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Limiting Promo Codes to Customers Without Specific Tags This post is outdated

Hi - Maybe someone can help me out. I'd like to send out promo codes to people, but not have certain segments able to use it. 

I run a store, which has two sides, retail and wholesale. Customers tagged with "Wholesale" see wholesale pricing and different product selection. Anyone who doesnt have that tag, just sees the regular site. 

The Problem: Promo codes intended for retail consumers are being used by wholesale customers. 

Question: Is there a way to limit certain promo codes to certain segments of customers? IE Customers Tagged "Wholesale" shouldn't be able to use XYZ Promo Code



Ana Shopify Employee ptlbeauty.com
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Hi Austin!

Ana here, from the Shopify guru team. :)

You can create discount codes that only apply to specific customers based on a tag, though you won't be able to create discount codes that can't be applied to certain customers, which means that you'll need to tag your non-wholesale customers for this to work.

You might be able to use this app (https://apps.shopify.com/customertagger) to create automatic tagging rules so that you don't have to manually tag all non-wholesale customers. There isn't a specific tag that you can use, but a suggestion I have would be to use the "Tag by spend" rule, and automatically tag all customers as non-wholesale who have a cart total of less than $100, for example (or whatever makes sense for the typical spend amount of wholesale vs non-wholesale customers). There's a 7 day trial on the app for you to test it out.

From there, you'll then want to create customer group based on that tag:

  • In your Customers section, click the "Filter customers" option near the top left, and select "Tagged with" in the dropdown menu. Then, type in the tag that designates all non-wholesale customers.
  • Once you've filtered the search, click "Save this search" near the top right to create the customer group. 
  • When you create a discount, you'll be able to see this filtered search based on the tag in the Conditions section, under the "customer in group" dropdown option. Create your discount and save.

There may be another way to do this (another idea I had is to just indicate clearly on your website that discount codes won't apply to wholesale orders as a policy) - if so, I'd love to see if anyone from our community has any suggestions. :)


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8 months ago

would love to see this happen as well - the solution Ana outlined works, but (correct me if im wrong) only if the customer has an account already AND is logged in. Otherwise they wont be able to use the code. 

That isn't really ideal because I really dont expect customers to log in or create an account. 

Does the app linked to create accounts for customers who have never logged in before, or dont have an 'activated' account?