8 months ago

How to start Facebook Ads

So I have failed with a couple stores of mine and I believe that it is due to not knowing what direction to go in with Facebook ads. I am very familiar with Facebook ads and how it works and how to do things. The only thing I need help with is choosing what direction to go in and a path to follow in order to start getting sales. For a few of my stores, I just tried to spend a ton of money on random audiences and build a lookalike audience first and realized that did not work. For this site (manhabitat.com) I am trying to decide what kind of steps do I go in first: do I use all my products with a common audience to see which products do well then once I find a winner narrow down the audience to a better one or do I pick a random product that I might think will do well and test a bunch of different audiences. I also want to know what is your guys' setups with retargeting since I know retargeting is huge. 


Side Note: I do have a facebook ad campaign that is doing View Contents at about $0.30-$0.40 per view but with only 3 purchases and $200 ad spent and my products cost $10 so I am losing a lot of money. This ad campaign seems like it is doing great but it isn't getting any significant sales.

Jay Williams Member
8 months ago

Hi Dan

I read through your post and took a quick look at your website and here are my initial thoughts.

The first thing I would say is who is your market? This is probably the most overlooked step I see in marketing today. Once you are clear on who you're talking to you can start to strategically map out your efforts to meet their desires and solve their problems.

I'd recommend Googling Digital Marketers perfect avatar template. (I would post it in here but they will ban me)

Once you've completed your avatar sheet you're going to be able to research your audience further and find out where they are hanging out online. This is going to help drive your targeting and help to identify any 'Niche Lingo' that is used to build the creative. for your ads.

I would then take what you've learnt about your audience and really work on those product pages.

The Product Titles and descriptions - I recommend creating a catchy product title and writing a description that illustrates the benefit to the buyer of using the product. Use bullets and space to improve readability. If you have a USP for this particular item what is it? Do you offer a guarantee or free shipping on the item? What variations do you have if any? What are the specific dimensions of each product?

I could recommend a ton of other things to help you right now but I think that you need to go back to basics of marketing.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can help with anything else.



PS I'd turn the Facebook ad off for now until you make these change, you are just giving money to Facebook.

Fernando Dean Member
8 months ago

Google ads are great than Fb ads if you do them right. What have you tried so far?

8 months ago

I have mainly just focused on Facebook ads but I will use Google AdWords for retargeting.

8 months ago

Choose your campaign intent based on the most vital metrics for your business and your goals for this particular ad.
Set your budget and schedule.
Create your Facebook ads with the desired format.
Maintain & Measure. Manage your ads. Review ad controls. See your ad results. Go to Ads Manager.