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How do you create an in person experience online?

Hello All! My website sells a very niche product that I find challenging to sell online. Most of my success has been selling at events. I would love to acheive the same in person experience online. Does anyone have experience doing this in a similar experience? My webiste is http://www.doggiediggz.com   Thanks!

Jul 15 2018 by Don
Question please about barcodes

Hello, I am baffled with a problem that I am having with Shopify and Trade Gecko.  Barcodes that have been created in Shopify have not transferred correctly to Trade Gecko.  This does not always happen but happens quite frequently. Any suggestions please? Another one for you.  Can I somehow get a list of barcodes that have been allocated and to which product? Any assistance would be app...

Jul 15 2018 by Don
Help with AliExpress Sizing Charts within Oberlo.

Hi All, I use the oberlo app within my Shopify store at LiveINO.com. I have imported a large number of leggings into my import page. They all have a variety of sizing charts. Is there a way to standardize importing these sizing charts to save time? I'd like to avoid manully sizing tens of styles when I add more styles.  Would appreciate any thoughts/advice on how to do this more eff...

Jul 13 2018 by Mo Data
PLEASE HELP ME! Am I Doing This The Right Way?

I really need help, I receive between. 60 - 120 visitors a day but receive any sales. It's starting to depress me because I've put in so much work into this site. Please can someone give me some advise.

Jul 12 2018 by Decor26
Multiple supliers

Hi,   I would like to list multiple suplier names on my site with product lists for each supplier, to show customers wich supplier this would be coming from and if they have the product in stock or not?    Ultimatley id also like to give the supplier access to update their product list and prices? My store would be the aggregator for this. Not sure how or if this can be setup ...

Jul 12 2018 by Matthew McEnroe
CRM / Data Reporting for Multiple Shopify / Stripe stores?

Hey all - just wondering what CRM or reporting software people are using to consolidate customer records + report on multiple Shopify stores? Looking for better data to identify customer opportunities and trends across my different brands (which also include multiple other Stripe accounts). Thoughts?

Jul 11 2018 by DaleD
Shopify's 4 different "add to cart" strategies (deep dive)

hi everyone, our team published this a moment ago, which helps larger stores + agencies and theme designers navigate the various options inside Shopify for your add to cart user experience: post: https://blog.fomo.com/ecommerce-add-to-cart-strategies/ enjoy!

Jul 11 2018 by Ryan Kulp
Help! Am I doing this right?

Hi shopify users, Hope you are all well. Myself and my business partner have embarked on our journey of building a clothing brand. We have recently returned from Scotland where we have complete all of our marketing shots for social media and the website and we launched the site to the world on Friday 20th April. We are launching with 7 tshirts with 3 sweaters on the horizon. I have tried ...

Jul 11 2018 by Rockpapercopy
What is your biggest struggle right now?

Hello everybody!   As every entrepreneur faces different obstacles on their journey, the degree/significance of problems evolves in time and in experience. So I wanted to come to the Enterprise section and ask you guys what your current struggles are? And I mean, the one that is stressing you out like no other. The one thing that, if solved, would make your business and life far more enha...

Jul 11 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Uploading the product via API

As we have bulk product data, before building the site, we want to make sure we could update the product information/upload the product information via API.  However on the tutorial page, seems only available way is CSV which is very manual process to us.  Could we check the possibility to sync the product upload/information via API?  

Jul 11 2018 by DIlipkumar1007
Traffic issue

I built several Facebook ads with kik for my site, and I see sessions when they get created. However I’m getting no traffic to my site after that. Please help this newbie!

Jul 4 2018 by Rick Ceballos
How can I drive traffic to my site?

I have been working hard and trying different ways to drive traffic. Facebook ads, google adwords were all just waste of money. Nothing worked. Perchase shopify theme to change the website look. Tried to hire freelancer to work on SEO but no work get done cause I don't really know what they did. Keep posting on social medias but not much growing, didn't drive any traffic also.  I know need S...

Jul 2 2018 by lawrie : Message and Chat
Need help optimizing my store

I've created an shopify site however when you click through my product there is a slight delay for the image to render. Is there a way to speed up the rendering of the images without reloading and reducing the size of the images? Thanks, Burwen

May 10 2018 by Super Sales Booster
What did I do wrong?

Hello everyone,  I have launched my store 2 months ago now.  I have plenty of visitors but only few add to cart.  I only had 7 sales but most of them are fraudulent.  Can anyone help me please because I do not know what to do!    

May 8 2018 by Kaoser Zaman
Not selling but heaps of traffic

I have recently opened up a new online store get-a-bargin.com .I have been get alot of traffic bit no one is buying any ideas

Mar 5 2018 by Deborah Bradley
I get visits, but the analytics shows...

Hello Everyone, When i click on my analytics, most of the visits stay on the homepage only and only a few reach the products page. I was wondering if my site is so slow to load that it only records people reaching the landing page and exiting before the site fully loads.  I would like to know how to deal with this problem. It is a bummer that i am starting to reach views, but they've only...

Feb 8 2018 by Kaoser Zaman
Who need to sync Shopify to LAZADA and Shoppee?

As a Shopify partner I have a chance to talk with clients about Shopify to LAZADA & Shopee that some apps in the market can't use if you want to sync your products to them. Because you have to create products in LAZADA or Shopee first and have the same SKU with your Shopify store to sync information to manage on those apps inventory. Some of my clients don't want to create products in...

Jun 29 2018 by Aissarapan Bunnag
Looking for ways to lower ground shipping in the USA

Are there anygroups or organizations to join in order to get lower rates.

Oct 11 2016 by leonard levitsky
Spent thousands on ads get around 100 visitors per day but no sales

Could anyone help me please as my conversion rate is like 0.01% my store is www.iExtreme.co its an extreme sports brand I have been going for around 3 months now but not selling much at all   Thank you

Jun 27 2018 by Edo Moria
Combined option dropdowns

Hi, If the product has any options it shows a dropdown for each one (e.g. one for Size, one for Colour, etc.) The problem is that product.variants is a list of all the COMBINED options e.g 'Large / Red', 'Medium / Red', 'Large / Green', 'Medium / Green' etc. I don't want this. I want the first dropdown to show the Size options ('Large', 'Medium') and the second dropdown to show the Colour...

Jun 26 2018 by Kos