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Real Estate Companies in Chennai

Realvalue is the leading Real Estate Company in Chennai with having the experience in real estate markets from last so many years. We are very proud for the builders of World’s largest jewelry showroom in T.Nagar, Chennai and many more. 

Mar 7 2014 by Samantha Flax
Kickstarter Tips

Hi, I'm about to go live with Kickstarter in the coming weeks and wanted to know if anyone has any tips. Cheers Tony

Sep 3 2014 by Mark Macdonald
Looking For Manufacturing to make prototype

Hi I'm looking for a manufacturers to make prototypes for my women shoe line i also make glasses looking for those to be made with better quaity farmes with brand name on them. also if anyone looking for a fashion stylists  feel free to email me also if you would like your products to get out there i do have clients i style that will love to rock it for promo and marketing. email:lvsurprises...

Jul 4 2015 by Laquetta Lewis
Test post.

Jun 10 2015 by White
Military/ outdoor backpacks, pouches and camping accessories

Hi anyone sourcing for military/outdoor backpacks, pouches and camping accessories?

Jun 3 2015 by Mark Guiragossian
Let's create a database of skilled people city wise

Hello,  We can create a database of skilled tailors, pattern makers, designers etc, country and city wise to help each other.  Thanks.

Jan 26 2015 by desi
Clothing and Protein Powder Manufacturer for Fast Growing Fitness Brand

Hi, I'm the CEO of a Fast Growing Health & Fitness Lifestyle Brand called Protime Fitness based in the UK. I'm looking to source at bulk fitness wear with low unit cost. I'm also look to source at bulk protein powder with low unit cost. At the moment i'm purchasing these from a distributor within the UK and now i want to avoid the middle man. Any advice or recommendations of companies...

Apr 4 2015 by Charles Newson
Fulfillment dream?

Hi, is there any company's out that have an on demand fulfillment service in a few countries?  I’m looking for a company that prints on Button Shirts, T-Shits, and Hodies that ships from the closest country depending on delivery.   Thanks, Ben

Mar 24 2015 by PrintAura
Rights of Recourse Agreement

Does anyone from the UK have experience with Rights of Recourse agreements between yourself and a manufacturer, especially with relatively small amounts of stock (i.e. one person manufacturing small batches of stock at a time)? I've been told by prospective business insurers that I need one and am not sure whether I need a solicitor to set one up or whether it could be a simple, dated written a...

Jan 14 2015 by Aline Duriaud

critical and new way of thinking without loosing my heart

Jan 14 2015 by Nils Humano
quick order by customer

Has anybody got a way to display a order for a cutomer desinged to display products in a collection for him only? 

Sep 12 2014 by Jonathon
Pattern and Sample Making Service in Miami Florida

Hello,I am a Pattern Maker and a Sample Maker I offer this service at compedititave pricing. The turn around is based on the specific object and the workload. Payment is half og the cost price in advance. Please feel free to contact

Oct 8 2014 by Amanda Ortega
Hat manufacturers in Canada

Hello,I was looking to produce hats in Canada. Do you have any suggestions?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mo

Oct 8 2014 by Elina gilbert
2+ Billion$ Industry

Hello, I am looking for one investor for my new product launching next week. I can tell you it is CBD related and one of a kind with no competition at the moment. I have pretty much secured the #1 distributor of this type product who is in 1500+ stores and attends trade shows. I am willing to work out some kind of deal quickly. Only looking for $ 1,500 to create more of a variety in my line. No...

Oct 2 2014 by Johnathan Dunn
Where to get extra large posters made?

I've looked at all the apps and it seems like the largest posters/prints are about 24x36. Does any one know of a app or place I can get large prints/posters made? 5x5 or larger. 

Sep 18 2014 by gamenet
How can we make a survey on shopify for kickstarter backers to sign up on?

We are about to complete our funding, and need to collect information from our backers on kickstarter. We would want to be able to send a survey, and at the same time have users create an account and login to our shopify site. Has this been done before? 

Dec 19 2013 by realvalue
Crib Sheets

Where can I find a sewer for crib sheets in the USA?

Sep 27 2013 by jholl
Tyre Manufacturers

Hey... I am a manufactures of all type of tires like radial, OTR ,agricultural,bias, car, industrial and farm implementation tires.I am only dealing in International marketing not in Domestic.If you want a business relation with us then please contact me via addoindia at eastmanglobal dot com. If you have any doubt and want more information regarding our company then please cist our website eas...

Jul 21 2014 by eastman
Product manufacturers

I'm looking for manufacturers that will create custom mirrors using mirrored acrylic and a backing. Any ideas?

May 20 2014 by Thomas dave
Finding funding for a relatively new startup

The way I have my site set up it doesn't cost much but having some money or help would help a lot. I could use it to take more vacation time from my current job, possibly hire some digital help, have more time to add products, etc. Not sure if going through shopify on here would be a better option or a website, I don't think I would need all that much money really to get a good boost for my web...

May 22 2014 by jheldt