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Seeking strategic partner for launch of FIRST ENERGY DRINK FOR GAMERS! G...

I've created the very first energy drink made for video gamers by video gamers and am looking for a strategic partner with strong distribution connections or sales recruiting ability to help launch the brand officially. We've just put the site up and had TONS of interest from gamers and people looking to make extra cash selling our drink but I currently run another very big internet company and...

Oct 8 2015 by osagie enaiho
Looking for investor/business partner for online beauty shop

Hello! I am seeking partners interested in investing in an online beauty company. Currently, I am looking for $10k to fund photo shoots, increase current inventory, and expand website through the addition of new products (hair care & cosmetics) and apparel from white label companies we are partnered with. This is a guaranteed return investment, as investors will be buying into a market w...

Sep 8 2015 by Eunice
Looking For Partner/Investor For A Dubai-based Fashion Brand

Hi, I'm Wekafore Jibril, a fashion designer and I have been running my fashion brand W4 for 2years now. Its a semi-accesible brand playing in between the lines of High-end and High-street.  We have had good growth in the past 2 years and have gotten to a stage where we need a substantial amount of capital to push the brand into the next stage.  Dubai is a very new market and is more or le...

Oct 6 2015 by Wekafore
Alternative to TeeLaunch, ASAP.

Hi guys I need an alternative app that produces good quality apparels. TeeLaunch had a MASSIVE price hike making it incredibly tougher to make work, I mean, a hoodie alone now costs $26.50. ($22.5 + $4 S&H) I am looking for an alternative ASAP before I decide to pause some campaigns. Thank you.

Oct 2 2015 by Filipe
Looking for an Investor for UK Business that has grown by 400% since las...

I am looking for an investor to invest in my Ltd business registered and trading in the UK. We are looking for £10,000 and have a brake down of what we are going to spend the 10k on. We can pay back the investment +% of intrest (negotiable) within a 3-5 months so a quick turn around on your money.

Sep 27 2015 by Zack Fowler
Fashion designer and manufacturer - Babies and Young Children - Clothing...

I am the owner of a clothing boutique in Australia who is looking for someone to design some fashion and accessories for both girls and boys ranging from newborn to 10 - 12 years of age to be sold under my brand name. The pieces of apparel can be anything from rompers, onesies, dresses, shirts, shorts, chinos, leggings, jumpers, jackets, bibs, blankets, towels etc. The designs can be simple gra...

Sep 27 2015 by Anna Kucharski
Need a partner to start an African Arts, Crafts and also African hand se...

I need a partner to help me start a business online. We have almost everything in place ready to start but we just don't have enough money to help start the website, make more of the products and pay the workers. At least $4000 will be enough to start the business. you can reach me at :

Sep 26 2015 by African Crafts
Need Help On Finding A Men's Accessories Manufacturer

I'm in the process of desgining a few men's bracelets, and although im in talks with multiple manufacturers from Alibaba, I don't think thats necesarily a great way to go. I'd love to find a few in the states, and if anyone could help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sep 24 2015 by Thaddeus Strickland
Selling POD Books on Shopify?

Hi there, I have a childrens book I'd like to sell in my shop, and it all seems impossibly complicated.  Is there not a company that will allow me to design my book, allow me to display it in Shopify, print my book when someone orders it from my shopify shop, send it to the buyer, and take their cut? At the moment I don't need to be on Amazon or have ISBN numbers, or be syndicated or w...

Sep 24 2015 by BRADLEY POHL
Working Capital

Anyone know if there are any Shopify working capital arrangements in the UK. Someone told me about Paypal's scheme but I don't receive much of my sales through Paypal. The majority is Stripe/Shopify Payments.    Looking to raise some capital against our sales.    Thanks

Sep 19 2015 by La Gent


Sep 15 2015 by Lucas
Looking for watches manufacter

Please send details, minimum order, price, shipping, country origin, examples production, references, to Thank you.

Sep 13 2015 by markihurt
Need Crowdfunding for my situation

Dear Shopify Community, I launched my business 7 months ago, Mint Ultimate. It has become globally known as selling the best frisbee gloves in the world. I am going to be releasing arguably the most important piece of gear that all frisbee players needs but don't have, and my designers and I came up with a unique design that is specifically for frisbee (I cannot say which gear it is). I n...

Sep 6 2015 by Andrew Oh
Funding for a image consulting/boutique business

Ok, so here is my story. I have founded this company on 2009. I never knew what i was doing I had a non functional website using a blog software and all sales i would make were trough a flea market up until a little over a year ago when I got fed up with flea market rules and moved the business home. Every since I have been implementing, event planning (live fashion shows, live auctions for ove...

Sep 6 2015 by Jimena Rodrigues
T-shirt fulfillment in Canada?

Hi, I'm looking to find the right company to provide t-shirt fulfillment services for my brand. Being based in Montreal, it would simplify things if that company would be Canadian as well. Does anybody know of a reliable company that does t-shirt fulfillment, ships from Canada and integrate with Shopify? thanks Nick

Aug 30 2015 by Nick D.
Mass market manufactoring for my skincare product

I am looking for mass market manufactoring for my scrubs. I want the packaging to be similar to CocoWhite tooth paste. 8 one time use, pre-sealed with a tear notch, custom printed on poly foil pouches. We can box and ship. Must require simple equipment but we need to fullfill orders over 20k units. Please anyone help on where to get a good, reliable company like this? I am ...

Aug 29 2015 by Griffin Black
Apparel Industry > Denim & Jeans Industry

I was told the apparel industry is notorious for copying or stealing original styles/designs.  Was wondering if this was true?Is there any type of nondisclosure standards/agreement between designers and manufactures?Could all that be solved with a design patent? Also, anyone have any experience with any denim jean manufactures in the USA? Good or bad 

Feb 9 2015 by mahindananayakkara
Australian Manufacturer

I'm looking for recommendations for a Melbourne-based garment manufacturer. They need to be able to do high-end work, as it's a luxury brand, however designs are not complex (mens underwear, polo shirts, t-shirts, etc). I look forward to your feedback. 

Apr 18 2015 by rajm
Women's Footwear Manufacturers

Hi, I'm looking for a USA shoe manufacturer to produce our own line of women's flat. We have the sample flat, but need to get it into production.  Thanks!  

Jul 22 2015 by Kristina Nguyen
Small quantity order based on your own design

I live in CT,USA, and I have a clothing manufacture in China that accepts small order based on your own design. We are the indochino( men custom made suit )manufacture.    1. Minimum order accept 1-50 pieces mixed size.  2. Can produce according to drawings or samples.  3. World-class production technology and equipment.  4. Can produce women's, men's, children's clothing , and provid...

Jul 23 2015 by James Shopify