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Can't Remove Gtag,js

My Google Tag Analysis shows Gobal Site Tag (gtag.js) is installed. But the gtag is the wrong account ID. I can't find a way to change it. I have never added gtag to my Shopify code before. Why is it appearing? Maye it is from Google Shopping app or some other app? How to remove the gtag.js code?  

Yesterday by New in Trend
Is there a Daily Facebook Ad Amount you can spend per account?

Hello,   I have my daily budget set to 7k in Daily ad spend however as soon as the account gets to 5k it stops delivering all ads until 12:00 AM the next day. I have checked to see if maybe there was a limit set but there isnt one. Anybody had any similar issued? I have gone to payment settings billing setting looked on forums and I cant really find anything on this.   Thanks for yo...

Yesterday by Dariel Martinez
Shopify Organization Tags help with SEO?

Hey everyone, For each product, Shopify has a feature where we can add tags into the interface I'm talking the tags section directly underneath the product tags, vendors, and collections input sections on the right side of the screen. These tags look to be primarily for search (why they do not have instant search beats me), but I was wondering if they are also useful for on-page SEO.  For...

Dec 11 2018 by Fogle
Active marketing campaign but no add spend/activity?

I activated a mass marketing campaign but nothing is happening, no add spend no impressions???nada Any idea why? It's been active for over 24 hrs.

Dec 11 2018 by Eric Smith
Can I ask you to fill out a survey regarding Google Adwords?

Hi shopifiers. I've been thinking about adding a new service to my consulting business and I was hoping to hear your feedback through a short 3-5 question survey I've created. Would mean a lot to me and hopefully ensure that I don't waste a lot of time and energy developing a new offer if it's not something that anybody is interested in. Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/ZfaKVA8W81DNFTyW2...

Dec 9 2018 by KimLangholz
INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK is not supported in BRUNEI Darussalam to connect my...

Hi There, Is there anyone can help me, an advice what to do on how to enable this features on facebook and instagram? Would you advice to change the address of my store with my facebook and instagram address? Did you have same experience as mine? since as of now Brunei is not supported. Could you please help me throug this please? Thank you for your kind advice.

Dec 8 2018 by Dinnes
Pinterest Sales Channel not available?

Hi there, Good day! I would like to ask for Pinterest Sales Channel availability. My store address is in Brunei Darussalam, is it not available or just shopify does not support pinterest anymore.. Thank you for your response..

Dec 8 2018 by Dinnes

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Dec 7 2018 by Joice
Facebook Shop is in review for a few days now

I get this message when trying to enable my facebook shop: "Your Facebook Shop is in review. You can enable it once it’s approved." Its been like this for a few days now, and it feels like its stuck. What can I do about it?

Dec 5 2018 by Efraim Minzer
What marketing problems are e-commerce stores having?

Hello! As a digital marketer, I am trying to gauge the biggest marketing problems e-commerce entrepreneurs are currently experiencing.  I would love for you all to fill out my 3 questions survey on this topic.  As payment, I will research your marketing problems and email you back a solution! https://goo.gl/forms/aosRTwei8ZqiDR2w2

Dec 4 2018 by Chris Burgess
Student Project 1 / Mid-term exam in Digital Marketing

Hello. We are a group of three girls that are working on our first Student Project in Digital Marketing through Noroff Vocational School in Norway.   For our first Project, we have to do an analysis of a Company website. This includes a full report of Social Media, Branding, SEO etc. We are looking for a website with 8 pages or more, that is older than 6 months and in English of course...

Dec 2 2018 by Elin Andreassen
Any Idea Why This Adwords Event Code Isn't Working?

Hey everyone, if there are any code ninjas out there I'm having difficulty with my Google Ads Event Tracking Tag. It's installed in the Checkout, Additional Scripts page section and I've added some Liquid according to the instructions on shopify's own help article (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/analyze-marketing/tracking-adwords-conversions) to dynamiclally pull prod...

Nov 28 2018 by Harry.
how to solve issues with incorrect hreflang links on semrush?

While runing the site audit on semrush, I found some issue regarding incorrect hreflang tags. While i search on depth about the reason behind it. I got that the page from the different country has no page with same url and giving the not found page . Is there any conditions we can apply to fix this hreflang tag issue? Here is the hreflang code i have used for my site: <link rel="al...

Nov 28 2018 by Sara
Ecommerce Website Product Pages not index

 Hi Webmaster i have a Joomla E commerce website for my client.     My Product are not index in Google. My website https://www.resion.com have 200000 (2 lakh page) but only 4000 pages are index.     What can i do to get all my product index in Google. Please suggest me. What shall i do now.     Eg Non index pages     https://www.resion.com/catalog/572188/M87164A03FD222J     https://w...

Nov 28 2018 by jamesgonzalezny
Q4 Marketing Ideas and Automation Strategy

Here's a Q4 marketing strategy I've been using successfully for my clients... the theme is automated systems :D 1) Automatic Retargeting - This is easy ROI on complete autopilot, my favorite part of the plan. - I use Snappic (there's a $50 off code - EASYMONEY). Shoelace has worked well for me in the past, but Snappic is set up for both Instagram and Facebook instead of only Facebook. - F...

Nov 21 2018 by Joe's Ideas
Should I keep on using two facebook ad accounts to sell on same fb page ...

I am using two ad accounts on facebook. I am on shopify Plus. One ad account is for shoelace the other one is for the ads that I create myself. I wonder if it is better to use just one ad account for everything so that ads from both my accounts do not compete with each other. Need help deciding what to do.

Nov 11 2018 by Qamar Aftab
Code for both discounts and commisions?

I run a sporting goods/apparel company. We sponsor athletes. I want to create a code that the athlete can give to fans that will allow them to get a discount, while the athlete also gets a commision. I want to limit this to only certain products. I'm thinking a 10% commision for the athlete and a 5% discount for the customer. I've read up on Shopify discount codes, but am not sure if they ar...

Nov 4 2018 by Willy
Will share Marketing/Operating Cost. Anyone for partnership?

For USA based, niche eCommerce/Dropship store which sells high end, exclusive, expensive products (minium product cost - $75 or above), I have an offer. I am looking for 5-10 eCommerce stores for a win-win partnership where you keep your eCommerce profit while I share your operating and/or marketing cost depending on what you are selling and how much traffic you are getting on your website. ...

Nov 2 2018 by Sami Shah
Reports: Sort by Landing Page Ref

Hi, If you go to online reports (https://example.myshopify.com/admin/reports/sessions_by_landing_page  or  https://example.myshopify.com/admin/reports/online_store_conversion), there are filters that can be used to narrow down on data. Our goal is see where the the traffic came from (using ref=source), which, as I understand would be the 'Landing Page Ref.' However, there is no filter for...

Nov 2 2018 by Tech1
WARNING about new SHOPIFY google shopping app

The new google shopping app that shopify have been pushing for weeks has some major issues would could lose you $1000s    Be very careful before installing this app   the first problem was it took over 10 days to refresh the google shopping feed meaning a huge loss of income as the adds are not live Secondly the feed is not connecting with google merchant centre properly and will...

Nov 1 2018 by Watchandclockparts