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Who here would like a course on importing from China? Let me know!

Hey guys, Wanted to know who here would benefit from a course on Importing From China. If you have a store you obviously are selling your own goods. Importing from China guarantee's the lowest prices. I have imported a lot and have a course with interviews, case studies, and a step by step system for importing. Created it a while back and think alot of people would benefit from it.  

May 11 2014 by ethan
Corsets Manufacture Company

We are manufacture of corsets, plus size sexy corsets for sale, waist training plus size corsets, plus size steel boned corsets, plus size naughty corsets that are made only from high quality materials. Plus size corsets sale for UK, USA. More info : 

Mar 28 2014 by corsetsqueen
Sourcing Cotton Cord

Dear all, I'm trying to source domestic cotton cord to use for bracelets and wanted to see if anyone had any ideas of suppliers.Thanks all!Nicholas

Feb 27 2014 by Nicholas Coblence
Sourcing silk

Hi, I'm new around here so I hope I post in the right category...anyway, do you know any good providers of silk in India/China/Nepal area? I mean providers that are serious about business and don't ask me to pay the merchandise in their personal Western Union account.Many thanks,ileana

Home Manufactured and Isn't a Patent Necessary before selling on-line?

I came up with a new household cleaning product that I cannot live without... (Needed a way to scrub certain containers, designed and made it myself (I call it Bottle Buddies).  Now I use it to clean every glass or container I own!   I haven't been able to find anything like it and It far and exceeds any current products being (believe it or not) cleans better, faster and with less effort!   It...

Dec 28 2013 by dp
Backpack manufacturers

hi, I'm looking for a manufacturer that will supply backpacks with my custom design on them, if so does anyone have any suggestions.Thanks,Jack O'Brien

Dec 18 2013 by lizbee
Looking for good quality jewelry findings

Hi, I created a new concept of jewelry and am looking for silver and gold plated findings in bulk to make my products. I don’t know anyone in the industry so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a million Swann

Dec 10 2013 by lizbee
Opening a USA based clothing manufactoring company, looking for an investor

Hi all!I'm not sure if this is the right location to post this but I have been in the retail business for 5 years, own two clothing websites, 1 brick and motor store and i'm looking to open a local manufacturing company soon. I have several seamstresses, pattern makers, machines and clients ready to have their garments mass produced. I am looking for someone who is interested in investing in th...

Nov 21 2013 by Karen Fordyce
Profit Ecommerce + Donations / Crowdfounding

Hi all!I'm newbie inyto Shopify, so sorry for my ignorance about the topic here detailed:my need (as developer) is to realize a profit e-commerce site where a vendor sell some products (phisical goods)and I'd want to let the purchaser add a donation (free amount of money) to some NO-PROFIT association / cause in the shopping cart phase.I have a list of no profit associations and the purchaser c...

Sep 9 2013 by Giorgio Robino
What is a good textile factory in america?

Looking to create my clothing line and I am having a hard time to find a factory that creates custom clothes with the option of mass production

Apr 11 2013 by Erika Koorndyk

Hello everyone, We manufacture and offer diamond jewelry. We now offer a new service: If you like to sell jewelry items on your own website and wouldn't like to invest in inventory, photos, manufacturing, then you can have our full inventory with all specifications and photos and use it. Once you sell and make an order on our site we can either ship the item (in bulk or one by one) to you...

Jan 29 2013 by Admin @ ndstore
Print-on-demand books with shopify

I'm working on a new store to sell my digital products in print version. I wouldn't necessarily call them e-books... more like planners. Anyway, does anyone have experience using a print-on-demand solution for books to sell via shopify? I'm looking for experiences in quality with customer service, fulfillment ease and end product. Services I'm considering are, cafepress (recently lear...

Dec 27 2012 by Meddy Teddy

I am looking for entrepreneurs. The ideal potential partner is someone who is ready to build a business — someone whose best years are ahead of them. I am looking for entrepreneurs with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit. In return, i will provide funding,  tools, and resources to help my partners reach new heights of success. I am willing to invest upto $200 Milli...

Jun 10 2017 by CEO China First Capital
Funding suggestions

Hello,  My name is Tyler Sellars and I am a young entrepreneur with a dream. My passion is to create a successful website that sells men's clothing. This dream of mine is not so unrealistic therefore, I would like to know how most of you e-commerce store owners and/or entrepreneurs have gone through the starting gates. My problem is that I am still a student in Canada and my local Chamber of ...

Aug 14 2017 by Financer Choice

Is there an option/hack to do pre-sales for your store?

Jan 13 2015 by don wright
Kickstarter & using Shopify as an E-Commerce Solution

We get asked a lot on the transition process from a Kickstarter project (which offers just about zero help post project) to using an e-commerce platform such as Shopify. Can anybody here shed some light on your experience transitioning form a successful Kickstarter funding project to shipping your orders using a fully featured platform such as Shopify?   Joe Brieger Kickstarter Shipping and ...

Jun 28 2013 by Fulfillrite
Product Outsourcing in China - I Can Help

Hi everyone.  I wanted to let you know that if you need help outsourcing products in China I can assist you.  My name is Ian Hanks.  I run a Chinese Trading Company and have a Shopify store at Most companies make one of two mistakes when purchasing products.  Some buy directly from local distributors.  This is a good way to ensure quality, but it is usually more expensi...

Apr 20 2011 by ihanks112081
microloans? kickstarter?

OK, important, but simple question: Could Shopify support a site like  All it's features, all it's elements?

Jan 26 2010 by joshtetrick