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Feedback on my store please This post is outdated


I would love to hear your feedback on my store. My store visits are around 20 per day without promoting the site but I have just set up adwords and in the process of setting up google shopping.

I will be starting fb and instagram campaigns in the next few weeks also.

I have a lot of stock to ad to the site but this will be gradual as I am in the process of doing the photography for the items but try to add around 5 items per week. Almost all the pics are our own, and going forward, every new item will be our own pics. Only some of the older stuff is showing supplier pics.

I know I need content on the site but do not know where to turn for this as I do not have time myself to write any content. Help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

I also want to be able to add a section where dropshippers can log in and buy to ship to their customers at wholesale prices. Can anyone reccomend an app for this? What I want is kind of specific but not complicated. Just want to be able to vet potential customers before allowing them to set up an account with a monthly or yearly fee attached. And I want to select the items I offer for dropship and at set prices not % reduction of original price show in store.

Look forward to your coments!

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Make what you offer available when people click on your site. When I clicked your site I didn't know what you were selling until I did some digging. That's not a problem for me but some people will bail the second they have to figure it out.

I would split test the color scheme for your website because it's not that appealing to look at. Also you give no reason for me to buy from you. Some people need pressure to make a purchase, try creating some urgency.

What do you think you could do better?


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Hi Curtis, thanks for the reply.

I will be adding more apps, have been looking all day and added a couple of apps, one of which is the countdown app by Beeketing but currently only using the stock qty as the countdown works saying you have x amount of time before sale ends. But that's only any good to use if the item is on sale. So currently not using it until it makes more sense.

I personally hate to see everything on sale all of the time and will come up with a way to create some urgency but I have not seen a good way as yet.

What do you mean by 'Make what you offer available when people click on your site'? Do you think I should just write about what we sell in the main banner? Or at the top where it currently says FREE shipping?

Also, how can I split test a colour scheme? I did base my colour scheme on another website I have been researching.

I am considering adding a dutch auction style page where I add one item at a time until sold with the next one lined up ready. But wanted to get some regular traffic for a few weeks first before I add that. And when I do add it I inted to not set a reserve, well at least thats how I intend to test it to start with.

Not sure what else but I need to make it feel safe and reassuring for the customer, something I fell is lacking right now. Need reviews to get sales, but need sales to get reviews! 

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  • Your colors. They do not give your website a professional appearance. Honestly, white backgrounds should be the norm for all ecommerce websites. Only a few rare sites currently get away with something like a black site. You need to do some research; however, I can help you by telling you right now, you will find that people will be turned off by your choice of colors.
  • GDPR You say that you are working on it; however, you don't even have a basic cookie consent popup! now, there is no excuse for not even having the basic popup.
  • About Page - I feel you can add more. I stil don't know who you are, why you have such a strange name for an ecommerce website, etc.

Hope this helps,