3 months ago

Advice Needed for our Facebook Advertising


https://www.instagram.com/sandycracksclothing/ (3,240 followers)

https://www.facebook.com/SandyCracksClothing/ (300 likes)

Images of our stats etc: https://imgur.com/a/qPN1LIt

We purchased this store off someone awhile back. We're using facebook ads to drive traffic to our store. We are getting an OK amount of traffic. We've only received 4 sales. Do our metrics look okay? 

We've played around with the audience a bit (just Australia for now), We've tried purchase conversions, traffic, add to cart conversions. We've tried a couple different ad creatives: single photo, carousel , fullscreen experience.

Is there anything that we appear to be doing wrong? Any advice for improvement? We expected more sales by this point and we're not sure if it's due to our product, site, targeting, or actual ads. 

Thanks for reading, your response will be greatly appreciated.



Nick Shopify Employee
3 months ago

Hi Jack, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

There is a very good technique for Facebook ads to find the right audience for you called the 3x3x3 method. It involves starting with 3 ads, 3 different audiences and 3 different sets of copy/images and a small budget for each. By monitoring them and seeing the results for each variable, you will see some will be more successful than others. You can drop off the less successful ones and raise the budget for the ads which are working better to reach the key audience. There are some good guides about this which you can see here

It might also be worth looking into using Kit also. Kit is a virtual employee which helps drives sales a lot of which are through highly specified Facebook ads. The Kit team does regular free webinars for people looking to learn more about how it works which you can join from here

I wouldn't say it's anything you're doing wrong per say, but you becoming familiar with the audience of the store after buying it. Hopefully, these techniques can help.

All the best, Nick

3 months ago

Hi Jack,

Where the old owners making money with online sales? If so what are you doing differently?

How focused is your targeting? 

You need to stop guessing. I have done an indepth training teaching people like you how to work out who to target. My clients can spend 12 hours working on this and that gives them so much information that one client who sells pet products knows that their audience are all trump supporters! This gives them a chance to run an add to a very selected demographic which saves them a ton of money while testing ads.

If you would like to do this free training please let me know. It's one of my blog posts. 



about 1 month ago

From personal experience, I noticed Facebook ads is better for brand awareness than it is for sales, I know some people are quite succesful with fcbk ads but I guess it's one of those things that work better for certain niches or products, not for everyone. For me google adwords and bing ads have a higher ROI