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Would love any and all feedback This post is outdated

Fairly new store been going for a few months, mostly sales from friends but fairly good traffic from social media ads and posts. Looking for ideas on what I can do to help convert sales. If there is anything major I am missing that I can do. 

Thanks in advance for any tips! 


4 months ago

Thank you for your feedback those are some great ideas and we may be in need of your copywriting services! 

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4 months ago


Love your store.

I don't really think about needs much change but here are a few minute suggestions. 

You could use a banner on the top of your page to display your top performing products and attract your visitors starting to your hero products. You could try incorporating your USP in the form of a tagline under your logo or somewhere on the first fold of your landing page.  

You could try displaying your categories on the top instead of on the left, it creates a better UX. 

Try using multiple backgrounds for your product images. Lifestyle products with captivating ad creative templates always have a higher CTR. 

If you need any kind of help please feel free to email me on akash.chatterjee@onlinesales.ai

4 months ago


I suggest to run a promotional offer on your website as most of the customers attract towards offers. By giving seasonal offers or a basic 10% offer on the products can help in getting some sales for your products.

You may also offer a free shipping on your products. Calculating the shipping costs in the product price or free shipping on a minimum purchase offer.

Hope that helps you...

4 months ago

Hi there, 

Just looked through your site. Most importantly I loved the products. They are so colorful and fun. Color and fun products also require a colorful and fun site to get displayed. I am talking about the aesthetics. If it can better it would be easier to give a better experience and so the chance of conversion is higher. You brand logo, packaging and product design is eye catching, and they just need better images. Professional white background will make your products more popped up. Another thing is to put some contact information and your physical address (plays role in building credibility) 

You social media ads will bring traffic but you will need organic one to get the best of conversion. So, try to combine the paid and organic promotion together. Such as do SEO mostly and sometimes do SEM. Combination of such kind will increase you sell. 

I hope this help 

Thanks- Kaoser