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CRAZY high sales, and then nothing.

Hi, Last week we KILLED it with sales, we launched on HSN and The Grommet and saw a record amount of sales traffic to our website.  All of the promotion got people really excited about our product and we did really well on our website.  Then, yesterday is slowed down, and today we're back to where we were the week before last.  What should we do to gain back the sales momentum and drive targ...

Jul 24 2017 by Antony Parker
How we help Shopify store owners increase sales in less than one month

Dear store owners, please read this, give it a try and let us know if it works for you as well. https://blog.botego.com/how-we-help-shopify-store-owners-increase-sales-in-less-than-one-month-93643981fc1a#.978q71j8t If you want to try it for a longer time, I am ready to provide you with a coupon code. Happy sales! :)  

Mar 8 2017 by Henry Burns
Would love to get your thoughts and feedback on my brand and site!

I just launched my brand recently (THE STONE SOCIETY) and my site WWW.THESTONESOCIETY.COM I started with really comfortable & soft statement tees that all revolve around statements that describe diamonds and other precious natural stones that also apply to people.  I will eventually have other forms of clothing, like hats, sweats/lounge pants, leggings, etc. Would love to get any feed...

Mar 15 2017 by Zack
Been trying everything but I am really stuck and not sure what else to d...

Hi all, My website is https://chicfitnesswear.com I am not getting any traffic to my website...maybe 6-8 a week tops. (but no sales) I am using Instagram, Facebook, doing giveaway contests. I haven't even gotten one click yet. I don't know how to gain traction. Anything helps. I don't know what other marketing I can do.  Also looking for general advice on my site in addition to generating tr...

Jun 4 2017 by Jarrett
Don't know what else to do. Trying everything and no sales.

Hi, My website is www.staycoastalapparel.com I am not getting any traffic to my website...maybe 6-8 a week tops. (but no sales) I am using Instagram, Facebook, doing giveaway contests. I started Google Adwords, and I haven't even gotten one click yet for me to pay for. I use the Instagress app to help get followers and my name out there. I don't know how to gain traction. Is it a matter of j...

Mar 19 2017 by Lisa H
Please, is this for real? Almost a year and not even ONE sale?

Is it possible? Almost a full year and not even ONE organic sale? I've done SEO, blogging three times a week religiously, uploading content to different social media outlooks, a working and functional website, what's going on? Is not slow, it's non-existent! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! https://www.uber-nutra.com

Apr 1 2017 by Arshad zaidi
No marketing budget? Help!

I recently launched a smartwatches dropshipping store in December 2017. I have put in great deal of effort but still struggling to make first sale after 3 fraudulent orders.. I have tried Facebook and pinterest ads, spent about $35 on advertising and generated about 50 site visits. As a new business, I am struggling to find a marketing budget above $100-200. I'm not exactly sure how well my ads...

Feb 28 2017 by Henry Burns
Facebook Advertising Expert Needed

So I am trying to target a certain FB page that is in my nitch but FB is not letting me when I search for the page in Interests. The page I wish to target has a good following of just about 50,000 likes so It isn't a small page. What can I do to target this page even though it isn't coming up when I search for it when building an ad?

May 29 2017 by Jarrett
No clue what to do or where to start

We have our site up evesvanity.com, however we don't show up on google. We have no clue how to do seo even though we have been trying. We are not in a great financial position where we can hire outside parties and pay a lot but we are willing to learn and apply the work, we just have no clue what we should be doing to get more traffic and at least 1 sale. We have a google adwords account. We ha...

Aug 9 2017 by Tony Bui
What is the best ways to Drive Traffic With Little or No Marketing Budget!?

I'm 17 and have created a Dad Hat Business. I promote mostly on instagram and facebook, hence, it has been the main source of sales. In terms of paid marketing I have had NO success and have devoted myself to driving traffic naturally :) Would love some inspiration on unique ways that could give a business an edge. Also if you see something that could help directly from my site feel free to hit...

Jul 24 2017 by Antony Parker
Another "No sales" thread!

Hi All, Our web site has been live for a few months and, now that we've ironed out the kinkds, we have started advertising on facebook.  We also have a facebook site and active instagram presence.  Nevertheless, we are getting virtually no sales through the web site.  Any feedback would be much appreciated. http://www.designerrascal.com

Jul 21 2017 by Alexandria Narain
Some traffic, no sales

Hi my store ( www.fashiongenieboutique.com )has been live for about 3 weeks and no sales I've spent a small fortune on Facebook ads and also google ad words, I've had some traffic but no sales. Any advice?

May 25 2017 by Pamela Gormley

Have only had one sale since opened i ran a c eck but do not know what i can  do to improve sales and have people that look buy. Tya

May 23 2017 by Kassey
Market Opportunity Assessment

This type of research is mostly useful for those companies which are already active in the market and aren’t tending to enter new markets. But simultaneously are looking for growth opportunities in the market. The opportunities which can be answered by the available facilities and develop the market. These researches are a combination of products, competitors, market and customers' analysis whi...

May 22 2017 by Jarrett
SEO Issues, not appearing on Google

Hello, I'm hoping someone will have a suggestion for me.  My website is www.gadgets4phones.com and I've had very few sales (16 total) since I started it in January.  All of my traffic seems to be coming from Facebook and Pinterest.  From what I can tell, I'm not appearing on Google at all (and that was my main goal).  I went the route of hiring someone on Fiverr in February who sold me a pac...

Aug 9 2017 by Nathan Le
20 days, No Sales. (Swimwear store)

Since summer is on the way, I have started  a Swimwear dropshipping store https://aureliafashion.com It had been more than 20 days and I have spent more than more than $100 on FB ads( includes PPE and Conversion - Purchase) in $5 daily budget I get hardly 1-2 click to my site. My Ad quality is not that bad.   This Ad for Plus size swimwears and other Ad for Monokini My CTR is av...

Nov 6 2017 by Michael
No Sales after 1 month Start.

Hello, I have started www.divvanstore.com a month ago and working hard to bring traffic to my site. I am mostly promoting my page on instagram. There is some traffic but no sales. Can some one please review my website and provide me any suggestions on how to improve my site, what is lacking that is stopping me in having my sales. I know it's hard in the initial days but i want to do whatever it...

Aug 10 2017 by Karan Jassar
Facebook Shop

Hi  I can't view my products on my facebook page? comes up with this message "Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment". What can i do to fix this?

May 14 2017 by Jarrett
Convert visitors

CLOSED. Thanks for helping me.  

May 31 2017 by Edward
A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

Hey guys, I've been running my anime/game related website for a few weeks now. I have been getting a lot of people adding products to their carts, but they don't convert into sales.. I'm very lost, I don't know what it is. Does my website look trustworthy? Are the product images not good enough? Is it the theme I'm using? Is it the colors? Is it the product description?   Thank ...

Jul 12 2018 by Oussama Taleb