9 days ago

I would love to hear your opinion my store business model and store navigation, design.

Hi, I finished setting up my store about 2 weeks ago, I plan to sell after market car parts but mostly Engine Oil packages.

This is kind of a unique product because non car people may not know what engine oil their car use (oil viscosity like 0W-20, 0W-40, etc...) but rather go to oil change places and have it done there. The thing about oil change places is something lik Jiffy Lube use bad quality oil, mix oil and so on.

With my site I want my customer to be able to purchase the right engine oil (and oil filter) for their vehicle and bring it to oil change places and have to changed for a cheaper price or they can do it themselve.

However, I would love you hear from you guys as a consumer, what do you guys think about my store, is it a good product? Is it practical for you guys?

I have been trying to advertising my store with facebook ads and other social media but still no luck. 0 sales for me.


Thank you very much.


8 days ago

I really need to understand why our sites is not selling and my capital is running out.