9 months ago

Suggestions and advice for growing outdoor apparel brand

We've had our website up for about a month now.  Enough to get a foundation to build on and to start building a following for our brand and blog.  

We've had some success at growing our social media following but we are constantly struggling to build consistant traffic that converts into sales.  I know we are a higher end apparel company as far as price, compared to some other clothing brands and because of this are facing an uphill battle.  However we're comparable to other brands in our niche and feel that the somewhat higher price aligns with our causes and designs.  Our bounce rate is within the standard but have had a hard time with conversions.  Hard time meaning bare minimum for conversion.

I'd love to get any feedback on what we could be doing better on the website and how to build traffic.  Once we're able to start establishing sales we're planning on putting together more specific lifestyle imagery with photoshoots and branching into other clothing pieces.  


Thanks in advance for any and all feedback! 


Nostromo Member
9 days ago

Hey there,

I really like your website. You have a passion for the material, and it really comes across on your website.

The only suggestion that I can think of off the top of my head is to add information about shipping.

Good luck!