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FB WC ADs Lots Of Traffic But No Add To Carts Or Sales

Hey guys, I recently created a few campaigns for my t shirts, and I am getting a lot of traffic to my website, and even likes, comments & shares on my ADs, but no one is even adding the products im advertising to cart, let alone purchasing. I am optimizing my Website conversion ADs for View content because im trying to go up the chain VC->ATC->purchase, but im not sure whats wrong. Ca...

Yesterday by Khal El
Help With Conversions

So I am a total newbie to ecommerce, set up my site www.parenttrends.com a month ago using Fred Lam's video tutorials which (I think) I followed to the letter. I've also installed Kit to assist with marketing. Between my domain name, Shopify cost, and Facebook ads I've already spent $100 and have had under twenty product views and 3 people liked my FB page. Needless to say I also have ...

Oct 19 2017 by Jeff G
Good visitors, sales very low

Hey everyone, I have been up and running for about 1.5 months now. I have been running FB ads and I post regularly on Instagram. Just started a twitter account a few days ago, but I don't know much about twitter, so I'm leaning that platform.  I am averaging about 300-400 visitors a day but only made a few sales. Looking to get honest feedback about my store layout, function, and anything...

Oct 19 2017 by Jeff G
How to manage different Dropshipping stores

Hello guys, I've just started creating a dropshipping Shopify store and I want to start a completely different new one. I guess I will have to create a new shopify account for this shop, right? For the moment I use my personal email adress and my personal paypal account, but I want it to become more professional. How do you guys manage all of this? Do you create a new Gmail adress f...

Oct 16 2017 by Abdul
Bank Instrument Leasing/Selling Bg and Sblc

I am the mandate to a direct genuine provider of BG/ SBLC for Lease for 1 year 1 day, with rolls and extensions, at leasing price of 5+2, Issuance by AA rated Bank in Europe, Middle East or USA. All inquires should be addressed to Mr. Jan Sulich, for adequate response to your needs. Mr. Jan Sulich Representative Services Limited Company number: 10063300 InfoRepServicesLtd@representativ...

Oct 10 2017 by jamesterra
Multi currency pricing developer

I am just seeking the assistance of a developer to install dual currency pricing on our website. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that can assist?

Oct 12 2017 by Anna Mitsios
Help With Conversions? Under 1%!!!

I really need to learn how to increase my conversions. My website this month has had over 1k visitors but only 6 sales. So less than a 1% conversion rate. If you could check out my website and leave honest reviews as to why it might not be converting that would help.  Thanks,  Joshua https://mountainbikenation.com/

Oct 10 2017 by LaunchYourStartups
Managing of Invoices, stock

Hello, We are currently using Quickbooks as our financial platform, it accepts data from shopify but doesn't integrate back to shopify. Has anyone else got another suggestion?

Oct 9 2017 by refsdvdf
Business Intelligence/Inventory Management/Sales Reports and Analytics

Hi, I am trying to find an affordable piece of software that can store order history and inventory whilst enabling the processing of multiple reports based on sales. This would need to include costs and profits of geographical locations such as inividual states, and of course the more profitable categories and products I sell. I am currently using Inflow Inventory and their 30 day free trial...

Oct 7 2017 by Emre Ertan
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Oct 7 2017 by Emre Ertan
Tracking Sales on Items for Royalty Purposes

We are selling items that have been developed by third party designers and wish to track and pay royalties on these items  Is there a slick and easy way to do this.... BETTE YET, can I set up an automatice payment to their PayPal account everytime one of these items sell? This seems advanced but it must be possible, right?

Aug 11 2017 by Clement
Tracking Call Center Agents IP adresses through Refersion

Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is the right channel for this one, hope someone could help us. Speaking through the store owner here. We need the ability to track our call center agent’s commissions. We have setup Refersion thru shopify to achieve this and it does track. However, since our call center is in-house and all our agents IP# are the same, this eventually triggers shopify security c...

May 22 2017 by HymnZ
Faster way to sort order of products and merchandise large categories ?

Hello, I'm a Web Merchandiser for a fashion business and we recently made the switch from an older platform to Shopify. Just about everything works faster, but sorting product orders and make sure categories look good has been a much slower process so far.  Example : An urgent or specific situation requires me to put navy colored items or specific sweaters on the top of the new arrivals p...

Jun 6 2017 by Gyurigato
ERP / CRM systems ?

Hi, I am looking into the CRM and ERP topic in order to manage our business in a more efficient way. Does anyone have any specific recommendations of solutions that integrate easily with Shopify? We are looking for solutions that would help us manage our operations as a small company, operating internationally, with activities that range from production until sales.  Looking forward re...

Sep 28 2017 by Colja vH
PLEASE HELP! Been open 1 month and have had 100-200 per day and lots of ...

Getting good traffic around 100-200 a day and having tons of correspondence from the many FB groups I am posting in. I have a zero marketing budget and have plenty of time to market in SM due to recenly being laid off. So the work I am puttin gin through the FB groups is getting them to my website but no sales or abandoned carts. I have had about 1800 people with 4 sales in the 30 days I have b...

Sep 28 2017 by Nolan Fergus
Free Marketing Tips and Strategies Just for you

Hi,   We are TryMe Corporation, we offer free marketing services to research  about the commonly faced errors by E-commerce sellers . We did come across more questions in shopify forums, related to sales growth down, no sales etc. But we do know that there are still more question like that. We will share our E-mail address with you, send in your details and questions. Free of charge, so n...

Sep 28 2017 by Abdul
Some traffic but only 1 sale in a month and a half!

I've been open for a month and a half. My visitors are going up, but my sales aren't. This month so far I've had a little over 600 visitors and only 1 sale. Check out my website and see if anything's wrong? Also just some tips too. www.mountainbikenation.com Thank you -Josh

Sep 19 2017 by lakritsdesign
Looking for a way to sync users baskets over several shopify stores

Good day, I am looking for a way to sync users check out/baskets over several stores. I am wondering if this is possible? Currently have about 10 shopify stores and would like a way for a user to visit one store add a few items to their basket then visit another store and still see those items there. Is this possible?

Sep 25 2017 by Mrs_smith
Upsell Apps

Hi All, I am currently using LimeSpot App for upselling and cross-selling which is good, but I think there has to be a more user-friendly app out there. I want to keep upsell and cross sell simple.   There are a lot of apps out there that provide this function, so instead of testing everyone, I was hoping that I could get some user feedback on the apps that you are using for this function...

Sep 21 2017 by Nicola Bagnall
Over hundreds of visits, likes on IG via influences but no sale, nada.

Hello all, I've been able to generate traffic to my store which is great but not been able to get a sale. Added stuff that in the past I've missed out which I can say it has helped but just like many at the start getting the actual sale is the hard but. Seen other topics and I've taken a lot in, so just hoping others can do the same for my store which would be greatly appreciated. Tha...

Sep 20 2017 by OurWorlSports