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Please Review, and Give Input on Site. Going Live This Week

URL is www.shopnowcity.com A logo is being created Thoughts? Thanks

Today by cubewalker
Very low conversion rate

Hi Everyone, I have been running my hair extensions store for 2 months now and completed few sales only. The store recently hit 2300 unique visitors overall but conversion rate is too low. I have a nicely designed website that has a personality, lots of unique pages are created, constantly writre blogs on a Hair Blog section, plus embed weekly YouTube videos created by myself on YouTube chan...

Yesterday by Susan
Starter Non Template E-Commerce Websites

These Custom Designed Turn Key E-Commerce Websites might be a good option for those considering stateting an online business. These sites are not templetes and are rich in SEO, Customer Engagement, Visitor Conversion & E-Commerce Features and Widgets. From only $129.00 you can start selling today check them out here http://www.hostedweb.site

Jan 22 2017 by Red Dog Web Marke...
Not getting the hits!

Recently I have seen my traffic fall even though I have started to list what is, the most collectable brand in the Toy Soldier Market (King & Country). I have very little UK competition and can't understand why I am not getting on to the first page (As I do with other brands I sell). I really need this one to work and need some constructive advice and help on this. Potentially there is a...

Jan 20 2017 by Barry Foster
SSL unavailable after domain change

Hey guys, we just finished the work on our online shop and wanted to launch the page. So we redirected all domains (gethappystrappy.com and gethappystrappy.de) from 1und1.de to our shopify store. The redirections are all good but we are not able to get the SSL certificate for our .com domain. Here you find the current settings of our domains. How can we get the SSL certificate for our...

Dec 28 2016 by Selcuk Aciner
Was your Black Friday event successful?

Hey there! I found a story on Medium and think that it's quite interesting. It's about a post Black Friday experience and opens up questions from a retailers perspective. The story is here Enjoy. Matt

Jan 20 2017 by Robert P.
How to automate Shopify Store?

I am looking to automate: 1. Initial Product upload 2. Daily Product inventory updates 3. Orders 4.  Subscription Orders 5. Returns, Shipping & tracking Are their any Shopify Apps that do all of the above?  If not, Are there any apps that do 1 & 2? Ideally I am looking for a company who can do all of the above and I sign up for more tools as my business grows.  If you ...

Jan 19 2017 by William M
Different Confirmation Emails Based on Product Selected?

Hi there, I am wondering if there is an app or a feature on Shopify that would send a specific email template based on the product selected? 4 different products available product A gets confirmation email #1, product B gets email confirmation #2 so on and so forth  Thank you for your help!

Jan 18 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
Creating Sales please

Ok I have my store on shopify running for exactly a month in 2 days. I didnt expect anything to happen overnight or make massive sales right away.  I have been putting post on my business facebook and boosting them.  Running ads on facebook and targeting my audience after doing some research.  I have 180 followers on facebook all my post have reached at least 2,000+ ppl with each post producing...

Jan 18 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
Sell to India

Want to sell to India? Join our Press Conference on Facebook LIVE and win FREE SHIPPING! We sincerely invited you to join the Opening Ceremony for our India E-commerce Platform ——BFMe.in on Jan 19, 2017(Thu). We will LIVE on Facebook at 17:00 (HKT) / 14:30 (India Time). What's more, Like & Share will get free shipping for one month on our new platform! Want to know more details? Contact us ...

Jan 18 2017 by BFMe
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Jan 17 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
How to Improve SEO in only two days?

Flash Sale! Buy full SEO Package 70% OFF - only till Wednesday. Skyrocket your traffic with our Complete SEO Package. Improve your website visibility and presence in SERPs [search engine results pages]. See what's included below: Content Optimization H tags Meta titles & descriptions Sitemap creation & submission Internal link structure Keyword density fix Duplicate co...

Jan 16 2017 by Rock Paper Copy
Google Drive

Anyone on here figure out how to get the URL's to work for google drive photos? I am trying to do bulk uploads by csv to both ebay and shopify at the same time. Ebay likes the url from google drive but shopify does not . . . Google drive is great because you can select multiple images at once and thus get multiple urls at once. This makes things go really fast when you have hundreds of items to...

Jan 13 2017 by ConfusedOne
Replying to reader comments to blog posts

I can't find a way within our blog to reply to reader comments. Sorry if this has been covered but comments from 2014 say it can't be done. Surely this is not still the case. We recieve questions that would greatly benefit a lot of people so replying via email individualy to each comment is time consuming and far from ideal. But not replying is also far from ideal as we are not interacting and ...

Jan 13 2017 by Matt
Shopify Recurring Payment Implementation in App

Hello There, I am new in Shopify, I have developed an App in Shopify and wants to sale this app on the shopify store by using the recurring payment method but, I can not understand how to implement the recurring payment code in my app so that it will deduct the payment automatically from the customer account. I have read discussion https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/shopify-app-discuss...

Jan 12 2017 by Vivek
Brightpearl/Shopify API

Hi, Is anyone using the Brightpearl App to manage a Shopify channel? I am still evaluating but, it seems that the newly created products in both Shopify and BP will not connect automatically. You have to either, wait until someone orders that product or ask BP support to force an inventory update, neither of which are practical if you want to sync inventory levels in a hurry. Wondering ho...

Jan 11 2017 by Dan M
Background Pictures / Optimization

I am struggling with how to optimize our site in all the search engines.  Not sure where to put all the tags so we show up in searches. Still trying to figure out how to add in a background image for our site.  I want to change pictures out on the site depending on the season.  Right now I only see how to put them on pages or collections.  Is there a way to have something running in the back...

Jan 6 2017 by ShopSource Direct
Splitting profits clothing store

Hey everyone, I am setting up a clothing store for a client of mine. We have decided to split the profit for every sold shirt. I use dropshipping (Printfull) and the site is made with Shopify. I am having a few questions about how to structure a site like this? 1. If there is no direct way to split the profit. How do we go about splitting it?  2. Does the client receive all the payme...

Jan 5 2017 by konrad van Kempen
Backup and restore [New APP]

Backup Manager: Avoid time with automated, secure backups of content of your store. Backup manager stores the backup at the place you like. Backup manager saves products & product variations, customers, orders, articles, collections and complete theme. The ability to restore any deleted item or items, or your content of store, instantly feel you secure. check this link : " ...

Jan 3 2017 by Mike Potter
Updating of Smart Collections

Hi I have bulk imported a set of products (around 20,000) in the last day or so.  I had already set up a series of collections, which I created using the Shopify API (around 1,000 smart collections).  However the smart collections are not updating and showing the new products.  How often do they get updated?  I can force an update by modifying the rules, saving, putting them back to how I wa...

Dec 31 2016 by GARY TROTTER