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Help With My Store

Hello everyone, I have launched my store a week ago now and I would like to have some feedback about it. Since it is launched I had more than 2000 visitors but only 7 add to cart and 0 sale. Can you please have a look at my shop and let me know whether I should change things on it or no? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you very much!

Yesterday by B. S
I am having trouble customizing my theme.

Hello,  I have a store already built using the Brooklyn theme, I need modifications to my blog area.  I like the blog style of the free Narrative Theme and I would like to incorporate that into mine plus add a custom menu called blog-menu that will display only for the blog pages.  The part of the narrative theme I really like is  https://narrative-theme-warm.myshopify.com/blogs/news ...

Yesterday by Sahil Kapadia
Dropping .myshopify from domain name

Hello All, I am new to Shopify and on the 14 day trial.  I created my website and wanted to know if there is a way to remove the myshopify portion of the web address so people can only see the .com.? Best regards and thanks for the feedback in advance!  

Yesterday by Leon
How can I drive traffic to my site?

I have been working hard and trying different ways to drive traffic. Facebook ads, google adwords were all just waste of money. Nothing worked. Perchase shopify theme to change the website look. Tried to hire freelancer to work on SEO but no work get done cause I don't really know what they did. Keep posting on social medias but not much growing, didn't drive any traffic also.  I know need S...

Feb 23 2018 by Jessie Xu
can I use songs and videos on my site?

Just what the question is asking thanks@

Feb 23 2018 by Darragh
Not selling but heaps of traffic

I have recently opened up a new online store get-a-bargin.com .I have been get alot of traffic bit no one is buying any ideas

Feb 23 2018 by dariadaria
Help with traffic for my store

Hi, I launched my store on January. I have my social media to announce my products and so people can go and check them out in my store. But I haven’t had any traffic the most I had was 80 people and now every day I have a maximum of 50! And no sales. I’ve done one sale and a few outside the store. Can somebody check out my store and tell me if there is something wrong or what can I do to drive ...

Feb 23 2018 by dariadaria
Need Help with Making Sales

Hi,  We just launched our website a couple months ago.  We're getting decent traffic to the site via a small PPC budget, some organic optimization, listing on directories, Facebook and Instagram and just started listing on Amazon also.  But sales are dismal.   https://mobileigo.com What do you see on our site that can be changed or improved?  What would keep you from buying from us?  A...

Feb 21 2018 by DearMishuDad
Be Wary of Facebook

I just want everyone to know about the problems I have been having with facebook. When I first added them as a sales channel I thought things were going to go smoothly. Some of my items were rejected and I fixed up the ones I could. Some of them rejected for totally bogus reasons. Facebook rejected some of them because they said I placed an ad on a dating service through their self service. I d...

Feb 21 2018 by Ladyspets
PLEASE, I need your opinion!

Hi! I'm making this topic because I'm not sure about my idea. It felt great for some days but now i don't know why I started being suspicious about it and I don't want to spend my time in vain.  So my idea was building a brand mainly for sports and also for streetwear (like nike does , but of course that's some distant goal). I thought that I should start with Print On Demand on Shopify sinc...

Feb 21 2018 by Radu
Facebook Connect vs Sending people to the Store

I have an online store on Shopify and I have decent traffic and conversions. Every time I log in to Shopify account it reminds me that I have not connected my facebook page. What are the advantages of connecting the facebook page so people can shop on facebook vs sending them to the store? If I want people to have the option of both shopping on Facebook or the store, how can I do that? ...

Feb 21 2018 by Libby Alpert
Different Order confirmation vs Shipping method

Hi there, I'm now offering at ''local pick up'' option on my webstore so custumer living nearby can pay 0$ on delivery and stop by our shop directly to pick up their package. I'd like to find a way for the custumer to received a different mesasge went I ''fullfil'' the order on shopify exameple: option 1- regular delivery would receive the original email saying their order is on the way...

Feb 20 2018 by Andre-Luc Prefont...
How do you handle/measure/work with customer satisfaction?

Hi guys, Anyone of you would be willing to let me pick their brain about how they manage customer satisfaction, so that I understand your pain points with current solutions and processes? I'm the CEO of SatisMeter, platform that collects customer feedback and measures customer satisfaction inside mobile and web apps, and I would like to talk to some long-term Shopify users about what they...

Feb 20 2018 by Ondrej
Replying to reader comments to blog posts

I can't find a way within our blog to reply to reader comments. Sorry if this has been covered but comments from 2014 say it can't be done. Surely this is not still the case. We recieve questions that would greatly benefit a lot of people so replying via email individualy to each comment is time consuming and far from ideal. But not replying is also far from ideal as we are not interacting and ...

Feb 20 2018 by susan123
Do you sell expensive, specialty, large, or super niche products?

I'm curious how enterprise-seize stores are selling products that typically are harder to sell online. For example large, expensive, speciality products that consumers are more comfortable seeing in person, touching, asking questions, before buying. I know it's a matter of time before everything is bought online, but for now, I'm curious what tactics others are using to sell large, expensive...

Feb 17 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Ecommerce Mastermind Group

Hey everyone, My name is Darius, I’m an entrepreneur and CEO of Fassion ME. I’m interested in starting a mastermind, aka peer-mentoring group, with a few other motivated and ambitious entrepreneurs. You don’t need to be extremely knowledgeable or very successful. I’m just looking to meet with other entrepreneurs on a weekly basis, on Google Hangouts or Skype, where we can help one another an...

Feb 17 2018 by Siravi Kitchen
Different Confirmation Emails Based on Product Selected?

Hi there, I am wondering if there is an app or a feature on Shopify that would send a specific email template based on the product selected? 4 different products available product A gets confirmation email #1, product B gets email confirmation #2 so on and so forth  Thank you for your help!

Feb 16 2018 by Brennan Galloway
Looking to talk to store owners about marketing - compensated 30 minute ...

Hi there, i'm launching a digital marketing service aiming to help Shopify owners market through adwords, and I'm hoping to talk to some store owners to hear about how you currently market your stores and what you pain points are. I'm willing to offer $25 amazon or starbucks gift card in exchange for a half hour of your time. If interested, feel free to comment with your email or website and...

Feb 15 2018 by Jessie Xu
Developer Wage in India Pakistan Vs North America

Hello,  I ask this question after doing reseacrh via other forums and searches. However, I can not find the info I need. So, I would liek  to hire a devloper  for shopify app to attach supplier's api  to Shopify. To monitor stock, price, orders, push new listings ect.   However, not sure on price I shoud  post for a fixed price job...? USA developers said they could do within ...

Feb 13 2018 by Felix
E-Cig/Vape Shop looking for Non-UK Vape shop to link with

HI, One good way to move up the Google ladder is to link to other websites of the same genre but ina dog eat dog world, no one really wants to pass business to someone else! We are a UK only online E-Liquid shop and was wondering if there was anyone with a similar set up (B&M or online only) in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Antartica, etc that would be interested in linking up? ...

Feb 13 2018 by The Eliquid Boutique