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What do you think would make you buy from my site? g8

Hi, i recently launched my site which i have been working for almost a month now. I applied most of what i have learned from reading forums, ebooks. i have recently put on a FB/IG ad and would not rely on it yet as it is still too early but so far the visit is slow from the ads. If you come across my site mykeister.com , what would make you buy from site? Any feedback on what im lacking, ...

Dec 9 2017 by Tony Bui
Looking for help finding a specific kind of app?

I cannot seem to be able to find an app that displays a 'Free Ground Shipping' badge right beneath the product price. I have found apps that display Free Shipping bars/badges on the tops f pages but I am specifically looking for displaying this badge beneath the product price. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Today by Ryan Saydoff
Guide: a simple but very effective Marketing Setup for Shopify

Hi folks, I recently published an article where I present what I think the minimum Marketing Setup for every Shopify store should be. It included tools and tips that you can easily replicate for your store. Some questions I aim to answer: Are you considering your Marketing Funnel when running Ads? Are you targeting the right people? Are you showing them the right message at the rig...

Today by Luis
Help narrowing down who to target with Facebook ads

hey so after weeks of working with a store that just didn't seem to want to work, I finally got some headway with people telling me it looks good, now it just seems to be a matter of nailing down a functioning Facebook audience to build an ad campaign from, I've tried a few things and have managed a low bounce rate and a decent time on store, but need a little more tweaking and thought to ask h...

Today by Luis
Amazing Product & Local Sales but NO Online Sales! Help!

After 27 generations of prototypes, I invented a new, inspired way of making fresh ProBiotics/Yogurt/Kefir right in the milk bottle (see EZYogurtMaker.com or ProBioticMaker.com or Jugurt.com). It is the easiest thing ever - just add a starter packet to a fresh bottle of milk then slide the maker over the bottle and plug it in. Overnight the maker heats up the bottle and grows the fresh ProBioti...

Today by Emmanuel Flossie
Just one week for the Christmas Sales preparation. Any quick tips?

Hello everyone,   BFCM was the good sales boosting event for all of us. I’m going to run Christmas sales with the latest promotion before the new year. Shopify has released Christmas Toolbox and it took my attention https://www.shopify.com/toolbox?itcat=brochure&itterm=toolbox_announcement_bar   I think more about setting up the email marketing campaigns and send it in two phase...

Today by spurtcommerce
Yotpo (free) reviews do NOT help SEO? Alternatives that have SEO benefit?

I've seen a number of posts on here, Moz and other places asking "Google Penalizing Sites Using YOTPO" and "does Yotpo hurt my review" or "why doesn't my reviews show to google". I pulled up our site with the Moz tool bar (in Firefox) and looked at it as google bot (i.e. with javascript turned off) and the reviews do disappear. Yotpo is clear about this on their site - always appreciate the upf...

Yesterday by Callum
Facebook Pixel Helper says "No pixels found" on my website

Hi All, I have pasted my Pixel code into the Preferences section of my Shopfy Admin. It all looks fine there. However Facebook Pixel Helper says "No pixels found" on my website. My website is www.liquidzinc.net It's a brand new website so I assume there are no old Pixel codes that I have to remove. Thanks in advance for any assistance here!

Yesterday by julesy101
Google Analytics conversion tracking no longer working

Hi  I set up Google analytics tracking on my shopify account 3 months ago and it showed conversion tracking fine until 10 days ago when it stopped. I've tried re-installing with no success - I've place 3-4 test orders over  the last few days and they're just not showing. Please advise    Enabled Ecommerce setup and Enhanced Ecommerce Settings are checked under Google Analytics | Admin ...

Yesterday by Ewen Brown
Is content marketing effective, or even worth it?

I saw this question in one of the Ecommerce Facebook groups I'm in today. Just wanted thoughts on "content marketing". Is it a good tool to do a blog for my online store to attract potential customers to my website? And some of the responses shocked me!  It seams that, sadly, the effectiveness of content marketing as a traffic generation strategy doesn't seem to have filtered down to t...

Yesterday by Jason
Redirect ERROR with Fetch as Google

Any one shine a light on this for me. it seems to be redirecting form www.groovylovemachine.com to groovylovemachine.com Iv just re submited the site to see if anything changes. When I have the results ill post the code. The site wasnot showing in google - thos could be it new but beening relitivly new to all this would like some gidence please. Kindest regards John

Yesterday by John Goadby
What Marketing Channels should a newbie focus on?

Hi, I just launched my site: www.kokonaut.com And I'm pretty overwhelmed with the amount of Marketing I will have to do with selling my product. Should I focus on Facebook, Google, and Reddit ads or just one or two? Facebook doesn't have SEO correct? So it's mainly just paid ads? Google on the other hand, I should spend some time focusing on Organic Traffic? Thanks! Anton.

Yesterday by Andrew
A LOT of add to carts BUT no Sales :(

Hey guys, I've been running my anime/game related website for a few weeks now. I have been getting a lot of people adding products to their carts, but they don't convert into sales.. I'm very lost, I don't know what it is. Does my website look trustworthy? Are the product images not good enough? Is it the theme I'm using? Is it the colors? Is it the product description?   Thank ...

Yesterday by Jahangir Ashraf
post deliver review requests

Has anyone found a way to manually replicate the native Shopify “Shipment Delivered” notification? We have customers who have not received follow up emails and/or been asked for reviews. In most cases the delivery method had insufficient tracking information to automate these emails. It seems Judge.me, Stamped, YotPo, and Aftership still require you to manually send follow up emails if Shopi...

Yesterday by Richard
When to redo an FB ad

Hello, so I just started advertising on FaceBook for me store, HappyCatLovers, happycatlovers.com and I started advertising for 1 day. 88 people have seen my add and not one of them has clicked it. Is that enough to tell me to redo my add or should I wait a little longer? Thanks in advance!

Dec 11 2017 by Robert
SEO Help

Hey guys, I'm looking for someone who can possibly take their time to help teach me about SEO's I have the basics down but I wanna get more in depth like the <h1> <h2> header things (I have no idea how to do that) and the image SEOS So if anyone can help out below it would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure others would doo <3

Dec 11 2017 by Robert
Email Campaign Ideas

Hello, I launched my store just over a month ago, after running a pre-launch campaign to build up a mailing list. Since launching, I have also been slowly building a post-launch mailing list. So, now I have three segments that I'd like to make the most of. Existing customers (~150 people, all purchased within last 5 weeks) Pre-launch subscribers that haven't purchased (nearly 1500 p...

Dec 11 2017 by Steven Samuels
How to get Organic vistors?

Hello so I own a new shop, happycatlovers.com, and I'm having trouble driving traffic to my store. I have done a little bit of SEO like changed all the page titles so they have related keywords and the titles make sense with the products/store. I am also posting on the blog weekly. I drive paid traffic to some of the blog posts so visitors are more likely to click, I get a visit, then with the ...

Jul 11 2017 by Augie Kennady
I have about 20+ people in my mailing list When do I send promos?

So when should I start sending Promo's to my mailing list? I have about 20+ now and some are customers. Also does anyone know any good apps to use to make this easier or just the best way possible to do this? Thanks

Dec 11 2017 by Stacey Brazen
Instagram Influencer basic question

I have recently set up my store and am researching Instagram Influencers to contact in order to help me with promotions. I already have come up with a decent script of what to say/ask when contacting them and have already found a few to contact. However, I'm lost with one aspect - my question, which may seem very stupid: What are the influencers doing for me? Are they reposting an ad that I ...

Dec 11 2017 by Bernhard Engl