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How does this company work?!

Hello everyone, there is a website called “namshi.com” and “souq.com”. This website sells other companies / brands products. I am wondering, what does the backend process look like.    Question 1. They don’t have warehouses with everything in them like amazon, does that mean when a client order’s they go to the store and pick up the product and then delivers it to customer? What is this k...

Yesterday by Nick
trying to create a 'build a box'

https://shopboxfox.com/ or more like this https://lovethesecookies.com/collections/create-a-box   Any advice on themes, apps?   Thanks  

Oct 11 2018 by Aria
Adding New Colors/Size using Import

If you upload a new color and size using an import. Are you able to connect if to an exisiting product by putting the same handle of the product that is already listed? Or does this process need to be done manually.   Thank you!

Oct 9 2018 by matt nichols
Donation - how can I show

Hi   I am working on a business model, where I am donating a fixed percentage of the product price to a local charity. I want to calculate and show the donation amount under the product page. How can I do that?   Also, is there an app which can show total donated amount.?    Thanks

Oct 9 2018 by Dallas
How to skip the shipping method when checking out?

Hello everyone  I have just made a store. I found that the process is too much when checking out. I think the good shopping partform should be easy to pay, just two process is enought (press checkout and to go to pay directly without taking time to think too much) the placing a order should be fast and easy. Now I see the shipping method is unnecessory. I want to skip the shipping method out o...

Oct 6 2018 by Seller4737
Shopify and Iframe

I desperately need IFrame payment page to my website powered by Shopify. Is there ANY way to get it done?

Oct 6 2018 by Joseph
Possible? To create what "looks like" multiple stores under same account

Is it possible to create what "looks like" multiple stores under same account using sub-domains, off site landing pages, etc? Like if I wanted to sell Baby Clothes & Women's Clothes, but under two different Brands, but I need the customer accounts the same for all of these look a like stores...  Can I use baby.mydomain.com & women.mydomain.com for 2 different "home" pages and set it up ...

Oct 1 2018 by Ash
Business Intelligence/Inventory Management/Sales Reports and Analytics

Hi, I am trying to find an affordable piece of software that can store order history and inventory whilst enabling the processing of multiple reports based on sales. This would need to include costs and profits of geographical locations such as inividual states, and of course the more profitable categories and products I sell. I am currently using Inflow Inventory and their 30 day free trial...

Oct 4 2018 by John. S
Shopify Payouts: reconciliation process

We use Shopify and SAP Business One for our ERP. Right now the way payouts are delivered is quite a cumbersome and manual process for our accounting team. I was curious if anyone uses an app or an integration to reconcile payouts in their ERP. Or what process you use in general. Any information is appreciated.

Oct 3 2018 by Amanda Schreier
getting sales notifications on multiple stores from app?

is it possible to get all of the shopify stores you run to send purchase notifications for multiple stores?   im signed into one store on the android app and it sends the notification but i have a few other stores i'd like to get the notification from as well without haveing to sign out of the app and sign in with a different login.   Thanks

Oct 2 2018 by Ash
CRM / Data Reporting for Multiple Shopify / Stripe stores?

Hey all - just wondering what CRM or reporting software people are using to consolidate customer records + report on multiple Shopify stores? Looking for better data to identify customer opportunities and trends across my different brands (which also include multiple other Stripe accounts). Thoughts?

Aug 1 2018 by John. S
Best Inventory System to use with Shopify? Currently looking at swapping...

Hi guys,  First-time post here. Hoping to get some good feedback and user experience of Pros and Cons people have had with Tradegecko, but also other inventory software that potentially could get rid of all our pain points so far! We signed up to Tradegecko to manage our Products across multiple Shopify Plus storefronts, we currently have the same stock count and looking at separating 1 s...

Oct 1 2018 by Tyler Blair
How are you managing bundles?

Hi Guys, I'm curious to see what you guys are doing to manage bundles and kits.  I've tried most of the apps out there and none really works well. Tim

Sep 28 2018 by Charlie Horse
Using apps vs. development companies vs. contrac software developers.

Hi Guys, We're running an enterprise level Shopify site and we've migrated from Magento to Shopify for its simplicity and ease of use.  However, we're finding it increasingly difficult to rely on apps because apps generally dont' always function the way you want unless you're using a simple branded website wtih a narrow line of products. We have over 200 product types and will have about 150...

Sep 27 2018 by Jeremy Robinson
How to handle large amount of orders - with minimum work (NO ALIEXPRESS ...

Hey We want to configuring our shopify store to handle thousands of orders each day, while we as a team of only 5 persons can manage it We are not basing our products on Aliexpress, so we cannot use Oberlo plugin (AFAIK) Customer pays with PayPal, The best solution would be that inside PayPal there was some logic that sent money to the various suppliers. To which supplier and amount wo...

Sep 25 2018 by Digito Star
Manufacturers and distributor of Herbal products internationally

Hi All, We at Manishas Herbal manufacture and distribute the premium quality oils and shampoos.If any one is looking for supplier of herbal products. please get in touch with us at http://manishasherbalproducts.com/   Kind regards, manishas team  

Sep 10 2018 by SURENDER Zeoveda
Any CRM for Shopify?

Shopify is great, but not in terms of order handling cycles. We would rather use a Kanban style Board where we could move orders between stages, which are comfortable for us. Tried some CRM systems with integration with Shopify. The closest seems to be HubSpot, but it absoultely misses the point with cards, which doesn't show relevant information. Currently you can only see Order # and...

Sep 25 2018 by Alex Korsakov
ERP / CRM systems ?

Hi, I am looking into the CRM and ERP topic in order to manage our business in a more efficient way. Does anyone have any specific recommendations of solutions that integrate easily with Shopify? We are looking for solutions that would help us manage our operations as a small company, operating internationally, with activities that range from production until sales.  Looking forward re...

Sep 25 2018 by Alex Korsakov
Adding a picture to my HTML code!? HELP!

Hello everyone! I have made custom icons, such as a cart and currency icons. I need to know how to turn this into a piece of code, and where I should replace the code. P.S. I also need to know how to add a unique bar in custom positions on the homepage, mostly for the header space. (full width if possible) 

Mar 11 2018 by 21 Brands
help with datafeeds

Hello, My question I can't seem to find a topic on. My boss has been pushing me to have thousands of products onto the site. From everyone and everything he has been talking to, vendors, distros, partners, they all told him data feeds, copy past boom you’re done. And because of that, he is under the impression it is simple. Well after months of going back and forth I got him to finally work ...

Sep 14 2018 by Maris