January 12, 2017

Would really appreciate your feedback on my yoga clothing store - Lehiri This post is outdated

Hello All,
    I am in the process of opening my store selling yoga products (for now womens yoga clothing - more to be added later) with drop shipping from China. I understand that this method has its own issues and I am sure that along the way I will make some changes.

  For now, I am concentrating on opening my store and was wondering if you guys could take a look at the store and give me your feedback. Here are the items that I'd like your feedback on:
    - How's the store's aesthetics - design elements, branding, color scheme etc?
    - How are the products in the store - their images, product descriptions, collections etc?
    - By looking at the site - does it give you confidence that this is a good store and the million dollar question - will you be comfortable making a purchase?
    - How are the other sections within the store - like about us, contact us etc.,
    - Is there anything that you'd like to add to the store?
    _ Is there anything that you would like to be taken off the store?
    - Looking at the store - does the homepage convey the unique selling proposition that Lehiri offers? ANy other comments?
    - As far as product sale goes - how is the flow from product selection to product purchase?
    - Any other suggestions?

As far as GO-live readiness goes - I am planning on the following:
    - Social media strategy includes accounts with FB, Instagram and Pinterest.
    - Marketing strategy includes using Kit to do some initial marketing
    - Anything else that I can be doing to get my first sale?
I do appreciate the enthusiastic fellow e-commerce community and I look forward to your comments/suggestions/feedback.

Thank you,

As of now, the site is password protected. Please use "taeras" as the password to login.

January 12, 2017

Hi Lehiri,

Your website looks great and everthing else is fine. I have few suggestions for you

  • I suggest you to add a "product reviews app" to the store so that your customers can leave their feedback on the products for other customers to see. Also this helps in increasing the sales as well as SEO
  • You can get that app from here https://apps.shopify.com/product-reviews
  • In product view page, I suggest you to maintian "tabs" for description, benefits, sizing guide etc....this gives customers to easily navigate. The following image shows you in brief


Hope this info helps to you, Thank you.

Img2 thumb
January 13, 2017

Thank you guys.

I will add the product reviews app soon,


12 months ago

Try using Store Clerk, it helps increase the conversion rate, i.e the number of people who are buying in comparison to the number of people who are just looking at it.

the link is given below and you can try it out and it's free for now

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