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Feedback on Landing Page

Hi all! I made a landing page designed to try and collect email addresses for fans of Tame Impala. In return for an email address the customer would get a custom Spotify playlist along with a discount. Thoughts? https://thefifthprint.com/products/elephant-soundwaves

Today by Zach Cmiel
Are Pinterest buyable pins editable?

Hello. I've spent countless hours crafting the rich text in my pins, but it seems that buyable pins just pull directly from the Shopify product listing. This usually means listings are cut off mid-word. Is there any way to avoid this and use the custom text I created (instead of simply pulling from the listing)? Thanks!

Today by Matthew Snow
Services / platforms for one-off product photos?

So I want to produce a number of instagram style photos of my products, and would like to do it by hiring out small one-off photos to get the ball rolling until genuine user photos start to roll in more frequently. Any ideas where I can outsource some of this? I'm thinking of using platforms like fiverr, upwork, etc as well as running a contest for user generated photos.

Today by Adam Nelson
Need more traffic!

mountainherbs.net I sell life plants, my clients are mostly older women (at least offline). OK, I admit that my social media presence was abmysal, but since a week I am really active in facebook and write a blog entry nearly every day. I stlil only have 10+ page visits a day. I got into pinterest (but my presence there is tiny). I don't have the money for paid adds. What would you f...

Today by Ramon Bez
Facebook Ads lots of engagement not sales

Hi guys, As from the title you can see I was using facebook ads and you can see aswell the page nowdeal.co.uk. The main problem I run the ads and all of them they got relevance 10, my concern is that i targeted the usual facebook person that likes without looking what is it and not an actual buyer. The only person who added to cart left wihout paying, this happened with the latest ads tha...

Today by Ramon Bez
High Converting Facebook Ads for Shopify Stores

Are you trying to figure out how to make highly profitable Facebook ads for your Shopify store without paying some over-priced salesman to help? Have you dabbled in Facebook ads with limited success and/or don't really believe they work? Would you be interested to share ideas, discuss about Facebook ads and do peer-to-peer reviews on your ad campaigns to get feedback from othre Ecommerce ...

Today by Mark Plummer
Which social media is the best for sales?

Hi, I am a one person entreprise and I am selling herb plants which I grow myself, not much time on my hands. My customers (at least my offline customers) are mainly female, 65+, many herbalists. My store is mountainherbs.net. That means I cannot participate in every  social media platform and have to make a selection, this is what I use so far: facebook: everybody says that this is a mus...

Yesterday by Chiara @BizzyHQ
Apple Pay logo

If activated, will the Apple Pay logo be automatically shown in the 'payment methods accepted' footer, or do we need to add this manually? Thanks, Steve

Today by Sia K
Publishing feeds to Google Shopping/Merchant Center for multiple countries

Shopify's Google Shopping app is great but apparently it can only publish a feed for a single country. So I'm curious to know how other people are approaching publishing feeds to Google Merchant Center for multiple countries. Thanks!

Today by Tony McCreath
Looking for marketing partner(s).

Hello. I'm currently in the processes of building a small number of shopify sites to run alongside my main business website to see how they compare. I'm looking for a marketing partner(s) that can help with onsite and offsite SEO, blogging and any recommendations of website design. Anyone who is interested can work in their own time and of course enter discussions on monthly % of net p...

Today by Kristoffer Thorir...
Free Blog Post for Your Business to the first 20 Ecommerce Sites

I know many of you don't have time to write blog posts, but know how important they are for your business. I will write a 250-300 word blog post for your ecommerce site for free and all you need to do is install our FREE Market Insights app and try it out for a bit and see what you think. Our app is an analytics tool that allows you to compare your site's performance to other sites in th...

Yesterday by Yogesh Kotecha
Need Help with Facebook/Instagram Ads

Hi Guys, I'm pretty new in the world of Ecommerce and would need some help to drive traffice to my site. I created and tested some Instagram Ads but it looks like they are not perfoming very well, conversion is 0 but what wonders me is that also the klicks are very very low for the people which are reached.     We sell Women Accessories, main Bags and targeting Women from 16 to ...

Yesterday by Chiara @BizzyHQ
Customer Segmentation: The Key to Successful Ad Retargeting

Hey everyone, Here is the latest blog on Customer Segmentation for Retargeting: https://blog.cueconnect.com/four-key-customer-segments-to-retarget  As you probably know, retargeting is a powerful branding and conversion tool that helps to generate high click-through rates and increased sales conversions. The harsh truth is that only around 3% of your website visitors are going to buy y...

Yesterday by Avetis Ghazaryan
Great payment app for shopify - I LOVE IT - payzing.io

Hey everyone, I'm posting this to see if anyone else here is using payzing.io as an option for payments for their customers. Basically this payment method helps you access uphold and streamline everything.  All I had to do was register at uphold.com and then I installed this app to my store.  I've made a few additional sales by using payzing so it's definitely worth it :D   Di...

Yesterday by Milton Machado
Tracking Affiliates

We have a business where we have 200 sales people and want to know if there is a way in just using shopify track each of their sales.  Can they each have some type of id that a customer would use on their order so we know who sold what? 

Yesterday by Ray Max

Hi... I have many account premium Facebook - Google business accounts for rent. This account helps you promote business with Facebook ads and drive traffic. My account can spend 5k$/day. Please contact me on skype: dunglamchieu_1 When you need... Thanks.

Yesterday by dungsdtq92
Facebook Ads and Convertion Tracking

I'm running an ad on Facebook/Instagram and I've loaded the pixel in my checkout page on Shopify.  Problem is, it doesn't appear to be working in the fact that FB is not showing any conversions.  There's been quite a few topics on this, but nothing seems to answer the fact that FB  is not getting any activity from the pixel. Anyone have their FB pixel working and tracking conversions?  If so...

Yesterday by dungsdtq92
How I went from 0-20,000 Instagram Followers in 7 months

Hey folks, this might be a long post but it'll be worth it to see how I grew an instagram account from 0-20,000 Real followers in 7 months. Seriously! How I get up to 50 comments on every photo and how I get free shoutouts from big accounts in my niche and how to Hashtag the correcct way! So last year around about this time, I tried to start an online tshirt business. I was working off the S...

Sep 29 2016 by geaux
The 1000$ Question

What can I do with 1000$ to generate traffic and sales? SEO, SEM or Google Adwords? We are a jewelry company with almost no web traffic. We invested so much time and money in the items themselves, to the point that we neglected the most important thing: bringing people to our website! We used Facebook ads for a while, but it wasn't quite affective. I would appreciate any piece of advice! ...

Sep 29 2016 by geaux
Advice on Marketing and SEO

Hello, our store is up and running and now I need to learn to market it.  We sell t-shirts, but what makes ours different is they are hand drawn, original designs.  My 16 year old does all the artwork.  Would anyone care to share some advice or point me in the right direction to get our name out there?  Thanks in advance! http://www.zaryfo-designs.com 

Sep 29 2016 by Adrian