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Why my store in not selling?

Hello, everyone!

I need your help. I created a dropship store in november. I have a lot of products. I have several retargeting campaigns and a landing page with a free ebook. I have even made a small facebook ads campaign. My store has received more than 1.200 visits. But I have not made any sales. Not a single one. I think the store is easy to navigate through, the products are cute, my prices are competitive, I offer free delivery in my main potential markets, my CTA is very clear and I think the store is pretty. Buy obviously I'm doing something wrong, based on the results. 

Could you, please, take a look at my store and tell me what I'm doing wrong and what can be improved? I'd really appreciate that. It's:


Thank you very much in advance!

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In order to make sales and bring traffic to your website, you need to be active on social media.

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Thank you, Jason. I'm active on social media, too. I created an account on facebook some months ago, but it only grew during the FA campaign. Now it's not growing, maybe because of the new facebook politics. So I created an Instagram account like 3 weeks ago, and this one is growing quite good (almost 600 folowers in 3 weeks, and growing faster every day). But again, some interaction but no sales. I also have an account on Pinterest. In the three of them, I try not to only show my products, but provide interesting and fun information that parents may need and like.


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Thank you very much. I'll take a look at that app ;)


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Since you're already active on social media, you should do well with Facebook retargeting. I see 4-5x return ad spend on my main store.

I use an app called Shoelace. It works like magic completely autopilot and they create the ads for you (you just confirm them and they launch).

There was also a glitch with the Accept button at the cookie policy bar at the bottom, the whole button wasn't clickable so it just felt a little weird. Small stuff like that can lose you a bit of trust (especially when the popup is something related to privacy).

Lifestyle pics - I would mix your Instagram with some lifestyle type pics, rather than only products. Think about what your audience wants to see (and what gets a lot of likes in your industry), and post more of that.


Enjoy the adventure!
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Tough challenge. Here's my $0.02

Companies come to us every day whose marketing performance has not been strong to date. Mack Weldon, apparel company for men, was one.  We used our digital performance arm to help drive that success. 

We found that a combination of Google Shopping, Search and FB ads were the key to our integrated strategy. More on this here if you want to see what our strategy was - https://bit.ly/2GE1WYd

Good luck!

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Hello Daniel

I'm late to the party I know. Think your site looks great and think you should be crushing it.

As I say to everyone, a list is crucial, it lets you market to people familiar with your site. Facebook messenger marketing is a great way forward in ecommerce as it's so quick and casual. 

Delivery rates for messages of 100% unless they're dummy accounts and 80% open rates add testimony to this. One click subscription with a button on your website meaning someone doesn't have to leave and go to fb to sign up means you keep them where you want them.

Worth considering?