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I'm At A Desperate Moment. People Keep Leaving.

I don't understand why people keep leaving my site. I have put in alot of work and sleepless nights making my website look professional. I need some advice please.

Dec 4 2018 by DecorTwo6
What marketing problems are e-commerce stores having?

Hello! As a digital marketer, I am trying to gauge the biggest marketing problems e-commerce entrepreneurs are currently experiencing.  I would love for you all to fill out my 3 questions survey on this topic.  As payment, I will research your marketing problems and email you back a solution! https://goo.gl/forms/aosRTwei8ZqiDR2w2

Dec 4 2018 by Chris Burgess
Turn blog post into a pdf

How can I create a downloadable pdf of my blog posts? I want my customers to be able to download a pdf. I read a few threads but didn't see an up-to-date answer. Thanks for your help! Winfried (www.blanda-beauty.com)

Dec 4 2018 by Nick
Spent $200 on ads, no sales.

Hello everybody, I'm quite new to e-commerce and decided to create my own dropshipping store about two weeks ago. I spent a budget of about $200 in ads to test hypotheses about my target market and refine my positioning, and train my Facebook pixel as well. Here are the results of my ads so you can have a glimpse: As you can see, results aren't bad and I get between 1.2% and 7% ...

Dec 4 2018 by Jason
Certificate error

Good morning, I am having a certificate error problem on my website.  If you visit https://elfcosmetics.com.au/ it returns a certificate error. Ideally the request to https://elfcosmetics.com.au/ resolves correctly and then 301 redirects to https://www.elfcosmetics.com.au/. I would like to resolve this error to ensure that there's no chance of losing potential referral traffic or poten...

Dec 3 2018 by Freddie
Edit Website SEO boxes

Ok, so I have read on Moz Begginers guide to SEO that only the title tags are searched by google... . Someone now just told me that Google also crawls the first 64 words in the Description box.  Is this True? I know years ago google did pick up on the description boxes but then I thought they changed it to only Title.  Does anyone know? Thanks!  Mike Kollin https://MikeK...

Dec 2 2018 by djiinn
Student Project 1 / Mid-term exam in Digital Marketing

Hello. We are a group of three girls that are working on our first Student Project in Digital Marketing through Noroff Vocational School in Norway.   For our first Project, we have to do an analysis of a Company website. This includes a full report of Social Media, Branding, SEO etc. We are looking for a website with 8 pages or more, that is older than 6 months and in English of course...

Dec 2 2018 by Elin Andreassen
Automatically email personalized discount code with newsletter signup (M...

Hi! I'm using Mailchimp for newsletter signups on my site. I wanted to know how I could automatically send a personalized one time use discount code with the first "Welcome" email I send to the customer who signs up. Could this be achieved through Mailchimp? Shopify? (Once the customer signs up on my website, a discount code would be generated, and then with the first email I send to the ...

Dec 1 2018 by Lukasz Wiktor
Using a custom Google Analytics code with Buy Button

Saw something similar here: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-marketing/t/buy-button-google-analytics-sales-tracking-327738 but the answer doesn't actually give any information. My question is, can one add custom GA code to the checkout page that customers a directed to when you use the 'buy button' method of selling on shopify? The second link from the answer to the above questio...

Nov 30 2018 by psj0000000000
3 million 404s!

Hi we have recently migrated over from Magento to Shopify and in the process managed to accumulate over 3 million 404 pages. 2 things weren't executed properly by our dev team, 1 the noindex follow rule wasn't implemented correctly and another is the new sitemap wasn't processed by Google for 14 days (it was submitted the day after launch) Could either of these things be the reason for the larg...

Nov 29 2018 by RJF
Any Idea Why This Adwords Event Code Isn't Working?

Hey everyone, if there are any code ninjas out there I'm having difficulty with my Google Ads Event Tracking Tag. It's installed in the Checkout, Additional Scripts page section and I've added some Liquid according to the instructions on shopify's own help article (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/analyze-marketing/tracking-adwords-conversions) to dynamiclally pull prod...

Nov 28 2018 by Harry.
How to find Hot demand,winning & Trending product on internet and all th...

So tonight I could not sleep, found a guide how to extract emails from FB groups, pages and played around with it for a while. As I was baffled how clever / easy it was I wanted to share it. I'm not affiliated with any of the tools, just found it might be useful for your idea validation outreach, ad targeting and finding your target audience in general. What I played around with: *Find...

Nov 25 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Spent thousands on Facebook ads, low conversions... Do i try google ads?...

Hi there  I wanted to hear others opinions and thoughts. We launched our online clothing store nearly 2 years ago. We used primarily Facebook ads spending  £1600-£2000 a month and our store conversions are 0.27% which is crazy low.  Our niche is the plus size industry for women and according to our stats we seem to have the correct audience and demographic. We have a expert FB marketer an...

Nov 27 2018 by Natalia
how to solve issues with incorrect hreflang links on semrush?

While runing the site audit on semrush, I found some issue regarding incorrect hreflang tags. While i search on depth about the reason behind it. I got that the page from the different country has no page with same url and giving the not found page . Is there any conditions we can apply to fix this hreflang tag issue? Here is the hreflang code i have used for my site: <link rel="al...

Nov 28 2018 by Sara
Ecommerce Website Product Pages not index

 Hi Webmaster i have a Joomla E commerce website for my client.     My Product are not index in Google. My website https://www.resion.com have 200000 (2 lakh page) but only 4000 pages are index.     What can i do to get all my product index in Google. Please suggest me. What shall i do now.     Eg Non index pages     https://www.resion.com/catalog/572188/M87164A03FD222J     https://w...

Nov 28 2018 by jamesgonzalezny
Store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging [REASONS WHY?]

Hello, guys! My store isn’t eligible for Instagram product tagging and I don't know why. I tried different ways to connect, but it  is not working anyway. That's why I decided to ask you.. I have everything Shopify, Facebook and Instagram asks. Business profile, facebook store is working and everything is fine, but Instagram doesn't allow my store to tag products. I connect Instagram Channe...

Nov 27 2018 by Omar alhakeem
No sales . Spending on ads

Hello everyone,   I recently started a fitness clothing store. www.pumpapparel.co - the address So far I only advertise on facebook , I also hired a ad specialist for a month and so far he tries different campaings but i get 0 sale. Not even adds to card.  Before I ran ads myslef and got a lot more traffic than with him now. What do you thing could be the reason? Should I also...

Nov 27 2018 by Bo
Strange google search console!

Hi Guys, i created a german estore with shopify and i just wanted to know if anyone of you knows which errors i get here in my google search console and how i could fix that strange redirection errors. attached the screenshot! https://imgur.com/a/SSlvKXm   best regards!

Nov 27 2018 by Nick
Product feed url

Hello, I have an opportunity to list my shopify store to a price comparison site but they are requesting from me a product feed url to keep my inventory updated with their site. How could i create this url with my full product feed? Best regards, Marttin

Nov 27 2018 by Katy
What should I do first

I have tried to run fb ad three times for three different products Daily Ad budget - 10$ Audience reach was 100000 First selected interest  Then behaviour  Then again behaviour while narrowing them down Window was 7 day click Duplicated adset with variation in country and audiences for one ad  Spent $5 in 12 hours  According to fb Got 290 reach 59 link clicks 20 st...

Nov 27 2018 by Nick