April 07, 2012

Affiliate Program This post is outdated

Would love feedback on the affiliate apps for Shopify. I've looked at all the apps: Zferral, Omnistar, and Wigify, but I'm having a hard time deciding which to go with.

Wigify sounds good for a beginning affiliate program as it only takes a percentage of actual commissions. 

On the other hand, my niche is used to affiliate programs - so it's possible that I might do really well quickly so a fixed price might work out better in the long run. Zferral has very good reviews, but it's pricey enough to make me hesitate to be sure it's right for me and has limits on how many affiliates you can have in the lower price packages which also makes me hesitate.

Please note that statement isn't a put-down of Zferral, just trying to understand how that is working for people so I can decide if it's a good fit for my business.

Are you happy with the app you are using? Did you try one and change?

Do you use an affiliate program AND a referral program?

Stevielynx Member
March 07, 2016
Post Affiliate Pro seems to have everything I need. But I can't find any Shopify sites that use it and that's a red flag.