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Garment and Fashion Plastic Hangers

We do have full range of GS1/VICS standard approved hangers and are the only company in Vietnam can produce GS19, GS23 Intimate Apparels hangers. We are the leading plastic hangers manufacturer in Asia (VICS/GS1 standard approved) and exclusive producing plastic hangers for several work leading fashion brands, G-III, CK, JCP, Kohl's...etc Lowest Price Guarantee - Unlike most other distrib...

Oct 20 2017 by Vietnam Garment M...
Looking For Clothing Manufacturer

Hello, My business partner and I are looking for a manufacture to produce the clothing for our new clothing line. Looking for manufacturer for tops, dresses & skirts/shorts. Does anyone have any information that could point us in the right direction? Any leads will help thank you!

Oct 20 2017 by Vietnam Garment MFG Service
Looking For a Partner in my Global Startup

Hello Everyone, My sartup is in a global grwoing line of women fashion that will reach aroud $500 billion by 2020. This line of fashion is still underserved. I am trying to espouse it with also evergrowing trend in the fashion industry which is still lacking in this fashion. A fashion consultant said if this service is introduced, you can't catch up with orders, i.e. there is a demand ...

Oct 20 2017 by Shane
Crowd Funding Ideas & Investor

We're based in the UK and are looking to crowd fund for our store, its taken over 1k of orders so far but it's just the tip and very small in the grand scheme. How is best to crowd fund for these sorts of thing ? Also we're potentially looking for a small time UK investor to help us out with stock levels and cheaper wholesale providers.

Oct 20 2017 by Shane
Does anyone know a company that prints on sweatpants?

Hi everyone, Im looking to expand my clothing line, and so many companies just to tees/tanks/sweatshirts but not sweatpants. Any recommendations?   -Marisa

Oct 20 2017 by Shane
Looking for watches manufacturers (anywhere) to put my logo and a couple...

Hi all, I want to create my watch design and sell - any suppliers  ideas ?  I am thinking relying on existing design from the manufacturer and he would allow me a couple of tweaks on the brand / naming / colours and dropshipping or maybe I would have to buy a small stock beforehand. Any idea ? Rgds

Oct 16 2017 by Augie Kennady
Sock Sourcing

Anyone have a great sock manufacture for athletics.  Low MOQ's would be nice, and full custom options for designs would be great as well.   

Oct 13 2017 by Ross G
Looking for a Marble Fabricator

Hello, I'm hoping someone out there can help!  We are hoping to launch a new set of homeware products in the next few months. I'm trying to find sombody in the UK that can help us source, cnc cut and finish marble. Does anyone have recomendations or previous experiance?  Many thanks! Dan 

Oct 9 2017 by Žiga Lunder
Looking for a jewelry manufacturer / supplier

I'm launching a women's Jewelry line and I'm looking for a manufacturer or supplier.  If anyone can guide me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sep 14 2017 by FERRealVentures
Does anyone know of a good Print on Demand Apparel Printer

Hi, i am on the look out for a good clothing printer that dropships the products for us.  The company has to have custom Neck Labels.  Printful does not work for us. Please comment any good suggestions.

Sep 7 2017 by Karlie
T-shirt fulfillment services recommendations?

Hi   Is anyone is currently using T-shirt fulfillment services and how is your T-shirt experience? I am launching a store that specialises in the latest season's anime T-shirts and apparel. I have tried one T-shirt fulfillment service so far, but the result was a unsatisfactory plastic feeling on the prints. The prints also allows some of background color of the shirt (black) to peek through...

Sep 1 2017 by lunaO
I make private label for other stores - Women fashion clothing

Hi, My name is Georgia Leyla. I'm a designer and make my own clothing with Swarovski crystal. I can make the same items but with your label. Contact me if you're interested. Love always, Georgia Leyla

Sep 1 2017 by jennydioofficial
For those who need good manufacturers

Hi all, Nice to meet you! This is Yoyo. We are a Free sourcing provider to help people to find suppliers. We have 10,000 supplier members who produce differenct catergories like Garment, Accessories, Gift & Premium, Household, Electronics, Packaging, you named it. The Price and MOQ is negotiable as well. Meanwhile, our service is for free, no any hidden charges or commission will be cost...

Aug 31 2017 by jennydioofficial
Pre Orders or Email Capture?

Hey everyone! I'm in the final stage of my product sampling. However, I wanted to get the community's feedback on the best options. Before even putting in an order to the manufacturer - To measure demand and order volume - 1) Should I accept pre-orders on our site? Or 2) Capture emails to be notified later when the item available for sale? I'm not sure if there's a stigma with pr...

Oct 21 2016 by jmaryne
Looking for partner for online business

Hello all,  I am curious if anyone is intersted in partnership in an online company. Right now, we are looking for about $20k in funding to move the company to the next level, but we are also looking for someone who may have sales expertise and shopify marketing expertise.   Is anyone intersted in an equity partnership in exchange for monetary investment? Please message us, and we can ...

Jun 12 2017 by Shopmaxima
Need windbreakers made

I am trying to find a company that will custom make windbreakers for me very similar in style and quality to these examples however I want my own logos on them as this is for a music groups merchandise. Can someone direct me in the right direction ?    

Oct 10 2016 by Alex Liu
Looking for investors

Hi, I'm looking for investors for my brand and online store www.georgialeyla.com Looking for growing brand awareness and increase sales! Contact: info@georgialeyla.com Love always, GL

Jul 20 2017 by Giada
Looking for Men's Swimwear and Tshirt Manufacturers

Hello,   Im currently looking for manufactures that  can produce mens swimwear styles and t shirt styles. Im looking to produce smaller volumes/orders. You can reach out to me at Pedro@seadapper.com.   Thank you,

Jul 21 2017 by Aidan Roberts
Chinese sourcing agent

Hey, I’m a sourcing agent work as a freelance in Wuhan, China. I have 9 years experience in International trade. I can help customers to do the following job based on commission. I would like long time job. I’m a responsible, good at communication and honest person. I am a loyalty person and will not taking unknown commission from factory. 1. Find the suitable supplier products and supplier ...

Jul 18 2017 by H.A Fashion Co.,Ltd
Product Development Help

Hello, For companies that are looking to develop new products to sell on their websites or who are looking to source existing products. We can provide support throught all stages of design, manufacturing and supply chain setup. let us know how we can help! krpd.weebly.com kartrobison@gmail.com

Jul 18 2017 by KRPD