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How to do Seo for Ecommerce Website. (https://bestitgadgets.com/)

Image Submission ,Video submission,PPT submission,Social bookmarking. Apart form this what more can be for website trraffic and ranking.

Nov 5 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Code for both discounts and commisions?

I run a sporting goods/apparel company. We sponsor athletes. I want to create a code that the athlete can give to fans that will allow them to get a discount, while the athlete also gets a commision. I want to limit this to only certain products. I'm thinking a 10% commision for the athlete and a 5% discount for the customer. I've read up on Shopify discount codes, but am not sure if they ar...

Nov 4 2018 by Willy
Will share Marketing/Operating Cost. Anyone for partnership?

For USA based, niche eCommerce/Dropship store which sells high end, exclusive, expensive products (minium product cost - $75 or above), I have an offer. I am looking for 5-10 eCommerce stores for a win-win partnership where you keep your eCommerce profit while I share your operating and/or marketing cost depending on what you are selling and how much traffic you are getting on your website. ...

Nov 2 2018 by Sami Shah
Reports: Sort by Landing Page Ref

Hi, If you go to online reports (https://example.myshopify.com/admin/reports/sessions_by_landing_page  or  https://example.myshopify.com/admin/reports/online_store_conversion), there are filters that can be used to narrow down on data. Our goal is see where the the traffic came from (using ref=source), which, as I understand would be the 'Landing Page Ref.' However, there is no filter for...

Nov 2 2018 by Tech1
What 3rd party marketing apps do you suggest? Thanks!

Hi, I am new to Shopify, and I sell beauty products online. Any one can share what apps you use for marketing? What works and what I should avoid? I have limited budget for ads. Thanks in advance! hola-belle.com

Oct 10 2018 by Damian
WARNING about new SHOPIFY google shopping app

The new google shopping app that shopify have been pushing for weeks has some major issues would could lose you $1000s    Be very careful before installing this app   the first problem was it took over 10 days to refresh the google shopping feed meaning a huge loss of income as the adds are not live Secondly the feed is not connecting with google merchant centre properly and will...

Nov 1 2018 by Watchandclockparts
Fashion and Jewelry Editors with Quality Websites Required

We need to post our articles on high quality jewelry and fashion related websites. We can also promote your items from our website. Contact us if interested.

Nov 1 2018 by Mike M. Ulu
Facebook ads disabled??

My fb ads account has been disabled and no reason was given. Trying to get an answer is just a run around. I sell watches through dropshipping, the only thing I can think of is they might be name brands, they are pushed to shop through oberlo. Anyone else experience this?

Oct 11 2017 by kylekzn
Is there an online directory for all shopify stores?

Does Shopify provide an online directory for all shopify stores? This can probably help customers who are looking for shops and SEO.

Oct 31 2018 by Jim from DAR.WIN
Automatic product Variant UPSell

My shop sells prints and each image has small, medium and large variants. More than 80% of my sales are from small frames. As I interpret, in a general case, the customer likes the image but tend to buy the cheaper version. I figure maybe if I offered the customer to upgrade his order to a bigger variant BEFORE checkout with a nice discount I could nudge his behavior to make a bigger purchase. ...

Oct 31 2018 by Damian
Cannot Advertise please help!

It's been two month since the launch of my general dropshipping store. Below is the situation right now Traffic  Zero Sales zero Active on Instagram but got 72 follower in two months. Opened a business manager account and now the page request is pending and Facebook is showing error when trying to accept it in page roles. Tried to promote through Instagram but it's also ...

Oct 30 2018 by Paul
Duplicate Meta Descriptions??

Hi guys. I'm looking for some help.  I sopke with Shopify Support earlier today and they have directed me here.   I have been building up my store: Nutri4u.co.uk using the Shopify Theme "Supply" and Google Search Console is telling me that I have close to 1000 pages with duplicate meta descriptions.   Google is reporting I have duplicate meta descriptions for every tag that I use on my...

Oct 29 2018 by Bebaak Studio
Tracking Code - Google Ads, Google Analytics, Gtag

Good morning, I followed Shopify set up for Google tags and I have installed Google Tag Assitant to check tags. I'm disappointed because I've got 3 tags: - Global Site tag (gtag.js) - Google Ads Conversion Tracking - Google Analytics https://www.atelierlouis.fr What's wrong with my set up ? Thanks for your help Franck

Oct 29 2018 by Joshua Uebergang
Over 1,000 pages excluded from Google indexing!

I just discovered that according to the Google Search Console, I have 1,041 pages on my website being excluded from the Google index due to "Page with redirect", see attached for an example of one. Many of these pages are the core of my business and really should be indexing. Can anyone explain to me what this means and how I can fix it?  Thanks!  

Oct 26 2018 by Mika Lepisto
Issues with Google Indexing for a big Product Catalog

Hi there, We have a Shopify shop in 3 different domains, holding over 250.000 different part numbers and we are struggling to get them all indexed. We have gone live with each domain at different times (with a few months in between each of them), updated the standard Shopify sitemap and have observed same trend in all shops: - First we get most of the product pages indexed, over 200k, ...

Oct 26 2018 by Mika Lepisto
Marketing / List Management App suggestions? (Shopify or 3rd party is OK)

Hi, I'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for marketing / list management apps that either are part of the shopify app store or would integrate via other methods (Zapier, etc) Main goals are to be able to track customer source codes (we do direct snail-mail as well), purchasing habits down to product and product category and basically customer modeling. Ex: create a list of all ...

Oct 26 2018 by Alaskan Harvest
Is this true?

Bloomberg and ClickZ can't be lying when they say more than 55% of product search takes place on Amazon and not on search engines (which now share a 26% figure!). These figures have doubled since 2014 only! We are competing against a massive giant that keeps growing and that is a brutal fact, without forgetting how tough it is already to compete against big retailers with massive marketing b...

Oct 25 2018 by Todd Trimakas
Linking Shopify's newsletter with Mailchimp's newsletter

Hi, so I just launched my store. I have Mailchimp's pop-up window for newsletter and customers that subscribe get a discount code via email. For a while I also had Shopify's footer newsletter but it bothered me because the costumers subscribing via this form don't get a welcome email. So I tried to set-up Mailchimp's embeded form but I am having troubles. I am using the debut theme. Could you p...

Oct 25 2018 by Andrej Doljak s.p.
Messenger ads: hate it or love it?

Curious what community thinks about Facebook Messenger ads which got released last week. I found that some merchants think Messenger is highly intrusive for ads.

Jul 18 2017 by Sergey
Facebook Catalog Content IDs Missing

I've been having issues with Facebook catalog for the longest time. It now says that 'content IDs missing from your catalog'. It says that 4.7% of views are available for retargeted ads but 95.3% are not. Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to go into each product and a content ID such as a sku? My products on shopify do have SKUs. Do I need to delete the catalog and redo it?   Th...

Oct 25 2018 by Angular Wave