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How to place a button to the cart on a Landing page?

I want to build a landing page for my facebook advertising. No problem, I simply use HTML and build a page, but here is where I need some help. When visitors land on the page and decide to buy from me I only know how to send the visitor to the product page where they have to add the product again to the cart, a very bad way and a good chance to lose the sale. What I need to know is how can I m...

Today by HymnZ
Anyone know how to offer visible cashback pricing to product feed?

Hi Guys and Gals, We are a NZ store, and offen get cashback deals from companys like Nikon, Canon etc. Is there any way to show the cashback price on a product feed without changing the price on our website?  The cashback deals in NZ only apply after the sale, they don't effect our actual sell price. Maybe someone has a app that allows for visable cash back pricing without actual pricing ...

Today by HymnZ
A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

Hey guys, I've been running my anime/game related website for a few weeks now. I have been getting a lot of people adding products to their carts, but they don't convert into sales.. I'm very lost, I don't know what it is. Does my website look trustworthy? Are the product images not good enough? Is it the theme I'm using? Is it the colors? Is it the product description?   Thank ...

Today by Shahab Pouladiankari
Tracking Conversions with Voluum

Is anyone here tracking their sales through Voluum? And have you been able to have postback pixels that picks up the total sales and shoots it back to voluum? Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Yesterday by webdevtj
Desperately Need Marketing

Ive built several businesses but advertising has always been a gamble. I need a marketer thats going to promote the products well generate sales and take a huge cut at the end of the day. I plan on working with an individual I know in a few weeks who's built his store too 20k a month with fb ads. I need a marketer or team who can do this for me.    Email me chrisirvine97@gmail.com

Yesterday by Karan Jassar
Been collaborating with bloggers and playing with ads, but since I'm a s...

I've been running my store for over a year now, and I've been collaborating with bloggers to boost the website. My store: https://www.majestysilk.com/ I've been getting about 2 sales / 50 views. But I don't have a lot of traffic in general, so sales are low. Working with bloggers is also expensive considering shipping and they sometimes don't follow through. I've also played around with I...

Yesterday by Karan Jassar
Months after months still no sales

Hi, I have been with Shopify for several months now and still no sales! I am getting visits and tried offering sales but still nothing. I run facebook ads, instagram ads, but still no sale.Any suggestions please? If you want to see the website in case there is something to change. www.marone.fr thank you guys.

Yesterday by Mbaye Marone
$30 Per Sale. New and Innovative Product.

We are looking for the ways to expand our business and to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. We are ready to offer 50% commissions for referring new users, which is $30 per sale. About the product: More specific information: www.AntiTrail.com Based on Pew Research Center study on anonymity, privacy, and security online 86% of internet users have taken steps to remove or ...

Yesterday by AntiTrail
eCommerce Strategy/Execution, Digital Marketing & Shopify Optimization C...

Hi community, I wanted to introduce myself and my eCommerce/Shopify consulting experience - as there a lot of posts from individuals looking for this type of assistance and I don't want to spam Shopify! I am a seasoned eCommerce Consultant with more than 13 years of proven experience crafting successful digital strategy and executing against said strategy as well.  I've worked for large e...

Yesterday by jasonneufeld
Best E-commerce Analyitics software to use

I'm starting a couple ecommerce websites that will have to do with apparel and another with mattresses. What is the best (least expensive) analytics software to effective track: * Multiple paid advertising campaigns * Referral / Affiliate networks * Social Influencer and Social Media campaigns * Web Page Drop-Out Stats   etc.... Google Analytics? something else?

Yesterday by Charlie Horse
Email Marketing - App

Hi, finally we have reached around 100,000 newsletter subscribers in our online store. Right now we are using the Klavio App to send our newsletter to our customers. Now Klavio charges us $1,350.-/month for this service. Isn´t there another possibility to do that for less money ? Do you know any other app ? Many thanks, David

Yesterday by Charlie Horse
SEO advice for two domain extensions...

Hi team I own two domains that point to the same shopify storefront, I'm wondering if I should be focusing on one or still have both for SEO purposes? Will they be flagged in Google as duplicate?    Domains are: Https://www.smartmerino.co.nz Https://www.smartmerino.com    Thanks in advance.  Chris @ Smart Merino 

Yesterday by Charlie Horse
We are Shopify Digital Marketing Experts and we are Affordable!

DigitlHaus is a Digital Agency. We focus on design, development and marketing on the Shopify platform. We strive to provide the best service at the most affordable price. At the end of the day we want happy clients already planning their next project. Planning, communication and having the right resources to do the job correctly is something we stand by. When our clients’ succeed, so do we, whi...

Yesterday by DIGITLHAUS
Which Affiliate network to use?

I'm starting e-commerce mattress and apparel companies and wanted to pick affiliate networks to use.   Commission Junction, Affiliate Future, Refersion, etc... Any idea on how to determine which  will provide the best results? Do they typically let you sign up with multiple affiliate companies or will each one force you to use them solely?

Apr 25 2017 by Avery Sallows
A blog for small businesses

I have recently started a blog at www.escapeamazon.com check it out and let me know what you think.  I cover various topics relavent to smaller businesses and websites. 

Apr 25 2017 by escapeamazon.com

Does anyone know how to fix this issue in Google Analytics? If not, do you know of any plugin to shopify that can report keywords????? TIA Marifer

Apr 25 2017 by Marifer Vergara
Setting realistic expectations...

Hey, I run www.firelake.co.uk a T-Shirt and Hoodie shop specialising in designer graphic, movie and tv (this isn't my niche) and my local football team. I've been up and running properly for about 6 months, I took a break over X-Mas with a view to step away for a bit and re-focus after the family stuff was out the way - this thing is a time-sink and whilst I'm committed to it, didn't want...

Apr 25 2017 by Rachel Wright
Looking for a business partner who knows marketing and wants to make $$

Hi, I've had a website for about 10 years now, and licensed my product to a large company, the contracted ended in December 2016, and I decided to do it on my own.  No investment $ needed, just marketing brains/skill.  Here's my site, www.bakersstongo.com  Email me if you have any interest.  angela@bakersstongo.com

Apr 25 2017 by AntiTrail
Site/products not showing up on search engines

Hello everyone, My website with Shopify isn't really showing up on google very well. (when searching "Romanza Jewelry") At first, it really wouldn't show up at all but eventually, I was able to get it up there but it only shows up on the second page of the google search.   None of my products show up on google when searching. I have scheduled crawls and my sitemap is up to date on goog...

Apr 25 2017 by Silke Brawley
Traffic but no views and sales of products shopify

Hi, I ran my Facebook ad for 3 days and got 46 visitors and 146 link clicks on Facebook (13 dollars for me) traffic is good I think and audience is good too , but I have 0 views on my products and 0 purchases and 0 cart abandoned So I am asking maybe page doesn't load but views on page increase or page crashes when something comes I can't check it because I can't find  my advertiment on Faceboo...

Apr 25 2017 by Eriks Vevers