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14 Year Old Entrepreneur - 2 Years On

Hi guys my name is Oli and you may remember me from my forum posts when I first started Shopify over 2 years ago. That was when I was 14 and had helped launch the store Swole Panda and created the site with Shopify. Over the past few years I have stayed hooked to the business world and the idea of earning my own keep and with a number of my endeavours it has payed off. Take OLIVERprestige for e...

Today by suman verma
What are SCM industry best practices?

I would like to know about the best practices included in the SCM industry. Also, What are the latest trends of the industry and how to implement them in the business?

Dec 8 2017 by suman verma
What is ASN (Advance Shipping Notice)?

What does ASN mean in logistics and how is this helpful in ecommerce business?

Dec 6 2017 by suman verma
Spending tons of $$$ on ads and no sales, just some abandoned carts

My store is https://www.wildpetstyles.com I'm spending a bundle on Facebook/Instagram ads and on Google adwords. I've gotten a large number of site visits, many likes to my Facebook page, some abandoned carts, but no sales. I have an app that sends emails to recover abandoned carts, but they have not been working. I changed the theme a few times, I keep adding new products. I use dropship...

Nov 20 2017 by Karin Bauer
Online shopping Cart Script for your business

The online shopping cart is eventually acted as tool which is a piece of ecommerce script in online marketing which let users to shop their desires and needs for ultimate purpose.In addition the online shopping cart is shopping basket be full of all products whichever humans frequently search and also recent trend items too which connects the complete feel of purchase on single dashboard.  

Dec 4 2017 by Appkodes
Am I doing something wrong?

I've only been at this for a few weeks now. I have tried learning everything about dropshipping on YouTube and whatever else I could find, and I have learned a lot. I made my first sale yesterday, but nothing after that. I get a lot of traffic but no sales. This makes me think that there is something wrong with my store. I'm sure there are some things I haven't done right that is off putting wh...

Nov 30 2017 by Cari Joy
How do you know when you to quit your 'Real' job?

So we have been running our new shopify store only a few months. Prior to that a Magento version and a wordpress version. Until now, the other 2 sites just forredged money like there was no tomorrow and never really made much profit. If you google 'Pandora Photo charms' https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pandora+photo+charms&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-ab&gfe_rd=cr&...

Nov 30 2017 by suman verma
A Different Way To Build A Brand?

Myself and my team are working on a project that is designed to help brand new startups grow engaged audiences, build brand awareness through participation in a "one-for-one" type program (similar to Tom's) with partner charitable organizations and "mentor" buisinesses and be of very low cost to the startup. (participation fees would would be based on sales) This project is just getting rolling...

Oct 31 2017 by nickbram.1986@gmail
Prestashop or Shopify or Other?

Hi, Need recommendation on ecommerce website to use: Prestashop vs. Shopify (or something else?).  Can you give me an idea about pros and cons. Thanks, Addo Virta

Nov 13 2017 by Addo
My new blog about Dropshipping, Internet Marketing, and AliExpress

Hi guys, I wanted to let you know that I've just created a new blog where I am planning to share some dropshipping and internet marketing tips. I will try to add at least one article every week. Please feel free to suggest some topics to write about or let me know if you find some innacuracies in my content. You can find my blog at http://addtocart.club and you can follow me on facebook at h...

Nov 12 2017 by KostyaV
Knowing you ROI for FB advertising.

Hello All, Having a nice Shopify store and running some ads is great, but without tracking there is no way to know if you are making or losing money. I am therefore most interested in knowing which sales are coming from my Facebook Ad and which are coming from other traffic.  Can anyone explain simply how to do this? Before you answer I'll let you know that I have Google Analytics and ...

Nov 9 2017 by Simon
Non-English target market country

Will it be hard to launch my business in n a non-English speaking country in Europe like Germany, France or Italy? I'm going to make my website in English and do marketing in English, currency set to EUR. Compare to the US or other English speaking countries, is it harder to enter the market? The product I will be selling are gadgets for man and/or lovely stuff for the woman like decoration,...

Nov 6 2017 by Joe Lau
Why I am unable to get sales?

My store: http://wolfacture.com I am dropshipping, I have a free + shipping product sponsored on Ig, Fb & Adwords, I am getting about 50-70 visits a day, not a single sale. Any suggestions?

Nov 3 2017 by Matthew Skala
Gaming Accessories Niche

I'm in the middle of creating a gaming accessories online store, but keep second guessing myself.  I plan on selling gaming keyboards, mouses, webcams, etc. and I was wondering if this was too broad of a niche and maybe I should narrow it down to just keyboards and mouses?  Let me know what you think.  Thanks :)

Nov 2 2017 by BMJ
is there any aliexpress alternative in INDIA to do dropshipping in USA

Hi,I was looking for starting a dropshipping business of indian womens dresess and was wondering is there any ali express alternative in India from where I can get reliable vendors who can do the fullfilment for me? Does anyone have any idea?..any advice will help...Thanks in advance M

Nov 2 2017 by bestees
Would like to find a partner

Hello there. I would like to find a marketing partner for my online shop: https://www.ophirianthreads.com// English is not my first language so bear with me as my low level english grammar might hurt you.  My shop is almost 20 days old I spent all my time in designing the apparels, Kit (AI chat support) is the only one who post and update my work on Facebook because I'm too absorb o...

Oct 31 2017 by Shopifyhelp
YAAH - First 10 Sales in just 5 days :-)

I am over the moon and just have to share with someone who will understand how big this is.. I launched my new webshop this sunday, and yesterday night I hit the first 10 sales-milestone. Yaah!! The webshop has had such a long and diffucult birth - started using Shopify over a year ago. Deleted it all, tried wordpress and Joomla, and went back to Shopify five month ago.  Figuring out h...

Oct 31 2017 by Shopifyhelp
Local business, curious if I should throw in the towel?

My husband and I own a ready-to-eat meal delivery service.  I do not have a store front but am a local business. I have been in business for about 8 months now. My customers have ranged from 6-20 weekly for the entire 8 months (People order online and I deliver their meals weekly). I get great reviews and pretty good customer retention, most of my customers have stuck with me for at least one m...

Oct 31 2017 by Shopifyhelp
Dropship and Business Development Under One Umbrella

Hi All,  We are providing a complete solution for all the Businessmen and Businesswomen out there, out services are a complete solution from starting your business towards creating a sales funnel to csaling it successfully.  Services list, are listed below :  Micro Niche Keyword Research  Keyword Optimized Custom Domain  Custom Graphics - Logo, Banner etc.  Custom Theme / Pren...

Oct 31 2017 by nickbram.1986@gmail
Im lost and clueless

Ive recently opened up my shop, been using facebook ads and instagram influencer spent a huge sum, sad news i dont get any engagement from instagram influencers and for facebook ads ive been getting views im grateful that at least i get views at daily of 50 to 100 views but im not generating any sales, Mind sharing how do i drive revenue to my shopify store because im not sure what im doing ...

Oct 31 2017 by Jarvis from Kaleido