7 days ago

Art Feedback!

Hello all,


I’d love to get some feedback on my site. Any recommendations you have and how to boost my view. 


Thank you 


7 days ago

I like the look and feel of your store. However, I have some feedback I'd like to share:

The products for sale -
I have no earthly idea what A4, A5, and A6 means (I know it has something to do with paper size, but not enough to know specifics) - it would be really helpful of you to make a reference photo of each size option laid beside another known object for size comparison. You can make this as visually inspiring as you'd like: I'd suggest creating a beautiful background that reflects your art style with your logo and url easily readable on it, then print these out in each of the sizes you sell - Use these to create your reference image and make sure to place the words "Size Reference" or something like it on the image. You can either create 1 reference image with all 3 sizes in the pic along with the reference item or you can create 3 different images - just make sure to inlcude this reference photo with each and every listing so that customers can know exactly what they are paying for.

The instagram feed on your home page -
While the dynamic photos are nice, the instagram photos are so much larger than the product images that I barely even notice the product images - and instead of buying an item I am more likely to click an instagram pic and then be taken away from your shop, which is the opposite of what you want. 

The social media buttons at the bottom - 
Pintrest - maybe change the title from "Art" to "Art from TaraWinter.co.nz" so that people who land there will know exactly where to find and buy these prints. 
Facebook - fill in the "About" section to include the url to the store, and definitely put in some personal story (or copy/paste from your site) so that viewers can connect with you and your art
Instagram - that button goes to a 404 error on your shop, make sure the url is correct. 

Stacey Lee Member
6 days ago

Hello there,

I'm actually loving your artwork!

I'd totally purchase it if I wasn't a student on a tight budget :D I live in NZ too and it's nice to see an NZ site on this forum. Your brand logo looks really cool too and I bet loads of businesses and business people would like to have your artwork displayed in their office or even their home! 

Try targeting your advertisement to them and you could really take off! 

After some sales, you could keep bringing the customers back for more if you have sneak peaks into your next line of artwork and do pre-orders and stuff.


5 days ago

Hi there Tara


You logo on the final checkout page looks extremely pixelated.

Great art , great work

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