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How should I attract customers?

Hi, this is my site: connectseoul.net I'm having difficulties attracting customers despite instagram ad and facebook. Would you suggest any recommendations? I am planning on going off-line marketing, making business-cards that have discount code and our logo on it. My budget is limited, since I am still a full time student.  Thank you.

Today by Grace
Low traffic volume for a jewelry store

Hello, I have a online jewelry business and we just recently launced a new website on shopify (www.littleskystone.com). Since we launched it about 2 weeks ago, our traffic has been low expcet the first week, that's because we posted our new website on Instagram, so our followers checked out our new website, but since then the volume is just around 10 visitors a day, and a lot of them are fro...

Today by Grace

Hello, Now you don’t worry about: You run traffic, replica ad locked account You don’t have facebook ad account to run advertisement Your advertising account is limited. Your advertising account not spend a lot of money Your advertising account with low coverage. We are a reputable agent with facebook, has been in service for many units effectively, with COMMITMENTS: � Your ad is displa...

Today by AmyAmy
How to make the first sale?

Hi! I just set up my first e-commerce store astrawear.com and am looking to make my first sale. I've had about 1,870 unique visitors and no sales yet. Are my prices too high? Are my designs not good? Is the website layout not good? Any feedback is much appreciated.    Thanks in advanced.  http://astrawear.com

Today by Mary Eastman
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Today by johnwilson
How to generate more sales?

  I am building analytics solution for Shopify store , and I will appreciate if you can share which option you find more valuable for you as a online store owner Forecast which products will appeal to each customer to increase revenue Forecast sales for the next 6 months  Find what is the customer life cycle stage (Active , New, potential to churn etc ) to be able to approach him a...

Today by YC
Pop up Email ask - really?

We'll be launching our new Shopify store within the next month, so we're not live yet.  In recent discussions with marketing types (typically young entrepreneurs) and in reading the myriad of Shopify blogs, everyone seems to recommend those annoying pop up email "asks" (generally offering 10% discount or something) that are on virutally every web site I visit.  I can't stand them personally. ...

Yesterday by DJ Swanepoel
Subscriber link is not working- PLEASE HELP

Hey Everyone!    I inserted the embedded form link from mailchimp and it looks good.    but when you click to subscribe it says that the page cannot be found.    What am I doing wrong?    TylaBoutique.com //TylaBoutique.us14.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=02f2d522f6bbad423db4c2d1c&id=667f0d1224

Yesterday by Leon Henry
Account Google, Facebook for rent to run Ad. Can spend 5k$/day

  SPECIAL: Now there are not many units owned Business account (2500 sub accounts). And We are a  reputable agent with facebook, has been in service for many units effectively, with COMMITMENTS:  ✔ Your ad is displayed continuously and without interruption ✔ The large budget spending which is not limited (a few hundred to billions / month) ✔ Approve Advertise instantly ✔ More preferred ac...

Yesterday by txlanh2008
Yotpo (free) reviews do NOT help SEO? Alternatives that have SEO benefit?

I've seen a number of posts on here, Moz and other places asking "Google Penalizing Sites Using YOTPO" and "does Yotpo hurt my review" or "why doesn't my reviews show to google". I pulled up our site with the Moz tool bar (in Firefox) and looked at it as google bot (i.e. with javascript turned off) and the reviews do disappear. Yotpo is clear about this on their site - always appreciate the upf...

Yesterday by Grace
Facebook Shop not showing my Shopify store products

I am a newbie.  Created the Shopify store few days back and connected it with my Facebook page.  I see on Shopify that my facebook store listings are processed but whereas when I click view on Facebook, I see the shop page is completely empty whith a link back to my shopify store. Whats wrong and how I can fix this. Thanks for your help.

Yesterday by YogiHills1
Favorite Marketing Blogs?

Aside from the Shopify blog, is there one you would recommend that provides clear, valuable content?  I'm finding a lot of blogs that essentially parrot tips on Adwords and Facebook and then try to sell a web series.  I would consider paying for one if I felt confident that it would teach some hard skills, as opposed to a lot of rambling/storytelling and very little content.

Yesterday by Megan Misiewicz
Edit Website SEO not working for My Products

Hi all When i Edit Website SEO in shopify admin products and save it. then no effect shown in google. Please help me to resolve this issue.

Yesterday by Tony McCreath
VIP Business Manager acc of Fb and Google for everyone

Hi, guys! - I run ads on facebook and google in long time, so I have good experience in this, - If you have problem in running ads or traffic for your product, such as : product for skin, health, game... - You can pm me on skype to receive help - I can give you invoice and contract if you nedd and want to cooperate with me ------------------------ Let's pm me on skype : manhdu...

Yesterday by dung113
Facebook traffic

Hello All, I usually have decent organic Facebook traffic. I share a blog, recipe, or other content every day and promote it mainly via Facebook.  Over the past few months, my impressions and views have plummeted dramatically.  I really don't think the content itself is the problem, as similar items have done really well in the recent past.   We are a start up, and I have a limited budget...

Yesterday by dung113
Looking for conversion experts

bangcube.com Just started our streetwear store that is focused primarily on korea fashion. We are a multi label store and we curate our clothing from designers that has their own shows during fashion week. We did a prelaunch and has been fairly successful with 15k emails over 2weeks. Now that we launched, conversion has not been ideal. We have spent quite an amount on fb ads, influence...

Yesterday by Sia K
Google Shopping Feed > Google Shopping Promotions

I saw a post about this that is outdated and didn't get to many responses. See this link for reference: https://ecommerce.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-marketing/t/google-promotion-feed-198203 Is there a solution for this yet? I would really like to start doing google promotions and special offers. 

Oct 26 2016 by Drew Wiggins
How to optimize your SEO for eCommerce

I have recently joined forces with five eCommerce marketing experts to publish an SEO guide for eCommerce. We are currently distributing FREE copies of the guide here: http://bit.ly/eCommerceSEOGuide SEO for eCommerce is different from SEO for content sites. Here are some of the points we cover in the guide: 1. How to optimize category and collection page 2. How much description you shou...

Oct 26 2016 by Jolie Lee
Do you need SEO, SEM, Online Marketing, Web Design or Programming done? ...

Hey everyone! Have you been searching for the perfect service for SEO, SEM, Online Marketing, Web Design and/or Programming? Well we have over 300,000 services you can look through. We have a rating system that lets customers rate the service providers.  So you know it's a genuine rating if they have a lot of sales and a 100% approval rating! If you want to manage your own marketing...

Oct 26 2016 by Jolie Lee
Facebook ads (Website Conversion Add To Cart pixels) retargeting

I'm new to Shopify and haven't started a store yet. Let's say I have 2 niche of products (fishing and clothing) in my Shopify store, then say I intend to use the Website Conversion Add To Cart pixels (under Facebook Ads) to retarget those people that have things in the cart but haven't purchased yet, how do I create the Facebook Ad (using WC Add To Cart pixels) of a fishing product to retarget ...

Oct 26 2016 by Jolie Lee