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Looking for hat manufacturing

Hello, I am looking for a real manufactuer not a middle man. I am launching a clothing line and am in need of a certain type of cap with logo and tags. Please only contact if you are a legitimate manufacturer and have high quality control . Also please be familiar with moisture wicking material 

Today by ali seree
Innovative coffee brand seed investment

scandi entrpreneur based in Indonesia. Looking for seed investment for innovative coffee brand. 20k eur offer 30%. Access to indo robusta well under market price, 

May 23 2017 by patrick bauer
Market Potential Analysis

Market Potential Analysis is a combination of research methods which reflects the market potential and capacity. In these types of researches unanswered needs of the customers or beneficial opportunities which are not seen by the competitors, are being recognized. These researches are also mostly used when a company wants to enter new market or change its marketing strategy. These researches us...

May 21 2017 by iraniu

I am looking for entrepreneurs. The ideal potential partner is someone who is ready to build a business — someone whose best years are ahead of them. I am looking for entrepreneurs with the right mix of experience, drive, creativity, and cultural fit. In return, i will provide funding,  tools, and resources to help my partners reach new heights of success. I am willing to invest upto $200 Milli...

May 20 2017 by investorpahsami
Any Manufacturers for Custom Print Coffee Mugs in the US?

I am searching for coffee mug manufacturers that can print my design on their mugs. I want to order 11oz White and Black coffee mugs (Small quantity at first) and they need to be shipped to a fulfillment center.

May 18 2017 by Katie Sale
For those who need good manufacturers

Hi all, Nice to meet you! This is Yoyo. We are a Free sourcing provider to help people to find suppliers. We have 10,000 supplier members who produce differenct catergories like Garment, Accessories, Gift & Premium, Household, Electronics, Packaging, you named it. The Price and MOQ is negotiable as well. Meanwhile, our service is for free, no any hidden charges or commission will be cost...

May 10 2017 by Yoyo
Cut and Sew DTG swimwear

Hi all! I'm looking for a DTG swimwear for on demand dropshipping in the USA. Does anyone have any recommendations? tia Lydia

May 10 2017 by riadecal

Hi I sell individual meals I wanted to add a create your own six pack option like this site does: https://jrink.com/products/1-week . Does anyone have an app they recommend?   Thanks!

May 5 2017 by Keith B
New & unique custom products

Hey, So, we're a print on demand app on Shopify and we wanted to inform you - the active minds of Shopify - that we have launched lots of new products! And they are awesome. Till now you could create and sell custom apparel, accessories, wall art and more - with your design. It's shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, laptop sleeves and many more. The idea is that you select what you want...

Apr 28 2017 by Printify
T-shirt fulfillment services recommendations?

Hi   Is anyone is currently using T-shirt fulfillment services and how is your T-shirt experience? I am launching a store that specialises in the latest season's anime T-shirts and apparel. I have tried one T-shirt fulfillment service so far, but the result was a unsatisfactory plastic feeling on the prints. The prints also allows some of background color of the shirt (black) to peek through...

Jan 20 2017 by Dan Knowlson
I have my website, designs & printers ready, i can't just afford it!

Hi everyone, My shopify website is ready to roll, I have several designs sorted and I have a printer who has give me quotes for ording my t-shirts + designs. I just can't afford to buy the t-shirts in bulk to make them cheap enough to sell.  My accountants (I run several other websites/businesses) suggested i get an Investor, but figured I would see what you guys suggest. Without or...

Apr 25 2017 by Printify
Sell your products to Shopify store owners through our apps

Any manufactures or wholesalers who are interested in working with Shopify store owners to sell their products should check out F13 Works. Our e-commerce software solution can create a Shopify app that allows store owners to list your products on their site directly from the app. Sign up on our website for more info: https://f13works.com

Apr 20 2017 by MyronGold

Hello, I am starting a swimwear company and have been working with a factory in the USA who has unfortunately been HORRIBLE at both communication and quality. Can anyone help me with some information around good quality producer in north america (USA OR CANADA). I am a small business so looking for low MOQ. Hope someone can help... Thanks

Apr 20 2017 by Aidan Roberts
Creating lifetime discount codes before launch?

We're planning our Kicktarter campaign, and currently working on building our pre-launch list. Our product is a recurring one, so we wanted to create a referral campaign that would give out lifetime discounts when a certain number of their friends signed-up (i.e. 5% off for life when 5 friends sign-up, 15% for 10, and 50% for 25).  Is it possible to create codes like this before we have o...

Apr 19 2017 by Martha
Men's Accessories Manufacturers?

Any advice from members of the forum would be helpful if it relates to the sourcing of men's accessories. Thanks, Jason

Apr 11 2017 by Printify
I am looking for sites to share my products (SilverJewellery) at exwork ...

Hi all,  I am looking for sites who can share my products sourced directly from manufacturers. As we all know getting products direclty from manufactureres will be much cheaper than from wholesalers but they usually need certain amount of MOQ (at lesat 100pcs in most case). My site just get started up for months and I don't get that volume yet.  I have good network and connections with many ...

Apr 11 2017 by Suresh
Look for FITNESS APPAREL Manufacturer/Designer..WHERE do I begin?? HELP ...

Hello All, I am trying to start my own fitness apparel line and I REALLY am in SERIOUS need of some help. I know what fitness apparel i want to sell. I do not know how to make it at all and I need some help doing so. This has always been my dream and passion and to get referred to some good people would mean alot to me.  Custom Fitness Apparel I need: Compression pants, Compression shi...

Apr 11 2017 by Aidan Roberts
long sleeve UV protection swimshirts

I am looking for a long sleeve UV Protection shirt maker.  Breathable as well.  I would like to be able to label the shirts as well. contact me centsorybusiness@gmail.com if you can help.  Hoping to get shirts imprinted with a logo that I send you.  

Apr 11 2017 by JLowry
Clothing Manifactures?

Where can I find legit clothing manifactures that can make my design?  I want to start a women dress line?   

Apr 11 2017 by Maharani
Looking for partner for online business

Hello all,  I am curious if anyone is intersted in partnership in an online company. Right now, we are looking for about $20k in funding to move the company to the next level, but we are also looking for someone who may have sales expertise and shopify marketing expertise.   Is anyone intersted in an equity partnership in exchange for monetary investment? Please message us, and we can ...

Apr 11 2017 by Maharani