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Calling Coffee Lovers: Tracking down an instant coffee - And a FREE coff...

I've be scouring the internet now for a little while, trying to find a company that produces high quality instant coffee. I have an idea that I've been working on for some time, and the final piece of the puzzle is this coffee. The problem is, I just can't seem to find a way to contact a decent producer. I've checked the likes of Alibaba but seem to just come across low quality coffee or bra...

Yesterday by Rory Orchard
TM AMILERO is looking for PARTNERS to SELL Fashions or Open new boutique.

TM AMILERÒ was registered in 2011 in Hong Kong. The creative team of TM «Amilerò» consists of the best specialists from all over the world. TM «Amilerò» has an individual and never repetitive, always following fashion trends. Products are of perfect tailoring technology and superb quality materials. Despite the fact that the brand appeared not so long ago, it has already won a large number of f...

Jan 22 2017 by Amilero
Clothing Manifactures?

Where can I find legit clothing manifactures that can make my design?  I want to start a women dress line?   

Jun 24 2016 by Andrew Oh
T-shirt fulfillment services recommendations?

Hi   Is anyone is currently using T-shirt fulfillment services and how is your T-shirt experience? I am launching a store that specialises in the latest season's anime T-shirts and apparel. I have tried one T-shirt fulfillment service so far, but the result was a unsatisfactory plastic feeling on the prints. The prints also allows some of background color of the shirt (black) to peek through...

Jan 20 2017 by Dan Knowlson
Does crowd funding work for a fully functional brand?

Hello everyone, first off i woud like to introduce myself, my name is Lewis Percival and i own a gym apparel company. We are fully functional brand that seems to be out of the teething stage and is gradually growing. However we have a exhibition coming up in May, my question is do crowd funding campaigns work to help a brand grow.  Our issue is the huge cost of the expo and the new clo...

Jan 19 2017 by William M
T-shirt fulfillment service in AUS

G'day  I was wondering does anyone know of a T-shirt fulfillment service here in Australia? Like Print Aura and Printify Cheers,    

Jan 19 2017 by Adem Ibrahim
Manufacturer venturing into world of Ecommerce

Hi all, I own a bag manufacturing factory and has been working in this field for many years now. For the past couple of years, my client base ranges from miltiary to fashion brands and, till today, I am happy that I am able to retain a good relationship with them. As the work process has been rather stable for the last few years -  designing, manufacturing and supplying bags to these clie...

Jan 18 2017 by Kenny
Companies willing to Private Label?

HI, I own an ecommerce dietary supplement company and I'm looking to add more products to my product line. Does anyone know or own a supplement company with multiple products that would be willing to private label them?  We would prefer products that come from naturally derived ingredients, vegan, gluten free, etc. Please e-mail me. Thank you. Peter Bua peterbua@gmail.com  

Jan 17 2017 by Peter Bua
Mens Flannel/Plaid Shirt Manufacturers

Hello,  We average 5k in sales weekly and are looking for new manufacturers for mens flannel and plaid button up shirts in both short and long sleeve.  We are just starting out but have a great following and social media/email customer base. A major point for us is selling a $40 shirt instead of charging an enormous markup, so we are not looking for high end retailers that we cannot work ...

Jan 8 2017 by Coby Aaron
Plugin for Printing at X orders?

I'm interested in any kind of plugin which helps facilitate crowd funding on Shopify itself at a smaller scale. * We will print this item when it reaches 100 orders at $30/ea * We will donate $1 on every purchase to X Charity when we reach 200 orders * We will donate $2 on every purchase to X Charity when we reach 300 orders Or something similar, and reports the stats to customers along...

Jan 10 2017 by Matthew Smith
Having trouble sourcing a manufacturer?

Hey Guys, If anyone is having trouble sourcing manufacturers or going through the manufacturing process verticals like insurance, supply chain, shipment. I'd like to help you find the right manufacturers or answer questions you guys may have about insurance, shipment, etc. This is all free — we want to help you and understand what pain points you guys are facing. PM me if interested! My part...

Jan 7 2017 by Vera
Print on Demand complete full fillment - tshirt printing Australia option?

Hi everyone, I am currently building my shopify store and was wondering what option would you choose bieng that I am based in Australia?

Dec 27 2016 by Kerstin K.
Chinese sourcing agent

Hey, I’m a sourcing agent work as a freelance in Wuhan, China. I have 9 years experience in International trade. I can help customers to do the following job based on commission. I would like long time job. I’m a responsible, good at communication and honest person. I am a loyalty person and will not taking unknown commission from factory. 1. Find the suitable supplier products and supplier ...

Dec 23 2016 by Eli
Multiple manufacturers wanted/ needed

 I am looking 4 manufacturers in and out of the u.s. that can manufacture power and manual wheelchairs scooters and other great Mobility products Endo so hopefully discretely ship them to customers and Distributors and so on.... I myself am disabled and I'd like to help people like myself and make money :-)   Any help would be appreciated feel free to shoot me an e-mail at BelmontPrice@gm...

Dec 23 2016 by Eli
I am looking for sites to share my products (SilverJewellery) at exwork ...

Hi all,  I am looking for sites who can share my products sourced directly from manufacturers. As we all know getting products direclty from manufactureres will be much cheaper than from wholesalers but they usually need certain amount of MOQ (at lesat 100pcs in most case). My site just get started up for months and I don't get that volume yet.  I have good network and connections with many ...

Dec 21 2016 by Edmunds Putnis
High end sunglass manufacturing

Hello all, this is my first post. I have a idea for a high end fasionable (but) also effective sunglasses business.  i have the brainstorming part pretty much figured out (product designs,brand name,logo,)  (its hard to get to detailed for me because its well my idea) what i need help with is finding a company to make the frames (from scratch-prototype drawings)  and also a place to ...

Dec 10 2016 by Nathan Barrett
KIT......how are people finding the new KIT help system with their onlin...

I am considering using KIT for social media etc. I'd be interested to know how those who are using or have used it, find it. I'm really struggling with doing this whole business myself with limited knowledge and striking out with 'web' help who've gladly taken the money and haven't delivered as promised. So....the question is....how do I get the trusted help now to turn things around? Thanks in...

Dec 2 2016 by Amanda Blackwell
Need automotive cleaning dropshiper

Looking for a drop shipping company that sells microfiber towels, waxing pads, foam sprayers etc.

Nov 29 2016 by floejoe
Need another supplier

I am currently using fashiongo.net to buy some clothes at wholesale but they have a very limited selection of men's clothing does any one know a similar website that has a huge selection of different vendors with men clothing ?  I am also interested in possibly hiring a manufacture of men and women matching clothing if you know any manufactures that I could get in contact with yo get a quote...

Nov 26 2016 by BillySourcing
BARCODE help!!

Hi guys I would love to hear your advice.  Basically i am trying to bring my product into the UAE to sell, which i have created in china. I beleive they are requiring a barcode on all of our products.  This again i beleive will also be needed by large retail outlets that we hope to stock our product. We are also looking to sell intrenationally, so the barcodes would need to be used in eur...

Nov 21 2016 by appfreaker.com