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Plugin for Printing at X orders?

I'm interested in any kind of plugin which helps facilitate crowd funding on Shopify itself at a smaller scale. * We will print this item when it reaches 100 orders at $30/ea * We will donate $1 on every purchase to X Charity when we reach 200 orders * We will donate $2 on every purchase to X Charity when we reach 300 orders Or something similar, and reports the stats to customers along...

Jan 10 2017 by Matthew Smith
Having trouble sourcing a manufacturer?

Hey Guys, If anyone is having trouble sourcing manufacturers or going through the manufacturing process verticals like insurance, supply chain, shipment. I'd like to help you find the right manufacturers or answer questions you guys may have about insurance, shipment, etc. This is all free — we want to help you and understand what pain points you guys are facing. PM me if interested! My part...

Jan 7 2017 by Vera
Print on Demand complete full fillment - tshirt printing Australia option?

Hi everyone, I am currently building my shopify store and was wondering what option would you choose bieng that I am based in Australia?

Dec 27 2016 by Kerstin K.
Multiple manufacturers wanted/ needed

 I am looking 4 manufacturers in and out of the u.s. that can manufacture power and manual wheelchairs scooters and other great Mobility products Endo so hopefully discretely ship them to customers and Distributors and so on.... I myself am disabled and I'd like to help people like myself and make money :-)   Any help would be appreciated feel free to shoot me an e-mail at BelmontPrice@gm...

Dec 23 2016 by Eli are people finding the new KIT help system with their onlin...

I am considering using KIT for social media etc. I'd be interested to know how those who are using or have used it, find it. I'm really struggling with doing this whole business myself with limited knowledge and striking out with 'web' help who've gladly taken the money and haven't delivered as promised. So....the question do I get the trusted help now to turn things around? Thanks in...

Dec 2 2016 by Amanda Blackwell
Need automotive cleaning dropshiper

Looking for a drop shipping company that sells microfiber towels, waxing pads, foam sprayers etc.

Nov 29 2016 by floejoe
Looking for New Suppliers in the USA?

Hi, i'm looking for suppliers who print pet bowls in the USA and allow them for customization? I lost a customer today because the pet bowl was printed here, but not made here. I does anyone know of any suppliers that have this kind of product who will also allow me to customize it? If this is not the place to post this, then i apologize. Thanks in advance!

Nov 14 2016 by Annie Carnegie
Crowdfunding PR Services - Any Experience Good or Bad?

Just laucnhed and as expected innundated with solicitations. Anyone out there have success and if so with whom? Cheers and thanks!

Oct 4 2016 by Kevin Murphy
Custom printing (die-cutting) and fulfillment

Hi! I'm looking for a company that will help print and mail products when ordered. The tricky part seems to be one that will also be able to provide die cutting as well. I'm currently looking at, which offers great custom printing/diecutting but no fulfillment services. Thanks!

Oct 2 2016 by Kassey
Selling equity/ looking for business partners for my store that has 56k ...

I am looking to sell a percentage of my business to someone who is business minded and wants to be apart of something that is already working. If you are a marketer or someone who can keep up with the ads this is the perfect situation for you. I can provide proof of sales, looking to partner with someone to gain funds to upgrade and better suit my site for even more scaling. Markets have ...

Sep 16 2016 by Iwashington21
Protein Bars & supplement contract manufacturers

We are based in Canada and looking to private label a protein bar and protein supplements, can anyone recommend a good contract manufacturer in Canada or the US that also deals with low minimums/start-up companies. Thanks!  

Sep 10 2016 by Steve
Apparel Manufacturer Direct to Factory Floor - [Limited Time]

Hello Shopify Masters, My name is Jason, I own and sell apparel through my own Shopify Store, Amazon and some traditional B&M clients. After a few years of success I have cut out all the middle men and built a factory in Pakistan myself. I currently own and operate a 10,000 sq factory in Sailkot, Pakistan with a team of about 25 cutters, sewers, pattern makers, machine operators (union t...

Jul 20 2016 by Jason Zoo
Looking for partners and investors for my new app !

Sep 2 2016 by melody cymbor
Looking for Lamp shade suppliers

Hi there, Im wishing to source a new supplier for either lampshade frames or lampshade kits prederably within australia.  Any suggestions would be a world of help   Tia   Juliet

Aug 12 2016 by UR s h a d e
Discover the best pubs, bars and dining places in Bangalore

Looking for a great party experience at a pub or a bar in bangalore? Get to High Ultra Lounge for a memorable party and dining experience with friends.

Aug 30 2016 by highlounge
Bedding and pillow products manufacturer

Hi we are professional bedding manufacturer. Our US office is in New York, our factories are located in China.  Our main products are feather/down comforters, pillows, Mongolian Lamb Fur pillows etc. If you are interested, pleaes check Thanks.

Aug 3 2016 by Iris9095
Looking for a customer beauty manufacturer

Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has any good resources on finding a custom beauty manufacturer. We are currently working with a small local co-packer but our demands have grown and we need to scale quickly with a reputable manufacturer. Any help or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 14 2016 by Alex Liu
Retail Management System for Books Store

Hi, I am a manager for Town’s Kingdom book store, having 3 books and video stores across the Toronto, and it is very difficult to manage the 3 stores at a time. Our books store already had OPAC software for easy book searching for customers and staffs. But I have to go through the stores for check out the sales. I have a busy schedule so, it is difficult to have a look at the other stores. ...

Jul 8 2016 by Dennis
Texas Apparel Manufacturer

Hi!  My 10 year old son has developed an apparel product (head gear) and we are ready to label and produce in mass quantity.  I have samples and thought we had the right person to do the job, but am having immediate issues.  Anyone have suggestions for someone in Texas that could help us?  If not, at least someone in the US.  My son is very hands on with his company and I want him to be able to...

Jul 4 2016 by Alex Liu
New Kickstarter Campaign - Need Feedback!

Hi everyone! We are a footwear company that just launched our first crowd funding campaign for the World's Most Comfortable Heels. Our knowledge is very limited in this field, so we would like to ask your thoughts and comments on our campaign. Feel free to share any insights or experiances that you might have had with crowd funding. Also, are there any marketing or pr agencies that actually ...

Jul 1 2016 by Strong