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Is it normal for a store to not show up in search engines early on?

Just launched a brand about 3 days ago, and no sales. II've typed names of my clothing brand including names of specific products verbatim, and they don't come up on Google... Very frustrating... Or is it normal to not expect sales when first launching? 

Today by Lisa H
Sudden drop in Alexa rank

I just noticed a sudden drop in my website's Alexa rank since December (from 644K to 1358K in 3 months)! I don't remember making any significant changes to the site and I continue to get similar traffic & sales that I had earlier. How do I figure out what could possibly be going wrong?

Today by jayanti gupta
HELP! Over $250,000 invested... I need to make this work!

Hi guys, I am Australian and after supplying department stores in Mexico for the ast 6 years, I have decided to start selling online to the USA, UK and Europe. I have 2 stores (www.ozaliaboots.com and www.ozaliaboots.co.uk). I own a brand of super warm, top quality fleece boots. In fact, we GUARANTEE these will be the warmest boots you've ever owned, or I'll send you your money back! The ...

Today by Shannen Arias
At a standstill. Not a single Sale after so much effort....

Hello all, I like many have come to dispair with my new webstore. My website is www.samsarabrand.com I am getting some traffic to my website - around 25 a day (mostly from paid traffic).....but not a single sale! am using Instagram and paying for facebook ads to drive the traffic. I don't know if it's my audience on facebook ads being incorrect, or my store niche being too narow or even my p...

Today by Michael
Looking to collaborate with a blogger

I am interested in working with a blogger to get quality content for my site and in return promoting their blog. I would like to get them to review my product/s in a blog post which I will give to them. I'm in the health/fitness industry selling my own line of supplements.  My next step is to increase quality content on my site for better SEO. My question is I'm using a low-end ecommerce platf...

Today by Cameron
Are Shopify Dashboard analytics accurate?!

Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me regarding the accuracy of the information given on the Shopify dashboard. Every now and then a get a massive spike in visitors, with no explanation as to why (e.g. I haven't increased advertising etc.). This also doesn't seem to corralate with Google anayltics numbers. It's making me question the accuracy of this information, and other outliers I get wi...

Yesterday by Freya
Who's had success driving traffic with FB / IG ads?

Hello Shopify-ers! I launched my store www.smallbatchdaily.com in October (artisan, American-made gourmet foods) and have had decent sales but I'm not generating a lot of traffic to my site. I'm starting to convince myself that the only way to do this will be through using Facebook and Instagram ads. I've tried them out but have had very little engagement (only a handful of click-throughs). ...

Yesterday by Suzanne Franco Land
Google Customer Reviews

Will Shopify be supporting 'Google Customer Reviews'?

Yesterday by Matthew Petrie
How to turn my F.I.G. ads into valuable conversions?

I just launched my website (www.esloshoes.com) over a month ago in preparation for our Kickstarter launch at the end of the month. In order to create some momentum, I decided to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google (FIGs) ads in hopes of creating a following that I could convert into Kickstarter backers.  And although I have observed a huge jump in visitors (from 5 to 35+ daily unique visitor...

Yesterday by Alan L
Been collaborating with bloggers and playing with ads, but since I'm a s...

I've been running my store for over a year now, and I've been collaborating with bloggers to boost the website. My store: https://www.majestysilk.com/ I've been getting about 2 sales / 50 views. But I don't have a lot of traffic in general, so sales are low. Working with bloggers is also expensive considering shipping and they sometimes don't follow through. I've also played around with I...

Yesterday by Vivian
Please, is this for real? Almost a year and not even ONE sale?

Is it possible? Almost a full year and not even ONE organic sale? I've done SEO, blogging three times a week religiously, uploading content to different social media outlooks, a working and functional website, what's going on? Is not slow, it's non-existent! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! https://www.uber-nutra.com

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
I rebranded. What am I missing?

I took a branding course and then gave my shop a complete makeover. I made a list; SEO, social networks, CTA's, Opt in generator. It's better...but I still feel like I'm missing something.   Any feedback would be most appreciated. https://www.islandthymesoap.com/  

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
How do static sites rank high in google?

I am about to improve my site SEO wise and otherwise. One question: there are completely outdated sites, which are never updated and I know that their owners are not on social media, they don't have a blog either. Now they are still in page #1 in google. What do they right what I do wrong?

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
Brooklyn theme duplicate page

Hi all, I noticed that when I search my website name on google two pages result: 1) the home page with slideshow, content and products. This is the page I want to show. URL https://www.tblfurniture.com 2) the "home" with only content. URL https://www.tblfurniture.com/Pages/home the thing is that the result 2) appears first and is the one showing the correct meta description, while t...

Yesterday by beniamino
How do I Track Traffic from Non-Primary Domains

I started my store with a custom domain name, but it wasn't ideal. So, after about a year I purchased a new domain name and have switched it to be my primary domain.  Naturally, the old domain name is still in marketing materials, and there are links pointing to it. I'd like to be able to track (in Google Analytics or somewhere else) how many people are accessing the site thru the old domain...

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
Blogposts: do you link to your products or not - what is good practice?

I  am writing blogposts (every now and then) like: https://mountainherbs.net/blogs/news/sorting-out-mint-names-species-hybrids-and-cultivars. I don't know if it comes over too salesy if I link directly do the products I offer? In the blogpost I linked I could: not include any links to my products at all include one link to my collection "all mints" either at the top or at the bottom ...

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
At a loss here. Need help!

Hello! I launched an outdoor lifestyle clothing company in Novemeber. The Green Tee Co. www.thegreenteeco.com  We offer ridiculously comfy clothing that encourages outdoor adventure. I've had probably 30 or so sales since we've opened, but pretty much all people I know, or someone who knows someone I know. I've done giveaways. Facebook ads, google adwords, instagram ads. I don't know what else...

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
Website low traffic- critique

Hi Everyone,  I was hoping to get some feedback for my store www.partycrushstudio.com I recently rebranded and have been working on my seo with apps and research. I have not received a lot  of traffic to the store and wondering how else I can improve SEO. Can anyone take a look at my wesbite and see if there is any improvement I can do to grow traffic cruelty I get 35-48 a day? Any suggestio...

Yesterday by Beyondmydoor
Just started need HELP!

I just opened up a new shop https://jewelerry.myshopify.com i have been generating traffic about 100 views a day but still not one sale, i know website is crappy but can anybody help me out with making first few sales? Would be kindly thankfull :)

Yesterday by Melissa
What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

I'm at the point where I have about half of my products loaded and I need to switch gears and start focusing on marketing . What works best for you ?  Top 3 is all I'm looking for .  I would like to master those first then add more after that .  Thanks much  Geoff  www.88gear.com

Yesterday by Mister Max