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How to skip the shipping method when checking out?

Hello everyone  I have just made a store. I found that the process is too much when checking out. I think the good shopping partform should be easy to pay, just two process is enought (press checkout and to go to pay directly without taking time to think too much) the placing a order should be fast and easy. Now I see the shipping method is unnecessory. I want to skip the shipping method out o...

Today by Bhanuwat Kempetch
HELP! Need to change some parameters in my checkout to my Affiliates par...

Our affiliates use Hasoffers to look after the results they will not accede to Shopify, ok?  I need to do the tracking of click and sales at the platform of my agency. I am sure there is way to share sale amount information with 3rd party programs. If there is no confirmation page so please explain me how we can do this. As I already said we have an option to insert this image pixel: <...

Yesterday by Angel Pachón
Orders from Amazon do not have correct Weights

Hello, So when I get an order from amazon and I click on start fulfilling, the weights are never right, it only has the weight of the envelope or package, not the product AND package, so i have to look up the weights for all the products in my orders through Amazon, just an annoying extra step, wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. The weights are definately right on amazo...

Apr 24 2018 by Evan Beale
Ask me about launching your products on Amazon!

Hello! Is anyone looking for advice on how to launch your products on Amazon in the US or EU? Feel free to ask me any questions. I'm an Amazon Seller myself and recently took my newest brand from Zero to $100k in just 6 months. Now I'm helping 6 & 7-figure sellers launch on Amazon and smash their profit targets for the year.  I started This is Unicorn to do just this: we're a full-...

Apr 24 2018 by Elise P A Jackson
Help! Am I doing this right?

Hi shopify users, Hope you are all well. Myself and my business partner have embarked on our journey of building a clothing brand. We have recently returned from Scotland where we have complete all of our marketing shots for social media and the website and we launched the site to the world on Friday 20th April. We are launching with 7 tshirts with 3 sweaters on the horizon. I have tried ...

Apr 24 2018 by Javier P
Spent thousands on ads get around 100 visitors per day but no sales

Could anyone help me please as my conversion rate is like 0.01% my store is www.iExtreme.co its an extreme sports brand I have been going for around 3 months now but not selling much at all   Thank you

Apr 24 2018 by Javier P
On Sale category

Hello, at first I want to mention that I don't really know which forum I should choose, so I am trying my luck. So I am new to shopify and I am learning a lot with the Guides. I got problem with this one: https://help.shopify.com/manual/products/collections/create-sale-collection?utm_medium=Forum&utm_campaign=Guru+Ask&utm_source=social After I have created a collection like i...

Apr 19 2018 by frishu
UK Age Verification

Hi,   Does anybody know of a way to check against the UK electoral roll to validate either a new account on creation, or guest purchaser in checkout, is over 18 ? I am looking for a more reliable method than just asking customers to manually enter their date of birth.   Thanks, Mark

Apr 19 2018 by Mark
Reviews on eStore Incubator

I have come across a company called eStore Incubator who pretty much guarantees that after 6-8 weeks of their "program" I will be generating my goal of $10,000 per month. It seems to make sense. However, it will cost $6,000. Has anyone come across this company  and if so can you please give me your thoughts? It's a lot of money to spend on training but if I will make $10,000 in 8 weeks it may b...

Apr 16 2018 by joshmsquared
Need help optimizing my store

I've created an shopify site however when you click through my product there is a slight delay for the image to render. Is there a way to speed up the rendering of the images without reloading and reducing the size of the images? Thanks, Burwen

Apr 16 2018 by Shrikant Kale
Revisit my store

I have rewritten my product descriptions as suggested. I still would like a logo. I would also like help with SEO. I have read Shopify's "how to" on SEO but quite frankly I was just more confused. I also finally joined Facebook but have not intergrated my store with it. It's a bit overwhelming. I don't want to just BAM in your face here is my store. But I do need to drive traffic and convert sa...

Apr 15 2018 by Javier P
Tips to reduce returns rates

Hi everyone, We recently put together some tips and best practices to minimize returns for online stores: 6 Quick Ways to Reduce Return Rates I would love to hear your opinion on these and any other tips to avoid returns.

Apr 13 2018 by Javier P
What did I do wrong?

Hello everyone,  I have launched my store 2 months ago now.  I have plenty of visitors but only few add to cart.  I only had 7 sales but most of them are fraudulent.  Can anyone help me please because I do not know what to do!    

Apr 13 2018 by Katerina
How to handle large amount of orders - with minimum work (NO ALIEXPRESS ...

Hey We want to configuring our shopify store to handle thousands of orders each day, while we as a team of only 5 persons can manage it We are not basing our products on Aliexpress, so we cannot use Oberlo plugin (AFAIK) Customer pays with PayPal, The best solution would be that inside PayPal there was some logic that sent money to the various suppliers. To which supplier and amount wo...

Apr 11 2018 by GhostApps
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Nov 18 2017 by Daniel
AB Testing Apps

I'm looking to AB test a new app on the product page (a pop up appears on the product page offering a bundle deal). I want to see the impact of this app on sales, benchmarked against the product page's performance without this app. My sales are pretty volatile, so it's not possible to observe this impact by looking at historical sales. I tried using google analytics experiments to do this, b...

Apr 11 2018 by Upsell Apps
One store with multiple domains - SEO

Hi, I have one shopify store but want to display this on two different domains depending on where a customer is located. I started with vilo.co.nz and this is currently my primary domain. I then purchased vilowood.com as I found overseas customers were put off with a .co.nz domain.  I want visitors from New Zealand to go to the vilo.co.nz domain and all other visitors to go to the vilowoo...

Apr 9 2018 by Natalie Elliott
Add Quick Buy button over image thunbnail

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to add a "Quick Buy" when hovering over the product thumbnail. I am trying to set it up to where when you click it, it will give you the option to chose your varian and go straight to check out. This site has a perfect example of what im talking about,  https://thegadgetsnob.com/ Thank you!

Apr 7 2018 by Franco Scafidi
Missing microdata for google merchant, can you guys help me locate the c...

(Using Debut theme) I am using google merchant center for my store and I am using the app "Google Shopping Feed" (I don't live in the US so I can't use shopify's google shopping app as it needs me to use USD) I checked my google merchant center and it said "missing microdata for condifion" after a little digging I found out I was missing: Item condition: <meta itemprop="itemConditio...

Apr 6 2018 by EtchyToo
Add to cart Button for Venture Theme

Hello guys! This probably has been discussed here for couple of times, yet still I couldn't find an updated info on how to move an "Add To Cart" button under the product description on Venture Theme. If anyone could help me out with some guidance I would be super super grateful for the rest of my life. :) lol

Apr 6 2018 by Mike