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low conversion rate, comments and suggestions appreciated This post is outdated

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Hi everybody!

Obviously I'm a newbie on the forum... so any helpful advice would be valuable. Especially when it comes to increasing conversion. My understanding is that our progress has got us to a point where ads are showing up, with the right keywords, people are clicking, retargeting brings them back to other products they might be into yet sale numbers are not what they should be.

I can't figure out what the problem is.

The products are artisan made items, mostly handmade jewelry or hand knit apparel around $48.

110-230 came from Google Shopping
140 came from Bing/Yahoo Catalog ads
250 came from FB ads with a specific audience
100 came back with FB retargeting ads
0 sales

These are all people who saw the product and clicked on the image to become visitors. That's why I'm puzzled.



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We are getting enough traffic to expect some sales. Lately:

110-230 from Google Shopping
140 from Bing/Yahoo
250 from FB ads
100 back with FB retargeting ads

Depending on how you look at it, at least 500-600 people came knowing the product they were going to see. They either searched for it and clicked on the product photo, or saw the ad for it and clicked on the product photo.