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Include Shipping in Facebook Pixel Purchase Conversion Value?

I am currently using Facebook Pixel, implemented via Shopify's dashboard setting. Everything is working great, but when a customer makes a purchase, the "Purchases Conversion Value" only stays at whatever the item price is. For example, if I am selling a product for free and only making customers pay for shipping, the data will display 1 purchase, but Purchase Conversion Value will be $0.00. Is...

Jul 25 2016 by Davon Grant
I need expert in Facebook marketing.

Hey everyone, I made a dropshipping store (link im my profile) but I have no sales and I don't know how to start. I made few facebook ads for $100 in total, thats gave me over 1500 visits but no sales or activity like online chat, they seemed like bots. I can pay for help of course if results will be good. My budget for ads is  about $1000, let me know if you can help me so we can talk more :) ...

Jul 26 2016 by Rock Paper Copy
Google Webmaster issue. Need help.

Hi all, I submitted all versions of my website onto google webmaster, however I noticed that the screenshot that is pulled is different for some of the versions. I have attached a picture to show what  I mean. The top two screenshots are what my website homepage currently looks like. The bottom two are what it used to look like.  Does anyone have any clue as to why they are different? ...

Jul 25 2016 by Charla Dag
Conversions Not Showing in Analytics/AdWords

My site is relatively new, but I've been trying to get conversions to show up in Analytics and AdWords since it opened 2 months ago. Unfortunately, everything I do seems to return zero results. My Analytics account is showing traffic, so we're good there. I also have a Goal Funnel created with the ultimate goal of /checkout/thank_you: /cart /checkout/contact_information /checkout/s...

Jul 18 2016 by R2 Western
Can you review my site for SEO?

This is my first store and first site so I'm a newbie when it comes to SEO. Could you be brutally honest about my website and also give some helpful tips on how to improve it please? Thanks! Website: https://pandavita.com

Jul 16 2016 by Kieran Deane
Please Help : Spent almost 300 already on facebook ads no sales,no likes...

I am definitely doing somthing wrong , the problem is ,I can't figure out what am doing wrong. I have spent money on facebook for site   promotion , yet no sales ,neither is there trafiice to my page or site . Please advice me on what to do . my site is www.kidsenvogue.com facebook page @kindsenvogueonline

Jul 26 2016 by Lucy1629
Partnership - Win-Win For You and Your Customers

Hi Shopify owners, One subject thats not talked about enough here is working togther, Joints Ventures ands working together for a win for your customers, (making you look good) is somthing thats not talked about. If you are in a similar market (but not direct competting) with another shopify owner, could you contat that owner, and arrange a special offer (something with limited time/space...

Jul 13 2016 by Rock Paper Copy
Getting data out of the system

I would like to get visit and sales data out of the system.  Daily would be best for me.  The data is reported but the only way I can see to get it is to transcribe by hand.  A CSV file will work, I can manipulate it in Excel or whatever. Seems it should be straightforwad and I cannot imagine I am the first to ask. Thoughts?  

Jul 7 2016 by Ordnance Group
Recommend someone for on page coding issues?

I have a few on page coding issues such as duplicate content, pagination and some of my product pages aren't being crawled (for various reasons) or ranked. Can anyone recommend a developer?  Thanks in advance Paul

Jul 8 2016 by Tony McCreath
Social Media Traffic

Hello all,    If you are battling everyday to improve the traffic and followers on your social media accounts, contact me. 

Jul 10 2016 by Above Royalty Clothing
Google Ad Words - Advertisement Time!!!

I'm looking to now start advertising my business. I started out with organic traffic and social media. Any tips on Google Adwords to make my money stretch and get a return on my investment. Any tips other than Google ad words would help as well.  www.spiritualmic.com 

Jul 10 2016 by TaylorThu
what else can I do to promote my website

Hey guys, I promote my website by social, seo, blog, article submission and video. What else do you know can promote a website well? Thank you.

Jul 19 2016 by DJ Swanepoel
Search console help required

Hello, I'm looking for help with Google webmaster tools. I've one site that I seem to have listed twice, so two properties are showing on Google search console. It bothers me that there are two and am not sure which one is important.  Wondering whether I should delete one and if so how do I go about deciding which?  Many thanks, Jess

Jul 6 2016 by Tony McCreath
Does Shopify integrate with affliate accounts, sales and/or tracking?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Jul 5 2016 by ironman5151
How do I run a free plus shipping ad with shopify?

Whats the best way to do this. I have a store with set shippng rates and free shipping over $40. I want to run an ad for a free product and they pay a shipping rate. How do I do that? I added the item but I dont want it visible that its free if people visit the store on their own and I also want them to be able to see the ad and add other things to their cart and get the item for free.   ...

Jul 6 2016 by Zoe Abel
HELP! We need help increasing traffic to our website

We are in diar need of increasing traffic to our site. We have a very limited cpc budget. If anyone has suggestions for getting traffic to our site, please let us know. Thanks, Sweet Southern Grace Co. www.sweetsoutherngraceco.com

Jul 16 2016 by roy ABEN
Facebook Marketing Problem

I have multiple ads running on Facebook and Instagram for individual products and my Facebook Pixel is se up correctly, however for almost all clicks on Google Analytics I am getting 100% bounce rates and 0 time spent on my site. Am I doing something wrong? Or is there some kind of disconnect between the two? Bonus Question: I set up my ads for Conversion Tracking/Purchases, Facebook seems t...

Jul 3 2016 by Derrick Mullins
Best practices for coupon names/codes?

Over the last few months I've published a few coupon codes.  After doing so, I've wondered if the name/code I chose might be sending the wrong message.  Internet searches for coupon best practices gives me information on how to use coupons, where to position them on my site, how to market them, etc, but I have not found any information about good and bad names.  Here's an example: To try ...

Jul 8 2016 by Sharon
What are the rules for promoting our websites here?

Hi, What are the rules to promote our website in this forum?  For example, if I have a service or product that can be beneficial to the shopify community, what's the propriate way to do it? I couldn't find any rules or policies in any of the shopify forums. Thank you for your assistance!

Jul 4 2016 by danicakane
Is It worth paying for someone to add H1 Tags to my site?

Trying to work out if H1 tags are important to seo this year as they were previously?  If so how much would i pay an expert to do this? I need to get more customers finding me through product search rather than just by my name.  My website is www.dundeedesigngallery.com Thanks for reading

Jul 2 2016 by Lisa Pattullo