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September 30, 2017

New Store- Over 300 visitors and 7 sales in first month - Hit a Wall? Feedback appreciated. This post is outdated

Hi! I would love some feedback on my store and ideas for improvement. I've had a fair amount of visitors and have had several sales since opening almost a month ago. However, both of these have seem to fallen off as of late. I created a Facebook business page, that I keep updated almost daily. I also received business cards this week and intend to start distributing those. But, any ideas on how else to grow this type of business successfully? What things could be better within my store? Thanks in advance for any feedback. Have a great day!



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September 30, 2017

Hi Holly!

Lisa here from the Shopify Support Team! 

Ohno, do you know where those sales were referred from? You can check into your analytics and see how you reached those customers. This gives you a great indication of where to invest your marketing efforts. Great that you've started a Facebook Business Page for the store! This means you can use our app Kit which creates Facebook and Instagram ads that are effective.  It lets you automate a lot of your growth and day to day tasks. You can check out Kit here. It uses an algorithm of look a like audiences which takes the data of existing visitors and finds similar users, a great way to reach new potential customers. 

Having a strongly optimized site for SEO is also very important too and following these guidelines and videos are a must to make sure you're getting the best ranking possible on google without having to spend money on ads SEO 101 Webinar Series.

Your store itself is great! It is personable with a genuine about us, builds trust with a contact page and provides important information on your FAQ, as traffic starts to pick up - this information will be very useful to potential customers, great customer service seems to be a strong point for your store!

The seasonal theme - currently fall, is also a lovely personal touch and shows you're a relevant and live store. It seems increasing traffic with some effective marketing will help you start to see some traction! You could try run some seasonal adverts since its a trending topic on social channels to try drive people to your store, even running a competition. Apps like Gleam help users set up effective competitions to raise awareness of your store. 

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions. 

- Lisa 🤓

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October 01, 2017

Thanks so much for your feedback! I will certainly work on these things! 


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Hi Holly,

First of all forget that crap about using Kit. It pays to look at the other threads that have answers. This is one lady's comment I replied to - "I'm currently running kit for the marketing aspect but I feel there is too much money going down the drain that way... "

Look at the reviews for Kit - the real reviews say how bad it really is.

The trouble with all advertising and marketing is it's always a gamble. You might strike it lucky but unless you are Ford, Pepsi or Microsoft the odds are not great. You can tip a lot of money into it and get no results.

And Gleam?? $39 a month to run competitions? Excuse me while I take a dump on Lisa's post. For Fucks Sake!!

Lisa might be a Shopify Employee but does she run her own successful business? I doubt it because she hasn't given you any practical advice at all. It's all about spending money you probably don't have.

First of all your website is not bad. A couple of things - if I was a mother looking for clothes for her kids I would want to know what materials they are made from? Are they fire retardant? How color fast are they? All that stuff. Even as an adult male I have to be careful of what I wear as some synthetics irritate my skin.

Secondly you could flesh out your About Us page a bit more - what are you passionate about? What drives you? Tell us something about your kids like their favorite sports or something - essentially make it personal so it connects with the customers.

Thirdly get on to some kids clothing forums - heres one I found.


Forums are a captive audience for what you are selling.

I don't have time to re-type my answer to this guy from yesterday but it applies to most small business owners who want basically free advertising - and more importantly sales from it. Whether you are selling clothing, jewelry, pet accessories or widgets. Read my post here and it might give you some ideas. They certainly work for us.


For SEO we rely on three things -

1. Shopify submits your product descriptions to Google - its free.

2. We use an image Alt-tag submission app which is also free. Lots of people search for images these days and it helps to have your images at the top of the search.


3. We submit a site map once a week to the main search engines. As we are constantly adding new products those extra pages need to get into the search engines. We only use the site map part of Attracta. It's free.


Sign up for an account and use the free SEO tools - don't pay them anything.

Just relying on those three things gets us pretty well at the top of many google searches. Okay so you have to remember to do it every week but it costs nothing.

Good luck with your business.



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October 02, 2017

I'll copy and paste the more relevant section from my post yesterday.

I've had great success with forums and I mostly sell knives from $100 to $2000. You've got a captive audience there for the products you are selling. On the forum I do most work on, I have a sub forum all my own - not sure how that particular dog forum works as they are all different but you'll figure it out.

These are the main things I do on the forum to get sales -

1. Announce new products - as often as possible.

2. Announce sales

3. Run Group Buys

4. Run competitions (think of what you are giving away as an advertising expense)

5. Do pass around reviews of products. Basically I ask for five forum members as volunteers who would like to review three products and write reviews with photos on the forum. I pick an impartial person to judge the three best reviews and the three best reviews get their pick of the review products as a reward.

The most successful one of the above ideas for me is the Group Buys. Pick an item you think a lot of forum members will like and offer it at a very attractive price. I always say we need a minimum of 20 people to make the group buy happen. But even if we get 10 I usually let it still go ahead. Sometimes we've had up to 40 members buy. Whatever the number is, some sales are better than none. When it's a $150 knife and I get 40 sales you can imagine it's quite a boost.

When I run a competition (you can do these on Facebook and Instagram as well) I make it a two way street. The members have to go to part of the website to either get information, or better still sign up for your email list. That forces them onto your website and some will be curious enough to look around and maybe buy something.Then have them come back to the competition thread and post that they have entered. This keeps the thread at the top of the "latest threads" list which a lot of members look at. I only run competitions for a week at most.

We don't just rely on the internet. We attend trade shows for our products and promote the hell out of it. Try local markets or fairs or whatever they call them in your area. Hand out fliers and business cards to everyone who will take one. Make sure your website is listed prominently on cards and fliers..

You could do the same at your local dog parks as well. Dog owners all talk to each other. I saw it today at our local park (it sort of doubles as a dog park and recreation area). All the dog owners were gathered together talking.

The last knife show I went to I did a months sales in two days. I didn't sit down, or eat or go to the bathroom. I said hi to everyone that walked past. I did demonstrations to make people stop. A lot of times we had people 4 deep at our table and shoving money and credit cards at us as fast as we could take it. I took 50 of our best selling product to the show (titanium toothpicks) and sold every one.

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Here's our latest Group Buy on a forum - we sold 17 of these at $130 each.

Group Buys tend to have some stragglers who come in late and think they have missed out. We try and accomodate them if we have the inventory to spare.

Look at the US website Massdrop. This is what they do great effect. While it pisses me off I cannot deny their success.


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