5 months ago

Please help me improve my store This post is outdated

I have launched my store and had nearly 1000 visitors but only 3 customers what can I do to improve?

Adele Member
5 months ago

There is too much going on with your store.

  1. Frist, the big cookie notification appears. Try to make it smaller or remove it. It is distracting your visitors right now.
  2. Father's day promotion is OK
  3. Not even one product has a review. This is disturbing. Get reviews or remove the plugin, because right now, this plugin tells everybody that you just launched your store. And it is taking your visitor's confidence away.
  4. The top slider is really annoying because each time an image is switched, the whole page moves. Get rid of it or find a better one.
  5. Add more info about your store in your website footer. Customers want to know where they can contact you and how can they return their goods.
  6. Show your visitors that others are ordering from you with this app. If you don't have any orders yet, add some manually. It will boost your visitor's confidence and you will make more sales.
  7. Why are there coffee seeds on the picture of the wireless portable speaker? Are you also selling coffee?

I am sorry for being brutally honest, but I just want to help you :)

5 months ago

Hi Daniel,

I suggest to add About Us page, this is a trust signal that every visitor search for on the website.

The logo which you have placed is taking lots of space on the top side, I suggest to make it small. And also try to make the background transparent so that it dissolves with the background of the website and give nice proffesional look to the website.

Add policy pages, these helps you to build up user confidence as they creat trust https://www.shopify.com/blog/6362560-shopify-now-offers-ecommerce-policy-templates

All the Best...