16 days ago

Selling really well in stores but not online!


Any help would be much appreciated on the website and what I am doing wrong. When people see the products (markets or in store) they sell so well. However, I dont seem to be able to convert this into online sales...

I have a good and growing social media following but even this doesn't help.


Thanks very much

16 days ago

Hi Amy,

I looked at your website, its good but the first suggestion is that, product images in jewelery collection are of uneven sizes, it degrades the website's look, so I suggest to maintain them in all equal sizes.

Give detail explanation about Shipping charges and Refund policy. Customers should get to know it primarily. And also provide them about Privacy statement. Click this link https://www.shopify.com/blog/6362560-shopify-now-offers-ecommerce-policy-templates

Add a Blog section on the website, this can grab the visitors attention and allows them to stay for longer period on the website browsing.

Good Day...

15 days ago

Sales are going down on shopify. Like the previous poster I am struggling with the same issues. The traffic for my wholesale business is doubling every year but my shopify sales are going down. I would appreciate any thoughts. My website is www.juliecohndesign.com

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14 days ago

Thanks very much for your feedback. I'll get to work on those images. 

I do have a blog section and a few blogs in there at the moment. 

Thanks again,



Irving Dunn Member
10 days ago


I would suggest you to change your shop's homepage to a page where you have more products (for example https://thegaiacollective.com/collections/mandala-mats-3 ).
This will give your visitors a feeling like they are in the real store.

And I would also suggest you to install the "Add to cart" app which will add a nice add to cart button under each product (example in attachmend). You can get it with a 5 day free trial here https://apps.shopify.com/add-to-cart
This will give your customers a better experience when adding products to their cart. It works really well and a lot of stores are using it.

And as I can see that a lot of products don't have any reviews, I would suggest you to hide the rating if the product doesn't have any review.

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Rezina S Member
5 days ago


I went through your website, and it looks quite good. There are not major issues with the look and feel of your web-store. 

I would rather suggest you take a look at your traffic. Also, the bounce rate on your landing page as well. If you are getting enough traffic and bounce rate is relatively low, then I suggest you find out at what point shoppers leave your store. It would be the catalog page, a product page or even cart abandonment. 

For your website, I believe this is the right direction to take. Let me know if you need further assistance. Hope my answer was useful.