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Discount not listed in invoice

Hi, I set up a 30% discount code and placed a test sale that ended up on my customer invoice as follows: 1x 040 Matted Print - 8x10 for $ 8.75 each 1x 040 Matted Print - 16x20 for $ 17.50 each 1x 040 Matted Print - 11x14 for $ 12.50 each 1x 040 Vintage Poster - Paper 16X20 for $ 17.50 each 1x 040 Vintage Poster - Paper 20x28 for $ 22.50 each All items : $ 55.12 USD (shouldn't that...

Apr 14 2008 by Rudolf
Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact?

Can you guys help me to make a descision? Which newsletter thingymajig to go with? I appreciate your input. As I really need to make a newsletter to keep in touch with customers... TY

Feb 17 2010 by bgetting
Ftp acsess

We hired an SEO Company. They are going to need ftp access at the root level. Is this possible?

Apr 25 2008 by jonathanbriggs
How does having multiple domains affect SEO

I am changing my domain name for my store. Would it be better to make it the primary domain, and have it set to always redirect, or would it be best not to have it redirect? Which would be best for SEO?

May 23 2008 by Dave S
Here's an idea: Let's help each other!

Hey, I'm now on delicious (del.icio.us) and stylehive and other sites. Add me and I'll add you and add your frieneds,etc. starlooks is my username. Maybe this will help drive some more traffic???!

Dec 29 2010 by whiteoakattic
Watch these very cool SEO videos

My friend sent me this site...very informative. http://www.stompernet.net/goingnatural2/?vid=2 HINT: You can change the number at the end of the URL to get more VIDS! (Devious, I know). I thought this would be of value to you, so I am sharing it with all of you. Let me know what you guys/gals think and your ideas to apply them.

Mar 2 2008 by Addison
{{order_name}} how to remove # from the value deliver by this liquid var...

I am trying to populate a Commission Junction tracking pixel with a value of {{order_name}}. The value is always preceded by #. Is there away to remove the #. It screws up the Commission Junction tracking? Please help

Feb 7 2008 by markk2008
Google Penalizing Duplicate Shopify Content?

Hi, I noticed that in Shopify (at least the beautiful Vogue theme) you can have multiple different URL's for the same product. Eg http://vogue.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/lexus-es-series and http://vogue.myshopify.com/collections/all/products/lexus-es-series and http://vogue.myshopify.com/products/lexus-es-series and http://vogue.myshopify.com/collections/sale/prod...

Mar 5 2010 by Caroline Schnapp
Get unique traffic to your site

I have a very important question. How do i get unique traffic to my site? I sit for hours going through all of the info on Digital Point Forum. The site is great for new ideas and i have done as many as i can. I am not an internet intellect and only have limited knowledge. I know that i need more unique traffic, people that are looking for wall art will buy from me but i just need to let them k...

Jan 29 2011 by Jamie
Check out this awesome article!

the guy behind plentyoffish.com automates his site! http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/13/business/13digi.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1

Jan 23 2008 by Zuleika
I Need Help Pretty Please- Google Base Feed Problems ):

I'm having trouble when I try to publish my store items to google base, only a handful of a few hundred will load- the others in my store have the following errors (the only thing I can hink of is that some of the girls dresses have prices that vary by size, but I know other stores do this and their items come up): ANDREA'S BEAU WHITE IRIDESCENT SEQUIN BOUTIQUE HEAIR CLIPS/ HEADBAND - This i...

Mar 11 2008 by martinb
Where do you paste the javascript for Google Ad Sense?

I'd like to display small google ads on just one page of my site (at the bottom): http://www.bebecannelle.com/pages/useful-links I pasted the javacript code between notextile /notextile Doesn't work (don't laugh!) How did you do it for one page? Thank you

Jul 24 2008 by FannyA
Adding Keywords to individual products

Hi okay so I went into Theme liquid and added a site title, description and keywords, now how do you add keywords to each product so when your site is crawled your rankings can go up... I am starting to get a little stressed as I was at a PR4 for most products, now I am no where to be found... I know it just launched... but I am afraid I will not get back up there again.. HELP

Feb 11 2010 by Tom Story
SEO Primer Please?

Hi there, It would be great to have all the info available on SEO techniques in 1 place. Quick things I'd like to be able to do but can't figure out: 1. Have unique title tags for each page (or just select pages that I'm trying to bring traffic to) 2. Unique meta descriptions/keywords for specific pages Beyond that I think I got what I need. Anyone out there who can shed some light on...

Dec 29 2007 by meghan
Adding Keywords and Meta Tags

Hi, I am new, and I just switched my store from Zen Cart to Shopify. I had a fairly high page ranking on Google with Zen Cart, and I am afraid to loose my rankings... so I needed to know where on Shopify I can make sure all my keywords, meta tags, site title and all that are correct and relevant for google and other search engines.. where can I do this???? Thanks :)

Feb 5 2008 by Sloan
Any progress as far as feeds for shopping channels like Biz Rate?

It has been a couple of months now since I last checked in, and was wondering if any progress has been made as far as marketing to shopping channels like shopzilla, bizrate etc. other than Google base and Shopify Marketplace. Any thoughts?

Jan 6 2008 by FannyA
Affiliate Program

Hey gang, I’m Shannon, and I’m one of the newest members of Jaded Pixel. I’m the person in charge of the long-sought-after affiliate program. The program and all its details is in the works and nearly ready to go. I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing the questions and comments that have been posted here previously about the affiliate program and gotten a whole lot of great feedback and ide...

Nov 4 2009 by wigify
Commission Junction

We are trying to implement Commission Junction into our website in order to help drive traffic as a form of marketing. Has anyone tried this and been successful? Anyone know where I can find (or has answers) to the required questions from CJ? - what shopping cart or acquisition collection system does Shopify use? - What is the exact URL, of the confirmation location, where the commiss...

Dec 12 2007 by Bryna
Google Analytics

I signed up for Google Analytics, and I originally placed the code snippet in Theme.liquid. After reading some forum posts, it appears I did not need to do that, but I should only need to specify the Google Analytics account # in the preferences. So, I did that, and removed the code snippet from Theme.Liquid. Is that the right thing to do?

Mar 20 2010 by jonathanbriggs
internal stats vs analytics

Hi, 've just opened this thread reganding a strange thing i have just noticed comparing these two services. On friday shopify stats said that i was visted more than 150times, but looking at analytics it said only 5. What's the difference between the two scripts? I already know that analytics can't provide spider/crawler stats, but 144 visit in a day by a crawler imho is too much. ...

Dec 3 2007 by gh3go