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Where can I go to create a product from recycled materials

Hi everyone! My company Stay Coastal is a clothing brand, and we are focused on donated a portion of our purchases to non profits that work to protect the ocean and environment. I would love to have an item or 2 that is actually made out of recylced plastic or other materials to promote our concern for the environment. Wether it be a notebook, or a bag, phone case,  bottle, flip flops, a walle...

Today by Marisa Barone
Best Organic Waste Converter Manufacturer in India

Hi everyone, Our company, Solwearth Ecotech is the most promising organic waste converter manufacturer in India.We introduced a fully automated food waste converter, SE food waste converter which finds an absolute solution to the waste management problem existing in our society.

Today by Solwearth
Looking for partner for online business

Hello all,  I am curious if anyone is intersted in partnership in an online company. Right now, we are looking for about $20k in funding to move the company to the next level, but we are also looking for someone who may have sales expertise and shopify marketing expertise.   Is anyone intersted in an equity partnership in exchange for monetary investment? Please message us, and we can ...

Apr 23 2018 by federigo1
Looking for private label fragrance oil manufacturer/supplier

Hi everyone. Does anyone know of any companies that do private labeling for fragrance oils? I am looking to private label certain bakery/candy/fruity fragrance oils. My target market is crafters who use these oils in their DIY projects. Thanks  

Apr 22 2018 by Essential Oils UK
High end marble and granite manufacture.

Hi guys,   If you're looking for any marble products, our shop is ready to help you get going.   We can custom make your product, laser engrave it with your logo or waterjet patterns. Look forward to hearing your ideas =)

Apr 11 2018 by MIKOL
BARCODE help!!

Hi guys I would love to hear your advice.  Basically i am trying to bring my product into the UAE to sell, which i have created in china. I beleive they are requiring a barcode on all of our products.  This again i beleive will also be needed by large retail outlets that we hope to stock our product. We are also looking to sell intrenationally, so the barcodes would need to be used in eur...

Apr 9 2018 by Eric Falsken
Looking for advice about custom made phone cases

Every company I've called only adds custom photos and art work at phone cases.    I have an idea for a phone case. I'm looking to find someone that can work with me in making one. So far no luck. I find myself going deeper and deeper into Google looking that one.... Anywho, would appreciate and ones thoughts about knowing someone who can help me    cheers   

Apr 9 2018 by Eric Falsken
Seeking Print On Demand quality softshell jacket dropshipper

Hello everyone, I'm new here and really need a hand.    For daaays now I've been searching for a print on demand/dropship company for an online clothing business I am starting.  My interest is in softshell and maybe hardshell jackets with either printed or embroidered logo.   Second would be that I'm searching for quality that is close to brands like these examples and styles,  Blackhawk ...

Apr 4 2018 by theworldisanoxymoron

Hello,  My company is looking for an investor to finance our daily operations for the first three months. Our company's product range are; 1.Multi vendor E-commerce platform (Connecting East Africa sellers to buyers). Since there are few e-commerce platform in Tanzania and East Africa, this is a big investment opportunity. We are at the final stage to launch our website. (you can visit ou...

Mar 23 2018 by Ez
High end sunglass manufacturing

Hello all, this is my first post. I have a idea for a high end fasionable (but) also effective sunglasses business.  i have the brainstorming part pretty much figured out (product designs,brand name,logo,)  (its hard to get to detailed for me because its well my idea) what i need help with is finding a company to make the frames (from scratch-prototype drawings)  and also a place to ...

Feb 6 2017 by Yoyo
Looking for business partner with experience in online retail

Greetings everyone I am looking for a buisness partner/investor for my online mens retail company. I have spent the last 18 months creating a custom suit and grooming company for men. I have established connections from all over the world for the companies sucess. However at this time I simply don't have the funding or expertise for SEO and advertising to get the companies name out there. It is...

Mar 10 2018 by Kevin Williams
Looking For Clothing Manufacturer

Hello, My business partner and I are looking for a manufacture to produce the clothing for our new clothing line. Looking for manufacturer for tops, dresses & skirts/shorts. Does anyone have any information that could point us in the right direction? Any leads will help thank you!

Mar 9 2018 by Tae
Supplier for jewelry with natural gemstone???

Hi everybody, I want to sell jewelry with natural gemstone with high quality and there are a lot of supplier in Aliexpress, Alibaba, and eBay. There are some supplier one eBay who has same price as local one and shipping cost so it will be a high price for customers. I couldn't find the source of these stones for example.  Please click here product 1 product 2 product 3   I...

Mar 8 2018 by Jade
Crowd Funding Ideas & Investor

We're based in the UK and are looking to crowd fund for our store, its taken over 1k of orders so far but it's just the tip and very small in the grand scheme. How is best to crowd fund for these sorts of thing ? Also we're potentially looking for a small time UK investor to help us out with stock levels and cheaper wholesale providers.

Mar 6 2018 by odijiefarms
Investor ready to invest in any running business

I am a private investor looking for serious business investment opportunities and business partnerships in both running and newly created businesses that require additional capital for expansion. please contact me if you are looking for a partner for your business or additional capital for business expansion, email melhang092@gmail.com directly

Mar 1 2018 by Mad900
T-shirt fulfillment services recommendations?

Hi   Is anyone is currently using T-shirt fulfillment services and how is your T-shirt experience? I am launching a store that specialises in the latest season's anime T-shirts and apparel. I have tried one T-shirt fulfillment service so far, but the result was a unsatisfactory plastic feeling on the prints. The prints also allows some of background color of the shirt (black) to peek through...

Feb 28 2018 by MarilynDecarlo
Starting up an ECOM store - need funding for the start-up phase

Hello, My name is Nancy and I am a very qualified Internet Marketer looking to apply my talents on an ecommerce store. But I need the funding to get it off the ground. What I wanted to ask is whether anyone has experience with this and if anyone could tell me how I could find an investor to make a deal with. I have learned under the ecommerce greats and internet marketers that are experts in...

Feb 26 2018 by Nancy Boey / Butt...
Best shirt POD recommendation that also sells stickers?

I run a non-profit group which creates and sells stuff for charity. I am in the process of sprucing things up via Shopify and was wondering if someone could recmommend a solid (mostly shirt) POD which also prints stickers.  Many folks who do not wish to spend money on a shirt still really want a sticker. Any help would be great, thank you! Charlie

Jan 3 2018 by Jade
Looking for a manufacturer to make fabric/canvas wallets, small handbag...

I have a store selling original design dachshund themed accessories and home decor. I'm wanting to offer wallets, handbags and wristlets but haven't had any success locating a manufacturer.  Hoping for relatively low minimums, or possible a drop ship option.  I'd appreciate any advice provided, thanks!  

Jan 31 2018 by Leather Bulk
Apparel Manufacturer - Competitive Pricing - Flexible Minimums

Hi guys, We are an apparel manufacturing company operating out of Toronto, Canada - offering full cut and sew services. Our prices are unbeatable because we own our own knitting mills and produce our own fabric. We specialize in woven and knitwear and can produce custom fabric to match Pantone colors in the dyeing process and also custom yarn content and weight (GSM). We produce bomber...

Dec 20 2017 by OF Fashion