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Over 1,000 pages excluded from Google indexing!

I just discovered that according to the Google Search Console, I have 1,041 pages on my website being excluded from the Google index due to "Page with redirect", see attached for an example of one. Many of these pages are the core of my business and really should be indexing. Can anyone explain to me what this means and how I can fix it?  Thanks!  

Today by Connect POS
Is AMP the next big thing for Shopify?

Nowadays, google prefers mobile friendly stores in the search engine. For that, AMP is the good solution to implement on our stores. Do you think the amp would be next big topic to focus on?

Today by Connect POS
Pinterest Tag Integration for Checkout on Shopify

Our store is Wazo Furniture and we're trying to run some Pinterest campaigns. We can't use buyable pins because our store currency is CAD instead of USD. So we need to implement the Pinterest Tag manually. We've installed a few events and most of them work properly except for the most important one, the checkout, which doesn't pass data to Pinterest. Since we can't check out on our own domai...

Sep 9 2017 by Ted K.
Facebook ads always new problem

Please help me. I have created a Facebook business account with my business name and sent an ownership request to the page and when I tried to respond to the request. Facebook display a message saying something went wrong we're looking into it. I have read all the articles related to it but didn't get any solution  Can I run ads through business manager account without page ownership being ...

Yesterday by Elle
Would it make sense to publish resolved complaints?

Do you believe that when you admit a negative, the prospect will give you a positive? (Law 15 in the book 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing) Would it make sense to say "Yeah, we are human, we make mistakes but here's how we fix them." The reason I am asking because I am looking for advice. I am considering whether or not I should develop a Shopify App that allows you to display resolved comp...

Yesterday by Radical_Transparency
Canonical Tag

How to use canonical tag in shopify for home page?  

Yesterday by Intan Goyana
Online Shopping Become Popular

Hi, I'm new to the forum and here I discuss Online Shopping through E-Commerce Marketing. E-Commerce Marketing is the process of driving sales by raising awareness about an online store's brand and product offerings. So, Students make a career in abroad its a better way to buy books from an online store. We have various books here and its a help for students to boost their knowledge. Online ...

Yesterday by David Wood
Churn Management, Retention and Maximising Profits

Hey there, We’re Marax - a startup full of data scientists working with e-commerce stores from around the world to help them increase their revenues and boost their profits. Our clients are seeing great results with sales up by a whopping 115% and returning customers up by 8%.  Did you know that a repeat customer is 3X more valuable to you than a new one? We get that you’re working hard o...

Yesterday by MaraxAI Admin
Remove query strings from static resources

Hello, Does anyone know how I can remove the query strings from static resources ? I'm using Turbo theme. Thank you in advance.

Yesterday by Nazreen
My experience with Facebook Advertising

I'll cut to the chase. I think Facebook advertising is over priced. I also think their reporting of ad. statistics is, to put it mildly, highly flawed. We actually did our own Birthday Targeting ad. in response to an earlier post on this forum who claimed a 2700% ROI. What a great idea, we thought. We sell animal themed jewelry, a perfect match for upcoming birthday customers. We tried offer...

Yesterday by Mike Thomas

Can some body please recommend some good app for FACEBOOK PIXEL that work. I know PixelMagic from Adrin Morrisson but they not work or support is gone.. i dont what happened right now..   Others in shopify app store - some of them says that not fired property so ? if somebody know and use = make$$$ .. i use my pixel with standard way in shopify field but its not the best way rly.. ...

Yesterday by Joshua Uebergang
Google Image search

Hi, Any chance that there will be a workaround or changes made at shopify to enable google image search to find and catalog product images? I wish I had known that this was a problem before I spent months making my site and a few weeks adding Alt tags to the product images. Thanks, Mark.

Oct 21 2018 by Visual Search by Shopix
Promoting with 5 Facebook Pages

Hello Everybody These days one store is being promoted using 5 facebook pages. Example  There is a store let's say store A They are not promoting their products through their official store A page. They are promoting their products through different facebook pages. One of them is a new company with a news blog.  Their ads get around 200k views in 12 hours and so. I have a general store...

Oct 21 2018 by Nikunj
RoboNegotiator - Sharing your Marketing cost.

As eCommerce owners, we all need to work on SEO, Social Media Marketing and other Ads.  Traffic to our websites are important at the end. However, RoboNegotiator (new start-up) is changing the notion. They would like us to work on our existing traffic and increase conversion. If you are operating your eCommerce store in USA and selling some high end, expensive, luxurious products online (usu...

Oct 20 2018 by Sami Shah
Double Opt In for Newsletter

Hi, how can i activate the double opt in for newsletter marketing? I didn't found the option. My account is connected with mailchimp for email marketing. Or do i have to activate it in Mailchimp? Thanks in advance, Patrick

Oct 19 2018 by Smeelah
Facebook Catalog Content IDs Missing

I've been having issues with Facebook catalog for the longest time. It now says that 'content IDs missing from your catalog'. It says that 4.7% of views are available for retargeted ads but 95.3% are not. Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to go into each product and a content ID such as a sku? My products on shopify do have SKUs. Do I need to delete the catalog and redo it?   Th...

Oct 19 2018 by Buceplant
Should I use product reviews

Hello, I am currently finishing up with my store and I was wondering if it is a good idea to add product reviews. animaltrends.shop Thanks

Oct 19 2018 by Naana
How to do Seo for Ecommerce Website. (https://bestitgadgets.com/)

Image Submission ,Video submission,PPT submission,Social bookmarking. Apart form this what more can be for website trraffic and ranking.

Oct 19 2018 by Bestitgadgets
Customizing URLs, removing "/pages" directory

One of my clients has a standalone site and Shopify site at different sub-domains. I want to consolidate these sites under Shopify with a single consistent theme for maintenance. This would involve migrating and creating around 50 pages in Shopify. When I started making these pages I noticed Shopify forces a URL path of "/pages/page-name". I have not used "/pages/" as a URL path since the ea...

Oct 20 2016 by HunkyBill
Google Ad words

Hello everyone, Just launched my store a couple hours ago. I would like to know how to bring more traffic using google ad words. What are the best ads to place on google?

Oct 18 2018 by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital