. It's on Kickstarter now: so If you're into running or know someone who is I'd be grateful if you could share the campaign. Thanks to the Shopify community - been a big help getting my site live.

Nov 23 2015 by Alexander MacGregor
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Jun 18 2015 by Anton Subbotin
New York-based Sourcing Agent for Manufacturers in Asia

We are a New York-based manufacturing startup with factory partners across China, Thailand, and India. We work with order quantities of 100 units or more and can provide you with a quote within 5 business days. Our end-to-end product management includes: Creation of your product sample Order finalization Payment and risk management Quality assurance Ethical sourcing of manufact...

Nov 6 2015 by Kerry Hammond
Luxury clothing line is seeking for investor or partner

Hi everyone, I am with Empire Streetyle. Founded in 2013 in New York City, Empire Street Style debuted as a lifestyle blog with the mission of helping people to Do Better, Live Better and Dress Better. Empire Street Style has since grown and become a leader in the fashion and lifestyle industry by realizing its true potential of reaching individuals throughou...

Nov 6 2015 by Guerby Joseph
Anyone have any success with Crowdfunding?

If so, how did it go & which site did you use?Thank you!

Nov 6 2015 by Zack Cram

I have started a streetwear brand, and atm i am odering tees online, then screenprinting myself at home, and then taking the to the post office. BUT ITS SO LONG AND RISKY! I want to have a way so that when someone orders a tee, a blank tee (with custom labels) to be sent to a professional printer, then to a shipper? Help?

Jul 2 2015 by Alex M
We can dropship name brands!! Uwheels hoverboards, $150 to 300 profit ...

Hi everyone! We have Uwheels self balancing scooters (some call them hoverboards!) direct from the manufacturer. No minimum orders..You can earn $150 up to $300 profit on each scooter that you sell. If you are looking for brand name products for your store, or to "flip" some merchandise for extra money this christmas, then check us out at We can anonymously fulfill and d...

Oct 25 2015 by ProBuilt Admin
Rigid Box Manufacturer

As a start up we are stumbling locating a box manufacturer for jewelry that can customize a box in 2-4 colors, yet provide low MOQ. North American manufacturers are looking for $8-$11 a box. This would unnecessarily eat into our profits. Does anyone have direct experience with a foreign manufacturer that can produce already designed jewelry boxes, at a cheaper price than North American co...

Oct 19 2015 by Frank
Domestic Lingerie Manufacturing

Does anyone know of any lingerie or swimwear manufacturers in the US? I'm having trouble finging a factory for my bodysuit colleciton.

Oct 10 2015 by Sarah Sperling
Temporary tattoo printers (companies, not the machines themselves)

I am looking for a printer of temporary tattoos that ideally prints with vegetable based dyes that include white and can print small runs. Any help would be hugely appreciated!!

Oct 12 2015 by calee
Looking for investor/ business partner for e-liquid company

Hey everyone, my name is Cody Ferranti and I'm the owner of Limitless Vapor. I'm currently looking for an investor/ partner to help grow my business. I started the company in January of 2015, and have had a great time. I have a lot of great ideas, but lack the capital to pursue them. If interested in more details, please email me at Thank you for your time!

Oct 9 2015 by Cody Ferranti Seeks Investor Partner and Sales Gurus

Shopify rules! amirite? 2.5 year vaporizer pen company Lord Vaper Pens is offering equity share for a minimum $50,000 investment. We have many people offering smaller amounts however we must do what is right for the company according to a growth plan we've put together. Using the Shopify platform with a custom theme and several helpful apps, our retail sales online are good with lots of soci...

Sep 18 2015 by Lord Vaper