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Google Shopping App - Product "Description is not valid" Error

I'm trying to integrate my shopify page with Google Shopping. The site is verified on google merchant account. Products appear on google merchant account... but they are inactive because I keep getting an error message when I try to save and publist. "Description is not valid". I re-wrote the product description 10 times and nothing seems to work, any guidance? I have a simple website wit...

Yesterday by Charles Marks
Google partner accounts for everyone

GOOGLE PARTNER ACCOUNT Run video ads through channel google ?? You are need for Google ads account running advertisement(Google adwords, google GDN)? You want to increase sales, but your advertising account is limited? Your advertising account can't spend money? Your advesting account trust is limited?  You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don't know who or how to ...

Yesterday by fap_overnight
Our SEO and/or Shopify issue

About a small year ago we launched our Shopify webshop: https://shop.serescollection.com/. Based on our experience of online media, we value the SEO value of our webshop after one year fairly low and are quite concerned about this, so we want to pinpoint the issue and come up with a new strategy/solution a.s.a.p. We do not really know whether this issue has either anything to do with our (sub)d...

Yesterday by Tom Keysers
Marketing Ideas for my Apparel shop

Hi Everyone I'm trying to come up with a low budget marketing plan($250 - $400 USD) for my store www.bastionapparel.com. Bastion Arts & Apparel was launched last week and got 4 sales in 6 days with 626 visitors to the site. My facebook page was able to get post reach of 1062 and 209 people were engaged. But over the last few days, I have seen a dramatic drop in visits to the site and eng...

Yesterday by Varuni Vanderpoorten
Google merchant center Error: Verify that Google can access your images ...

Hello I have a problem with more than half of my articles in Google merchant center. They refused. The diagnosis says "Verify that Google can access your images and explore them". I checked with the search console, I have no problem with the robots.txt, nor with the indexing of the product pages. The most amazing thing is that the images of my products are indexed in google images. The fl...

Yesterday by Tony McCreath
Google Shopping Ads Help Needed

I'm working on implementing Google Shopping Ads. The good news is I got them to run!  Problems: 1) bounce rate is 80%!  2) cost is $0.99 - $3.00 for the last clicks. Way too high. In the best case scenario my profit margin is $30. In worst, $15. I thought I set the budget per click at $0.75 so I don't understand why Google can even charge me more than that. 3) Most of my photos are ...

Yesterday by Wes Grasty
Google Shopping - Products Disapproved

Hi guys, I've been working with the Google team to set up Google Shopping and have run into an issue that they unfortunately aren't able to help with because it's on the Shopify end. About half of my products have been listed as disapproved in the Merchant Center. Diagnostics states "Ensure that Google can access and crawl your images" and the Google support rep said there is something pr...

Yesterday by ybaglin
Big Brand Pricing

Hi guys So I represent a big sporting goods brand selling big brand names like nike, Adidas etc. One of the big problems we are facing is our competitors pricing strategy. We are the official distributers of those big brands in our country but our competitors are importing the same or similar products and they are doing it with parallel import, which means their prices are sometimes 30...

Yesterday by Meir Hobr
I need Feedback on my website please.

Hello,  I  need some feedback about my website. I would like to know what you all think about it, is it good enough, catchy, need to makes some changes,etc?  Thank you : ) Ivy

Yesterday by Mahesh Uppin
Email discount code to new newsletter customers

Hello community, I was wondering if there any way to email a discount voucher as soon as the customer signs up to your newsetter, rather that send it yourself manually at a later stage. This is very common in many eshops but I cannot find any such functionality in the Admin page (i.e. notification, customer etc) Thanks a lot in advance

Yesterday by david coxon
Pinterest Rich Pin says "Out of Stock"

Hello. My pinterest rich pins say out of stock even though I am tracking inventory through Shopify. Has anyone experienced this, and knows how to fix? Thanks! Woody

Yesterday by Richelle Smith
Are buyable pins worth it?

Do you find it useful to have Pinterest buyable pins for your store? I don't like that the desciption pulls from the site and can't be edited.

Dec 6 2016 by Alison Emerick
Low Bounce, Rate but no sales

hello everyone, i have only just recently set up my shopify store, and have been using Instagram as marketing to test the waters. I am currently getting some traffic at the store with a low bounce rate but no sales yet. can anyone feel free to give me an honest opinion of how they think my store looks, it would be greatly appreciated ! https://travellux.myshopify.com/

Nov 17 2016 by stores-buyer
Has anyone used Fiverr for SEO help?

I barely understand SEO even though people have told me and I have read a million articles about it. But I believe there is some type of coding or something that is involved. The Fiver website offers some SEO help for really cheap. Has anyone used any Fiverr help?   -Marisa

Jul 30 2016 by Rock Paper Copy
suggestion on SEO or my store

Hi Experts, We have recently launched our store: www.limpkin.in We need you advice from SEO prospetive, please check and suggest. Please give feedback on the store too. Thank you. Regards, Abhishek  

Dec 6 2016 by Robert Kilonzo
Affiliate Link for My Shopify App

Hi Guys I am creating an shopify app for dropshippers from china, i have come in touch with some bloggers who are ready to promote my app but are asking for affiliate links so that they can earn regular subscription commission, i checked up with shopify but could not find any way to generate a link for apps, they just have affiliate program for merchants. Anyone has done something similar...

Dec 6 2016 by Robert Kilonzo
Suggestions for Website

We are an online company selling classic gifts, seasonal products and hard to find items to the Australian consumer. We setup our Shopify website in February and created FB / Twitter / Google+ accounts. Our target market is Australia - about % of our interest is coming from Australia so perhaps these are not the best advertising for our company. We have created blogs with a range of ar...

Dec 6 2016 by Akash
Premium Accounts for rent

Hi Dear, You have your own business or work for a network. You want to reach many online potential customers with the low cost. You are running Facebook and Google ads by your personal account We can give you business accounts that have high trust and unlimited spend. We are an Agency of Facebook and Google. Therefore, our accounts can not be supported by our technical guys but a...

Dec 6 2016 by Dara1412
For Google AdWords, how long should I run the initial "data gathering" p...

Like at least a month?  Or at least 15 conversions?

Dec 6 2016 by Liad B
Growth Hacking Your First Month: How I got 800 Facebook Likes, 10K Twit...

Update:  We are simply overwhelmed by the aount of publicity this has recieved and want to thank each and everyone of you for your passion about this post and our success!   It's truly humbling to have so many interactions, tons of direct emails, and lots of purchases.   We also thank @Shopify for featuring this post in their newsletter.   Given the unexpected exposure, I've cleaned up the arti...

Dec 5 2016 by Teddy Hudson