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SEO best practices with Shopify (sort of SEO FAQ)

Hi all Shopify world, many of you have gone through the mysterious land of SEO/SEM/Analytics/newbuzzword with Shopify long before me and many others so.. in your opinion which are the best practicies in this field? Please post here info regarding, for example but not limited to: sitemap keywords meta-tag analytics code etc... I start to thank you in advance for this collaborativ...

Apr 12 2010 by Jamie
List of Directories

Hi, For those of you who do your own marketing, here is a huge list of SEO friendly directories, good for back linking. "Add URL.nu":http://www.addurl.nu/

May 26 2007 by danW
Creating Links to your Shiny New Shop

Hi all, I've done as much google SEO as i can, does anyone have any good ways of getting your shop out there without spending on advertising? Woulds be great to here how you guys have been promoting yourselves and share some ideas. I've just done the basic SEO, added a link to a few known sites, thinking of getting a myspace site to promote my arty stuff... not sure if thats allowed...

May 13 2007 by danW
discount code for single items

I'm new to Shopify and its been really great so far. I was just curious if anyone knew of a way to apply discount codes to single items, or if this is something that the jaded pixel guys might be working on? Thanks.

Apr 2 2008 by Rachel
Free £30 Google Adwords Voucher

if you own a website you can get £30 of free advertising on google with this voucher. There is a £5 registration fee leaving you with £25 to spend and a deposit amounting to £10 must be made to redemn the coupon. Enjoy! http://services.google.com/marketing/links/aw-freecoupon

Apr 26 2007 by inthedontknow
Google lists sitemap.xml instead of root domain

I submitted the shopify sitemap to Google. However, when I "Google" the name of the company : Strappys, I get the sitemap: http://www.strappys.com/sitemap.xml instead of the root directory. Is there a way to "substitute" the root directory in place of the sitemap ? By the way, Tobi (http://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.html#submit_robots) could not be accessed. Thanks

Apr 23 2007 by danW
META tags

How would I go about making separate META tags and page titles for each page? I'm getting the same tags on every page. Thanks.

Jul 22 2007 by dan

How do my products and store get seen on Froogle?

Apr 15 2007 by danW
Google sitemap

I was able to verify a site map (Shopify-supplied) to index my shopify site, but I want my original domain that immediately refers to the Shopify site to be indexed on Google and it says that the site map must reside in the original domain. How do I get the original domain url to be indexed on Google and the sitemap to refer to both?

Feb 5 2008 by tobi
Products List spreadsheet

Is there an xls products list available from my shopify site so I can bulk load it into Froogle. How do I access it?

Apr 12 2007 by danW
link = incorrect (bug)

In Marketing, the Microsoft logo links to Microsoft, but the words: "Advertise using Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions" links back to the page you're on...

Apr 11 2007 by daniel
Authentication at Google, Yahoo...

In "Marketing" there are links to Google and Yahoo where you can submit your site. They both offer ways to authenticate your site with them via adding a meta tag or an html file to your shopify site. I appreciate the links, but would also appreciate a way to carry the authentication through. I hope that's on Shopify's ToDo list... Rudolf

Apr 7 2007 by Rudolf
Google Adwords Conversion Tracking

Has anyone configured Conversion Tracking within Google Adwords? I can track orders in Google Analytics with the code supplied here: http://forums.shopify.com/categories/1/posts/4243 but this is differente, isn't it? And another thing: has anyone been able to track a sales goal. Mine doesn't work very well. All goal sucesses are registered as coming from paypal as the referring source (now ...

Nov 1 2010 by Gerhard
Problem with DanW's Googlebase

I have been trying to get through the howto at http://help.shopify.com/design/show/How+to+export+Products+For+Google+Base to no avail. It looks relatively easy and I am certainly not new to all of this but I cannot for the life of me get this to work. I have created a page called 'Product Feed' Created a collection called 'Product Feed' modified my theme.liquid to look like this: {...

Oct 5 2007 by danW
What does "maximum of use(s)" signify?

I like to create a one-time coupon for first time buyers, but am unclear on if that is possible. I see I can set a number of uses, but is that per unique visitor, or will the coupon execute just once, then never again? "Starts today, is valid until deactivated, applies to orders of USD $5 or more , with a maximum of 1 use(s)

Apr 1 2007 by Rudolf
Google Adwords

Hi guys, Just finished adding the majority of the content for my website and have incorporated paypal payment pro. I am slowly beginning to get a few visitors to my site now but nothing major, and as a result, I'm considering signing up for google adwords. What are people's experiences with Adwords when it comes to generating sales? My site now appears in google and yahoo, and I've submit...

Aug 17 2007 by danW
10$ off next purchase

Little ninja trick for you savvy marketers out there: We export a discounts array with all applied discounts to the order confirmation screen. Here is how you can use this to attract returned customers: # Setup a new coupon code with 10$ off with code say: Thanks4ComingBack # Add following code to your order confirmation email: {% unless discounts %} =============================...

Mar 21 2007 by tobi
Congrats on the coupons, so whats next ? user reviews?

Great work, whats next in the pipeline? you guys should set up a wish list that we can vote for! :D

Mar 16 2007 by Pitbull Mansion
Inspiration Galleries

First impressions ARE everything, especially when referring to websites. Your brand identity, overall appearance, content arrangement, and fresh/useful material are essential to engaging visitors. If your site isn't appealing, people won't stay around. Fortunately, investing in a captivating identity and web interface can result in tons of VERY easy traffic. If you are the creative type, tak...

Mar 15 2007 by danW

Don't forget to submit your sitemap.xml. Every shopify store automatically gets one from under @yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml@ . "Yahoo Site Explorer":https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ and "Google Webmaster Tools":https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ currently accept submissions.

Nov 19 2007 by Mike Stylagio