5 months ago

Please kindly provide constructive criticism and feedback! This post is outdated

Hello Everyone

I hope you're having a great day

Please could you be so kind as to review our website (shoe boutique) and provide any feedback that could help us? 

Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated


5 months ago

Hello there!

I have reviewed your website and I really liked it! The design is amazing! I also have a few suggestions on what to improve:

The homepage is too "long", it takes a lot of time to scroll all the way down. It would be nice to shorten it a little and only show some best selling products.

It's better if the social media links are opening in the new tab instead of redirecting the customer elsewhere. Here's a manual on how to do it.

You can mention the free shipping also on your Shipping page so it's more clear.

I like your sizing guide, it's very informative. It would be nice to include also a table with centimeters/inches/sizes.

You could focus more on your products descriptions. A plain description of the product properties is not enough, you need to tell your customers what the product can do for them and make them feel like they need the product right now.

Here you can find some more tips on how to optimize your website and improve customer experience.

If you'll need more feedback or advice you can try our Facebook group. It small but still growing group of people interested in improving their e-commerce.

I hope it helps,


5 months ago

Hey Katerina

Thank you for taking the time to review our website, and for the feedback you provided! Its appeciated

We are glad that you liked the layout and design, we are trying very hard to ensure it remains consistent! 

We have taken on board the recommendations above and have now made Instagram & Facebook open in new tab, we have added the free shipping into the shipping page and have shortened the home page! 

In regards to the size chart, we have added a chart individually to each product page (due to various designs coming from different manufacturers) but we will look into how we can add this to the main sizing page, and also work on the descriptions

We are very much struggling with traffic - do you have any tips on how to increase this? We have ran 2 FB ad campagns so far

Thanks in advance

5 months ago

Hello everyone, please could you review our website and advise if there is anything you would change? We appreciate the support,