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What do you think would make you buy from my site? g6

Hi, i recently launched my site which i have been working for almost a month now. I applied most of what i have learned from reading forums, ebooks. i have recently put on a FB/IG ad and would not rely on it yet as it is still too early but so far the visit is slow from the ads. If you come across my site mykeister.com , what would make you buy from site? Any feedback on what im lacking, ...

Oct 19 2017 by Cindy Meadows
Is Social Stinger (socialstinger.com) a legit company?

Hi all, What do we know about Social Stinger, are they a legit company? Have any store owner actually worked with them and their marketing services? Are they an official partner to SHopify as they claim? www.socialstinger.com Please share, Filip

Today by Nick Majors
Multiple domains and redirects of dead links

If I have my store running on domain1.com, I know I can add domain2.com to my account and set it as primary and have everything 301 redirect and be happy. But what happens if after moving to domain2.com, I restructure some products that still have backlinks?  I know normally shopify allows you to create redirects to capture that traffic but what happens when you go across domains?    Ill ...

Today by Jason Gordon
FB WC ADs Lots Of Traffic But No Add To Carts Or Sales

Hey guys, I recently created a few campaigns for my t shirts, and I am getting a lot of traffic to my website, and even likes, comments & shares on my ADs, but no one is even adding the products im advertising to cart, let alone purchasing. I am optimizing my Website conversion ADs for View content because im trying to go up the chain VC->ATC->purchase, but im not sure whats wrong. Ca...

Yesterday by Khal El
Facebook Ads - Analysis

Hello everyone,    I'm new to e-commerce and i tried to do somes test with Facebook Ads but can not definit if i'm right or wrong... I had some trafic but still no sales... Here my ads manager :        Thanks to everyone who will help me,      All the best, 

Yesterday by Nqs
Steady Traffic but no sales

Hello everyone, I'm new to e-commerce and have been trying to ramp up on Facebook advertising as well as advertising on Instagram. My store is getting steady traffic but my sales are not providing any type of ROI. I'm just not sure what I'm doing wrong.  I can't tell if I'm just not advertising to the correct audience or what. I've tried creating lookalike audiences and i'm still not incr...

Yesterday by Mike Anderson
500 visitors by using social influencer but still no sales!

Hi, I sent a product to a social influencer who showcased my product on their latest You Tube video (we sell on trend Italian leather handbags). This has resulted in 500 visitors to my page in the past 3 days but I still have had no sales!  Please can someone tell me what I am doing wrong and/or what is wrong with my products and website that is stopping me from getting sales? Website ...

Yesterday by Bernhard Engl
Instagram followers are just business accounts

Hello, I'm starting a new men's fashion store called Dapper Society and before I'm going to launch it, I want to build some following on social media first, particularly Instagram. So I started an Instagram account for my business and for the last couple of days, I've been posting and posting with many hashtags in each post. I was quite happy as I got many likes in each of my post(20-50) and I ...

Yesterday by Bernhard Engl
Shopify compatibility with Google Analytics gtags.js

Hi, Just wondering if Shopify is compatible with gtag.js? I notice that Shopify seems to do something fancy with the Google Analytics tracking js that is input and so wanted to double check that it would work the same. Thank you.

Yesterday by Klemen Bratec
product reviews to Google Merchant

Is there an app to export product reviews to Google Merchant?

Yesterday by Mithun John Jacob
Facebook Retargeting "Adds to cart" and customers

I've searched Shopify and youtube and spoken to two Shopify customer service reps and NO answer. I want to do two things with Facebook retargeting (yes I have done this for some time and my pixel is set up correctly).   1) I want to target shoppers who have added a item to their cart but did NOT reach the check out page. 2) I want to target people who have purchased. Yes, I realize ...

Yesterday by Mike Anderson
Facebook Pixel : Add to cart and more

Hello! I'm very new at this and I've searched past conversations, but it does not answer quite exactly what I'm looking for. I want to launch a campaign for people who visited a product page, but did not complete a purchase. 1) I have installed the Facebook pixel following the steps using the tag manager. 2) I want to then add a event pixel for "add to cart", but I have 2 separate sni...

Oct 20 2017 by RachelCanide
How much should I spend on advertising during holiday season?

Hello everyone, I have two questions and I will be so happy to get any kind of help! I am assigning a certain advertising budget for November and December (holiday season), would anyone suggest certain numbers? because it’s my first holiday season as an ecommerace marketer. I will focus on influencer marketing, because I think it’s the most reliable advertising technique. My 2nd question ...

Oct 20 2017 by Anh Nguyen
Constant Traffic without the sales

Hi everyone, New to the forums so, Hello! - I didnt know where else to go. I have tried so many avenues to get conversions on my website. The traffic is slow but steady with constant updates from our social media to drive it to our website.  However, 1 sale in the last month. Not sure what else to do. Totally confused by google adwords ( not sure its even worth it) Have ran numerous...

Oct 20 2017 by Roger Bunch
Failing Website and Less Traffic with SEO, Adwords, Facebook Advertising

Good Day, I have a website called www.bingoshop.co.za that I have setup over 2 years now. I have stock and also secured items at very good prices from suppliers that will Dropship my items. I have my inventory automatically Synced with their Database that updates everyday.    i have been spending a lot of money on facebook advertising and Google AdWords but I’m getting very low Traffic...

Oct 19 2017 by Bingostore Admin
SEO not updating?

I just went live with my site (www.AmsterdamTulipMuseumOnline.com) and am pretty excited!  However, I've noticed an issue popping up in a few places where the copy associated with links or search looks wrong and out of date.   I dug around to see if I hadn't updated something (using the Debut theme if helpful) but couldn't find any issues. The 'title' and 'meta description' under Online Stor...

Oct 19 2017 by Chris Schipper
Increase website conversion and Instagram followers

Hi everyone,  I have a clothing line called Blessed Individual and it is going well so far. Sales are doing well and we are becoming locally known.  The problem is I want to increase my instagram followers suited to my target audience and increase my website conversion as I have a new collection coming out soon. Please check out my website and let me know any suggestions for my website...

Oct 19 2017 by Tyrell Campbell
Remove collections from sitemap & pricing not showing in Google

Hello, I noticed Google has indexed pages like mysite.com/products/product and it has also indexed mysite.com/collections/brand/product Does anyone know how I can stop Google from crawling the products like this from the .com/collections/brands/product bit and just pick up the .com/products/product?  I also noticed only a few of the products in my store show a price on Google, anyone k...

Oct 19 2017 by Ninja Coderz
No image in my Twitter cards

I have just launched my site (https://www.AmsterdamTulipMuseumOnline.com) and am trying to get it going by sharing with followers on Twitter and Instagram. Something I've been frustrated by - when I share on Twitter (e.g., via a DM), the text is correct but the image is not coming through. I'm not trying to do anything special here - just the logo would be fine. And when I look at the source...

Oct 18 2017 by Chris Schipper
Reliable Marketing Plan to Increase Sales and Online Exposure

Relying on one source only isn't enough to make you popular! Also your check if your website is still has no Alexa rank! If yes, this means you need more hard work to do to make Increase Sales and online expousre for your busniness. Marketing plan & Optimization Methods as follow: Create and submit New Video about your business. Social media submission. Guest posting submission...

Oct 18 2017 by Jodyshop Shopping