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Any Manufacturers for Custom Print Coffee Mugs in the US?

I am searching for coffee mug manufacturers that can print my design on their mugs. I want to order 11oz White and Black coffee mugs (Small quantity at first) and they need to be shipped to a fulfillment center.

Today by Randy
Looking for Clothing Manufacturers in Southeast Asia for small quantitie...

Hi there, I just started my online blogshop in Singapore. I have a design to be manufactured but sad to say most manufacturers only accept big quantities like 100 to 1k bulk order. I can't afford to have such big quantities as I just started and it a small blogshop to begin with.  I'm looking for manufacturer who can manufacture small quantites like the most 30 PCs per design. I also look...

Jun 20 2018 by instylia
How many services provide in copl?

Our company provide this services:-1)Auto CAD Drawing Service 2)Paper to Cad Drafting 3)Construction Drawings Service 4)3D Rendering Service 5)Re-bar Detailing Service 6)Fabrication Drawings Service 7)Steel Detailing Service 8)Architectural 3D Modeling Service 9)Structural BIM Service 10)Architectural BIM Service.https://goo.gl/VsfmCc

Jun 14 2018 by caddraftring
Is this possible?

We generally prefer to work with Shopify, as it's providing trasperency in variants. (we love that). One of my client wants to transfer her products from BC to shopify, however the particular thing is not possible (as per my knowledge). I will really appreciate if somebody can help me out. My client selling cloth (Each individual item having SKU) However she need a particular product a...

Jun 11 2018 by Karlie
Looking for Chinese folding fan manufacturer partner

Hey all, I'm looking for an on-demand manufacturer/fulfillment company that can make full printed folding hand-fans. I've searched through the Shopify product sourcing options and havent found one that seems to have these. I have an existing operating store that I source merchandice with Gooten, I just want to add hand fans. Does anyone have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreci...

Jun 5 2018 by Shopifyseller
BARCODE help!!

Hi guys I would love to hear your advice.  Basically i am trying to bring my product into the UAE to sell, which i have created in china. I beleive they are requiring a barcode on all of our products.  This again i beleive will also be needed by large retail outlets that we hope to stock our product. We are also looking to sell intrenationally, so the barcodes would need to be used in eur...

Apr 9 2018 by Eric Falsken
ISO Print & Ship Apparel Co. with Kids Apparel

Can anyone recommend an app for print on demand that has a large selection of kids apparel?  I'm looking for a larger selection than just a onesie & a tee shirt.  Different styles of shirts, colors, etc. 

May 30 2018 by Kristina Ortiz
High end sunglass manufacturing

Hello all, this is my first post. I have a idea for a high end fasionable (but) also effective sunglasses business.  i have the brainstorming part pretty much figured out (product designs,brand name,logo,)  (its hard to get to detailed for me because its well my idea) what i need help with is finding a company to make the frames (from scratch-prototype drawings)  and also a place to ...

May 29 2018 by Terry Middleton
Looking For Clothing Manufacturer

Hello, My business partner and I are looking for a manufacture to produce the clothing for our new clothing line. Looking for manufacturer for tops, dresses & skirts/shorts. Does anyone have any information that could point us in the right direction? Any leads will help thank you!

Funnels are not Showing the Right Data

Hi All, I am facing an issue with my Goal's Funnel Visualisation. Issue - The steps that I used in Funnel are not showing the right data. Website is - www.bloomluxury.com and is developed in Shopify. Attached are reqd. screenshots -    Funnel steps & Funnel Visualisation- Please Help!  

May 14 2018 by Swarn Anand
Looking for a manufacturer to make fabric/canvas wallets, small handbag...

I have a store selling original design dachshund themed accessories and home decor. I'm wanting to offer wallets, handbags and wristlets but haven't had any success locating a manufacturer.  Hoping for relatively low minimums, or possible a drop ship option.  I'd appreciate any advice provided, thanks!  

May 17 2018 by Jade
Looking for a collaboration.

I am a licensed  business owner. I have my store on shopify and am currently seeking someone to partner with that has a love for trendy Urban womens fashion, and is interested in promoting to social media influencers, and various other avenues.... Currently my store is on password mode as I am updating my inventory. If your interested in growing this business together feel free to reply or emai...

May 17 2018 by luxx couture
Need windbreakers made

I am trying to find a company that will custom make windbreakers for me very similar in style and quality to these examples however I want my own logos on them as this is for a music groups merchandise. Can someone direct me in the right direction ?    

May 8 2018 by Amy Allen
Looking for partner for online business

Hello all,  I am curious if anyone is intersted in partnership in an online company. Right now, we are looking for about $20k in funding to move the company to the next level, but we are also looking for someone who may have sales expertise and shopify marketing expertise.   Is anyone intersted in an equity partnership in exchange for monetary investment? Please message us, and we can ...

Apr 23 2018 by federigo1
Looking for a young entrepreneur to partner up with on a store

must have experince with shopify and facebook ads i do not have time to teach you i wand to have a new store up asap and little about my self my name in Anthony im about to graduate with BA in business administration from university of sounthern california so please let me know if you would like to have a meeting over the phone to see if we would do well togther i alredy have one store doing re...

Apr 28 2018 by Economicdude87
Where can I go to create a product from recycled materials

Hi everyone! My company Stay Coastal is a clothing brand, and we are focused on donated a portion of our purchases to non profits that work to protect the ocean and environment. I would love to have an item or 2 that is actually made out of recylced plastic or other materials to promote our concern for the environment. Wether it be a notebook, or a bag, phone case,  bottle, flip flops, a walle...

Apr 25 2018 by Marisa Barone
Best Organic Waste Converter Manufacturer in India

Hi everyone, Our company, Solwearth Ecotech is the most promising organic waste converter manufacturer in India.We introduced a fully automated food waste converter, SE food waste converter which finds an absolute solution to the waste management problem existing in our society.

Apr 25 2018 by Solwearth
Looking for private label fragrance oil manufacturer/supplier

Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any companies that do private labeling for fragrance oils? I am looking to private label certain bakery/candy/fruity fragrance oils. My target market is crafters who use these oils in their DIY projects. Thanks  

Apr 22 2018 by Essential Oils UK
High end marble and granite manufacture.

Hi guys,   If you're looking for any marble products, our shop is ready to help you get going.   We can custom make your product, laser engrave it with your logo or waterjet patterns. Look forward to hearing your ideas =)

Apr 11 2018 by MIKOL
Looking for advice about custom made phone cases

Every company I've called only adds custom photos and art work at phone cases.    I have an idea for a phone case. I'm looking to find someone that can work with me in making one. So far no luck. I find myself going deeper and deeper into Google looking that one.... Anywho, would appreciate and ones thoughts about knowing someone who can help me    cheers   

Apr 9 2018 by Eric Falsken