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Facebook Q&A

About me:  I market special needs diaper changing tables - mostly to schools and adult day care facilities, as well as other physical medicine products.  Our products are built to order, have a 3 week build time, and then 3 to 5 days ground shipping. Q:  Considering my build / shipping time requirements, would that disqualify me from selling on FB? Q:  I would like to reach Special Educat...

Yesterday by Joe
Who's had success driving traffic with FB / IG ads?

Hello Shopify-ers! I launched my store www.smallbatchdaily.com in October (artisan, American-made gourmet foods) and have had decent sales but I'm not generating a lot of traffic to my site. I'm starting to convince myself that the only way to do this will be through using Facebook and Instagram ads. I've tried them out but have had very little engagement (only a handful of click-throughs). ...

Yesterday by MyBrandBoost
Newsletter (Shopify + WordPress followers)

So I have tried searching and I'm not finding any info.  I have a WordPress site that I have setup pages and buy buttons to use as my Shopify store. I have customer emails on Shopify and I have followers emails on WordPress.  Is there a way to send out newsletter to all users at once? Combining into one list? Or do I have to do this the manual way. Anyone have an answer?  Thanks

Yesterday by Samantha E.
Advertising budget?

Hello, I'm interested in starting a drop shipping business with Spotify. As part of my research, I'm trying to figure out what my advertising budget (FB Ads, etc) might be. What would be a reasonable amount per month?   Thanks

Yesterday by Bob
Looking to hire SEO Expert to increase organic visitors

Hi Everyone,  My name is Tom and I work for a fitness clothing line. We are relatively new having only launched in August 2015. We are now on the hunt for a SEO expert to help us gain more organic visitors to our website.   Initially the budget will be small, but this will grow as our brand grows.  If your interested please reply to this thread and we can talk through plans of actio...

Yesterday by MyBrandBoost
Trade Tracker Affiliate Marketing Implementing

Hi There,    I've just signed up for Trade Tracker, and need to implement it. Is there a shopify link or easy way to do this? I really don't know much about code. I work in pictures.  Anyone done this? Working with TT?    Like to hear thoughts or advice.  no-fixedabode.co.uk

Yesterday by Emma Mann
What to expect when I hire a marketer?

This past fall I decided to hire a marketer to help me getting my name out there for my new website. I found a company I wanted to work with through Shopify. They had wonderful reviews, a good looking website and I was persuaded by the owner's story. Awesome! I thought. The owner was quick to reply to all my emails (within the hour) until I signed the contract... I was promised organic trafific...

Yesterday by Jack

  HOW TO GET BIG IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. Have a HUGE social media. That takes a long time to build that unless you work with an agency. I have found the best company, who also offer a FREE IG growth E BOOK. You gotta check them out, they will transform your online presence:   www.thesocialhut.co Organic, Targetted growth that will bring in customers/followers daily....

Limiting Promo Codes to Customers Without Specific Tags

Hi - Maybe someone can help me out. I'd like to send out promo codes to people, but not have certain segments able to use it.  I run a store, which has two sides, retail and wholesale. Customers tagged with "Wholesale" see wholesale pricing and different product selection. Anyone who doesnt have that tag, just sees the regular site.  The Problem: Promo codes intended for retail consumers ...

Yesterday by Ana W
Canonical Issue

Hello Guys,  I have an e-commerce store on Shopify. when I use my website link i.e. https://website.com on facebook or any other sharing platform it shows as https://patios.myshopify.com.  and also when I update something on the websites like post or image in the backend. at the front, it shows the URL as https://patios.myshopify.com.  please help me with this problem. what I can do to...

Yesterday by Ana W
Showing ads on your shopify store websites

Store owners, Wondering if any or how many of you show display ads on your shopify store websites to earn money? For instance Google AdSense ads. If so, what are some considerations when deciding to show ads on your shopify store website? Which advertising vendors are you using to show ads? Thanks Paddy

Yesterday by Ivan Dixon
Is it possible to add the "campaign_url" parameter into the Facebook Pix...

Hello everybody, I'm just starting my Shopify store, and to be honest i'm not a programmer. Does anybody knows if it's possible to add the "campaign_url" parameter into the data that Pixel send in the Shopify Stores? My intention is to create Custom Audiences based on standart events like "Add to Cart" but i need to beign able to identify certain "tags" that i include in every URL dependi...

Feb 18 2017 by Filiberto Flores
Advertisements for New Store

I have just launched my store in the last couple of months and have not yet made a sale. I am running Facebook and Instagram ads right now and getting hundreds of engagements, but no conversions. Any recommendations of how I should be designing my ad campaigns? 

Feb 21 2017 by Ben Kissi
Your thoughts on Dead YouTube Links as a way to direct free traffic?

Your thoughts on Dead YouTube Links as a way to direct free traffic to your website from inactive domains? https://youtu.be/VtXj8D5tS4s?t=8m11s   That's a method I haven't heard of / tried myself before - finding inactive domains on YouTube {or other source, I imagine} with plenty of traffic, buying off this domain and redirect the incoming traffic to your own website. While it sounds int...

Feb 22 2017 by Rock Paper Copy
Facebook pixel not reporting standard events

MY Facebook pixel is installed. It is reporting. But it is not reporting all standard events in my FB dashboard. These are showing: PageView ViewContent AddToCart But I am also getting: Apple Pay button - shown Apple Pay button - canMakePaymentsWithActiveCard: false Why am I seeing Apple events? Is there a way to name the events or define custom events using...

Feb 22 2017 by Anastasiya Sutyagina
New Store - High Traffic Zero Conversions

So this seems to be a running topic in most of the threads and every response has the same comments ..... I've looked over your store... you images are great... there's this and that, yadda yadda. But no one to be actually talking about the source of this traffic.... Is it spam referral traffic... from like India  is it people just checking out your store from the forums as you've just...

Feb 22 2017 by Rock Paper Copy
Move my shopify store to my existing blog site

Hi All, In 2011, I started a blog about moss called I Heart Moss.com. Last year, 2016 I started a Shopify shop and linked it to the blog. I'm now seeing a lot of bounces from the moss blog; people go to the blog and then click on to the shop a lot. If I want to make my Shopify store, part of the blog, is it easy to do? iheartmoss.com  shop.iheartmoss.com Related question, the blo...

Feb 21 2017 by Kassey S.
10 Easy Ways to Build Back links to Boost Google Rankings

Hey,  So I recently wrote a naughty little blog article, I hope you find it useful,  If anyone has any other tips they want to add, drop me an email or comment on it.  Enjoy Check the article here  Alasdair  

Feb 21 2017 by Alasdair Walker
Deleted App, but Pop Up still on my site. What to do?

Hey guys, I deleted an app a few weeks ago that I used an exit intent pop up from. The pop up is still on my site though and I can't figure out how to get rid of it. I also dont remember which app I used! Help!

Feb 21 2017 by Oswald
Looking for marketing partner(s).

Hello. I'm currently in the processes of building a small number of shopify sites to run alongside my main business website to see how they compare. I'm looking for a marketing partner(s) that can help with onsite and offsite SEO, blogging and any recommendations of website design. Anyone who is interested can work in their own time and of course enter discussions on monthly % of net p...

Feb 21 2017 by Shopili.com