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Why can't we rewrite URL's for blog posts? g11

Automatically sticking a bunch of random numbers in the URL structure for blog posts doesn't do our site any good from an SEO perspective.  Why can't we be allowed to customize our URLs for blog posts? Are we missing something here? Thanks for your help!

Jan 19 2017 by Matt Grubb
SEO Analysis for Your Store - No Cost. No Catch.

Hey Shopfiy Forums, I'm a student learning about Search Engine Optimzation, and wanted to add some experience to my knowledge of SEO. In order to gain experience, I would love to offer your business some SEO advice by analyzing your business and giving you some advice. Whether you take the advice or ignore it, it's all up to you.  What I can do for your business: Advise proper Meta ...

Today by Tim Kilroy
HELP - Need to Generate Revenue $$

Hi There, New to shopify - trying to build the brand and drive traffic to my site.  Am currently utlizing Power Editor and working to better understand it. However, would love some support on how to increase sales. Blessings...    

Today by Deb
Looking for 1 on 1 help with improving conversion rate and traffic

Hi guys!  I have recently started my online business about one week ago and I am seeing some good results! Basically, I am selling used vintage clothing, sneakers and streetwear. However, my knowledge of marketing and SEO only goes up to a certain extent and I am looking for someone to spend a little time with me to help me improve my conversion rate and search ranking. I am willing to spend...

Yesterday by Susan
Advice for site traffic and sales

Hi, I started my first online jewelry store at Etsy (loveinjewel.etsy.com), and after years of experiences there, I was glad to launch my standalone site, LOVEinJEWE.com, via Shopify. While I could manage to grow slowly at Etsy store, I have difficulties at my standalone site (Loveinjewel.com) to have enough site traffic to lead sales. I try to search for solutions of site traffic and sales...

Yesterday by Adriana

HI ALL, I launshed my site, 2 weeks ago for sunglass, bracelets & watches, I drived exactelly 1000 targeted visitor to my store , But I got Only 1 sale !!.  I was reading that it's normal sales after christmas and it's not the right time to start my store on,I want to know what other experienced dropshippers think about that and when is the most successful time to start my marketing !...

Yesterday by Adriana
Duplicate Meta Description From Search Functio

Hi My store is showing duplicate meta descriptions from my home page and /search page which appears to be destroying my pagerank. I've tried to delete the search page but even then you (and google) can access it by going to my home page url/search. Any help really appreciated

Yesterday by Craig Robinson
Setting up Google Shopping for two related stores one US one UK

Hi I've had my shopify store joestoes.co.uk for three years now. I'm in the UK bur half my customers are in the USA so I've just set up  a second shopify store, us.joestoes.co.uk with prices in USD, easy shipping and Americanised spellings. I now want to publish my US store inventory to Google shopping but can't decide if I should create a new and seperate Google account for this. Any advice...

Yesterday by Joshua Uebergang
trouble integrating Rich Cards

Hi, I've been researching for a few hours now. Im not a coder by any means but I had the assumption that the markup added our product.liquid was OK for Rich Cards. The Strutured Data Testing tool seems to indicate that the values for "price" and "priceCurrency" (needs to be USD) is not set properly. What needs to be done so that values for each render properly and is there more outside of this ...

Jan 22 2017 by roupasemoda
Please help it has been 3 months I haven't run my store except spending ...

All of my pixels have been installed. However, I can never "Place Order" a Website Conversion ad or any other type of ad. Facebook keeps saying this: Your ad may not be optimized for conversions because we haven't received any activity from the conversion you selected at all or in more than 14 days. We found 1 error. The content you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be...

Jan 22 2017 by Dung
Two different FB pixels in one shop

Hey guys , so currently i have my own pixel assigned to my shop but i want to add my partner's pixel so we can both track our ads .  In the FB pixel box there is room only for one pixel . How do i add the second one ? should i go into the html document and add the entire code of my partner's pixel in addition to mine ? Thanks .

Jan 22 2017 by Skullz
Our SEO and/or Shopify issue

About a small year ago we launched our Shopify webshop: https://shop.serescollection.com/. Based on our experience of online media, we value the SEO value of our webshop after one year fairly low and are quite concerned about this, so we want to pinpoint the issue and come up with a new strategy/solution a.s.a.p. We do not really know whether this issue has either anything to do with our (sub)d...

Jan 22 2017 by Tony McCreath
How to get backlinks to my fitness clothing store

Hi Guys,  After 18 months I believe its time to work on my stores SEO (I know, I should have done it sooner). Im just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested methods to getting backlinks to your website. My website is a fitness clothing/ gym apparel / sportswear business.  I know there are many buckets to try and fill for better SEO but could anyone give me an insight to some meth...

Jan 21 2017 by Alekh Verma
Did i mess up something here or just i got no luck?

Hello guys, Hope you all well, i just wondering did  i mess up something in my SEO or somewhere i have wirtualy 0 visitors. I kno its a new store and i had 1 sale, but what is wrong that i do that theres no traffick at all. Maybe some one could give me a hint or something. Google indexed, yahoo and bing too. Another issue is 404 errors i don understand why they appear in webmasters tools eve...

Jan 21 2017 by Alekh Verma
SEO requirements for switching from subdomain to .com domain

Hi, we will be switching from a de.storename.com website to the storename.com (.de is taken already) as we have been having some issues with gaining authority on the subdomain. I want to target the .com to the local, German market audience. Is there anything I will have to consider to do apart from geo-localizing the traffic on google search console? Any adjustments, language tags or so I...

Jan 20 2017 by Jake
Google Indexing of Collections

Hi all, Wondering if you can help me on an SEO-related problem. Recently swapped to Shopify (early November), and have been (in large) impressed with the features and ease of administration. That being said, I'm having an issue with the indexing of our product collections. All 83 product pages are successfully indexed, as are the blogs and general pages. When it comes to the collection...

Jan 20 2017 by Adam CM
Post Purchase Sharing

Does anyone know of a good app that encourages and rewards post purchase social sharing?

Jan 20 2017 by Ciarán H
Google Analytics Experiments - Where to place code

Hello all,   Looking for some quick help. I'm hoping to set up a Google Analytics experiment between my homepage and a landing page. Where is the best place to place the code?   If I put it in theme.liquid, will it then be through the whole site? And this that ok?   Thank you!

Jan 20 2017 by Vivek
Blog contributors required - Calling on store owners

We are looking for contributers to our latest blog and we need your expertise/help. The topic is around weddings but advice for Men. The ultimate aim is to provide the best advice to help newly engaged gents prepare for the upcoming event.  These are the topics we are most interested in  Suits and suit alternatives (waistcoat/blazer) Shoes All accessories (belt, tie cravat pocke...

Jan 19 2017 by Matthew Boulding
run traffic, google GDN, google adwords

GOOGLE PARTNER ACCOUNT Run video ads through channel google ?? You are need for Google ads account running advertisement(Google adwords, google GDN)? You want to increase sales, but your advertising account is limited? Your advertising account can't spend money? Your advesting account trust is limited?  You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don't know who or how to ...

Jan 19 2017 by jamesoliver