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How to use my own domain to host images instead of shopify CDN?

Hi, Does anyone have any experience hosting images at your shop domain, but ouside of the shopify CDN? I have some infographics that I would like to share and I would like to ensure that these benefit my site from an SEO perspective; this won't be possible using the shopify CDN. Thanks, Ryan S.

Today by Jason
Is AMP the next big thing for Shopify?

Nowadays, google prefers mobile friendly stores in the search engine. For that, AMP is the good solution to implement on our stores. Do you think the amp would be next big topic to focus on?

Mar 31 2018 by JohnTheExpert
blog studio app on Shopify

Does anyone use the Blog Studio app in the Shopify store? Is it worth it? thanks!   https://apps.shopify.com/blog-studio

Today by Mike Allen
Email discount code to new newsletter customers

Hello community, I was wondering if there any way to email a discount voucher as soon as the customer signs up to your newsetter, rather that send it yourself manually at a later stage. This is very common in many eshops but I cannot find any such functionality in the Admin page (i.e. notification, customer etc) Thanks a lot in advance

Yesterday by Lukasz Wiktor
Automatically email personalized discount code with newsletter signup (M...

Hi! I'm using Mailchimp for newsletter signups on my site. I wanted to know how I could automatically send a personalized one time use discount code with the first "Welcome" email I send to the customer who signs up. Could this be achieved through Mailchimp? Shopify? (Once the customer signs up on my website, a discount code would be generated, and then with the first email I send to the ...

Yesterday by Lukasz Wiktor
Building Backlinks for Shopify Shop

I have been a Shopify store owner for over 2 years already. Most of my sales come from PPC and search campaigns. Lately, I have am starting to focus on my SEO and it is much more challenging than anticipated. I have read online that backlink building is something that might boost my SEO rankings on Google. The only issue is, no one actually shows how to do backlink building. Anyone with suggest...

Yesterday by mariajackson
Slowly going crazy over Loyalty Programs

I have had a terrible time implementing and sticking with a Loyalty Program app that works well. All the major players look great on paper, but the devil is in the details and it's not always easy to become fully aware of the gotchas, no matter the testing one does. Because there is obviously a clear customer impact, implementing a loyalty app is a ton of work and a lot of customer messaging...

Jan 7 2018 by datvader
Popup + First Purchase Offer Issue

I am looking for a solution to serve a popup to website visitors, then generate a unique coupon code (with 14-day expiration) instantly to the visitor after they submit their email address. At the same time, I'd like this visitor to receive a welcome email with the same unique coupon code in it.   Privy seems to come close but doesn't have the ability to generate coupon codes (?) So I'd n...

Sep 18 2017 by Dylan Nord
How to increase sales on my denim company website ?

Hello everyone, New to the forums and weren't sure were to go! We sell everything related to denim; jeans, jackets, skirts, pullons etc. I have made ads on instagrams/facebook too increase our sales but the conversion wasen't worth what I paid.   What would you do to cause more traffic and convert it into sales ?  Critics are welcomed! https://www.shopcarrelijeans.com/  

Nov 10 2017 by Pollen
How much ?/10 would you rate my online store

Hello everyone,  I‘ve launched my online www.Odalisquecalifornia.com 3 months ago and during the 1st month, I spend like $3k on (branding, publicity,FB, IG, AdWords) and I did not get any sale. There was a problem with my website (was not cool enough to sell), then I came up with completely different layout, you can say completely different website!  Total orders: ( 2 orders in 3 months) ...

Nov 9 2017 by HAMDALLAH AlZubi
Newbie Looking for Direction!

Hello,  I recently started my website: www.bellamelissaboutique.com I am ready to market it, however need some help with it.  I'd like to start with Facebook/Instagram Ads to build my FB page audience (which only has 6 likes).  I have been reading blogs and watching videos and trying to pull my resources but found that I am easily distracted and it's all scattered in my head so need some ...

Aug 22 2017 by Melissa Medina
What are your top 3 marketing must haves ?

I'm at the point where I have about half of my products loaded and I need to switch gears and start focusing on marketing . What works best for you ?  Top 3 is all I'm looking for .  I would like to master those first then add more after that .  Thanks much  Geoff  www.88gear.com

Aug 11 2017 by alvindang
Ask SEO Doctor all your SEO questions

Hi Guys, SEO Doctor team here... we have for the past 4-5years been doing SEO for Shopify merchants and we are here to answer all your SEO questions. Ask us any SEO questions you have and we will be happy to help.  

Yesterday by Imagink
How to Change Product Page URL Structure ?

Hi Shopify Team , My Website name is ksssho.com and my website all product page current URL is (domianname /collectionname/productname )   example - https://www.kssshop.com/collections/bluetooth-earphones-online-india/products/android-bluetooth-earphone-black    But How i change in URL ( domainname/products/productname) Like - https://www.kssshop.com/products/android-bluetooth-earph...

Yesterday by Babli yadav
Multiple Landing Pages

Is there anythig wrong with multiple landing pages for a product as long as there is not duplicate content?  

May 24 2018 by Jeanette
Facebook DPA - does code need to be added to a theme?

Hi there, We'd like to start running Facebook DPA ads when customers abandon cart. Do we need to add any specific code to our theme to do this? Or is it enough to just put in our Facebook pixel into Online Store > Preferences > Facebook Pixel & have a linked FB Business Manager accounts with a sync'd product catalogue? I know there had to be code added to the theme in the pas...

Apr 16 2018 by Dustin Harmon
Conversion ratio fix

Hey there, looking to boost my conversion rate as much as possible. I've been struggling with trying to incorporate sales systems and practices into a website. Any advice of resources that can be recommended would be greatly appreciated! 

Jun 22 2018 by Hbappreal
How to scale up?

What is the best way to increase revenue? I have had a average of $250 in sales for the past 3 months but I want to know how do I scale up? I do instagram/FB posting every 2 days. I have done email marketing but it was not so effective so I stopped. I sell customized phone cases (Not from aliexpress but drawn by our own artist) and wall prints so I want to know anyone has any idea what is...

Jun 20 2018 by Bogdan Marin
Is there any app which can really attract the visitors and boost the sale?

Any app to convert the store visitors into customers??

Mar 21 2018 by Josh
Looking for Product Recommendation Quiz App

Hey Shopify Experts,  I've been asked for a client to add a product recommendation survey to her Shopify site. The goal is to prompt visitors to take a "Find Your Fragrance" quiz that asks them a few questions and then makes a recommendation at the end of the fragrance they might be interested in. I've tried out a couple of apps so far ("Product Recommendation Quizzes - pickzen" and "Style S...

Apr 19 2018 by Alicja Wójtowicz