5 months ago

UTM tracking on Shopify This post is outdated


I'm trying to understand UTM tracking for our store. We have a website on Wordpress that is linked to the Shopify account. All social media campaigns we run are linked to the that wordpress site. I'm worried that when the customer goes from our website to the shopify store, the utm stops tracking the conversions. 

I'm seeing no data for Reports by Marketing Campaign on the Shopify dashboard. 

We have cross-domain tracking on GA enabled and it is showing us some conversions but the number usually doesn't match the orders placed on Shopify. 

How can I integrate my website with the shopify store so that I get all the data correctly? 

Thank you for your help in advance. 


Preet Rajdeo

5 months ago

Hi Preet,

It depends on whether you're using seperate domains or sub-domains for your Shopify and WordPress.

Read the cross-domain tracking section of my analytics guide for everything you need to know to get cross-domain tracking functional so things like UTM parameters carry across both platforms.

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