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Slow sales

Hi, I got steady traffic and orders the first month I opened my store, but now my sales are minimum. Also, how do I get my likes up for social media? Any feedback will be appreciated. 

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Hi, Lauryn. What did you do that first month? Have you changed anything since then? Your targeting demographic, amount spent in ads, social engagement, anything at all?

Social media: post FUN info that grabs people. DON'T plug your store constantly *even if it's specifically a store site*. I get waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less engagement on product plugs - no mater how great they are - than a stupid meme that makes someone's day. ;) (...but is at least loosely connected to my niche. That's important too.)

Amazon can post just products; Walmart (eew) can post just products. Best Buy can do it. The 95+% of the selling world that doesn't have the giant box seller market cornered? We can not get away with that. We need our social media to *actually* be social. Try to post *at least* 3-5 engaging, fun and/or informative/helpful posts per every 1 promotion-type post, and when you do that promotion-type post, make it fun too, and personalize it if you can with catchy words and targeted to your audience and what they *really love*.

At the same time, don't bomb people with posts, even if they are engaging and fun. Try for about 2 a day, 3 on a day when you really feel it's necessary. From the Follower perspective you can probably see the logic in this. I have Followed pages that were exactly what I absolutely loved but they put up SO MANY posts a day that they were just freakin' clogging my Wall and I was missing other stuff. Nope, Unfollow.

How many Followers do you have right now?

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I would delete the "we're building inventory" comment. Just have it as is and own it and as you build, you build.

Are these specifically modest clothes? And/or for a specific niche? If so, I'd state so outright in subtext that's immediately viewable. I can't remember what theme that is but I think you can display text over the images in the slideshow.

4 months ago

Hi Lauryn,

your clothes are very nice and I like your store.

Nevertheless, I`d like to point a few things out: 

1) I`d also delete the "we`re builing inventory slowly", this doesn`t create a lot of trust. 

2) Try to put some information in your slideshows. I guess you try to keep it clean, but a bit more information and perhaps a call to action button would be good for your store.

3) If you`re checking out your store on a laptop, the pictures in the product description are huuuge. I literally have to scroll over a woman`s body to get to the description. Rather than putting them all on one page, you could also put them in a slide show where peropla can click through.

4) Product description: There are good and bad sides of having a small business just starting. One good thing is, you can put more emotion in your descriptions because you have a strong bond to your product. Try to reflect that in the description. For example the wrap me up Dress: There`s one sentence describing the product, the rest ist just technical information. Is it for summer evenings? Can you perhaps modify it to wear it otherwise? Hope you get my point.

5) Your introduction video: I like this and it is a nice touch to build a bond to your customer! But the image is not stabilized (There is a software tool for that) and it is literally one take without cuts or other locations. No music, no brand logo.

Imagine: Start with a blend in of your brand logo with fading away, then start your introduction. while you speak, you make a cut and change place and clothes. A fade away with starting some happy music and your logo again. 

All the best,

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Hi there Lauryn

Please remember that when people visit your site they usually spend 17 seconds or less looking at it to decide whether they would like to purchase or not. So we need to get the message across clearly , make them smile and make the website easy to use for browsing and purchase... 

Here are a couple of thoughts.

1. Logo.. 

2. Your product images are not uniform this gives the landing page an unbalanced look this can be done as easily as making all your products have a clear white background, or making sure all photos are more or less at the same height.

3. Your product images are huge... I'm on a tablet I have to scroll and scroll and scroll...no no no

4. Once again we only have 17 seconds if we can't get the sale, it is crucial that we capture the clients details so that we can market to them when they are offline to bring them back to our site.. this is where a pop-up email address comes into place.

5. Make a bit more noise about the free shipping ( it's a good thing why so understated)

6. Asking for account here's an interesting article about asking clients to open account


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