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[NEW APP] Shopify App to reduce your marketing costs on google and faceb...

Hi guys,  I'm looking for people who want to try a new app which will hopefully save shopify owners the costs of marketing with google ads and facebook ads.  If you are interested please email at try.thisorthat.app@gmail.com Rick.

Nov 27 2018 by Rick
Does Anyone Really Make the Sale? Or Are We All Just the Same?

So, you ran with great enthusiasm at your startup for your shopify store. Watched all the online videos. Spent hours building your facebook, twitter, and instagram presence. Started running Facebook adds and driving traffic to your store. You've SEO'd, CEO'd and ran yourself out of O's and yet, still you can't seem to get even one sale. What's the deal? Is it because with hundreds of Shopify st...

Nov 27 2018 by Nikunj
HELP!! --> Not Converting! --> mcdodo.shop

To preface, I am an absolute novice, I have attempted ecommerce several times, but to no avail. However, this time, I said I would be persistent, but after getting decent traffic and no sales, I'm begining to become a bit discouraged. I would love help pinpointing the problem, and hopfuly some expert replies on this thread will help other novices like me.  With that said, thank you to anyone...

Nov 21 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Google Image search

Hi, Any chance that there will be a workaround or changes made at shopify to enable google image search to find and catalog product images? I wish I had known that this was a problem before I spent months making my site and a few weeks adding Alt tags to the product images. Thanks, Mark.

Nov 26 2018 by Tony
Promoting with 5 Facebook Pages

Hello Everybody These days one store is being promoted using 5 facebook pages. Example  There is a store let's say store A They are not promoting their products through their official store A page. They are promoting their products through different facebook pages. One of them is a new company with a news blog.  Their ads get around 200k views in 12 hours and so. I have a general store...

Nov 26 2018 by Deepak
Google Merchant GTIN Print On Demand Products?? HELP

Hi - I have print on demand products (dropshipping) so do not have GTIN codes. I see people saying you need to change:  "submit an identifier_exists attribute with a value of FALSE" I don't know what this means or where you even type this in Shopify or Google Merchant Centre? Basically, how do I advertise my shopify products on Google Shopping (Google Merchant) without GTIN code...

Nov 26 2018 by Emmanuel Flossie
Submitting Sitemap to Google

Hi all! Hope you are having an amazing day so far!   I have recently just launched my web and wanted to submit my sitemap to Google. However, the status keeps on reflects as 'Couldn't fetch'. May I know if anyone encountered the same issue? Or do I have to wait a while more before the sitemap can be successfully submitted to Google? Hope to hear from you guys soon. Cheers!

Nov 26 2018 by Joshua Uebergang
What Country to Target

I've been doing research and narrowing my target market, and it resulted to this 2 countries. Singapore and Hong kong. Which do you think of the 2 countries is best to target for my type of niche? You can take a look at my niche at www.cyberperx.com. I would appreciate for some feedback, Thank you. P.S. Reason why I need to target only one country is because you can only target one countr...

Nov 24 2018 by Nick
changing jpg to png - Will this be bad for my SEO?

My shopify store sells digital goods - png images of cutout trees with transparent background.   https://www.cutout-trees.com/collections/frontpage?page=2 I want to change the background of my Shopify store, but almost all the images are in jpg format. So, the way to do it will be changing them to PNG.  Is this a bad idea... will it affect SEO ?.... I mean... will it be bad for Google ...

Nov 23 2018 by John-Smith
Q4 Marketing Ideas and Automation Strategy

Here's a Q4 marketing strategy I've been using successfully for my clients... the theme is automated systems :D 1) Automatic Retargeting - This is easy ROI on complete autopilot, my favorite part of the plan. - I use Snappic (there's a $50 off code - EASYMONEY). Shoelace has worked well for me in the past, but Snappic is set up for both Instagram and Facebook instead of only Facebook. - F...

Nov 21 2018 by Joe's Ideas
Need traffic and sales

I have an adult toy store and am struggling with sales. Only 3, which have all been in the last month. I was hoping thise sales were the kickstart but it doesn't seem so. I just started google ads recently, clicks no sales. Social media accounts no followers really, but I have 130 some on fb. I have a blog but have been so busy trying to get store in order everything else has been on the backbu...

Nov 21 2018 by Deniece H.
Please help!

Hi guys, Would you mind helping a newbie? I’m running a giveaway to promote my shop, if you could share it I would be ever so grateful and you could win a gift at the same time!  I’m on Facebook and Instagram: www.facebook.com/beaconandbayclothing @beaconandbay   Thanks!  Sarah 

Nov 21 2018 by Rockpapercopy
Tons of visiters but no sales

Hey I recently launched my store at blackfridayland.com  and I ran FB ads and I know it's a winning product and I have around 1500 visits per day but not a single sale even add to cart maybe 5 times but no one been at the checkout , please can someone help me ?  Here's my product link https://bit.ly/2P6ZClz

Nov 12 2018 by Sam Douglas
A new free app to boost your conversion rates

Hey guys, I’m Sullivan from SiteKit team. Is conversion something of your concern? Especially if you are starting out an online business, every visitor is a potential lead. So my team has worked for over 2 years to build a platform that improves the conversion rates effectively. And SiteKit is released now! I’m proudly announcing that we have completed the first beta version of SiteKit...

Nov 14 2018 by Sam Douglas
Adwords Retargeting Audience With Google Analytics

Did you know you could create a far more refined Adwords retargeting audience with Google Analytics? Wondering how...book a free one-on-one call session to find out.  An expert will connect with you and take you through the setup via a screen share and also show you how you can use your audience in creating retargeting campaigns in Adwords.  If you are interested comment on the post and I...

Nov 20 2018 by Emmanuel Flossie
Google Shopping Disapproved Products

Hi all, I have been trying to upload some of my products to Google Shopping via the Shopify application and have done so, with Shopify saying that they have been published to Google Merchant Center with no errors. However, in the Merchant Center itself, all of the products from Shopify have been disapproved. The thing is, I had first created my own feed with the same products as the ones ...

Nov 19 2018 by Amit Roznak
Zero activity from Google Shopping campaign despite status being fine?!

Greetings. As per title, I have setup a Google Shopping campaign from within Shopify and using the Google Shopping app. All requirements have been met, products have been imported, Google Shopping fields have been edited for all enabled products, billing and whatever is configured, generous daily budget set, merchant requirements from Google regarding contact details on website are easily met (...

Nov 19 2018 by Emmanuel Flossie
Google Ads Status Issue: Your Google Analytics tag is missing "product ID"

Hi, I have installed Google Analytics through the Preferences Page in Shopify as directed here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/reports-and-analytics/google-analytics/google-analytics-setup I have started a Smart Shopping Campaign with Google however I am getting the Status Issue that says: "Your Google Analytics tag is missing "product ID"" How do I add product ID to my Google Anal...

Nov 19 2018 by Emmanuel Flossie
Selling shoutouts on Instagram (active followers)

Selling Instagram shoutouts. 11.7k meme page @realmemez_  Pricing: 24h story (~5k views in 24 hours) - $3 USD 24h post & link in bio - $5 USD Only PayPal Feel free to DM me, I can show profile/story insights if needed. @realmemez_

Nov 19 2018 by John-Smith
What is the best way to test a product?

What do you people prefer to test for a product? Facebook Ads/Instgram Ads, Google, IG Shoutouts? I've been doing all those different methods but no luck so far, I know that the audience most be less annoyed to take a product, but does it seem that I need to test a product on a narrow audience? What is the way you get your first series fo sales?

Nov 18 2018 by 86deal