Tawana Member
5 months ago

Please view my store i need feedback This post is outdated

Ciara G Shopify Employee
5 months ago

Hey, Tawana!

Ciara here from Shopify. Thanks for posting. :)

First congrats on all the work, the site looks great and it seems that you are motivated by the issue of women's safety which is such an important issue :)

As I say it's looking great so far, there are certain things that perhaps you might want to consider from a layout and design perspective, but these are just my thoughts and people have different preferences about how things should be laid out :)

Here are my two cents anyway :)

As a first point, I might consider resizing the images in your slideshow so that they are all the same size in height. This will allow the theme to stop readjusting as you click through the slideshow you can see what I mean in my video here.

There's a few free image resizing software that you can use to do this, so here are a couple of options for that.

- GIMP is the free GNU Image Manipulation Program
- ResizePicOnline
- Pilxr Image Editor Online 
- Resize your image
- Simple Image Resizer 

Croppola  and finally ..
- Picfont

Also there's one blank slide here  so you're probably best to remove that till you find something perfect to put in its place? 

Here's some info about best practices for images too :)

Best practices for images

This is the recommended size guide for the slideshows with free Shopify themes too :)

We also have a great guide here about product photography worth checking out.

Then when it comes to featured collections, you might try to give more specifics about the types of products here so that people can find and understand your products more easily?

Maybe put the featured products first? So people quickly get a sense of what's being sold on the site?

It's nice to see that you've already linked up social media icons, so nice work there!

Overall I think it's off to a great start! Am including some web design articles etc for your info and inspiration :)


Web design your customers will love
How Web design helps you attract more customers
What is customer-centric web design 


Navigation is the way that customers negotiate your store, and eventually (if done properly!) click through to purchase :) Just sending on some info about how inspiring and innovative this aspect of your store layout can be :)

Best navigation for websites Awards
Webby awards for best navigation on sites
Innovative navigation
Best corporate website designs 

But congrats on all the work so far, and hopefully a few other merchants will hop on this thread and give you their thoughts, as everyone has different personal preferences, insights and ways of doing things :)

I hope this helps!

Ciara G | Shopify

5 months ago

Hi Tawana,

There is no total information about you on the website. About Us and Contact Us are the most important pages. I suggest to place a Business email address instead of personal or gmail address. I suggest to add up those links in the menu section. This increases conversion.

Add Shipping info and privacy & refund policy pages. These are the trust signals which instills customers to build confidence with your site about their personal data. Follow this link https://www.shopify.com/blog/6362560-shopify-now-offers-ecommerce-policy-templates

All the Best...