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Need some help with scaling up my business

So at this point, I am not sure if I need to work on my marketing or work on my site to increase the conversion rate. I get good traffic from my FB marketing and the campaigns have relevancy scores of 8. I am wondering if there is anybody who can see any obvious issues with my site. I am more motivated than anybody to make this work and have invested hundreds of hours into this company. I am av...

Today by Colton12
Need some help with marketing/my store

Hi all,  So I'm around 4 months into my new venture and I'm finding it really tough right now. I'm really unsure whether I should be paying more attention to my site, my marketing strategy, if I'm missing something obvious or if I should fold. I've spent a couple hundred dollars on facebook ads, google ads and had exactly 0 sales from these channels. The few sales I have had came from Ins...

Yesterday by Fouad
Question About SEO

I recently started my Shopify website at gregdemark.com where I sell vintage jewelry. Since these items once sold are not replaceble I am curious if anyone can tell me what is the best way to handle these sold items for good SEO  I could just leave them on the page they are on with a sold out over the picture but I think eventually that will not be a good look if there are a bunch of photos ...

Yesterday by Gregory DeMark
Can anyone help provide me with a non-sectioned theme code with access t...

I would greatly appreciate it, as we need to be able to hide variant title and tag in our checkout page.

May 22 2017 by Reese
Would love some advice or review of my website

Hello, I am looking to launch my website on the 25 of this month and I would love to hear your feedback on my website. I would like to know how does is currently look and where I can make any improvements if need be. Thank you very much :)  My website is www.yummikreations.com and I sell bath and body peoducts. I currently only have 2 products (soap and bath bombs) but I have different fragr...

May 23 2017 by Nuesha Davis
Am ready to scale but need some help

I've had a shopify website for two years and get regular traffic to my website. I sell most of my products wholesale and I would really like to increase the amount of online sales my website generates.  I post regulary to Instagram and Facebook and I have recently been doing Facebook Ads which has helped grow my reach. I'm also sending out bi-monthy newsletters with offers within them.  I...

May 23 2017 by TeaHuggers
have been getting visitors but not selling ?

Hey guys how you doing ?? I have been on Shopify selling woman's elegant style clothing. My issue is I just haven't sold anything. I have been getting visitors it's been a week or so.. can anyone check my website and make any recommendations??  https://www.slayclothing.co/

May 23 2017 by Kori
Sites with large number of SKUs

Can anyone share examples of shopify sites that have a large number of skus? We have 1,000+ unique items and I'm wondering how others have dealt with navigation, categories, filtering, etc.. Thanks in advance.

May 23 2017 by Mike Duquet
serious guidance needed

Hello everyone, My store has been up and running for a month now but no sales, I know I know...you're saying, "here is another one".  But seriously, I can get the traffic..I just cant make the sale and I know it has to do with the layout of my page and a lack of call to action buttons just to name a few.   I have gotten some good feedback from this forum before and it helped alot but what...

May 22 2017 by Jarrett
Tracking Call Center Agents IP adresses through Refersion

Hey guys. I'm not sure if this is the right channel for this one, hope someone could help us. Speaking through the store owner here. We need the ability to track our call center agent’s commissions. We have setup Refersion thru shopify to achieve this and it does track. However, since our call center is in-house and all our agents IP# are the same, this eventually triggers shopify security c...

May 22 2017 by HymnZ

I want to start doing a subscription process for my shopify store. Like 5.99 a month for a product and 7.99 for another for example. Is there an app I can do that with, with the basic plan? Or do I need to upgrade my account?  Thank you, Marvin McCall www.grabandgocentral.com

May 18 2017 by Stephanie R
New Customer Reviews App - Best Suited For High Growth Retailers, 60 Day...

Hi all,  We've just launched a closed Beta program for our new app, Okendo Reviews.  Why does Shopify need another customer reviews app? At one end of the market, we see reviews apps of a high quality and with a great feature set but prohibitively high prices for most small to medium retailers combined with tough subscription terms such as annual contracts, paid upfront.   At the ot...

May 18 2017 by Matt
Best optimization tools & services

Hello everybody! I'm looking for a webshop optimization tool or service that will optimize my company's e-commerce from the begining to the end, focusing not only on for instance content marketing or design, but taking into consideration the whole spectrum of possible things to impove AND implementing those solutions.  A service that I have found so far is frosmo.com, but I'm wondering if...

May 17 2017 by Tim
Inventory management

I have a organic skincare business and I have put my inventory in for my individual product items.  What I want to know is, is there a way I can track the "packages" inventory which is made up of the individual items put together.  So if someone buys a package - the inventory gets taken out of each individual item?  Thanks  

May 15 2017 by AlvinWilliams
Blogging while store is still protected with password

I'm just trying to figure out how to allow guest and visitors to view and subscribe to my blog while my store is still behind a password . any solutions or answers will help !!

May 12 2017 by Zuzanna
Image compression issues

From speaking to gurus as well as multiple shopify experts we've been unable to resolve the issues that shopify compresses all uploaded images by upto 90% to improve page speed. We've tried hosting images on external platforms including imgix, minifier and flickr. However they are still being compressed, significantly reducing image quality and user experience. For example: https://www.milli...

May 4 2017 by Jason
Online Inventory + Storefront Inventory

Hello! We need some help managing our inventory. Curious if anyone has any ideas. Currently we own a warehouse which manages our inventory. Our online store pulls directly from what they have in stock. Our storefront receives shipments from the warehouse and manages their inventory separately. On the shopify backend, we have a set of products designated for online and then duplicates designated...

May 8 2017 by Matt
E-Cig/Vape Shop looking for Non-UK Vape shop to link with

HI, One good way to move up the Google ladder is to link to other websites of the same genre but ina dog eat dog world, no one really wants to pass business to someone else! We are a UK only online E-Liquid shop and was wondering if there was anyone with a similar set up (B&M or online only) in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Antartica, etc that would be interested in linking up? ...

May 8 2017 by Tran Thi Phuong Hong
Shopify vs Magento

I'm very  interested in knowing people's experiences and thoughts between Shopify and Magento... In any easy way why one is better than the other? I'm looking at starting several ecommerce sites. Shopify has a monthly cost annd Magento has a community version that's free... thoughts?   thanks!

May 4 2017 by Magnus von Bromsen
Can't get any sales - Any advise

HI ALL,  Please can you help. I have setup my shopify account over 5 months ago and still not received one sale?  I have had managed to get some emails to a competition I ran a few months ago but no hits in sales.  Has anyone got some great advise or tools that may help?  Many thanks, www.linencomforts.co.uk

May 3 2017 by Jarrett