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200 views/day, but no sales

Hello, We're a new streetwear merch named Mirano Designs. Currently we've 6.6k (@miranodesigns) followers on our main instagram page and 7.5k (@streetwearvetements) on our other page which helps us promote Mirano Designs too.  We recently ventured into the eCommerce world with out much success. The website currently gets around 200-300 visits per day but we only got 3 sales in 6 months &a...

Oct 20 2017 by Tomsonn
Digital Marketing Startup

Hi,   We are TryMeCorp, we are a startup based on digital marketing services and strategies. What we are here for is ?, we will provide some less cost services free for you if you're willing to give us two things 1. Your brand logo to display in our every platform to promote your business just for free 2.Your review about our company in your blog post.  Why are we doing this ?...

Oct 20 2017 by Tomsonn
A Different Way To Build A Brand?

Myself and my team are working on a project that is designed to help brand new startups grow engaged audiences, build brand awareness through participation in a "one-for-one" type program (similar to Tom's) with partner charitable organizations and "mentor" buisinesses and be of very low cost to the startup. (participation fees would would be based on sales) This project is just getting rolling...

Oct 20 2017 by TaylorMade
Local business, curious if I should throw in the towel?

My husband and I own a ready-to-eat meal delivery service.  I do not have a store front but am a local business. I have been in business for about 8 months now. My customers have ranged from 6-20 weekly for the entire 8 months (People order online and I deliver their meals weekly). I get great reviews and pretty good customer retention, most of my customers have stuck with me for at least one m...

Oct 19 2017 by TaylorMade
Shipping option

I am setting shipping so that it has the option of Express Delivery or Standard Delivery with different rates each. How do i do it? The option available now is only based on weight.

Oct 11 2017 by Muslim SG Shop
Spending tons of $$$ on ads and no sales, just some abandoned carts

My store is https://www.wildpetstyles.com I'm spending a bundle on Facebook/Instagram ads and on Google adwords. I've gotten a large number of site visits, many likes to my Facebook page, some abandoned carts, but no sales. I have an app that sends emails to recover abandoned carts, but they have not been working. I changed the theme a few times, I keep adding new products. I use dropship...

Oct 11 2017 by Brandon Eley
Non-English target market country

Will it be hard to launch my business in n a non-English speaking country in Europe like Germany, France or Italy? I'm going to make my website in English and do marketing in English, currency set to EUR. Compare to the US or other English speaking countries, is it harder to enter the market? The product I will be selling are gadgets for man and/or lovely stuff for the woman like decoration,...

Oct 10 2017 by Joe Lau
YAAH - First 10 Sales in just 5 days :-)

I am over the moon and just have to share with someone who will understand how big this is.. I launched my new webshop this sunday, and yesterday night I hit the first 10 sales-milestone. Yaah!! The webshop has had such a long and diffucult birth - started using Shopify over a year ago. Deleted it all, tried wordpress and Joomla, and went back to Shopify five month ago.  Figuring out h...

Oct 9 2017 by hbogard
Fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale, such as BG,SBLC, MTN, Bank Bonds

We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft {CBD} as well as other financial instruments issued from AAA Rated bank such as HSBC Bank Hong Kong, HSBC Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, Barclays Bank , Standard Chartered Bank and others on lease at the lowest available rates depending on the face value of the instr...

Oct 7 2017 by alicetaylor
How do you know when you to quit your 'Real' job?

So we have been running our new shopify store only a few months. Prior to that a Magento version and a wordpress version. Until now, the other 2 sites just forredged money like there was no tomorrow and never really made much profit. If you google 'Pandora Photo charms' https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pandora+photo+charms&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab&gfe_rd=cr&...

Oct 3 2017 by Matthew Rann
Shopify traffic?

Hi as I am new at this,does shopify drive traffic to my store or I have to do SEO and promoting :)  thanks 

Oct 3 2017 by alicetaylor
I want to dropship for others, how do I do it? Mothership?

I've been in the online gem business for eighteen years, so I know shipping back and forth/up and down and can pretty easily handle up to a couple of hundred orders a day with minimal changes to systems/infrastructure.  I found the 'Mothership' app which allows others to use me as a dropshipper.  1. Has anyone used the mothership app?  2. How do I attract people who want to sell my pro...

Sep 27 2017 by David Saad
Sellers Beware. Customers are able to get back more money than they spen...

After weeks of trying to recuperate any of the $3900 that was taken from my bank account, I don't know what else to do other than to warn other online merchants about this situation. The situation is that a customer ( Thief ) was allowed to make 4 large purchases using his card without any type of card verification on the issuing bank's end, nor on Shopify's side. All 4 transactions were accept...

Sep 18 2017 by Carlos Rivera
Im lost and clueless

Ive recently opened up my shop, been using facebook ads and instagram influencer spent a huge sum, sad news i dont get any engagement from instagram influencers and for facebook ads ive been getting views im grateful that at least i get views at daily of 50 to 100 views but im not generating any sales, Mind sharing how do i drive revenue to my shopify store because im not sure what im doing ...

Sep 20 2017 by Mrs_smith
Getting people to buy my products

I need some advice on how to sell my products.  I'm doing drop shipping and I'm using Oberlo.  I've had my site up for a little while (less than a month).  Just to give you a little backgroud info on me-I work full-time and I wanted to do drop shipping as a way to earn extra money with the hopes to eventually earn enough to do this full-time.  My problem is getting people to buy my products.  I...

Sep 13 2017 by Mrs_smith
My Shop was Shut Down by Etsy ~ How to start over??

Long Story Short ~ Etsy booted me because I was selling a Hello Kitty Bracelet.  I bought the charm thru an Etsy shop and I was not aware of the infrigment laws of reselling it on a piece of jewelry I made.  My Bad!  No excuses.  But my Shop on Etsy was so profitable the last couple years that I quit my day job.  I now have nothing but tons of inventory.  I love what I do so I want to make a go...

Sep 12 2017 by Mrs_smith
Would like to find a partner

Hello there. I would like to find a marketing partner for my online shop: https://www.ophirianthreads.com// English is not my first language so bear with me as my low level english grammar might hurt you.  My shop is almost 20 days old I spent all my time in designing the apparels, Kit (AI chat support) is the only one who post and update my work on Facebook because I'm too absorb o...

Sep 12 2017 by Cherrilyn Azucena

Hello people, i was wondering if someone can help me. I have my store almost ready. I have a big question. I live in florida and i don't know what license is better for droppshiping business, state or federal? You know i am starting so i will use Oberlo and Aliexpress to dropship products. And one more, should i get a LLC or a Sole proprietor ship? Thank you guys, hope you can help me.

Sep 6 2017 by Mrs_smith
Pros and cons of sharing ideas

What are the pros cons of sharing the ideas with others? Do you think that sharing the idea with someone benefits you?

Sep 5 2017 by Mrs_smith
New to e-commerce

 Hello everyone, I recently completed my on-line store. I wanted to know if there are sites other than social media that I can post on to get customers. I'm marketing to pet parents, selling all-natural bully sticks. They name of my site is purposefullypassionate.com I know social media is a great place to start but I want to be able to market directly to my consumers. Any suggestions will b...

Aug 30 2017 by Michael