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We are building a competitors search and analytics tool and would love t...

We are building https://booststars.com , a competitors search engine for you to explore your competitors and their business strategies in your niche, so that you can learn from them. For each of the shops, you can see the recent products, social media strategies, seo settings and etc. You can follow individual shop after login and get notified when changes being made to the shop, like adding...

Yesterday by booststars.com
This will increase your sales by 30%

Hello shopify marketers! I want to share something I discovered recently that I hope some of you will find useful. The thing is, there are over 400,000 shopify stores right now, but only about 5% of them are doing this properly. And it's strange, because doing this can easily increase a store's revenues by 20-30% IN THE FIRST MONTH! If your store does 50k a month, you can set this u...

Yesterday by Jenny Trivinia
Market Opportunity Assessment

This type of research is mostly useful for those companies which are already active in the market and aren’t tending to enter new markets. But simultaneously are looking for growth opportunities in the market. The opportunities which can be answered by the available facilities and develop the market. These researches are a combination of products, competitors, market and customers' analysis whi...

May 22 2017 by iraniu
Convert visitors

CLOSED. Thanks for helping me.  

May 31 2017 by Edward
Facebook Shop

Hi  I can't view my products on my facebook page? comes up with this message "Sorry, this content isn't available at the moment". What can i do to fix this?

May 14 2017 by Sam Remus
Keywords? Please read easy question. Thanks

Hello I am looking at Google keyword planner now and looking for some keywords and have a question about keywords. The keywords both have the same amount of searches and competition, -game of thrones -game of thrones online store  My question is should I have both as keywords or just the online shop one as it has online store in the keyword too. Also does the game of thrones o...

Yesterday by Katy Simons
LIVE: What niche should you choose?

Hey fellow shopifiers! Look I am not selling you anything! I know that probably sounds weird already because it’s the internet! But I HATE BS COACHES! Some of you may be familiar with who I am but for those of you who are not I am Jarrett Belliveau! A young ecommerce guru who has generated over $4Million in online sales in the last couple years! My goal is to get more of you involved i...

Aug 18 2017 by Gary
Someone Please help before I slit my wrist....Marketing help needed

Hi All, So I'm sure you have heard this all before.  My webs site has been up and have had it going for about a year.  I think the site has a clean design and is functioning properly, but also realize that I could be wrong about that (would love anyones feedback on the site JohnnyBattle.com). Here is the typical problem for most and the specific problem I'm having...  I have been using go...

Aug 18 2017 by Johnny Battle
Product Reviews

I just launched my store a few days ago, so I don't have any product reviews yet. However, someone advised me that I should download a product review app, which I did. However, now when I go to my website and look at a product, it says underneath the description "This product has no reviews yet. Would you like to review this product?" So my question is, is it a good thing or bad thing that m...

Aug 18 2017 by Katy Simons
Why aren't Google showing my Adwords ad as much as they could?

I have an advert running for one specific keyword phrase. When I search for that phrase I don’t see my ad in Google (I meet all the criteria that I set for the audience targeting). I’ve tried several times on different days and I never see the ad. I know the ad is working because some traffic has come through it but I don’t go anywhere near my daily budget each day. Why aren’t Google show...

Aug 18 2017 by Katy Simons
Need advise in getting traffic to my website

Hi everyone I started my website around March.  I've done ok considering that I sell an organic hidden veggies ketchup and nothing else but I need more traffic. Can I ask admins and fellow store owners for advise on how to get more traffic to my website? I'm currently doing Facebook but their "ongoing website promotion" is expensive... Thank you everyone in advace, -M

Aug 18 2017 by Karan Jassar
New to SEO

Hello. I am pretty new to the ecom scene so I have little knowledge on SEO and how to utilize it on my sites. I have gotten feedback on my site and people said that I need to utilize SEO in order to gain more traffic, but I have no clue on where to start. I would greatly appreciate some guidance from some of you experienced members. Thanks in advance.  Here is my sites as of now if that help...

Jul 26 2017 by Alasdair Walker
Majority of traffic paid - SEO help please!

Hi guys, our site was launched about a month ago and I've found a majority of our traffic is paid through AdWords. I was really hoping once our organic traffic increased I could slow down my AdWords spend but it doesn't seem to be happening!  I'm going through my site again to try and increase the frequency of keywords but I would love love love any other tips and advice to help boost my SEO...

Aug 18 2017 by Karan Jassar
SEO Help

Hello, We just opened our shop a few weeks ago and do not have the time to handle SEO.  We are looking for a company or SEO expert that specifically handles Shopify sites.  Please reach out to set up a call. Thanks, Eddie

Aug 18 2017 by Paul Mc
Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics Not Working

We're currently in a staging environment and I've added Google Analytics and Google Tag manager following the Shopify instructions here: https://help.shopify.com/manual/reports-and-analytics/google-analytics/google-analytics-setup#enable-basic-ecom-tracking https://help.shopify.com/manual/reports-and-analytics/google-analytics/google-tag-manager#verify-that-google-tag-manager-is-installed...

Aug 18 2017 by Ahmad Kanani
Google Tag Manager Integration not working properly

Hello All, I've installed GTM in one of my shopify site but I'm not getting any data in my GTM account. I've added the <noscript> and <script> tag/code of GTM in BODY and HEAD section in the main theme.liquid file. Again I've added the data layer and both <noscript> , <script> code in all other pages to setup GTM dynamically. When I checked it with Tag Assistant...

Aug 17 2017 by Dustin Laverick
Newbie Looking for Direction!

Hello,  I recently started my website: www.bellamelissaboutique.com I am ready to market it, however need some help with it.  I'd like to start with Facebook/Instagram Ads to build my FB page audience (which only has 6 likes).  I have been reading blogs and watching videos and trying to pull my resources but found that I am easily distracted and it's all scattered in my head so need some ...

Aug 17 2017 by Sam
Thoughts on Influencers and Promoters

Hi Eveyone, I am at the stage where I want to include influencers and promoters in my marketing. I had someone who said she was an influencer with 20K instagram follwers reach out to me. She said she wanted to try some of my products. I have a clothing store. When I looked at her account, I got the feeling that she simply is trying to get free products and really doesn't carry much influence...

Aug 17 2017 by Jody Olson
Help for SEO

Hi all, I am new here nd to shopify as well. Can anyone guide me about SEO in shopify or tell me some new tactics to follow? Is SEO different in this platform?

Aug 17 2017 by Alasdair Walker
Canonical Tag

How to use canonical tag in shopify for home page?  

Aug 17 2017 by Bllossom