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Shopify traffic?

Hi as I am new at this,does shopify drive traffic to my store or I have to do SEO and promoting :)  thanks 

Aug 16 2017 by Jacky Risham
Selling business shares

Hey everyone. So I am looking to sell shares in my business. This will help to grow the brand and get more inventory. I am from the UK. What is the best way to find someone looking to invest and join a new business venture. Also I've dealt with a lot of wasters before so what advice would you have for picking the right partner? Thanks

Aug 12 2017 by lewis percival
Facebook Dynamic Ad / Shopping Product Feed

My product images do not come through correctly from shopify. My products are a bit wide, so the image isn't perfectly square and facebook is forcing it into a square by cutting off the left and right side and significantly zooming in.  How do I manually edit the product feed to make the image appear correct? Adam

Jul 26 2017 by Antony Parker
New to e-commerce

 Hello everyone, I recently completed my on-line store. I wanted to know if there are sites other than social media that I can post on to get customers. I'm marketing to pet parents, selling all-natural bully sticks. They name of my site is purposefullypassionate.com I know social media is a great place to start but I want to be able to market directly to my consumers. Any suggestions will b...

Jul 26 2017 by Antony Parker
Would like to find a partner

Hello there. I would like to find a marketing partner for my online shop: https://www.ophirianthreads.com// English is not my first language so bear with me as my low level english grammar might hurt you.  My shop is almost 20 days old I spent all my time in designing the apparels, Kit (AI chat support) is the only one who post and update my work on Facebook because I'm too absorb o...

Jul 25 2017 by RyanM
Recommendations for a tool to track & measure between Oberlo, AliExpress...

Hey everyone, I have my shop up and running and have been getting some sales. It is a dropshipping store and I get my items from AliExpress and use Oberlo to help fulfill. I use Facebook (Instagram) Power Editor to set up my ads. As of right now, all my traffic is from Instagram.  Does anyone have a good method of tracking and measuring between cost of goods & ads? Oberlo gives a brea...

Jul 20 2017 by Amy Youssefian
Question: Getting Product List without any permission from API

I want to get the products information from shopify shops to sell it to other platform. After selling and myu client will buy if from the shopify shop. Question: can I do so from API? can I make it without shops permission? shop grant permission should install the application from me first to grant permission? Hope someone can answer me. Thanks.

Jul 19 2017 by Viko
Teen entrepreneur: being a CEO and a camp counselor

For over a decade, I’ve spent my summers going to camp.  Describing it is near impossible but for 24 days I lived in a cabin with my best friends, had food fights, played some of the strangest games ever, and made memories and learned values that are simply not attainable in any other place.  What was less than an hour away from my house could have been on another planet.  As I got older, and t...

Jul 17 2017 by Max Feber
7 Popular Brands You Didn't Know Used Shopify

Hey Shopify Friends! Thought I would share this article I wrote on my company's blog. I'm sure we all some Shopify design inspiration, right? https://medium.com/mirgo-digital/7-popular-brands-you-didnt-know-used-shopify-1b67fa5a0225 Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!   Mike Gojcaj Founder Mirgo Digital | Digital Growth Agency ph: (248) 923-1645 | www.mirgodigital.com 

Jul 17 2017 by Sergiu Ciumac
Pros and cons of sharing ideas

What are the pros cons of sharing the ideas with others? Do you think that sharing the idea with someone benefits you?

Jul 13 2017 by Rodrigo
I received this certified letter in the mail a few days ago from a compe...

I'm not asking for advice other than if the packaging actually is confusing to you, I need to know why so I can react accordingly, or if it's totally different to you, it's additional evidence in my favor. I know what needs to be done. But I'll just leave this here and you can form your own conclusions and if you want to discuss, I'm happy to talk about it.

Jul 10 2017 by Sergiu Ciumac
Fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG,SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds

We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft {CBD} as well as other financial instruments issued from AAA Rated bank such as HSBC Bank Hong Kong, HSBC Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, Barclays Bank , Standard Chartered Bank and others on lease at the lowest available rates depending on the face value of the instr...

Jun 7 2017 by JMKH
I cant find the admin button to manage settigns. How do I add a payment...

I can't find the settigns page so that I can manipulate the settings on my store.  My store is not active because I want to test drive everything before I go live.  I used the help center but i tells me to go to my admin page and then find the settigns button.  I cant find it.

Jul 3 2017 by reymundo gomez
Facebook Add help

Hi everyone,   I have been running my store for about six months now and been slowly building traffic, sales and a customer base. My problem is- no matter how I try to create a Facebook add I seem to get mix results with no clear indication on what has worked. I look over the ads, and will see that Males between the ages of 24 and 35 have clicked on the link to a ad I posted,so I adjust t...

Jul 2 2017 by Dave Joe
Product Testing Thoughts?

I recently tested a new product with adwords. I had people sign up for my newsletter and within 7 days I had 7 signups. Do you think this is too little of a sample to start producing my product? 

Jul 2 2017 by EBPangolin


Jun 13 2017 by Arsh Buttar
10 TOP Questions for eCommerce Business [ASKING]

Hello friends I have 10 questions about Shopify eCommerce dropshipping business.  #1 How much sales is needed to pixel to mature? #2 Is required to get all sales from single campaign to pixel mature or it can be example from Watch, Chain, Ring. Pixel maturing generally or special for every campaign? #3 Will pixel affect on future new campaigns immediate after creating or every campaign nee...

Jun 19 2017 by Enis Alic

We have an online kids clothing store and we have plenty of traffic but no sales. We are active on Facebook and Instagram, and have an online chat. Can anyone give me some insight as to why this is happening? my website is: www.frostybeanzkids.com Thank you.

Jun 19 2017 by Dannell
Lots of visitors and engagement but no sales!

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well. My website: https://zelch1.com , is receiving 1000 visitors each day and around 25% bounce rate with 75% of them engaging in product page or category pages. However despite this success, no sales are happening. I keep up with my Google Analytics information yet I can't understand what may be the problem. If you can please check out my website and give m...

Jun 13 2017 by Arsh Buttar
Free advice: Questions about making a mobile app for your eCommerce store?

Hi All, I have been making apps for years. I want to add value to anyone who has considered making an app for their online website or is a retailer selling any goods. Anything from - what's the process, how much would it cost, why would it help, is it worth it etc. You don't have to pay me anything or buy anything, just free advice. Let me know :) Thanks, Jai

Jun 5 2017 by Jai