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Not sure how to increase traffic g7

We are not sure how to increase traffic anymore.  1. We tried Fb ads. It didn't work for us and we lost so much money 2. Google adwords. We get clicks but no sales. - also costs a lot of money.  3. Native marketing - we get clicks but no sales 4. Influencer marketing - This has been the most successful but we also lost a lot of money from hiring the wrong influencers. We plan to do ...

Nov 17 2018 by Sobaker
Free gift on all orders over 50$

Hello, I wanna create a special promotion where customers get a specific item from my shop for free if their cart value is 50$ or more. Otherwise the product costs 14.90$. Is that possible? I found many discount options but not that one.  Thanks, Martin from Golden Spark jewelry

Nov 13 2018 by Freddie
What would be the best marketing strategy for a organic food store?

I am the founder of Natureveda.store , already receiving  50 users per day, but i am looking to get a good marketing strategy other than social promotion and link building methods.  Help me out!

Nov 16 2018 by Milla G
What happened?

Something has gone terrbile wrong, me having a good website, ad and a winning product, could only get one ADC based on 77 people that came from the Instgram shoutout.... What is not working accordingly in my production system?there has to be something that spoils everything else. Please help me..  To see my Ad: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e6/d3/de/e6d3de6f80cbb4a4393277d77d4e691c.jpg _...

Nov 15 2018 by Bo
What is the best marketing objective?

I've been doing some adertizing on Instagram through Facebook, unluckilly for now. I've been doing Traffic so far, I was geeting 0.2-1.75CTR. What is the best marketing objective if I'm selling this https://www.buyandroll.com/collections/pets/products/pet-waterproof-bluetooth-tracer PS: I can provide more details if you need, I will remember you help!

Nov 14 2018 by Elle
Filling Shopify Store with Affiliate Products

Hi. I'm reasonably new to Shopify and I was wondering what the process would be or if there was an app that could be used to easily populate a store with products that a person is an affiliate for. I was hoping to import the catalog listing from the brand and then customers could use my affiliate link to check out (ideally with the sale appearing to happen through my store, but instead being se...

Nov 13 2018 by Nick
Is this a perfect selling strategy?

1. Find a niche 2. Find a product for that 3. Build a page 4. Try Instgram Shoutouts 5. Facebook Ads Please name yours)

Nov 12 2018 by Naana
Is my product a winner (looks like it is) but I get no sales

Hi, I'm working on a few products as of now, testing on Facebook Ads in (Instagram), Instagram influencers, so far I've spent around 100-125 dollarss on that but could not to make a single sale... Last days of testing I get like 50-80 visits per day, some times people even add-to-carts, (I have a free + shipping of one of my products). But no sales, although I've seen those products being adert...

Nov 8 2018 by Nick
low traffic, help needed

Hi i used to get around150-200 visitors per day and get 3-4 sales everyday, and then i moved house and pushed it all to the side and stopped updating website for around 2 months. And now im getting around 5-10 visitors a day and struggling to find a way to get them back up, any help or ideas would be appreciated. My website is https://www.traininsanegymwear.co.uk/

Nov 5 2018 by Amit Roznak
Should I keep on using two facebook ad accounts to sell on same fb page ...

I am using two ad accounts on facebook. I am on shopify Plus. One ad account is for shoelace the other one is for the ads that I create myself. I wonder if it is better to use just one ad account for everything so that ads from both my accounts do not compete with each other. Need help deciding what to do.

Nov 11 2018 by Qamar Aftab
Create specific branding based on referring site

Hello all -  We're doing business with a potential partner / affiliate who would like to have co-branding on our site for referrals coming through theirs. Is there a way to set a cookie or an app that would help to show a logo or extra content based on a referring site? 

Nov 9 2018 by Mika Lepisto
Track who is adding new email subscribers

I'm trying to determine how many of our email subscribers are organic vs manually added by our customer service person. We use mailchimp. Does anyone know of a way to do this beside clicking into each contact individually? organic to me means the customer adds their email at check, or our pop up window or when they create an account. 

Nov 7 2018 by Tira
Quick View creates URL's

Good morning, I noticed some indexation errors in my Search Console and I am wondering if there is a way to prevent the 'quickview' function from creating URL's like this:   https://www.elfcosmetics.com.au/products/e-l-f-studio-lip-exfoliator?view=quick https://www.elfcosmetics.com.au/products/beautifully-bare-highlighting-stick?view=quick   Thank you in advance for your help....

Nov 8 2018 by Dallas
Facebook Ads

Hi, new here with facebook problem. set up new facebook accout (personal- never had one) than set up facebook page to advertise product, seemed to go ok, went to place an ad and was shut out for "security reasons". uploaded ID but still cannot login in. i was getting disabled account errors, that has now gone away but when i login im asked to enter my phone number, i do and i get an inval...

Nov 7 2018 by Amit Roznak
Zero traffic

Please read a bit lengthy but very serious problem. Hello all. Hoping some of you in the forum could offer some feedback/insight to my traffic problem. I am getting next to zero traffic. My shop is 2 months old, and I am getting less than 2 visitors on some days!. So my biggest struggle, right now, is simply getting the customer to the store. What I have tried: I have read the 50...

Nov 7 2018 by Alex Jones
New Member

hello friends i'm new here  how are you doing? plz visit my website cat6 plenum and tell me some ideas about marketing how can i promot my website 

Nov 7 2018 by Alex Jones
Emoji in meta description disabled?

Hi, I have been using emoji in meta description (is not type myself by default in meta description box in product page). Recently I found it could not be shown in google search result. Is Shopify took this functionality off? Thanks!

Nov 7 2018 by Joe Lau
Unable to connect Facebook business page

I have added my Facebook account to my sales channel in my Shopify store and I can see the page listed in the drop down but I can not click it. It is greyed out and I can’t select. I have tried to remove and add and I meet all the Facebook requirements. Anyone have any suggestions? Shopify is taking a long time to figure this out. 

Nov 7 2018 by Nick
Facebook Ads has me Beyond Confused

Hey all, I completed my shop a couple of weeks ago and have now decided to delve into Facebook Ads to see if I can get some conversions from them.  I have tried using ads before in the past and find that I get lost in trying to define my target audience.  I decided that this time I was going to take my time, and learn the ins and outs of marketing with Facebook Ads... but after a week of frustr...

Nov 6 2018 by Amit Roznak
Google Ad words

Hello everyone, Just launched my store a couple hours ago. I would like to know how to bring more traffic using google ad words. What are the best ads to place on google?

Nov 6 2018 by Amit Roznak