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Not sure how to increase traffic g5

We are not sure how to increase traffic anymore.  1. We tried Fb ads. It didn't work for us and we lost so much money 2. Google adwords. We get clicks but no sales. - also costs a lot of money.  3. Native marketing - we get clicks but no sales 4. Influencer marketing - This has been the most successful but we also lost a lot of money from hiring the wrong influencers. We plan to do ...

Feb 23 2018 by John-Smith
Need help for Facebook adds

Hi there! its been a week that I'm running two adds. Spend around 55 euro on it and had 13 add to cart et 2 initiate checkout but still no sale. Is that normal? CPC 0,14/0,15 CPM 1,64/1,98 addToCart 8,66/6,01   Chiensetchatsboutique.com Thanks in advance   

Today by yasmina decatoire
Why aren’t my IG promotions working?

Hi, need some advice please. I have promoted a few of my IG posts and I get NO engagement but still get charged. For instance, I posted earlier and got 96 views, 110 impressions and 17 engagement. i them promoted the post and have got zero for all. It’s always the same.  My Audience is vague enough to include lots of people but targeted so that people who might be interested in my product...

Today by Samantha Sona
Want to cooperate? (dropshipping)

It occured to me that alot of people have a bussiness in their respective country, and some of you might want to expand your area. I'm from Norway, i run a dropshipping site here, and i have time to manage more sites. If you want we could duplicate your store, launch it in Norway with Norwegian targeting. I will handle the marketing, translation, be the contact and deal with the laws here. We s...

Yesterday by Georg Tollefsen
Google AdWords is really confusing :-(

Aside from the fact that the promised $100 AdWords credit did not work, I am really struggling to set up my campaign.  It's asking me for photos, headlines, etc.  I just want to put some key words so that my site comes up.  Also there's a big red angry banner telling me that Google Adwords can only be managed in the Google AdWords Express account. None of this makes any sense to me.  Please ...

Yesterday by Samantha Sona
Best marketing route for new women's fashion store?

Hi guys,     I've just recently opened a new store and I would like to hear from any of you who had similar experiences,how you got it started in regards of traffic and subsequently,sales? So far I've tried Facebook ads with not-so-great results,part of it must have been the too broad audience but do you think there's anything else that I could pay attention to if I decide to continue wi...

Nov 16 2017 by Miss Claire Store
Starting first facebook / instagram campaigns; any advice on my strategy?

Hello, first I would like to say I am brand new in this group and I can see many wonderful helpful people here as this is a true passion of mine. (Sorry for long message ahead of time) I am planning to start to create my ad campaigns in the near future but wanted to make sure I am on the right path by doing so. Here is my plan if you have any suggestions or advice I would greatly appreciat...

Jul 13 2017 by Sam Jones
Whats killing my conversions?

Hello, We launched www.freshpawz.com on January 6th. It is doing OK, not terrible and not great. We are getting OK traffic, just now starting up a facebook ad's program with a budget of 800 per month. But my conversions are low and Im not a fan of doing Sales. I'd rather depend on my wholesale outlets to move inventory before i start doing sales on my website.  Just looking for advice ...

Feb 23 2018 by cargnoni04
Pop Up Box when hitting the checkout button

Hey guys,    I have a quick question. Does anybody know a tool/app/way how a pop up box shows up after my customer hits the checkout button???  The reason for this is that I want to test the selling potential for a product before I put it into my store for selling it. The listing of the product and everything is finished. The only thing which is lost is the connection to aliexpress. Th...

Jan 18 2018 by Morgan
Budget for new store

Just getting started with creating my first store. I had some questions around the actual marketing and promotion of the site. What would be realistic for a new (small) store for startup and ongoing marketing costs? What are the more effective techniques for promoting a new store?What expectations are there around traffic generation?  How long before I should start seeing traffic and s...

Jan 14 2018 by Steven Samuels
Subscriber list

I currently use the subscriber function in my theme and Mailchimp.  But i have found by asking customers the mailchimp emails tend to go into the junk mail by almost 80% no matter what the email says.  I did some testing. Does anyone else use a system or and app that can make this easier and more acceptable. It doesnt have to be by email either. WhataPen.com

Dec 8 2017 by Emmanuel Flossie
Email Campaign Ideas

Hello, I launched my store just over a month ago, after running a pre-launch campaign to build up a mailing list. Since launching, I have also been slowly building a post-launch mailing list. So, now I have three segments that I'd like to make the most of. Existing customers (~150 people, all purchased within last 5 weeks) Pre-launch subscribers that haven't purchased (nearly 1500 p...

Dec 11 2017 by Steven Samuels
Need help with abandoned cart!

Hi guys! I am facing some problems with the build in abandoned cart notifactions of Shopify and the ones from MailChimp.  The standard Shopify notification only sends one abandoned cart email after x hours. MailChimp sends a series of follow-ups after x hours but only to people who have subscribed to the mailing list while Shopify sends it to whomever.  To sum up, MailChimp does not re...

Nov 27 2017 by Tien Do
Looking for conversion experts

bangcube.com Just started our streetwear store that is focused primarily on korea fashion. We are a multi label store and we curate our clothing from designers that has their own shows during fashion week. We did a prelaunch and has been fairly successful with 15k emails over 2weeks. Now that we launched, conversion has not been ideal. We have spent quite an amount on fb ads, influence...

Oct 7 2017 by Nolan Fergus
Can you help with the marketing of my site?

I have launched a relatively new site however I am unsure how to effectively market my site now. Is social media the best route? Adwords? Blogs? It is unrealistic to do all at once for us so how should he prioritize?    I am am looking for recommendations and resources for assistance. I am very ready to invest today.   Would love over feedback on the site and needed improvements:  ...

May 29 2016 by Jason Guarino
Does listing on several market places effect SEO in any way?

Good Evening Folks We'd like to increase our revenue streams by listing on more market places (Ebay, Amazon, Etsy etc.).  If we copied and pasted our product descriptions so that they were the same on all listings across all market places (inlucing our own Shopify store) would this negatively impact on our SEO or ranking in any way?  I recall reading somewhere about repeated contect be...

Feb 22 2018 by Vishal
Need more visitors, more sales, & better marketing strategy

Hi! I'm look for advice on how to increase visitors and sales. We had 511 visitors in the month of Jan. but only 19 orders. What are we doing wrong? Advice for converting sales? Website advice? Also, we have boosted post on facebook and IG with no success. What are the best marketing tactics? We do not have a large budget, so we need something cost effective. Good shopify apps to utilize?...

Feb 23 2018 by Haley Hamilton
FB Pixel added in Shopify but FB saying Faceboook pixel isn't active

Hi, I have set up fb pixel in preference, but fb is not detacting it and I got an email saying "Facebook pixel isn't active". Why? Can someone please help me!

Feb 23 2018 by Saurabh
Two webstores, two lanuages. How to differentiate them in Google?

I have have a webshop in my native lanuage. I have felt the need for a page with English text and international currency. (As we know Shopify does not provide the opportunity for multi language pages) Therefore I have had to set up a second website/shop for this. But how will this affect the search results in Google? Will it somehow punish me? Then someone search for my product, will they...

Feb 23 2018 by Arthur Korniyenko
I need a marketing expert!!!

So this is my store: https://tothemaxstore.com/   i need some marketing expert to help me get sales, i only get visitor but no sales :(

Feb 23 2018 by dariadaria