12 days ago

Replying to reader comments to blog posts

I can't find a way within our blog to reply to reader comments. Sorry if this has been covered but comments from 2014 say it can't be done. Surely this is not still the case. We recieve questions that would greatly benefit a lot of people so replying via email individualy to each comment is time consuming and far from ideal. But not replying is also far from ideal as we are not interacting and creating trust with our community and driving sales. 

There must be a way to reply and have these answers appear from US and appear under the relevant questions. 

Can anyone help? 

Matt Shopify Employee
11 days ago

Hey Inga,

Great question! :)

To reply to blog comments, you just need to go to the customer facing side of your store and leave a comment. So for example, if you go to this page you can reply to the comment there by going below it to enter your information and reply/comment.

If you are looking for a more robust comment system, I would recommend taking a look at some of these apps.