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Referring Site & Landing Page | tracking link of order Landing Page

Hello Everyone! Super new to forum posting so please do be kind. I've worked in some code before, mostly cmd, VBS and SQL so I'm completely lost when it comes to HTML and CSS. I'm trying to track landing page links from a customer order so that I know who referred the customer to my store. The link I have is: https://tabletopvillage.com/pages/associateid-000_1 . This redicrects customers ...

Today by Joshua Uebergang
Desperate help needed

I was able to generate 300 views on my website using Facebook ads but not a single one bought anything??? www.politicalzach.com

Today by Joshua Uebergang
Affiliate program search

Hey guys, currently my best source of traffic is Instagram, so the current affiliate program i am using only offers a Refferal Link to share to friends. This can be a hassle for instagram marketing Is there any ambassador / referral apps out there that offer customizable coupon codes for a certain user? For example, if i sign up for my referral program, i can give someone the code "JANE25...

Today by Joshua Uebergang
eCommerce Web Design [Shopify Expert]

Hi, This is Sam from Gilco Digital, we've been apart of Shopify development for quite a while now and have recently decided to launch our website which is targeted at helping newcomers build their very own shopify websites. We have tons of experience and testimonials from previous customers on our website. It's 2016 and why not build a business you can start growing today? Theres never si...

Jun 7 2016 by Gilco Digital
How to put "pop up code" in HTML shopify?

Hello, I want to add a "pop up" in my website. I created a pop up from MailChimp.  I add the pop up code in HTML in my Shopify, line 60 between </head> </head>.  Now, after the include pop up code I can't see my image in my Homepage (slideshow). The pop up is working but I can't see homepage image. Please, could you tell me exactly in which line of HTML I should to put the ...

Aug 27 2016 by Michael West
5 Essential Marketing Apps for your Shopify Store

The great thing about Shopify’s app platform is that it encourages third party developers to create features that can be implemented on your store without having to hire technical help. The only downside is that, with so many options available and so many similar apps, it can be hard to know where to start! In this post from indiebrandbuilder.com I detail 5 marketing apps for your Shopify st...

Aug 26 2016 by alhabbani
Links without the title attribute?

Hello,  I am using an app to analyse my pages SEO and on the homepage it advises I have 37 links without the title attribute?  Can anyone explains what this means?  I checked all the links page titles etc and all seem fine.  Many thanks,  Tom 

Aug 26 2016 by ROOTOOTOO
Facebook pixel

Hi all,  New here. I am trying to install the facebook pixel on my site but it isnt working and i cant find any information on whay it wont be.  I went -> setting -> Online store -> Facebook pixel and pasted in the digits and saved.  I checked on facebook and the pixel is active but using the Facebook pixel helper on chrome it isnt working. Also when i try to create an ad on F...

Aug 26 2016 by Troy Bignell
Seo Help

I need help with my seo I just can not get any traffic to my store. I'M  new at this so can anyone help me thanks WEBSITE https://www.spoiledmerotten.com/

Aug 26 2016 by Richard Migliore
Marketing help

Hi,  I'm looking for someone experienced in advertising and marketing my jewelry site.  As well as someone able to generate followers for my social media accounts. Please comment below or email me at lovestruckxfashion@gmail.com

Aug 26 2016 by Thomas Carey
Increasing conversion by analyzing visitor behaviour

High Guys, We created Capturly, a simple tool to analyze your website users’ behavior, help you understand your visitors and optimize conversion rates.  It’s free to try and it’s totally worth it! Please read about all the features you can now try for free! Capturly is our love child so we are grateful for any feedback or comments you might have! Contact is in the link above. All...

Aug 24 2016 by MattKramer
Conversions Not Showing in Analytics/AdWords

My site is relatively new, but I've been trying to get conversions to show up in Analytics and AdWords since it opened 2 months ago. Unfortunately, everything I do seems to return zero results. My Analytics account is showing traffic, so we're good there. I also have a Goal Funnel created with the ultimate goal of /checkout/thank_you: /cart /checkout/contact_information /checkout/s...

Aug 24 2016 by Tony McCreath

Hello everybody! You run traffic, replica ads and locked accounts? You want to increase sales, but your ad account is limited? Your ad account can’t spend huge money? Your advertising account trust is limited? You meet account problems or need technical supports but you don’t know who or how to contact with? I am working as a senior executive running FB and GG ads for SMEs com...

Aug 23 2016 by Marketing Team
Selling Instagram shoutouts on my 100k+ acc

Hey I own @blackoutpoetry.ig and was wondering if anyone is interested in buying shoutouts! I get on average 6-8k likes per post. My rates are 1 hr $10 3 hrs $15 Overnight (12 hours) $25 Bulk  5 1 hr $45 10 1 hr $75 5 3hr $65  10 3 hr $110 5 ovn $100 10 ovn $170 I use this acc to promote my stores also and they tend to do really well. If you niche is teen-young females this w...

Aug 23 2016 by Marketing Team
How to Add Google Analytics User ID Tracking to Your Shopify Store

If you're setting up a Google Analytics view to capture User ID data, you may be wondering what you need to do to actually capture that data, since Shopify only allows you to enter your Analytics ID. Turns out, it's actually pretty simple.  After you've gone through the User ID setup, just add the following line to the Additional Google Analytics Javascript section. ga('set', '&uid'...

Aug 23 2016 by Joshua Uebergang
SEO results within 14 days and professional web design

Hi All, Many of you are looking to have a professional website created for your business, or have a website and need more customers. Well we have the solution to both. Simple Logic Solutions LLC offers SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC ads, and full custom web and logo design. We offer subscription based SEO services feayuring monthly reporting, and have results (some ranking amongst th...

Aug 22 2016 by Dave D
Email Marketing & Retargeting

Hi! We have moved to shopify a few months back,  Before hand we had our own inbult email marketing list within our store  However since moving to shopify - we have had to use mailchimp, which I am finding overpriced (more expensive than shopifys fees!) and not that effective  I am wondering what everyone uses for email marketing and retargeting? I need something cheap, but also e...

Aug 20 2016 by Chiara @BizzyHQ
Google Merchant E-Commerce

How do I set-up an API key to use with my Google Merchant account ? 

Aug 22 2016 by Ronen
Use email list to generate competition entries

Hello there Wondering if anyone can help with this question.  We have built a reasonable email list in our business (c4,000) but would like to increase this substantially over the coming months. To coincide with a new marketing campaign, we intend to run a competition with a prize that's relevant to our market.  We'll be advertising this through a variety of channels (social, some special...

Aug 19 2016 by Ronen
When Shopify will allow Indian sellers to use sales channel such as Pint...

Shopify has done some really good sales channel such as Facebook Store, Buy Botton. Pintrest, Twitter and Sales Point. However sellers from India is not being able to use Pintrest and Twitter due to some technical restrictions. When Shopify will allow Indian sellers to use sales channel such as Pintrest and Twitter? From : An Indian Online Seller. https://www.variation.in/  

Aug 22 2016 by Mahesh Uppin