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do not allow people to post sell items on our Facebook page

Hello, Do not allow people to post sell items on our Facebook page  we need to sell   lol not sure if you can fix this up and get my personal stuff hidden   Our store https://koffee-express.com/ Thank you,    

Today by Nick
Seeking a reasonable, reliable marketeer

Hi, my website is the internationalcoffeebarn.com. I've tried marketing it on my own and I've also hired different people through Fiverr, I get traffic, ALOT of reported traffic and also ALOT of reactions on different post on facebook...yet no sales? I asked on another fourm on here what the problem was, one of them that was suggested to me was to change my website and that I'm working on. Hope...

Email discount code to new newsletter customers

Hello community, I was wondering if there any way to email a discount voucher as soon as the customer signs up to your newsetter, rather that send it yourself manually at a later stage. This is very common in many eshops but I cannot find any such functionality in the Admin page (i.e. notification, customer etc) Thanks a lot in advance

Today by Lukasz Wiktor
Setup tags for Google Analytics, Google Adwords conversion and Google Dy...

Hi everyone, I am so confused with the whole tag things. I hired a freelancer and he didn't do it right so I decided to do myself. After all the reading. I did the following. Please please take a look and let me know anything is wrong. 1. Google Analytics: Here is my setup In the additional javascript, the first line is for Google Display, the second line is for Google Adwords conv...

May 14 2018 by Ben Froedge
Help with Instagram Marketing for a newcomer!

Hi Everyone! I started a new business on Shopify and am using FB (@8thandf) and IG (@8thandf), but don't have many followers and can't seem to drive people to the website (www.8thandf.com). We sell fine art prints and postcards. I need advice on where to start my marketing. I am running a promotional give-away tonight  on IG to get people to register on the website, but I'm not sure where it's ...

May 8 2018 by Pollen
Looking for clarification on SEO. New here!

hi, I’m new here. I have had my site for over a year and have only 20 sales. I have a shop on Etsy for years and have done well there but here it’s an entirely different set up. I would really appreciate if you could take a look at my site and let me know what you think. Last year I hired help suggested by Shopify to clear up my descriptions and photos but still do not see any changes. Feel lik...

May 9 2018 by DearMishuDad
Building Backlinks for Shopify Shop

I have been a Shopify store owner for over 2 years already. Most of my sales come from PPC and search campaigns. Lately, I have am starting to focus on my SEO and it is much more challenging than anticipated. I have read online that backlink building is something that might boost my SEO rankings on Google. The only issue is, no one actually shows how to do backlink building. Anyone with suggest...

Jun 28 2018 by Greg Shuey
Capitalizing on Organic Results

Hi, I've been running my store for about 8 months now. From the paid advertsing route, I've mainly focused on FB/IG ads. However, I noticed about 30% of all my sales come from organic searches through search engines. It always seemed strange to me because my products, for the most part, are very niche. A lot of them would be pretty hard to search if you didn't specifically know the product name...

Yesterday by John Carlstrom
High authority back-links created for Online store but how to get more o...

High authority back-links created for Online store but how to get more organic traffic   Our site Koffee-Express.com

Yesterday by John Carlstrom
Why Is Social Media Such an Important Part of a Ecommerce Marketing ?

Why Social media is an important part to any marketing strategy?

Yesterday by Dallas
change automatic added title tag

Dear community, my store´s name is automatically added to the title tag. Could anybody help me to customize the code so that there will be nothing added and I can choose an individual title tag on every page? Thanks for your help!       {% if current_tags %}{% assign meta_tags = current_tags | join: ', ' %}{% endif %}     <title>{% if template contains "index" %}{{ langi...

Yesterday by Babsi
Just launched I need help bringing traffic.

I have done some facebook ads, got me some clicks but cant get consistent traffic. I believe facebook is my best plaform being able to narrow down to dog owners. But based off my website what do you guys recommened as far as how to be traffic to website?   Thank you for all the help!

Aug 6 2018 by SumithraG
Facebook ads and website traffic

Hi,   We have recently started an online store selling accessories for men. We are doing the advertisement through our facebook page with paid ads. Lately we have got decent amount of likes for our ad campaigns but according to shopify data we have got 0 visitors to our store. I just wanted to make sure if somebod have had the same issue routing traffic to shopify store? or if there is so...

Yesterday by Koffee Express
Google Adwords No Permission

I am not sure what is going on. But in shopify under the Google Shopping app in "Google Ads Account" It shows that my account is linked but in red at the top it says: You don’t have permission to connect this Google Ads Account Contact the person who administers this account and ask them to accept the link within Google Ads. You can’t create a campaign until this step is completed.   ...

Yesterday by Emmanuel Flossie
GTM tags firing on pages but not showing any data in Google Analytics

Hi, First I was only using Google Analytics but it wasn't showing any data, no real-time visitors and wrong audience data as compared to Shopify data. Example, GA shows only 4 visitors whereas we have hundreds of visitors recorded in Shopify. This was happening despite Google Tag Assistant showing GA tag is present. So I decided to use Google Tag Manager. I checked that the tag is firing on ...

Aug 18 2018 by Anj
How to get optimizes keywords for coffee site?

How to get optimizes keywords for coffee site?  Any site or tools to get best optimise keywords for meta title and description here our site https://koffee-express.com

Aug 18 2018 by Freheart
Adsense question

I recently submitted a request to ad adsense ads in my shopify Blog and I was disapproved. I am unsure why? Has anyone else had this happen to them with their shopify blog? Here is my blog page https://trendsforher.net/blogs/our-blog Any insight would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks! Lori

Aug 17 2018 by Lori Lander
As a starter how much should I spend on campaigns

Hello there, As a starter how much should I spend on campaigns per day? And which campaigns is better for a general store Google Shopping vs Facebook vs Instagram? Any suggestion will be much appreciated.   Thank you, Sandy

Aug 17 2018 by Steve Y
What is a good CTR?

Hi,  I have an adset running on facebook and instagram feed. It is currently at 1600 reach with 15 link clicks. The shown CTR is 0.9% Given that it is a Picture ad and the Audience size is 20M. Is this CTR a good one?  Also, for $5 day adsets what is the expected CTR for an image and what is the expected CTR for a video feed pos? Thanks, Adil

Aug 17 2018 by Steve Y
Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt - - ? Big Deal?

Hi there,  I have received a handful of "valid but warning" notifications from my Google Search Consul. These 5 warnings are all "Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt" issues.  I'm not a techy or code person at all and no longer have a web person to help me. When I read the learn more section about this stuff its like reading a foreign language. Anyways... through my research, it appe...

Aug 16 2018 by Sparkle Rock Pop