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10 months ago

No Sales Need help Marketing

Need help, getting traffic to the store using facebook pixel to run retargeting ads but no sales. Any feed back would be generously appreciated.

9 months ago

How can we help if you don't give any info?

What's your website, social media, products, what have you tried, what's your audience.

Help us help you.

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9 months ago

In order to make sales and bring traffic to your website, you need to be active on social media.

7 months ago

Hi there. We hear this question all the time, so we put together a guide on how Shopify stores can get started with marketing: Getting started with Shopify Marketing Guide

Display Advertising on Facebook and across the Web

Ads are an easy way to increase traffic (even if they cost money), especially if you’re new. You have to make sure your targeting is correct though. The important thing is to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to traffic. I’d rather have 100 likely to buy visitors instead of 1,000 “window shopper” visitors.

Retargeting ads are also super awesome. Basically, they’re ads that show up on websites to people who have already visited your store. They’re a valuable addition to your marketing efforts if your targeting is nearly perfect.

Influencer Marketing

“Influencer Marketing” is definitely a hot topic. This marketing method involves hiring influencers, people with a strong fan base on various social media platforms, to promote their brands, offers, and products. Influencer marketing is fantastic for building brand awareness and driving traffic, but don’t rely on it to drive sales. You can research influencers relevant to your niche and work with them to post about your brand in exchange for a fee.

Email Marketing

If you’re going to use email marketing, install a pop-up app that collects emails of website visitors. I personally recommend a small pop up on the bottom right so it doesn’t annoy your visitors. Also don’t use those “someone just bought product x pop-ups.” They’re annoying and haven’t been proven to drive sales.

Collect the emails of visitors to your site so you can nurture them with a weekly blog post or specialized offers.

How effective is email marketing? This study shows that marketers can enjoy an ROI up to 4300% if they manage to do it right. Many marketers use email marketing to boost their sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best marketing channels period, but it takes time to see results. It’s a long term project that can bring in more website traffic and sales than you ever dreamed. The best way to take advantage of SEO with Shopify is to write blog posts relevant to your niche. If you’re selling luxury clothing, write blog posts about the luxury lifestyle.

There are tools to help you with SEO like SEMrush or SEO apps on the Shopify store. I’m not affiliated with SEMrush in any way. I just think their product is amazing and I’m a huge fan. Shopify SEO apps do a great job in helping you manage SEO without having to spend a fortune on SEO agencies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is one of the most phenomenal digital marketing methods to enhance brand awareness. You want to make sure you post a few times on Facebook and Instagram throughout the week, and 2–4 times a day on Twitter. Don’t forget Pinterest too! There are over 2.4 billion social media users all over the world.

Here’s where I self promote. I wrote a blog post about how to get started with Shopify marketing that includes more in-depth info than what I posted above: Getting Started with Shopify Marketing.

Hope this helps!

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