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  Hi, I have store with Shopify since March 2017, now about 5 months...but I coyuld not sale any products.. I want to connect to the amazon.com and ebay.com for more sales..how can I do that with dropshipping method? Please informe how to connect and intigrated my web site to there? Thanks MartEnd.com

Jan 25 2018 by Popel_TJF
Using ebay reviews on my site???

Is it possible and legal to use ebay reviews on my site? I have very good rewies on ebay and only few on my site. Did otehr people do this and how? It would be a great way......

Aug 29 2018 by Tomasz Sadowski
Low Traffic very small amount of sales (2 months old shopify site)

Hi, I have a Pet Store on Shopify - https://shoppersprestige.com/ This site is 2 months old. My social media profiles, specially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have good response from followers. I'm publishing weekly blog post and daily pet related quote as well. I followed many Shopify store promotion related tutorials for about 2 months proor to start the store. Therefore i satrted the...

Oct 10 2018 by Deb
Optimizing image sizes for SEO

So my biggest loading speed comes from images. I've looked around for few hours now but just can't seem to understand how you actually optimize them. I mean simply playing with the size leaves awkward look on the. From my understanding, the images of the different collections on frontpage don't have to be as big but if you simply reduce the size then the actual product page image is small as we...

Nov 7 2018 by Bo
Benefits of a Facebook likes campaign

Hello all,  Is it significantly beneficial to run a Facebook likes campaign to get likes on my page? Is this a good investment of advertising funds? I am trying to establish a brand selling golf polo shirts, I currently have 80 likes on my company's Facebook page (all of these are real likes meaning I have run adverts rather than just asking people from my personal contacts to like the pa...

Mar 7 2018 by Loretta Delgado
6 months old website and still very little traffic, need help.

I have opened a website in October selling wedding invitations.  I thought I had figured the seo and design but I was wrong.  I have reworked the design of the website to be more SEO friendly for google search.  Since doing so just over 1 month ago I have noticed the impressions and CTR has doubled from what it was. I know I have some more work to do which I am willing to do. I have done the...

Jun 7 2018 by Greg Shuey
How to increase sales on my denim company website ?

Hello everyone, New to the forums and weren't sure were to go! We sell everything related to denim; jeans, jackets, skirts, pullons etc. I have made ads on instagrams/facebook too increase our sales but the conversion wasen't worth what I paid.   What would you do to cause more traffic and convert it into sales ?  Critics are welcomed! https://www.shopcarrelijeans.com/  

Jul 2 2018 by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital
Lots of traffic but no sales

Can someone critic my site www.bragfishingaustralia.com and give some feedback why Im getting lots of traffic but no conversions.

Jul 6 2018 by Chad Roberts
Low traffic- No sales

I don't know what to do ? 1 month ago I opened my first shop and I got 278 visitors per month. I tried posting ads, writing blog, but after I close ads almost everything shuts down and I get 2~10 visits per day. Please let me now what could I do. https://www.salanty.com/

Dec 6 2018 by Syn Gates
Seeking a reasonable, reliable marketeer

Hi, my website is the internationalcoffeebarn.com. I've tried marketing it on my own and I've also hired different people through Fiverr, I get traffic, ALOT of reported traffic and also ALOT of reactions on different post on facebook...yet no sales? I asked on another fourm on here what the problem was, one of them that was suggested to me was to change my website and that I'm working on. Hope...

Aug 21 2018 by AUSTINICB
Increasing Sales

Hi! My name is Cody, and I manage a successful store. I'm only 15 which can sometimes be a problem when dealing with legal documents. (Shh!) Currently, we have made about 80k in revenue in 9 months. Our Instagram following is at 70k. We get 99% of our traffic through Instagram. However, even though we are making steady sales I feel like there is so much potential for more. We are at a platea...

Sep 5 2018 by keith
No sell at all and a few visitors

  Hello everybody, I just finished my first dropshipping website, what an exciting adventure ! I’m selling clothes and shoes for baby and newborn. I also started my Facebook manager account and launch my first publicity. But I have some little problems : I got 50 visitors this week, but I don’t have any sell at all, people don’t even bother adding product to cart.   I have a ...

Dec 6 2018 by Aria
Exit pop ups, do they work?

I am thinking of using an exit pop up at, specifically Justuno. Trying to make an offer to anyone leaving the site before checking out to get them to purchase. Any input on this would be appreciated.

Dec 5 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Setting up both Google Ads tracking and Google Analytics

Hello!  I set up Google Analytics by going to Online Store/Preferences and pasting the analytics code in the Google Analytics section. Basically I followed this guide here: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/reports-and-analytics/google-analytics/google-analytics-setup Now I also want to set up Google Ads conversion tracking so I followed the Google Ads instructions and added just the ...

Dec 5 2018 by Ben Kissi
Not getting sales; I have little traffic.

I don't understand why I havve traffic but no sales. I launched about 1 week ago, I get approx 200 visits per day. I have launched 2 facebook ads with $15 dollars each. I just got 1.500 impressions and 26 clicks. I dont have yet not one sale. May you please help me on maybe should i drop more money on ads or is it my page thats bad please give me advice i am going crazy here.  My goal is ...

Dec 5 2018 by Ben Kissi
Capture Pixel installation on Shopify Site

We have an external media parnter running programmatic ads for a client. They have a Capture pixel that feeds performance data from the Shopify ecommerce site to their servers. They then include that data within their performance reprots. They've told us they cannot install this pixel on the Shopify site because it's an unusual environment. Our developer also cannot figure out a solution. Have ...

Dec 5 2018 by Ben Kissi
How to add meta data for "collection/all"

Hi Have search a lot but all forum threads I have found is marked as "Outdated". So, how to add a meta title and description to the "collection/all" page (and also for collection URL with a tag at the end). Is it possible? /Magnus

Dec 5 2018 by Karl Offenberger
Sitemap is not updating?

Hi everyone,  I have a store https://onemeth.com and have recently done a redesign to the site architecture.  Meaning collections have been removed, the navigation and ux has been largely updated and some pages have been added. I recently received an email from Google Webmaster notifying that there are 165 missing links (404's).  I have checked the log from googles crawl and can see tha...

Dec 5 2018 by Nick
Facebook Shop is in review for a few days now

I get this message when trying to enable my facebook shop: "Your Facebook Shop is in review. You can enable it once it’s approved." Its been like this for a few days now, and it feels like its stuck. What can I do about it?

Dec 5 2018 by Efraim Minzer
Setting up a subdomin - issues

Yesterday I activated my store on store.stopdoingnothing.com (aka stopdoingnothing.myshopify.com ). I made my subdomain the main domain and set all redirection to there. As I was testing my cart on store.stopdoingnothing.com, every now and then I'd get an invalid SSL error. I'd use the link in Chrome to by pass, but that was still disconcerting. So for the time being I set my primary store doma...

Dec 5 2018 by Freddie