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5 months ago

Full site traffic but 0 conversions This post is outdated

I have 600 hits a day to the store but 0 conversions is the link to my site :     https://www.geardeal.online      https://www.geardeal.online i wanted to ask if there is anything I'm wrong with

5 months ago

Hi there Noam 

I've had a look at your site and theere are a couple things I can draw to yout attention

When selling online we must always remember that your cilents are INFORMATION RICH & TIME POOR so it is important for us to paint a visual story of our brand as well as selling the goods they need. Remember they need to feel like they are deal with a unique place that services a need that they have.


1. Testimonials

The people on your testimonial images look like stock images, like fake people escially when the photos look so good, rather try get some actual real photos or remove the images and just leave the review. This will help the clients build trust and therefore increase your chances of a sale


2. Products

The product images look lovely I can see you put a lot of time and effort and it shows and there is a lot of products to choose from so no problem there



Focus on the presentation of your text it can make a huge difference as too how the site is percieved and on how easily people can scan through information on your products.. Especially when viewing on desktop the sentences run across the screen so it becomes tedious quite quickly to read that way..

Here is a great article to sharpen up your text



4.Landing page 

you may also want to look at having a longer landing page as it will help you to better sell your brand... with some great mountain / scenery / great outdoors / photography you know that type of stuff

here is an example



also here is an article about how a longer landing page can increase sales...



5.  Newletter sign up border

the white border around your news letter makes it look like just a subscribe button floating in the middle of white space.. you can't see that you have to put your email address in... remember 97% of people leave a website 1st time withour purchasing ... its up to us to get their emails so we can remarket to them and bring them back to our websites


6. Logo

Your logo is barely visible which also dereases consumer confidence.

also check how the logo is barely visible on the shipping address page on the checkout

as this is a crucial stage before the client goes ahead with the purchase


If you need a logo you can visit my shop 


or inbox me directly







Logo design and web page design email: devon@neptunedesign.co.za or view our portfolio www.neptunedesign.co.za
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5 months ago

Wow really thanks for this I wanted to ask about the text it looks really not good?