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I have an online store for about 6 to 7 months. I've tried advertise it on facebook, google and even with 12 000 flyers distributed in mail boxes, but i m not getting success. in a good day i achieve 20 to 25 visits on my site and in this half a year i only have 3 sells!! Can you give me some advise about what is going wrong with my store or plan?

Thank you

5 months ago

Hi Carlos,

I reviewed your store and I think you should make sure your site is the absolute top-notch before you start advertising. There are a lot of small imperfections which can discourage the visitors of your website from buying.

Regarding your homepage, the links to your shop (Categorias) could be more appealing. I can click it to get to categories but I'd prefer to see the categories menu right after I localize the mouse cursor there (please check the screenshot from the sephora.com).

You have many categories and it's a lot of scrolling down. Maybe some of them could be merged.

Your social media links should be always opened in a new tab as you need your customers to stay on your website and not to be redirected elsewhere. You can find here how to set it up and it's very easy.

I like the fact that there's a lot of information on your Contact page. You could include your physical address to increase your customers' trust even more.

I can't see any shipping (or I just don't understand Portuguese enough:-). It's quite important to have one as a customer is not likely to buy if they don't know the shipping prices and delivery times before adding a product to a shopping cart.

I don't really understand your products' descriptions but it seems to be very long and sufficient. That's great.

It looks like there's a lot of work to do now but it's just a beginning. After you're satisfied with your store appearance, you need to start advertising. Don't forget retargeting ads as they are one of the most effective ones. Setting it up is quite difficult so I'd recommend using an app ROI Hunter Easy, it's very simple and easy to use.

Good luck!


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5 months ago

Thank you for your advice

Sandra Member
5 months ago

remove the powered by shopify on the bottom

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