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Growing selling FAST need to scale, outsource work, need investors!

Hi, my name is Lisa and my shop mindfulbohemianshop.com is in the top 1% of all shops opened that week, just two months ago, I have already exceeded 10k in sales and I did 2k yesterday... my dropship shop is growing and I need help scaling - from experienced smart mentor person who is not going to charge me upfront but have me grow. I need to learn and outsource workload for cheap cheap, I n...

Jul 1 2017 by Awen
Need some help with scaling up my business

So at this point, I am not sure if I need to work on my marketing or work on my site to increase the conversion rate. I get good traffic from my FB marketing and the campaigns have relevancy scores of 8. I am wondering if there is anybody who can see any obvious issues with my site. I am more motivated than anybody to make this work and have invested hundreds of hours into this company. I am av...

Aug 16 2017 by Rose
Plugins like printful

Any one knows of any plugins that have fitness clothing made to order?

Dec 11 2017 by Darren S
Switching to Shopify, but how do I tell my 1000s of customers???

Hi folks, we are switching to Shopify and wondering what the best practice is for letting our old customers know that they'll need to put in a new password and what not? I know I can do a MailChimp newsletter, but what about on the checkout page? Do you utilize any pop ups? Thanks, Todd

Dec 10 2017 by Zachary B
How to Manage 2 Local Stores, On 1 Dropshipping Site - Help

Hello, Hello,   So the products we are selling are rare coins. These things have a high markup value. So the buyer of these good. Usually purchasd them at 30% off the price tag in person. The problem is that most of these deals are done in store. I want to create an ecommerce market place. Where we can bring these items online. What kind of inventory managment system can notify 2 store...

Dec 8 2017 by Jordan Rodgers
Good visitors, sales very low

Hey everyone, I have been up and running for about 1.5 months now. I have been running FB ads and I post regularly on Instagram. Just started a twitter account a few days ago, but I don't know much about twitter, so I'm leaning that platform.  I am averaging about 300-400 visitors a day but only made a few sales. Looking to get honest feedback about my store layout, function, and anything...

Nov 27 2017 by Alex
Multi currency pricing developer

I am just seeking the assistance of a developer to install dual currency pricing on our website. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone that can assist?

Dec 1 2017 by Darren S
Question About SEO

I recently started my Shopify website at gregdemark.com where I sell vintage jewelry. Since these items once sold are not replaceble I am curious if anyone can tell me what is the best way to handle these sold items for good SEO  I could just leave them on the page they are on with a sold out over the picture but I think eventually that will not be a good look if there are a bunch of photos ...

Dec 1 2017 by Arsen01
[Debut theme] Allow pre-orders on some products?

Hi,   I want to allow pre-orders on some products. That means that these products needs to have a diffrent delivery time than other products. Any suggestions on how to do this? What are some experiences?     Br   Oliver

Nov 30 2017 by Max
Not getting the hits!

Recently I have seen my traffic fall even though I have started to list what is, the most collectable brand in the Toy Soldier Market (King & Country). I have very little UK competition and can't understand why I am not getting on to the first page (As I do with other brands I sell). I really need this one to work and need some constructive advice and help on this. Potentially there is a...

Feb 22 2017 by Rock Paper Copy
How to manage different Dropshipping stores

Hello guys, I've just started creating a dropshipping Shopify store and I want to start a completely different new one. I guess I will have to create a new shopify account for this shop, right? For the moment I use my personal email adress and my personal paypal account, but I want it to become more professional. How do you guys manage all of this? Do you create a new Gmail adress f...

Nov 25 2017 by lethanh
I am looking for your honest opinion

Hello there, This is my website - we sell premium Italian wines in Australia: https://www.italianwineconnection.com.au/ We have been open for business for nearly a year and we struggle to get new customers, except for friends or friends of friends. We have basically never acquired a customer online :S We have tried Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, not succesfully. We are socially ac...

Nov 14 2017 by Abdul
ERP / CRM systems ?

Hi, I am looking into the CRM and ERP topic in order to manage our business in a more efficient way. Does anyone have any specific recommendations of solutions that integrate easily with Shopify? We are looking for solutions that would help us manage our operations as a small company, operating internationally, with activities that range from production until sales.  Looking forward re...

Oct 25 2017 by Jennifer
Help With Conversions

So I am a total newbie to ecommerce, set up my site www.parenttrends.com a month ago using Fred Lam's video tutorials which (I think) I followed to the letter. I've also installed Kit to assist with marketing. Between my domain name, Shopify cost, and Facebook ads I've already spent $100 and have had under twenty product views and 3 people liked my FB page. Needless to say I also have ...

Nov 17 2017 by Anayane
Looking for a way to sync users baskets over several shopify stores

Good day, I am looking for a way to sync users check out/baskets over several stores. I am wondering if this is possible? Currently have about 10 shopify stores and would like a way for a user to visit one store add a few items to their basket then visit another store and still see those items there. Is this possible?

Oct 25 2017 by Abdul
Free Marketing Tips and Strategies Just for you

Hi,   We are TryMe Corporation, we offer free marketing services to research  about the commonly faced errors by E-commerce sellers . We did come across more questions in shopify forums, related to sales growth down, no sales etc. But we do know that there are still more question like that. We will share our E-mail address with you, send in your details and questions. Free of charge, so n...

Sep 28 2017 by Abdul
PLEASE HELP! Been open 1 month and have had 100-200 per day and lots of ...

Getting good traffic around 100-200 a day and having tons of correspondence from the many FB groups I am posting in. I have a zero marketing budget and have plenty of time to market in SM due to recenly being laid off. So the work I am puttin gin through the FB groups is getting them to my website but no sales or abandoned carts. I have had about 1800 people with 4 sales in the 30 days I have b...

Nov 22 2017 by Garland Haley
Managing of Invoices, stock

Hello, We are currently using Quickbooks as our financial platform, it accepts data from shopify but doesn't integrate back to shopify. Has anyone else got another suggestion?

Oct 9 2017 by refsdvdf
Business Intelligence/Inventory Management/Sales Reports and Analytics

Hi, I am trying to find an affordable piece of software that can store order history and inventory whilst enabling the processing of multiple reports based on sales. This would need to include costs and profits of geographical locations such as inividual states, and of course the more profitable categories and products I sell. I am currently using Inflow Inventory and their 30 day free trial...

Oct 26 2017 by John. S
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Nov 20 2017 by Joe Hsieh