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Create a new input or change in checkout Page

Hello, i need to change or add a new intput in the checkout page, in colombia is necesary the id of the clients and i dont see how to add a new field or to change a existing one.    i hope anyone can help me. 

Oct 17 2018 by Niumar Melone

Hi Folks, I'm based in Toronto and looking for a mentor to learn from. I'm not putting this out there lightly. I would appreciate feedback from those who feel such a relationship can be mutually benificial and/or are willing to offer some time to support. Warm thanks Layla

Oct 15 2018 by Lubna Ali
Google Adsense Alternatives

hi,  i just want to know about google adsens tell me the google adsense alternatives sites  i want adsens account for my entertaining website and i try once google not giving approvel so i searching alternative site for make money  

Oct 5 2018 by thefonestuff
We are looking for a business partner to develop and launch a marketplac...

Hi. We are looking for a person who can create, launch and develop a marketplace in the international market (an analog of the freelance exchange, only the sphere of business services). We will discuss in more detail in personal messages. For those interested, please write about your experience and what projects you have participated in.

Aug 7 2018 by agent.biz
How do you think what are the biggest challanges in modern B2B online in...

B2B companies need to rethink the way they connect with customers and broaden the number of promotional channels. 

Sep 7 2018 by Mykola_S
First day help

Hi I just started up my shopify store today...and well I’m getting tons of traffic 20 views so far, but no sales why is this?   My store is: https://trenderchest.myshopify.com/

Sep 6 2018 by Aria
Factory produce your garments order from sample to bulk production

We are Manufacturing Services (tvfvietnam@gmail.com) for Apparel and Fashion in Hanoi, Vietnam. Production including: 1.) DRESSES, SKIRTS, BLOUSES 2.) POLO, T-SHIRTS, SHIRTS, SWEATER, HOODIES 3./ LADIES PANTS, SHORTS 4./ SUIT, UNIFORM, WORK WEAR We can help you to produce your own products in Vietnam which you have designed and help you succeed in fashion industry. Let contact us for f...

Aug 30 2018 by KCHI FASHION
how can remove form meta description "#MAINTITLE#" "#DESCRIPTIONTAB#"

  how can remove form meta description "#MAINTITLE#" "#DESCRIPTIONTAB#" http://nimb.ws/2IAgoH   Please help me

Aug 29 2018 by Jason
my small swimwear brand needs help

hi! Im from a small island located in the tropical areas of this earth where only few people lives. I started an online swimwear brand with my sister recently and we're seeing so much potential with it being sold online. However, problems are starting to pop as time goes by.  1. We're having problems launching our website bec. we cant shoot since we dont have a model. srsly yeah 2. Our cu...

Jul 2 2016 by Dan
Facebook Business

hello experts, i'm here for know some thing tell me about facebook ads  can i use facebook ads on my website like google adsens ? if yes! so how can i apply for facebook ads ? 

Aug 17 2018 by Shopifyhelp
Recommendations for a tool to track & measure between Oberlo, AliExpress...

Hey everyone, I have my shop up and running and have been getting some sales. It is a dropshipping store and I get my items from AliExpress and use Oberlo to help fulfill. I use Facebook (Instagram) Power Editor to set up my ads. As of right now, all my traffic is from Instagram.  Does anyone have a good method of tracking and measuring between cost of goods & ads? Oberlo gives a brea...

Aug 13 2018 by Ash
Looking for feedback and advice on my online store

Hello,  I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I recently set up an online store https://purpleswangifts.co.uk and would welcome some feedback with regard to how it looks and its functionality.  I'm new to e-commerce and have been working on this and trying to get my head around various aspects of an e-shop for a good while now and I really need another set of eyes to look at my w...

Dec 31 2016 by Beverley
Dropshipping podcast

What podcast do you recommend me to listen about dropshipping or business? What do you guys like to listen?

Aug 5 2018 by Nick
Facebook Add help

Hi everyone,   I have been running my store for about six months now and been slowly building traffic, sales and a customer base. My problem is- no matter how I try to create a Facebook add I seem to get mix results with no clear indication on what has worked. I look over the ads, and will see that Males between the ages of 24 and 35 have clicked on the link to a ad I posted,so I adjust t...

Jul 30 2018 by Tomasz Sadowski
Service level agreents and disaster recovery

Good morning does anyone happen to know what our service level agreement is with shopify, our disaster recovery plan, and what happens if the server goes down? Thanks so much.

Jul 30 2018 by Max
Accepting Only Paypal & Fraud Detection

Hello,   Just did my first sales on my store for a product that sells for 9.99$. I ship only to USA and i accept only Paypal Payments. In my fraud analysis even if i contacted with some of the customers i see those messages that are the same for every transaction and i was wondering if this is common with paypal! Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available Billing ad...

Jul 26 2018 by Nick
Question- What are backlinks? How are they useful in seo?

Hallo everyone. I had someone try to explain this concept to me, but i did not seem to understand it in a very clear way because they were using very many technical terms. So i have decided to give it another shot. Maybe some of you here are already familiar with this?  and maybe you would be kind enough to try and explain this to me in a more understandable way. I would be very grateful. Thank...

Jun 22 2018 by viajeaindiaa
How robust Shopify theme customizable is?

Hi Folks, I'm a web / UI designer. I've been approached to design an e-commerce website for a retail business dealing with beauty products which is going to use a Shopify theme. Since I have no experience in setting up a website using Shopify, I'm in a bit confused state to start the design work. I wonder there must be some limitations and some important factors that should be kept in mind w...

Jul 24 2018 by Kiersten Holine
How to find a representative in another city?

Good day, dear forum users. Please tell me how you solve the problem of finding a performer in another city? For example, you need to find some property or sales representative or marketer for advertising in another city. The easiest option is job portals. But maybe there are some other more effective options?

Jul 23 2018 by Karlie

Hey guys a customer orered prodcuts from my store and they got delivered to him and they got signed for too. But he opened chargebacks on all the products. What do I do?

Jul 9 2018 by Ann