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Adding a picture to my HTML code!? HELP!

Hello everyone! I have made custom icons, such as a cart and currency icons. I need to know how to turn this into a piece of code, and where I should replace the code. P.S. I also need to know how to add a unique bar in custom positions on the homepage, mostly for the header space. (full width if possible) 

Mar 11 2018 by 21 Brands
Possible? To create what "looks like" multiple stores under same account

Is it possible to create what "looks like" multiple stores under same account using sub-domains, off site landing pages, etc? Like if I wanted to sell Baby Clothes & Women's Clothes, but under two different Brands, but I need the customer accounts the same for all of these look a like stores...  Can I use baby.mydomain.com & women.mydomain.com for 2 different "home" pages and set it up ...

Yesterday by Ash
How to skip the shipping method when checking out?

Hello everyone  I have just made a store. I found that the process is too much when checking out. I think the good shopping partform should be easy to pay, just two process is enought (press checkout and to go to pay directly without taking time to think too much) the placing a order should be fast and easy. Now I see the shipping method is unnecessory. I want to skip the shipping method out o...

Sep 11 2018 by Ann
help with datafeeds

Hello, My question I can't seem to find a topic on. My boss has been pushing me to have thousands of products onto the site. From everyone and everything he has been talking to, vendors, distros, partners, they all told him data feeds, copy past boom you’re done. And because of that, he is under the impression it is simple. Well after months of going back and forth I got him to finally work ...

Sep 14 2018 by Maris
Manufacturers and distributor of Herbal products internationally

Hi All, We at Manishas Herbal manufacture and distribute the premium quality oils and shampoos.If any one is looking for supplier of herbal products. please get in touch with us at http://manishasherbalproducts.com/   Kind regards, manishas team  

Sep 10 2018 by SURENDER Zeoveda
Is there an app which allows a type of customer or user to edit products?

We're looking to collaborate with our vendors and would like to grant them limited access to the products which they will help update.  Is there any apps that will allow them to edit the rpdocuts based on the brand or collection? Tim

Sep 10 2018 by Akanksha Singh
Who need to sync Shopify to LAZADA and Shoppee?

As a Shopify partner I have a chance to talk with clients about Shopify to LAZADA & Shopee that some apps in the market can't use if you want to sync your products to them. Because you have to create products in LAZADA or Shopee first and have the same SKU with your Shopify store to sync information to manage on those apps inventory. Some of my clients don't want to create products in...

Sep 8 2018 by Jeremy Low
Using apps vs. development companies vs. contrac software developers.

Hi Guys, We're running an enterprise level Shopify site and we've migrated from Magento to Shopify for its simplicity and ease of use.  However, we're finding it increasingly difficult to rely on apps because apps generally dont' always function the way you want unless you're using a simple branded website wtih a narrow line of products. We have over 200 product types and will have about 150...

Sep 8 2018 by Jason
How are you managing bundles?

Hi Guys, I'm curious to see what you guys are doing to manage bundles and kits.  I've tried most of the apps out there and none really works well. Tim

Sep 7 2018 by SoCal_Tim
What's everyone's experience with publishing products to Amazon?

Hi guys, I was curious to see what everyoens' experience has been publishing produts to Amazon from Shopify?  Which app or software are you guys using?  It seems like there's a lot more specialized fields in Amazon and there's things like bullet points and product categories, are you able to successfully publish prodcut to Amazon straight from Shopify?  Thank you for your insights. Tim

Sep 7 2018 by SoCal_Tim
Site evaluation and general questions medical Cannabis site

Hi guys I have a very successful store that does over 100,000 a month in sales but I would like my site evaluated and any idea's thrown my way would be appreciated. The only complaint I get often is people cant complete a checkout and regardless what I do I can't see why this is happening. Any feedback is appreciated www.rickshempoil.com.au 

Sep 5 2018 by Gary
Shopify Plus can manage multiple sotre and warehouses?

Hi, I need to know if shopify plus can manage multiple store and warehouses on same backend. Thanks! DIego

Sep 4 2018 by ICT Sviluppo
CSS code for semi transparent drop down menu- Pipeline theme

Hi, Im trying to make my drop down menu semi transparent. Right now its solid white.  This is an example of what im trying to get it to look like this websites. https://barrydownepaint.com/ 

Aug 31 2018 by jackies@johnboyle...
[Delete Discussion]

Hi guys. We switched to debut theme today on our store Since it lacks a hoverable menu, I followed a tutorial and added a few pieces of codes to theme.js and theme.scss.liquid files. It worked, but now, the menu has become unresponsive on Mobile version of the website. Can anyone please help me out with this?

Aug 30 2018 by Dipti
looking for the best bogo app (see my example)

Greetings all, Need help I am looking for a bogo plugin and % rebate as used on https://urban-planet.com/collections/up_mens_shop-all-mens?page=2 that would apply the offer to the catalog thumbs and automaticly calculate and show the rebates in the cart like image below Thanks in advance for your help all   http://pmelagence.com/bogo.jpg  

Aug 30 2018 by mathieu web
Integration of Shopify resources for subscription business

We are a subscription service, and today have our own signup experience which requires consumers to provide their typical info; name, address, telephone number, and credit card info. We are seeking ways to streamline this in hopes of achieving higher conversions. I recently purchased from a vendor who uses Shopify for their cart, and it was lovely - didn't have to fill in all that info, I ju...

Aug 28 2018 by Dane
How to manage an 850+GB digital inventory for digital download and subsc...

Hello, We are trying to figure out how we can provide a solution for vehicle wrap templates that you would either buy one at a time and download or have an annual or lifetime subscription to and be able to download any template at any time. All services need to be an option as we currently have annual, lifetime and single purchase clients. The product is a digital zip file that comprises veh...

Aug 28 2018 by Karlie
What are the new successful ways of Increasing traffic on my ECommerce s...

SEO and Social Media Marketing are the keys to generating traffic on any website, but in this competitive market, you need to implement some new strategies to market your product. We have recently launched an ecommerce store "Beyoung" dealing in t-shirts and mobile covers. As this is a very competitive segment we need to do something unique for increasing the online visibility of our brand a...

Aug 24 2018 by Steve Y
UK Age Verification

Hi,   Does anybody know of a way to check against the UK electoral roll to validate either a new account on creation, or guest purchaser in checkout, is over 18 ? I am looking for a more reliable method than just asking customers to manually enter their date of birth.   Thanks, Mark

Aug 23 2018 by Jason
Tips to reduce returns rates

Hi everyone, We recently put together some tips and best practices to minimize returns for online stores: 6 Quick Ways to Reduce Return Rates I would love to hear your opinion on these and any other tips to avoid returns.

Aug 22 2018 by Ari Yahalom