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Need help with my Facebook and Instagram ads ASAP! g8

I've spent a few hundreds dollars on my ads and only a few purchases from my ads. I've tried influencer Instagram influencers and have also had no luck.. I am looking to get help with my ads because I hear all about them but am clearly not doing something right. What could I be doing wrong? What has worked for you? What are some things you've learned that are important?

Today by Guille Lopez
Google Shopping

Hi! Does anyone have any experience with Google Shopping? For what I understand, it will really improve conversions/traffic. Could you recommend someone to help set it up? I know it requires AdWords, which is pretty intimadating to me. Thank you in advanced for any tip Viviana

Today by Kevin Simonson - CEO Metric Digital
Shopify to Facebook to instagram

So I have my shopify linked to my Facebook which is sopposed to update my Instagram products. But I find Facebook doesn’t update quickly which causes my Instagram to not let me tag products. Is there something I can do?

Today by Janit Calvo
Custom Audience -> Engagement -> Video -> Instagram Business Profile = E...

As you can see from the images, I have no issue in getting to Instagram Business Profile Videos. That being said. It only shows the most recent 12 videos posted. The first page shows the most recent 6, then the second page shows the NEXT recent 6. But when I go to page three, it loops back to the most recent 6 all over again. The page has over 100 videos so that's confusing. Another thing, w...

Today by Toby Peterson
Help Needed With Facebook Ads

Hi,      Is there anyone that can help me or might have a similiar issue ? I've been posting facebook ads but they are not getting any impressions, no money at all being spent on them and they are approved & active on my ad account.  Reading about why my ads might not be deliverying on forums/articles, i seem to be fine with my healthy size target audience. (1.5m) I budget $10 per day bu...

Today by Sandy Clarke
If you only had $100

If you were down to $100 what would you spend it on for your online business and why? Looking for the "safest" bet to get some sales and start making some money.

Today by Joe's Ideas
Prepping for Relaunch

Dear ECU,   We are in the process of relaunching our shop https://www.justagradfrom.com, "a lifestyle brand for alums everywhere." We are looking for any suggestions so that we can maximize pop and exposure when we relaunch. Especially interested in effective IG and FB Strategies, and suggestions for improving the shop.   Thanks, B. Grant

Today by Joe's Ideas
Help With Instagram Marketing!

So I just started my first dropshipping business a month and a half ago and can't drive any sales! I've gotten one sale from using Google AdWords but that's all. I've run 2 shoutouts from Instagram Influencers and got traffic but 0 sales. I'm really stuck right now and need advice. Currently completely clueless on what kind of pages I should avertise on according to my niche.  I might run a ...

Today by William Grant
how to send coupon code for order confirmation mail

hi , how to send coupon code in order confirmation mail 

Today by Elle

Hello, We have launched Shopify store for 1 year. We've been noticing that the recognition of our brand is increasing on Instagram. However, we are getting about 200 average online traffic per day but no sales in 3 days or barely receive 1-2 orders. We have facebook, instagram, and Pinterest account to advertise or interact with our customer and Instagram is where most of the traffic was com...

Today by Guille Lopez
Are my ads really efficient ?

Hi everyone, I launched my store there is 3 weeks now. Since I had about 11 000 visitors and around 650 visitors and 60 returning ones per day.I have some add to cart (about 5 a day) but only 2 sales since launching. I am new at shopify and at marketing world. I am not sure if my marketing is the right one because at first I thought that fact my website has a lot of traffic means peopl...

Today by Guille Lopez
Very low conversion rate. How do we fix it?

Hi,  So much great information here already. Thank you! We launched our store exactly a month ago. We have anywhere between 50 and 150 visitors a day, depnding on how much advertising we do on a particular day. We've had several unique sales from people we don't know, but our conversion rate is only at 0.2%. I would appreciate any input you may have on how to improve our conversion rat...

Today by Guille Lopez
Shopify and SEO

This topic does not seem to be mentioned much yet it is critical. Since moving to Shopify our organic ratings have taken a dive. I was on Magento and moved recently. For years we had sat between 3-5 on the first page. Within 3 weeks we have dropped off the first page and yesterday a customer said that he had to look for us for the first time ever. Our dayly visits have slid down over the mon...

Today by SEO Doctor Guru
Ask SEO Doctor all your SEO questions

Hi Guys, SEO Doctor team here... we have for the past 4-5years been doing SEO for Shopify merchants and we are here to answer all your SEO questions. Ask us any SEO questions you have and we will be happy to help.  

Today by SEO Doctor Guru
Shopify compatibility with Google Analytics gtags.js

Hi, Just wondering if Shopify is compatible with gtag.js? I notice that Shopify seems to do something fancy with the Google Analytics tracking js that is input and so wanted to double check that it would work the same. Thank you.

Today by Joshua Uebergang
Cross Domain Tracking not working from our site to our shopify checkout

We are running into an issue where our Google Analytics isn't tracking sessions from our .com site to the Shopify checkout flow. Technology we are using:  React Site using Gatsby Buy Buttons (not SDK, and not API - generic buy buttons)  Universal Analytics  Flow we are expecting to track with the same session.  User comes to the site after clicking on a link in an email ...

Yesterday by Cara Jo
Some traffic, no sales, need honest opinion of products and where to go ...

So I have had my Shopify store for quite a few months now, I have made 0 sales other than myself to make sure things work and what not. I have been wasting money on FB ads for too long now, and have started trying Google AdWords a bit with no sales either. I have gotten 467 visits so far in April, 170 of those form search. I have done some work on the site with the menus and descriptions, just ...

Yesterday by l.line
6 months old website and still very little traffic, need help.

I have opened a website in October selling wedding invitations.  I thought I had figured the seo and design but I was wrong.  I have reworked the design of the website to be more SEO friendly for google search.  Since doing so just over 1 month ago I have noticed the impressions and CTR has doubled from what it was. I know I have some more work to do which I am willing to do. I have done the...

Yesterday by Kevin Jordan
Can I do SEO for myself?

The world of SEO is complex, but most people can easily understand the basics. Even a small amount of knowledge can make a big difference. Free SEO education is widely available on the web, including in guides like this. Combine this with a little practice and you are well on your way to becoming a guru.Depending on your time commitment, your willingness to learn, and the complexity of your web...

Yesterday by Kevin Jordan
Domain Forwarding & SEO Ranking Question

So here's the question/dilemna at hand...  I had to buy my own TRADEMARKED company name website address (www.DefenseDivas.com) from another company that bought it up when I started my company. (Yes! BELIEVE IT!). It cost my company $2600, those rats at Huge Domains .com! I made monthly installment payments the last 3 years and just made the last one. In that time, I was able to use the address...

Yesterday by SEO Doctor Guru