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Am ready to scale but need some help

I've had a shopify website for two years and get regular traffic to my website. I sell most of my products wholesale and I would really like to increase the amount of online sales my website generates.  I post regulary to Instagram and Facebook and I have recently been doing Facebook Ads which has helped grow my reach. I'm also sending out bi-monthy newsletters with offers within them.  I...

Jan 3 2019 by Linea
UK business insurance

Hi All, Now that my website is getting more established, I have registered it as a limited company and want to take money from the company as an employee. So, I need employers liability insurance, which seems to only be bundled with public liability. It's a good idea to have both, but as I am importing some items from outside the EU, all of the insurers I have spoken to are telling me the...

Dec 29 2018 by CalvinJohnes
Just completely rebuilt my store from the ground up. What now?

So I just completely rebuilt my website and reduced my products from over 100 all the way down to just 5 for now. I decided I was far too broad and needed to focus more on building a brand and not just selling a bunch of random products. I have 3 branded shirts and two Items for dogs. The store will now be more focused and conveying a feeling of men's heritage fashion, individualism and a gener...

Jun 12 2017 by Ruchika Sharma
Question About SEO

I recently started my Shopify website at where I sell vintage jewelry. Since these items once sold are not replaceble I am curious if anyone can tell me what is the best way to handle these sold items for good SEO  I could just leave them on the page they are on with a sold out over the picture but I think eventually that will not be a good look if there are a bunch of photos ...

Dec 1 2017 by Arsen01
Would love some advice or review of my website

Hello, I am looking to launch my website on the 25 of this month and I would love to hear your feedback on my website. I would like to know how does is currently look and where I can make any improvements if need be. Thank you very much :)  My website is and I sell bath and body peoducts. I currently only have 2 products (soap and bath bombs) but I have different fragr...

May 31 2017 by M. Faisal
Ecommerce Mastermind Group

Hey everyone, My name is Darius, I’m an entrepreneur and CEO of Fassion ME. I’m interested in starting a mastermind, aka peer-mentoring group, with a few other motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs. You don’t need to be extremely knowledgeable or very successful. I’m just looking to meet with other entrepreneurs on a weekly basis, on Google Hangouts or Skype, where we can help one another an...

Feb 17 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Need some help with marketing/my store

Hi all,  So I'm around 4 months into my new venture and I'm finding it really tough right now. I'm really unsure whether I should be paying more attention to my site, my marketing strategy, if I'm missing something obvious or if I should fold. I've spent a couple hundred dollars on facebook ads, google ads and had exactly 0 sales from these channels. The few sales I have had came from Ins...

May 31 2017 by Phix
Need some help with scaling up my business

So at this point, I am not sure if I need to work on my marketing or work on my site to increase the conversion rate. I get good traffic from my FB marketing and the campaigns have relevancy scores of 8. I am wondering if there is anybody who can see any obvious issues with my site. I am more motivated than anybody to make this work and have invested hundreds of hours into this company. I am av...

Dec 15 2017 by Siravi Kitchen
have been getting visitors but not selling ?

Hey guys how you doing ?? I have been on Shopify selling woman's elegant style clothing. My issue is I just haven't sold anything. I have been getting visitors it's been a week or so.. can anyone check my website and make any recommendations??

Jun 10 2017 by Adele
serious guidance needed

Hello everyone, My store has been up and running for a month now but no sales, I know I're saying, "here is another one".  But seriously, I can get the traffic..I just cant make the sale and I know it has to do with the layout of my page and a lack of call to action buttons just to name a few.   I have gotten some good feedback from this forum before and it helped alot but what...

Jul 20 2017 by Amy Youssefian
Getting lots of adds to the cart but no checkouts!

Hi there - am getting lots of adds to the cart but no checkouts - is there something I need to do to optimise my checkout and lock in that sale? My site is thanks in advance for taking the time to answer! :)

Jun 6 2017 by Ruchika Sharma
Buyer profiling

quick question to everyone.  I was wondering how everyone is collecting and using buyers information.  Im starting an ecommerce site that is similar to wish.  They curate content based on gender. there isnt any gender selecting on wishes app or site, they collect user information based on behavior or social media.  for example, if i click on mens clothing three times, they will tag me as a male...

Apr 27 2017 by Ash Ome
Can't get any sales - Any advise

HI ALL,  Please can you help. I have setup my shopify account over 5 months ago and still not received one sale?  I have had managed to get some emails to a competition I ran a few months ago but no hits in sales.  Has anyone got some great advise or tools that may help?  Many thanks,

Apr 26 2017 by joshbrown
Need to boost sales

Have had my store open for 2 months and was created by a web designer.  Have a mix of t shirts printed by Printful dropshipper, and items from Dropwow dropshipper.( will replace with USA dropshipper)  Have not had any Shopify sales. Utilized Facebook and Ebay as sales channels. Intend to utilize Amazon, as well.  All 16 sales have been through Ebay. Boosted ads on Facebook and get good response...

Dec 25 2018 by Pinterest_Manager
Handling shipping from different dropshippers in 1 order... need advice ...

Hi! I have multiple dropshippers that I use. (Printful and Printaura) And when customers purchase stuff from each in one order, it gets shipped separately at different times... Does anyone else have this situation? Would it be best to just send an email directly to the customer to let them know whats going on? I don't want to admit im using dropshippers to them, but I guess i'll have to. How d...

Dec 23 2018 by Marisa Barone
Selling at retail and wholesale

New client has Shopify site; they bought from someone, don't really know how to manage it, and I'm new to Shopify. They are brand owners so they sell at retail but all products are also available at wholesale prices. Right now there are two Shopify sites with separate logins, one for retail and one for wholesale. Each one is updated separately. There's got to be a better way to sync th...

Dec 6 2018 by Diana
Variants for Wholesale Customers

Hi all, We are a textile wholesaler and we sell to trade only, however we provide a free cutting service to retail customers. For each product, I have created two variants - a free cutting which can be seen and ordered by all. And then there is a second variant which is for wholesale only. Is there a way of either hiding that second variant and only show it to registered wholesale c...

Nov 15 2018 by Todd
Help! Chronic mistake maker needs help to fix sales!

Hi all,   After 4 years of running a Woocommerce store, I made the jump to Shopify. The website has fantastic functionality, and can operate very well. I'm really happy with the look and feel.    BUT...   I've made 4 sales. 3 of them had to be refunded. Why? I buy products from a supplier in the USA to people in Australia. I'm unable to dropship to AU customers won't allow ...

Nov 16 2018 by Todd
Curated product List by Login

HI All, I'm new - so first off Hi! *Waves* I am looking to start a store selling IT consumable parts etc. and as there are a large number of products that I will be listing I want to be able to have the front page curated by account login - is this do-able? I have looked through the marketplace and had limited success with finding anything. Is there a way to show parts on the front pag...

Nov 2 2018 by Todd
Site evaluation and general questions medical Cannabis site

Hi guys I have a very successful store that does over 100,000 a month in sales but I would like my site evaluated and any idea's thrown my way would be appreciated. The only complaint I get often is people cant complete a checkout and regardless what I do I can't see why this is happening. Any feedback is appreciated 

Dec 7 2018 by beaships