December 29, 2013

Sending one-time customer satisfaction survey to customers who opt out of marketing This post is outdated

I try to send out a customer satisfaction survey to my customers 30-45 days after their purchase. Unfortunately, surveys are not addressed in Shopify's "accepts marketing" checkbox, so customers that opt out of marketing don't end up in my list of customers in MailChimp. I don't want to send my customers marketing emails that they don't want to receive, but the customers satisfaction survey is a one-time email to ensure their satisfaction with their purchase, and quickly identify any product issues that may arise.

Does anyone have any guidance about whether or not it's considered acceptable to email a customer who does not want to receive marketing a one-time email with a link to a customer satisfaction survey? If it's okay, what's the best way to do this?

  1. Set up a separate list in MailChimp for customer satisfaction surveys only?
  2. Forward the email the opt-ins get, with a brief introductory explanation that this is a one-time email, and they will not receive any more?
  3. Send a simple, personal, text-only email from me, asking them to take the survey via an included link?

Thanks, in advance for your input!


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aah Member
January 14, 2014

Hey Phillip,

In my experience, a personal message is the way to go. In general, we receive a lot of computer generated emails. While it does help with many aspects of our business, people who opt-out are usually the ones who feel like they are getting to many emails and not being heard. 

When I ran my business, I would always follow up with a personalized email. The end result was a lot of happy customers and some amazing feedback! Feedback that changed my entire company

Worse case scenario is that they do not respond to your email. At least you tried and gave it the human touch! If it works, they might be more inclined to receive other emails from you and give you the feedback you need. 

You are the boss!