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Price calculator

Hi everyone, I'm looking for an app or something so we have a price calculator into our shop. for an example you can visit (in dutch) https://www.voys.be/kosten-klant-worden/freedom-office/ It would be great if a potential customer choses X in a drop down menu & Y in another drop down menu = price Z. If he 'd press H & A = Price E. You get the set up. Thanks

Yesterday by DIGITLHAUS
Growing selling FAST need to scale, outsource work, need investors!

Hi, my name is Lisa and my shop mindfulbohemianshop.com is in the top 1% of all shops opened that week, just two months ago, I have already exceeded 10k in sales and I did 2k yesterday... my dropship shop is growing and I need help scaling - from experienced smart mentor person who is not going to charge me upfront but have me grow. I need to learn and outsource workload for cheap cheap, I n...

Yesterday by Lisa
What Am I Doing Wrong?!

Hi Guys,  I set up my baby clothes and accessories online store  Cutieloot www.cutieloot.com a couple of months ago but haven't sold anything. It's incredibly disheartening for me as I see this business as what will replace my income once my maternity leave ends next year. I'm using the dropshipping method which I am aware has been a very successful method for many.  I live in UK but h...

Yesterday by Graham
Optimizing Shopify store

Hi, We have now reached the stage where our Google pagespeed scores have fallen a lot - From 90+ earlier to 68 on mobile and 52 on the computer. Could someone be kind enough to give some sort of guidance as to what I can do? 1)I have optimized a lot of images using various tools available and even manually. May be there is scope of something more? 2) I am in a quandry about Render bloc...

Yesterday by Megha Goel
Organic Baby Clothes

I am looking to partner with organic baby retailers or suppliers. Any suggestions?

Jun 26 2017 by Awen
Support for Small Ecommerce Stores.

Hi everyone, I have created a Facebook group for people that want to support small busimess ventures, specificaly those who have small ecommerce stores.  Lots of people support the small business movement but have no idea which website are a small business. The small business support has been restricted to the idea of shopping locally, I want to change that.  You are all welcome to join t...

Jun 26 2017 by Dusty12
Product Pictures help

Hi guys,  Any ideas how i can make pictures from aliexpress ( obvs dropshipping) to look better as such? is it literally a photo adobe job?

Jun 22 2017 by ben
Looking for VC Investors for Ecommerce Store

I'm looking for information on VCs that specialize in Ecommerce.  I've done some research on the internet and contacted a few.  Anyone have suggestions?  Since the site is motorcycle related, investors with a passion for the lifestyle would be more inclinded to be interested.

Jun 21 2017 by Scott Cochran
Shopify Stores that have Brick & Mortar Stores

Hello! Working on a site that has an online store that works in conjunction with 5 brick and mortar stores. With that being said, product quantities and prices change daily - sometimes even twice a day just to iterate that it happens often. We work with a POS system that is out of date so re-uploading a CSV one to two times a day is sort of out of the question because of the way it export...

Jun 21 2017 by Caroline Johnson
Looking for a business partner!

I am looking for a business partner to help grow a brand.  I have all the ideas, the brand, the art and the intinal first set up already completed.  I would like to open up a total of 4 stores all together and push them to success.  However, I cannot do it by myself.  I am looking for that 50-50 partner!

Jun 21 2017 by ws086
Help your sales be easy,efficient and competitiveness

Hello friend,I am a seller,also a supplier from China,my name is Awen.I can provide many products at a quite good price and quality. What's more,I can provide drop shipping service,custom service and warehouse overseas service in the future.I'm looking for the partners that can help each other and grow together.If you are interested in it,please contact me via my profile. Thanks so much,w...

Jun 19 2017 by Awen
Managing of Invoices, stock

Hello, We are currently using Quickbooks as our financial platform, it accepts data from shopify but doesn't integrate back to shopify. Has anyone else got another suggestion?

Jun 14 2017 by Sarah Cox
Just completely rebuilt my store from the ground up. What now?

So I just completely rebuilt my website and reduced my products from over 100 all the way down to just 5 for now. I decided I was far too broad and needed to focus more on building a brand and not just selling a bunch of random products. I have 3 branded shirts and two Items for dogs. The store will now be more focused and conveying a feeling of men's heritage fashion, individualism and a gener...

Jun 12 2017 by Ruchika Sharma
Investor Seeking Business Opportunity/Partner

I am searching for business people. The perfect potential partner is somebody who is prepared to assemble a business — somebody whose greatest years are in front of them.  I am searching for business visionaries with the correct blend of understanding, drive, inventiveness, and social fit. Consequently, i will give subsidizing, devices, and assets to help my partners achieve new stature...

Jun 11 2017 by AdaLu
have been getting visitors but not selling ?

Hey guys how you doing ?? I have been on Shopify selling woman's elegant style clothing. My issue is I just haven't sold anything. I have been getting visitors it's been a week or so.. can anyone check my website and make any recommendations??  https://www.slayclothing.co/

Jun 10 2017 by Adele
AB Testing Apps

I'm looking to AB test a new app on the product page (a pop up appears on the product page offering a bundle deal). I want to see the impact of this app on sales, benchmarked against the product page's performance without this app. My sales are pretty volatile, so it's not possible to observe this impact by looking at historical sales. I tried using google analytics experiments to do this, b...

Jun 10 2017 by Adele
Adding cart attributes inline to emails

Hi guys, Really driving myself crazy here as I feel it should be so simple, but I just can't get it! Looking to add cart attributes inline to emails. E.g. one of my custom cart attributes is the name of the recipient. Cart attribute liquid code <p class="cart-attribute__field"> <label for="what-is-the-name-of-the-person-youre-celebrating">What is the name of the perso...

Jun 7 2017 by Alan L
Faster way to sort order of products and merchandise large categories ?

Hello, I'm a Web Merchandiser for a fashion business and we recently made the switch from an older platform to Shopify. Just about everything works faster, but sorting product orders and make sure categories look good has been a much slower process so far.  Example : An urgent or specific situation requires me to put navy colored items or specific sweaters on the top of the new arrivals p...

Jun 6 2017 by Gyurigato
Ecommerce Mastermind Group

Hey everyone, My name is Darius, I’m an entrepreneur and CEO of Fassion ME. I’m interested in starting a mastermind, aka peer-mentoring group, with a few other motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs. You don’t need to be extremely knowledgeable or very successful. I’m just looking to meet with other entrepreneurs on a weekly basis, on Google Hangouts or Skype, where we can help one another an...

Jun 6 2017 by Mo Morris
Getting lots of adds to the cart but no checkouts!

Hi there - am getting lots of adds to the cart but no checkouts - is there something I need to do to optimise my checkout and lock in that sale? My site is www.shrewdhippo.com thanks in advance for taking the time to answer! :)

Jun 6 2017 by Ruchika Sharma