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Need help with my Facebook and Instagram ads ASAP! g8

I've spent a few hundreds dollars on my ads and only a few purchases from my ads. I've tried influencer Instagram influencers and have also had no luck.. I am looking to get help with my ads because I hear all about them but am clearly not doing something right. What could I be doing wrong? What has worked for you? What are some things you've learned that are important?

Aug 5 2018 by Nick
Sales stopped after first 3 sales - paid FB Ads - POD-Shop

Hey there commnunity!   I recently launched my own store at www.walkincat.com   last week! I am running a Print-on-demand store - no Dropshipping from China. It did not even take long to get the 1st three sales - on Sunday I started advertising - this week's Monday I already got the first sale. Then the second 2 sales on Tuesday. A ROAS of above 20 - I thought - how is this possible? ...

Today by Jason
Google Shopping requers MPN and GTIN

Google Shopping requers MPN and  GTIN. But I added so many different  vendors and  merch on my site via Oberlo. Is contacting everyone would be my only one option in order to get MPN and GTIN?

Today by Albina Mamatova
Can't Remove Gtag,js

My Google Tag Analysis shows Gobal Site Tag (gtag.js) is installed. But the gtag is the wrong account ID. I can't find a way to change it. I have never added gtag to my Shopify code before. Why is it appearing? Maye it is from Google Shopping app or some other app? How to remove the gtag.js code?  

Yesterday by New in Trend
Looking for the best way for me to change my marketing strategy and webs...

I currently use instagram as my main way of marketing. https://www.instagram.com/66collective/ I get on average 3 site views a day through constant engagement on instagram. I havent had 1 sale in months even though i released a new collection of clothing. I would like someone to review my website design as well because it is clearly not working for me. Also, what is the best way to get vi...

Nov 21 2018 by Mario
Is there a Daily Facebook Ad Amount you can spend per account?

Hello,   I have my daily budget set to 7k in Daily ad spend however as soon as the account gets to 5k it stops delivering all ads until 12:00 AM the next day. I have checked to see if maybe there was a limit set but there isnt one. Anybody had any similar issued? I have gone to payment settings billing setting looked on forums and I cant really find anything on this.   Thanks for yo...

Yesterday by Dariel Martinez
How can I increase traffic to my website?

I have done, linking, social bookmarking, created 4 videos on You Tube, have 5 Blogs (4 free, 1 my own) all with unique content and low competition key words (Page Rank 2+ sites). I have 8 key words that rank page 1 on google but I still can't seem to get more then 80 - 100 people a day.  regards, online casino in malaysia

Dec 8 2018 by live:vikash.god01
Shopify Organization Tags help with SEO?

Hey everyone, For each product, Shopify has a feature where we can add tags into the interface I'm talking the tags section directly underneath the product tags, vendors, and collections input sections on the right side of the screen. These tags look to be primarily for search (why they do not have instant search beats me), but I was wondering if they are also useful for on-page SEO.  For...

Dec 11 2018 by Fogle
Help Me To Finalize My Store

Hello Marketers, I'm in the final steps of officially publishing my store, but there are few things that I can't find answers for. I hope to find my answers here :) How can I add universal comments in all of my products? For example, I want to add the following:  FREE worldwide shipping.  30 days MONEY BACK guarantee. Can I add a popup signup form if I want to advertis...

Sep 11 2017 by Ash Ome
Drop shipping and facebook ads in 2018?

Hi people, I see everyone talking about shopify drop shipping and facebook ads but I feel like it's not possible to do anymore in 2018. What is your recent experience with ads, dropshipping and competition?

Sep 5 2018 by Judith Ferguson
Help With Instagram Marketing!

So I just started my first dropshipping business a month and a half ago and can't drive any sales! I've gotten one sale from using Google AdWords but that's all. I've run 2 shoutouts from Instagram Influencers and got traffic but 0 sales. I'm really stuck right now and need advice. Currently completely clueless on what kind of pages I should avertise on according to my niche.  I might run a ...

May 28 2018 by Lisa H
Creating a new facebook account for ads, think you can help?

Hello, I was banned from my last facebook ads account, (pretty stupid of me to not read the TOS.) and I need a new one for my shopify store. I was wondering if any of you know how to make sure the new account  does not get banned? Facebook is really stringent with making sure the ban is permanent. I know the ban flags domains so I will get a new domain, but does it flag .myshopify domains? T...

Apr 9 2018 by EtchyToo
Can't map out our audience.. Think you can?

Hey guys! We have been running our store for few months already. (www.hoodiesplace.com) And we have been getting the usual conversion rate as mentioned all around here which is ~1% The frustrating part is that we spend lots of money of Instagram ads and we can't really find the right formula, or better yet, the right audience to get us a steady flow of sales. We have tried many look-a-l...

Apr 17 2018 by Barry Doyle
Should I use product reviews

Hello, I am currently finishing up with my store and I was wondering if it is a good idea to add product reviews. animaltrends.shop Thanks

Apr 17 2018 by Erik Mcbride
Very low conversion rate. How do we fix it?

Hi,  So much great information here already. Thank you! We launched our store exactly a month ago. We have anywhere between 50 and 150 visitors a day, depnding on how much advertising we do on a particular day. We've had several unique sales from people we don't know, but our conversion rate is only at 0.2%. I would appreciate any input you may have on how to improve our conversion rat...

Apr 24 2018 by Corrina Smith

Hi, You you like what I did there. I started Shopify and my product is a fortnite backpack. How do I market it with a low budget and get it to sell. I understand adcopy but I’m struggling to understand my Audience, people, etc. I want to start on Instagram Shoutouts and work my way to Facebook but I don’t know how to get traffic or a/b test my product.  My store: www.backpacksumo.com

Sep 5 2018 by keith
Customizing URLs, removing "/pages" directory

One of my clients has a standalone site and Shopify site at different sub-domains. I want to consolidate these sites under Shopify with a single consistent theme for maintenance. This would involve migrating and creating around 50 pages in Shopify. When I started making these pages I noticed Shopify forces a URL path of "/pages/page-name". I have not used "/pages/" as a URL path since the ea...

Nov 16 2018 by Robert147
Is AMP the next big thing for Shopify?

Nowadays, google prefers mobile friendly stores in the search engine. For that, AMP is the good solution to implement on our stores. Do you think the amp would be next big topic to focus on?

Nov 7 2018 by Stephen
Google ranking & moving website from GoDaddy to Shopify

I am in the process of moving my website from GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart to Shopify (have not done it yet). I am concerned how that will affect my Google rankings.   For example, if someone currently searches for a product “abc”, Google will present a link to my site www.mydomain.com/abc.htm However, once I move it to Shopify, www.mydomain.com/abc.htm will not be a valid URL link anym...

Apr 11 2015 by Dudley
Wassup with Facebook Ads - misleading result reporting and billing?

In early December, I launched two ad campaigns on Facebook. One was for a custom Christmas card set I was marketing and the other was for a set of 2018 wall calendars and daybooks I am still marketing. According to Facebook Ad Manager, these campaigns resulted in 1700 adds-to-cart, and FB charged me $250 for a month's-worth of these ads, based on these results.  Reality? Not one simge ite...

Dec 29 2017 by HAMDALLAH AlZubi