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Easiest way to improve my Facebook ads? g6

Hi guys, I've read a bit about facebook ads for shopify and am trying to improve my ads performance. What is the best way to do that without spending too much money? Thanks. Update! Thanks for all of the feedback and suggestions. That free Facebook ads email crash course was incredibly helpful! I used that and the turbo retargeting app suggested and now my ads are doing 3x better...

Jul 30 2018 by Kristina_Smile
SEO problem - PAGE TITLE

Hi, first for all i'm sorry for my bad english so i'm going to explain my problem easily, thank you for readding.   So, my problem is about my title description for my SEO. I've recently seen that my meta description is not like i've custom it in preferences of my store. My meta dexcription is quiet good, but in my title there is a te beginning my shop name with colon.  Example : "Shop...

Dec 7 2018 by Nick
I want to sell more and more products our shopify store by online

Hello Everyone! I want to sell more and more products our Shopify store online. Is it possible?  So, please Can you suggest me, How to sell more and more products from our Shopify store.      

Nov 22 2018 by Denise Branson

FIVEMINT offers you the new best website builder. You can choose hundreds of themes, lots of images, easy editing with a drag & drop interface and that’s not all, you can also publish your website in minutes. All you have to do is just click https://fivemint.com/website-design/index.php or simply copy the link and paste to your browser.

Dec 7 2018 by Joice
Facebook PIxel Not Passing Total Order

Hi.  I've tried multiple solutions and still, I am coming up empty.  What I am trying to accomplish is to pass the total order value over to Facebook. Things I have tried: 1. Just placing the Facebook ID in the admin panel. Result: no conversion $ are passing through.  2. Based on this post I replaced the '0.00' in "value;" with "{{ total_price | money_without_currency }} and placed...

Dec 6 2018 by Ben Kissi
Not single sale yet, please help me !

It's been more than 10 days I have started my e commerce store through shopify and done with design, adding products and content. My niche is - women swimwear But failed to generate revenue with any of the unpaid and paid marketing methods. As I have very low budget, I can't spend anymore on ads. I have tried direct marketing by contacting influencers directly but zero result and facebook...

Jun 12 2018 by lawrie : Message and Chat

Hello guys,  I really really really need a help because  I don't understand whats going wrong.  I opened my store less than 1 month ago. until now (two weeks) I've got more than 800$ of sales..which seems great, because is the only the first month. But thats not good, because I spent on instagram influencers a lot A lot of money that bring me a lot of new followers on Ig with a lot of tra...

Apr 19 2018 by Joe's Ideas

Hi everyone I have a store of tshirts, accessories and posters about entrepreneurship.  I have created really attactive ads, so people started to click on them. I gathered around 260 views on my product pages, in less than half a month and got ZERO add to carts. I decided to lower the price drastically. The tshirt was $35, not it is $25 and i'm ALSO offering an $8 coupon (written in bold ...

May 6 2018 by Devin
Why my store in not selling?

Hello, everyone! I need your help. I created a dropship store in november. I have a lot of products. I have several retargeting campaigns and a landing page with a free ebook. I have even made a small facebook ads campaign. My store has received more than 1.200 visits. But I have not made any sales. Not a single one. I think the store is easy to navigate through, the products are cute, my pr...

Jun 12 2018 by lawrie : Message and Chat
Conversion rate

Hello all ! I launched my website 6 months ago and here are my conversion rates Added to cart : 3,78% Reached check out : 2,19% Purchased : 1,54% It seems pretty bad... What do you think about these ratios ?

Aug 6 2018 by cubewalker
How do you get frequent sales?

Hello, I started with Shopify 2-3 months ago at first I didn't make any sales at all and lost some money with ads, now I get sales with some ads (mostly from Instagramshoutouts) but it only spikes, if I make an ad I get sales for 1-3 days also not many and then almost no traffic and no sales. I tried Facebook ads but it didn't work yet. I want to try soon again but I need a guide or somet...

Mar 20 2018 by Thomas Butler
Whats killing my conversions?

Hello, We launched www.freshpawz.com on January 6th. It is doing OK, not terrible and not great. We are getting OK traffic, just now starting up a facebook ad's program with a budget of 800 per month. But my conversions are low and Im not a fan of doing Sales. I'd rather depend on my wholesale outlets to move inventory before i start doing sales on my website.  Just looking for advice ...

Jun 12 2018 by lawrie : Message and Chat
No Sales Need help Marketing

Need help, getting traffic to the store using facebook pixel to run retargeting ads but no sales. Any feed back would be generously appreciated.

May 10 2018 by Pollen

Hi, I have clothing store www.meendo.shop I have some traffic and have 2 sales.  I need advicem can pay for it. contact me hello@meendo.shop or +37127114649 Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, iMessage

Mar 13 2018 by Clifford Decker
NO SALES traffic is decent

Hi, im getting decent traffic about 500-800 visits per week but not getting any sales. Not sure what is wrong with my store any help or advice is highly appreciated  thanks & regards, saiprasad  https://swakidsstore.com/     reg

Jun 4 2018 by Emmapiterson
How to start Facebook Ads

So I have failed with a couple stores of mine and I believe that it is due to not knowing what direction to go in with Facebook ads. I am very familiar with Facebook ads and how it works and how to do things. The only thing I need help with is choosing what direction to go in and a path to follow in order to start getting sales. For a few of my stores, I just tried to spend a ton of money on ra...

Apr 24 2018 by Denise Branson
Cant get any sale

Hello all Im boris  My store - https://shippingtoys.net My store open and working about a month now i get traffic but i cant get any sale not even one I spend about 150$ on facebook advertise and nothing Please help

Jun 10 2018 by Adam
Converting sessions to sales

Hi all, This post is very similar to most posts on this forum, I'm struggling to get any sales from my site https://deskmess.com/ I'm currently using facebook ads, and average around 100 users per day (although the ads only been running for about 10 days).  In the last 7 days I've had roughly 1050 pageviews, totalling 0 sales. My cost per link click is $0.06 and for landing page views ...

Jun 11 2018 by lawrie : Message and Chat
Low Conversions and High Cart Abandonment

I recently created the shopify Gameplug.co and have been using my snapchat influence (A combination of Comedy and Gaming-themed accounts) to push my viewers to my store. Very often, me and other social media marketers on snapchat have been pushing viewers to our stores and for several of them they do quite well.   Within ~24 hours I was able to pull over 3000 viewers, only 11 sales and...

May 28 2018 by DearMishuDad
Advice Needed for our Facebook Advertising

https://sandycracks.clothing/ https://www.instagram.com/sandycracksclothing/ (3,240 followers) https://www.facebook.com/SandyCracksClothing/ (300 likes) Images of our stats etc: https://imgur.com/a/qPN1LIt We purchased this store off someone awhile back. We're using facebook ads to drive traffic to our store. We are getting an OK amount of traffic. We've only received 4 sales. Do ou...

Nov 8 2018 by Milla G