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33 Orders in the First 3 Months - Looking for feedback This post is outdated

Hello Shopifiers

I've had my shop up and running for about 3 months now on Grown Man Shave.   I've had 33 sales totaling $2,700 USD. I think it's been reasonably successful start so far but I haven't figured out a receipe for consistent and predicible sales so I would love any feedback that anyone has on the site.    Also I wanted to share what I have been doing so far.  

Right now I am mostly focusing on content marketing through Facebook Ads promoting my Grown Man's Guide to Wet Shaving.   I'm spending all of my time right now optimizing this single page to get the best performance out of it. I'll move to other pages once I am comfortable with this page.   A lot of my initial sales came through Friends and Family, then I was able to generate sales through key work markeitng and remarketing.  I am finding Content Marketing a cost effective approach. 

I did all of the basics of good photos and clean copy.  I am using a lot of apps to extend the functionality of Shopify.

Klaviyo for my email marketing.  It provides a great way to segment subscribers, customers and kick off triggered flows.  It's super easy to set up and get very professional mails.  Feel free to subscribe to my list to see.   Once someone subscribers I kickoff a series of mails welcoming them and letting them know what to expect, telling them about our mission, sending them our guides and more.  Once someone buys something it kicks off another flow.  You can buy to something to see this flow in action...

Privy to have exit intent pop-up to capture new Newsletter subscribers.  I offer two packs of Razor Blades for free for subscribers of my newsletter.  A few just take the blades and that's it.  Others end up purchasing a few other things with them.   Some just subscribe to the newsletter and then end up buying something else later down the line.  Either way it's a cheap way to generate interested leads.  Privy has driven 7 of my sales.

Automatic Discount to populate the shopping cart with the free razor blades and for some other promotions I run on the site.

Photo Lock to disable right-click so I can protect my copy and images from being stolen.

Product Kits to create viritual bundles without needing to hold additional inventory required by physical bundles.  You can see the Hand Picked Shaving Sets I created.

Recommendify for better recommends on the bottom of the product pages and in the shopping cart.

Advance Shipping Rules to constrict some products to US only.

Chatra for chat on the site.  I get a few chats from it but nothing has converted to sales yet.  The one thing I really don't like about this app is they force their branding on you even in a paid model.   The plus of the App is I can brand it really well to my site. 

Yo for displaying to visitors recent sales. I'm surprised how much people pay attention to this.  It gets really good click through rates.

I'm also using a few other apps that people have recommended Fraud Filter and Google Shopping (to generate my feed for my remarketing lists).   I've also set up LeadDyno for Affiliates and Referral Candy for refer a friend.  It's a bit too early to see if these will work out. 

Oh and my theme is Turbo from Out of the Sandbox. 

I would love any feedback you have. 


Dave @ Grown Man Shave



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As a De shaver myself. Your website looks definitely good.

I pulled your website up on my phone and part of your header is missing. 

You definitely need more products.

6 months ago

Thanks so much for the feedback.  I sorted out the header.  Thanks for pointing that out.  I added a new one tonight and forgot to check how it looked on mobile.

I have about 160 SKUs now.  I'm slowly adding as I am holding inventory so I want to build my cost basis slowly.  Anything specific you would recommend carrying?

6 months ago

Trust me I understand. I own a business as well. I'm actually pretty new to the e-commerce world as well. I will also launch my store in a few weeks. 

Definitely I would look into your competition and what they carry. Your biggest completion is gonna be most likely;



www. shavenation.com 


In my opinion I would definitely add Proraso , Taylor of old bond street, and Barrister &a Mann. 

Definitely creat your self a YouTube and start shaving live on YouTube. The shaving community is pretty big on there. 

Hoepfully that helps my friend. 

6 months ago

Wow!! That's nice. That's inspiring.

6 months ago

Great Ideas Mark :)  I'm going to copy some of what you're doing (in my context)! hehe.

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers, Viv