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What's considered "good" traffic?

I launched my woodworking store www.woodmecustoms.com just over a month ago. I have a pretty good social media following, 2,200+ on Instagram, 100+ on Facebook. @woodmecustoms I have been using Facebook ads and my traffic is doing better. It was around 10-20 visitors/day. By spending about $10-15/day on ads I am able to get around 80-100 visitors/day. I've only had a couple of sales so the c...

Yesterday by Mitchell Ehrhardt
Why am I not getting sales? Shopify experts help!!!

Hi I started a streetwear clothing site Bosstendencies.com about 3 weeks ago and people have begun adding products to their cart and signing up for the newsletter but I have not gotten any sales. What's missing? What am I doing wrong? And what can I improve upon? My Instagram is @Bosstendencies I do have plans with a Instagram influencer who has over +120,000 for them to wear one of my products...

Yesterday by ahmet korkmaz
I am not getting sales so need your suggestions for the same.

Hi, My name is jitesh and i got this community just now. I have my ecommerce website "www.jijyra.com". I am dealing with imitations earrings and used books. The problem is I am not getting sales nor traffic. There is no one to help me in this so I came here to get some solutions for the same. Thanks. Jitesh Siddhu

Yesterday by Jitesh Siddhu
Conversion rate

Hi Everyone,      

Feb 3 2017 by Nathan
Replying to reader comments to blog posts

I can't find a way within our blog to reply to reader comments. Sorry if this has been covered but comments from 2014 say it can't be done. Surely this is not still the case. We recieve questions that would greatly benefit a lot of people so replying via email individualy to each comment is time consuming and far from ideal. But not replying is also far from ideal as we are not interacting and ...

Mar 17 2017 by SocialShopWave
Why people add to cart but don't checkout

I know that this topic already exists in this forum, but I would like some feedback on our store (www.modernexcellence.com) which we just recently launched (about two weeks.) Our conversion rate is pretty low. We've had 3409 people visit the store, 109 added to cart, 23 reached checkout (abandoned) and only ten purchased. We are putting a lot of time and effort promoting the shop and driv...

Mar 11 2017 by Monique "Mo" Nelson
exhibition online cart on shopify

Hi all, i would like to set up shopify for exhibition industry, which will sell difference set item for a number of exhibiton at the same time, should i classify as category on product or other better way? and those item pricing will be difference base on the time frame, e.g. before show $13; on show period $20; should be cater by promotion code? pls advise, thanks all. Edmond

Mar 10 2017 by Edmond
Importing Customer Order History via API - minimum requirements?

We are looking to onboard an enterprise client and one of their desires is to bring with them over 100,000 exsiting customers with all of the addresses and order histories associated. We've pretty much come to the conclusion that we're going to need to use the Order API to achieve this.  Our client is a clothing retailer - and as such - we'd like to represent color and size of products withi...

Mar 8 2017 by Wayne Foster
Aliexpress freezes account to verify

Okay I heard that Aliexpress will freeze/cancel orders once they notice you have ordered numerous items to different addresses.  Some have said that it takes 3 weeks to a month to verify or more.  I had a similiar experience with paypal and ebay a few years back and paypal did't release my money for 6 months,even though I sent every piece of info document they asked.  And ebay wouldn't let me s...

Mar 6 2017 by Oswald
Upload Stock Levels Automatically

Does anyone know a way to upload stock levels from my suppliers stock feed in xml or similar. It get s bit tiring uploading 10,000 products using the file upload feature

Mar 1 2017 by Brian M
Business Intelligence/Inventory Management/Sales Reports and Analytics

Hi, I am trying to find an affordable piece of software that can store order history and inventory whilst enabling the processing of multiple reports based on sales. This would need to include costs and profits of geographical locations such as inividual states, and of course the more profitable categories and products I sell. I am currently using Inflow Inventory and their 30 day free trial...

Feb 8 2017 by Clement
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Jan 17 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
Creating Sales please

Ok I have my store on shopify running for exactly a month in 2 days. I didnt expect anything to happen overnight or make massive sales right away.  I have been putting post on my business facebook and boosting them.  Running ads on facebook and targeting my audience after doing some research.  I have 180 followers on facebook all my post have reached at least 2,000+ ppl with each post producing...

Feb 28 2017 by Nate Gosselin - PayPal Account Executive
Adding cart attributes inline to emails

Hi guys, Really driving myself crazy here as I feel it should be so simple, but I just can't get it! Looking to add cart attributes inline to emails. E.g. one of my custom cart attributes is the name of the recipient. Cart attribute liquid code <p class="cart-attribute__field"> <label for="what-is-the-name-of-the-person-youre-celebrating">What is the name of the perso...

Feb 27 2017 by Alan L
Not getting the hits!

Recently I have seen my traffic fall even though I have started to list what is, the most collectable brand in the Toy Soldier Market (King & Country). I have very little UK competition and can't understand why I am not getting on to the first page (As I do with other brands I sell). I really need this one to work and need some constructive advice and help on this. Potentially there is a...

Feb 22 2017 by Rock Paper Copy
Call Center as a Service for Large Shopify Stores - 20% sales growth

I've been looking all over this forum for topics related to calling your customers so I could add my experience to this great knowledge base. I definately think more people should be doing it. Down the page I have linked an App I created for Shopify merchants to help power these conversations. Here are some hard numbers (from my own case studies and Harvard business research studies): 55%...

Feb 21 2017 by Ahmad Iqbal
Issue in Mass data sync between Shopify stores using API

Hi Support I am Rajat Kodali. We have a Magento store(wholesale) and want to product data, sales data sync between wholesalShopify and store.For this case, we have using Shopify API's  fetch/update real time data for Shopify store from Wholesales store. But  there are facing lot of  issued in API 1. First, the Mass product import will not work in Shopify  2. We tried to optimize ...

Feb 17 2017 by 2Fast2Furious
Product Catalogue

Could someone PLEASE! help me got my products into my catologue. I have managed to get 3 catagories in my catalogue but no matter what I do,I just can not get my products into these catagories in order that my customers can find them easily. I really need help soon with this problem as I would like to get my website live this month. Thank you in advance. Chris.

Feb 15 2017 by Simonas
3 simple but powerful segmentation for Shopify-MailChimp users to achiev...

Shoppers generate much valuable data that online store owners can leverage to develop email marketing campaigns that effectively engage, monetize and retain each distinct shopper persona. In this post, we will look how to use simple types of MailChimp segmentation with Shopify store to get powerful results when targeting potential and existing customers Segment 1: Approach potential custo...

Feb 15 2017 by YC
Backup and restore [New APP]

Backup Manager: Avoid time with automated, secure backups of content of your store. Backup manager stores the backup at the place you like. Backup manager saves products & product variations, customers, orders, articles, collections and complete theme. The ability to restore any deleted item or items, or your content of store, instantly feel you secure. check this link : " ...

Dec 26 2016 by appfreaker.com