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Canonicals for Tagged Collection Pages

I've been researching this topic endlessly and thought I had arrived at a solution but Screaming Frog indicates my solution was not successful. Problem: I used tags to filter my collections pages - by everything from subcategory to brand to product features.  The result, I discovered, was the creation of dozens and dozens, maybe hundreds, of additional collection URLs for each possible permu...

Today by vittiegrocer
I ran a facebook ad for a free product and still got no traffic and no s...

I'm really shocked that I got such poor results from this ad. Any advice? Any suggestions for different ads? what do you think went wrong? view the ad below: https://www.facebook.com/CatLoversUnited17/posts/609894962543520?ref=notif&notif_t=like&notif_id=1491796701904124 Audience I used: Location: United States Age: 18 - 64 Gender: Female Language: Engli...

Today by David Dundas
Need some help narrowing my audience

So I have found a little success with one audience but it is huge and the costs are pretty high. The audience size is 11 million and it costs me anywhere between $6 to $23 for somebody to initiate checkout. The audience is simply targeting the behavior men's apparel buyer, that is an 11 million person audience.  I spent $100 dollars to try this audience out sending them to this specific prod...

Jun 23 2017 by Richard Liedholm
Garnering Interest: Would You be Interested in an App Like This?

Hello store owners!   I'm here today to see if there is a demand for a specific type of marketing app. I've got the skeleton of a coupon affiliate networking website created, and before I go any further I'd like to see if there is a legitimate need for what I envision.   I envision a site similar to https://www.retailmenot.com/, except strictly for SHOPIFY vendors. You would ideally...

Today by Conner Pope
7 Easy Steps to Grow Ecommerce Sales from Instagram

We figured out an infalible way of making money on Instagram. Nothing else has worked as well as this. Not influencers or any other type of marketing. So I'd like to share it here and hear what you think? * * * If you feel like social networks, such as Instagram, are difficult marketing channels for ecommerce, you’re not alone. According to our research, social traffic has the worst Co...

Today by Ramon Bez
Google Customer Reviews

Will Shopify be supporting 'Google Customer Reviews'?

Today by Steve Jones
FB Custom Audience Set-Up - Customers visiting checkout page

Hi! I'm trying to create a custom audience on FB for shoppers who reach the thank you page after purchasing. I have the pixel installed on the checkout/order processing box, but I'm not sure if I need additional FB tracking events added.  I've set it up for wordpress sites before and it's easy to set it up to the thank you page domain and then set the FB audience up for only people visiting ...

Today by Steve Cicalese
SEO Advice Products

Hey there,  I have two questions for any generous SEO gurus out there. The site in question is www.ciovita.com.  1) The first question is about product descriptors. The company is a cycling apparel brand. The most common items are jerseys. I have written descriptors for the jerseys, but they are often very similar, they use the same fabrics etc. I ran a check on a site called siteliner.co...

Yesterday by Michael Fox
Bad experience with Bing Ads

We just like to share our recent, really bad experience with Bing Ads, which is Microsoft indeed. Even though we are no particular fan of advertising with Google as they are expensive, there are worlds between Google and Bing (Yahoo, AOL). Here are our experiences and the reasons we recommend, "Stay away from Bing Ads": 1. The customer support is a nightmare! We spend hours going in circl...

Dec 16 2016 by noahjbrooks
Need advice to attract trafic and sales

Hi, Launched a designer label online shop. www.hanneskettritz.com I need to find ways to attract people and get viral. Please check the website and give me suggestions. Thanks, Rafail

Yesterday by Michael Fox
Need 100% Accurate Leads? B2B Opportunities!

Hi guys, this is Michael Fox here to share another valable tip to help your business succeed. We've all heard of lead generation, and typically what comes to mind is email signups, social media promotions, or word of mouth leads.  One of the most overlooked solutions to grow your business, and one of the absolute best ROIs with proven effectivenenss, is B2B lead generation. Rather than selli...

Yesterday by Michael Fox
Google Shopping showing as Organic traffic

Hi, I started advertising on Google shopping this week and it's going great, apart from the traffic/sales are getting attributed against google/organic in Google Analytics. The conversion data tracks correctly within Adwords, and if I run a normal AdWords campaign (keyword based) this traffic and attribution shows against CPC. The Google Analytics and Merchant Centre account are both l...

Yesterday by bsstaveley
After a 1 year My Store still did not take off

Hi ,  I am beauty retail operator in Brasil and also has estabilished a Web Store. (www.favoritacosmeticos.com)  I am running the Store around a year ... but still could not se a consistend volume of visits and conversitions. We had only R$ 4300 in sales ... that is around US$ 1200 I could check that 85% of trafic comes from mobile devices . I still did not spend massive with onl...

Yesterday by Shopili.com
ADROLL is good ?

Hello Everyone I am new for Online Advertisment. Recently we got known about Adroll and planing to start making advertisment with Adroll. Are there anybody who use ADROLL ?  We would like to know your experience with Adroll and if you can give us any advice (what kinds of things we should be careful or we need to do or what skills are required for making efficient Advertisment with ADROLL...

Yesterday by Koki Iwahara
Optimised website not ranking - Help!

Hi all, I have a client with a shopify website https://irishhouse.com/ which I have tried to rank over the last 6 months and it is still nowhere to be found on Google. All meta titles, descriptions, alts, sitemaps been added to webmaster etc. I have got some awesome links from news agencies and fashion magazines. I am a successful online marketer but this one has really got me stumped!    ...

Yesterday by rtrtrtrt
High traffic low conversions

Hi,my sister and I have opened up a online womens boutique store called magnoliaparkboutique.com We opened it up about 5 weeks ago,we use facebook and instagram for advertising.We have had a lot of traffic but low conversions.We have only had 1 out of state sale.Our analytics show more men then women coming to site and they only stay on main page.Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.      ...

Jun 21 2017 by Azimuth
Good places to advertise in

Hi everyone Can you advertise a business on sites like Craigslist , Kijiji , used everywhere  or other similar sites ? Other possible places that have just come to mind are Amazon , eBay etc. Years ago I tried to make a website work for me but I cannot get Any Good traffic or a good ranking. So now I am going to try Clickbank . If anyone has any good suggestions of places to advertise ...

Jun 21 2017 by Azimuth
Google Shopping, only listing the first variant

Running into a new issue now with the Google Shopping app.  It will only list all variants/sizes if they have a unique picture.  In our case we might have for example a t-shirt in the following 4 variants: Size S 0 stock Size M 1 stock Size L 0 Stock Size XL 1 stock   So in total we have 2 items in stock for this product, however the Google Shopping app and Google itself...

Jun 26 2017 by Jake Boss
Starting first facebook / instagram campaigns; any advice on my strategy?

Hello, first I would like to say I am brand new in this group and I can see many wonderful helpful people here as this is a true passion of mine. (Sorry for long message ahead of time) I am planning to start to create my ad campaigns in the near future but wanted to make sure I am on the right path by doing so. Here is my plan if you have any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciat...

Jun 26 2017 by Jarrett
Good FB AD Engagements no sales

I'm getting a lot of engagement 1k-3k a day, but I'm not getting any sales. I really don't know what im doing wrong, I'm even doing Free Shipping and Just pay for shipping methods, but none of it seems to work. So to sum it up I have good engagements on FB, but 0 sales. What am I doing wrong?

Jun 26 2017 by Jarrett