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Need Help with Making Sales

Hi,  We just launched our website a couple months ago.  We're getting decent traffic to the site via a small PPC budget, some organic optimization, listing on directories, Facebook and Instagram and just started listing on Amazon also.  But sales are dismal.   https://mobileigo.com What do you see on our site that can be changed or improved?  What would keep you from buying from us?  A...

Yesterday by Charu
Reviews on eStore Incubator

I have come across a company called eStore Incubator who pretty much guarantees that after 6-8 weeks of their "program" I will be generating my goal of $10,000 per month. It seems to make sense. However, it will cost $6,000. Has anyone come across this company  and if so can you please give me your thoughts? It's a lot of money to spend on training but if I will make $10,000 in 8 weeks it may b...

Aug 17 2017 by Beth
Need some help with scaling up my business

So at this point, I am not sure if I need to work on my marketing or work on my site to increase the conversion rate. I get good traffic from my FB marketing and the campaigns have relevancy scores of 8. I am wondering if there is anybody who can see any obvious issues with my site. I am more motivated than anybody to make this work and have invested hundreds of hours into this company. I am av...

Aug 16 2017 by Rose
Adding addititional variants to existing products

Hi All I am hoping someone can help us come up with a way to effieicently add additional colours to existing products.  We sell shoes and apparel and our suppliers will often release new colours that we need to add to our offering.  In order to add via CSV we would need to export each model individually and then append the data for the new colour for each model individually.    From what i u...

Aug 16 2017 by Rose
Use own website and buy button or go full blow Shopify?

Hi there - I could really use your help. I currently have a website and would like to enhance it with ecommerce capabilities. The platform is ready for ecommerce save for the actual cart functionality that I can get from Shopify. Now I am contemplating whether I should ditch the Buy Botton and go full blown Shopify, but I am not sure what I am losing in doing so. My feelings are: 1. I will l...

Aug 16 2017 by TJEP
Can I change my shopify domain name?

Hello I recently started my online store but at the time I signed up for shopify I did not have a domain name.  I used my personal name but wish to change it to the store name.  Is it possible to do that?

Aug 15 2017 by Tracey Smart
Made a mistake with pixels with Kit

Hi, So back then when I was completely green, I used Kit, and kit installed pixel as my personal ads account. I tried to remove kit along with the wrong pixel code and used the shopify recommended method to install pixels.  However, when I tried to check with Facebook pixel helper, it says 2pixels found on modern-aura.com (which 1 belongs to my business and another belongs to my personal ac...

Aug 4 2017 by Ani
Opened my shop a few days ago but no sales. Any advice?

Hello, I recently opened my shop a few days ago. I ran a fb ad to see how that went. I got like 15 clicks to the link but no sales yet. Any suggestions?   www.premanatura.com

Aug 12 2017 by Jacky Risham
Is it possible to show inventory on a product page when "Allow customers...

Hi there,  On our website, we have set it so that it is not currently possible to buy items that are out of stock. However because we are a trade site, we would like to be able to over-sell.  So, I checked the "Allow customers to purchase this product when it's out of stock" box on a product to test it, and discovered that when I do this, customers can no longer see what we have in stock.  W...

Aug 12 2017 by Alex
Slow Site Speed

Hello! I've deleted unused apps, compressed images and everything else I know to do, and yet my site speed ranking is still poor.  Load time is around 23 seconds which is terrible.  Any advice to improve this? I'm desperate! baileysblossoms.com 

Aug 12 2017 by Jacky Risham
Conversio & Outlook a bad mix?

I've recently just started using conversio for follow up emails and found a big problem.  Essentially any email sent from my online store is being either filtered straight to the junk folder or worse causing my outlook account to be blocked. I've sent two emails...... Has anyone else had this problem and overcome it? If so how?  Im currently without access to my emails because the acco...

Aug 12 2017 by ROAMONKEY
Seeing great organic growth and just crossed over the $100K per year mar...

Hello, we migrated our business, YourBagTag.com to Shopify almost exactly two years ago. We are online only - no brick and mortar. SInce that time we have grown organically from $60K per year to being on track to cross over the $120K mark at year end. All organic growth - we have strong SEO results in the Scuba industry (approximately 60% of our business) and very strong return-customer purchas...

Aug 10 2017 by Sergiu Ciumac
Is it Impossible to make a product invisible to other buyers when placed...

Good Day,  Please help me. I am busy doing a major conversion from an old system onto shopify as my new platform!  However, I have hit a major road block!  BackGround 90% of my products are once off products (Thus inventory = 1) I have a very high volume store, with anything upto 40 - 50 people internationally shopping for products. On my old system, when an item was put in...

Aug 11 2017 by Paul Mc
Tracking Sales on Items for Royalty Purposes

We are selling items that have been developed by third party designers and wish to track and pay royalties on these items  Is there a slick and easy way to do this.... BETTE YET, can I set up an automatice payment to their PayPal account everytime one of these items sell? This seems advanced but it must be possible, right?

Aug 11 2017 by Clement
96% + Abandonment Rate, See if you can spot the problem (Stats included)

Hi there, I need some help here. I've been reading through all the post of optimizing the checkout process and I've implemented a bunch of the recommended best practices but for some reason I still have a ridiculously high cart abandonment rate.  I would really appreciate it if some of you knowledgeable folks out here could look at my site and the attached stats and see if you can figure ...

Aug 8 2017 by John Pellinghelli
Product Description Writer

Hey there!  My name is Shirley J and I'm a professional copywriter, with my own store on Shopify. I help other online store owners with their product descriptions. I consider my writing style to be very fun, cheeky, and colorful. If you want to see samples of my work, visit my website at ShirleyJeanBaptiste.com or send me an email Sjbcopywriting@gmail.com.  

Aug 8 2017 by DIGITLHAUS

Hi, We have Shopify online and IN-STORE. The in-store is quite seasonal and right now we have quite a few transactions per day (200 per day or so, between 10am and 10pm. Speed of check out is painfully slow- the system takes a good few seconds to recognise the barcode. The scanner often pops in and out for connection and we often need to do it again. Very frustrating for customers and staff....

Aug 8 2017 by Monelle
Different Confirmation Emails Based on Product Selected?

Hi there, I am wondering if there is an app or a feature on Shopify that would send a specific email template based on the product selected? 4 different products available product A gets confirmation email #1, product B gets email confirmation #2 so on and so forth  Thank you for your help!

Jan 18 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email

Hi; i have a store on Shopify, How do i Automate Daily Sales Report via email.   Thanks

Jan 17 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
Creating Sales please

Ok I have my store on shopify running for exactly a month in 2 days. I didnt expect anything to happen overnight or make massive sales right away.  I have been putting post on my business facebook and boosting them.  Running ads on facebook and targeting my audience after doing some research.  I have 180 followers on facebook all my post have reached at least 2,000+ ppl with each post producing...

Feb 28 2017 by Nate Gosselin - PayPal Account Executive