October 28, 2009

Wigify Affiliate Management App - Now Available This post is outdated

Hi There Shopify Shop Owners.

If you have ever wanted to increase traffic to the Shopify store you've worked so hard to create? Then do we have the app for you :-)

We are pleased to announce that the Wigify Affiliate Program Manager is now available through the Shopify app store.

For those unfamiliar: An Affiliate Program allows other users to use their site's web traffic (blog, forums, google adwords, etc) to promote your store and it's "goods". 

  • E.g., Your affiliates could write a review about one of your products and they would include an uniquely coded link to your shop (provided by wigify) for their Reader to click and then be directed to YOUR store.
  • If that Reader purchases one or more of your 'goods', then a percentage of that sale goes to the user who brought you the sale.

Affiliate Programs are a great way to motivate other individuals about your store and to have them help make your store all it can be.

Installing the Wigify Affiliate Program Manager is free and Activating your shop costs only $1 USD for your first month. 

Find out more here.

Much success everyone!


http://www.wigify.com : Affiliate management made easy. Seriously easy.

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