Ross Member
November 02, 2016

Looking for an underwear manufacturer This post is outdated

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend on the above?

Koreen W Shopify Employee
Last edited November 07, 2016

Hey, Ross!

Koreen here from the Shopify Guru Team. Thanks for posting. :)

We do have some links within our own Wholesale and Suppliers page which may be able to help you out.

Feel free to check some of these out here.

We also have some more directories along with some handy research tips in our Blog Article here too.

I hope this helps!

Koreen W

Koreen W | Shopify  support@shopify.com
Alex Liu Member
November 07, 2016

Hi Ross,This is Alex from Guangzhou,china,we have a professional and experienced manufacturer,if you need any help,plz drop to liuzc93218@163.com.

Yoyo Member
10 months ago

Hi Ross, Nice to meet you! 

I think we are capable to help you source some underwear suppliers.

We are a Free sourcing provider and help people to find suppliers in manufacturing garment, swimwear, underwear, gift and premium, household products, you named it. With over 20 years experiences, we have strong connection with our 10,000 GMC audited suppliers which provide most reliable supplier network for buyers and help them to get quotation and organise face to face/ skype meeting with supplier for Free sourcing, no any hidden charge. 

We look forward to know more about your sourcing requirement then we will pre-select suppliers for your selection to meet, see the sample, negotiable price and MOQ with different suppliers who can do your sourcing items!

You can click my link and email me at yoyoleung827@hotmail.com for further information!


Aidan Roberts Member
5 months ago


You can check out alanic.clothing which is the best wholesale clothing manufacturer in USA, Australia, Canada, or if you need sublimated wholesale underwear you can go with oasissublimation.com as same location as Alanic Clothing. Got them from google.