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Send a cart recovery email option is not working with my third party. Bu...

Hello, I have domain/email hosting on name.com account. I have ongoing Shopify store that I connected with the email.  I try to send recovery email from Shopify but it doesn't work. When I visit my email I see that my email didn't send and came back. Should I send the emails from my email account for abandoned checkouts or there is any fix for that? Didn't find any solution for that.

Nov 12 2018 by Ava
responding to people who like my store

I am getting many likes on my store from FB. How do I respond in answering them or keeping them interested , and to keep them engaged.   Thanks, Josie Coak

Nov 12 2018 by Jason
Facebook Pixel & Adblock

Hi all, After several months away I've decided to reactivate my shopify account and give drop shipping a second go. I've been looking at my facebook pixel test events page within the facebook business manager. With adblock turned on, no pixel events are recorded at all. With adblock off, it works fine. Given the ever growing amount of adblock users, is there a way to get around this?  Ano...

Nov 11 2018 by deskmess
Product description under add to cart?

Hey all, right now i'm using the Brooklyn Theme, and on a mobile device, on the products page, the product descriptions are under the add to cart button. I think this puts new businesses like myself at a huge disadvantage to make people have to scroll just to read about your product. How can I change this to where the product description is above the add to cart button. here is my website: w...

Nov 10 2018 by Peter
Brooklyn theme, how to remove "save price" option in my collections page?

Hello, I have an issue with the Brooklyn theme.  Currently, the theme shows the compare at price by showing (in my collections) how much you save: https://www.lapetiteoceanne.com/collections/pendientes-largos-de-fiesta     Instead, I need it to show the higher price crossed out, just the same way as it does in product: https://www.lapetiteoceanne.com/collections/pendientes-largos-de-fiest...

Nov 10 2018 by Cristian D.
Monogram Store

Does anyone have an example of a store or app that allows consumers to input there initials for monogram on items to buy? I have an idea with our products and need a solution for this. Thanks

Nov 9 2018 by Saifullah Bin Ashraf
How to fix cloaking ?

I am very beginner in this, I just ran few tests for my web and it says the pages are cloaking. Does it mean there is a different content present for users and search engines on my web ? How to find out where is it and how to fix it ? thank you. Sorry don't know how to upload image properly, thats a link below for website test where it says there is cloaking present. https://ibb.co/ivg4sd...

Nov 9 2018 by Mika Lepisto
How to Increase Conversion Rate

Hi all,  I've been at this for a few months, and while I'm finally getting steady sales, it's expensive and my conversion rate is low. Over the past 30 days I'm at 0.77%, and that's mostly with targeted Facebook ads. If I could get that conversion rate up to 2% I'd probably be profitable, so does anyone have good tips on how I can get my conversions up from the dumps? Thank you! 

Nov 9 2018 by Deepak
Multiple Warehouse Inventory

Hi All, I currently have multiple warehouse inventory enabled on shopify, but I was wondering how I could display the warehouse + inventory count on the product page? I tried looking for the multiple warehouse documentation but I couldn't find much, any help would be great please point me in the right direction  Best,

Nov 9 2018 by Nick
Using an XML feed to build a product Catalog

Hello,  I am new to Shopify and have been working with the platform for a little under a month. I like what's available regarding apps, themes, and ease of getting things done quickly and correctly. However, I do have a question when it comes to stocking my store. My provider will be giving me an XML feed to keep the inventory fresh and up to date. Is there a way to take this XML feed and us...

Nov 7 2018 by Tira
Drop Shipping and VAT Registration - Conflicting Answers.

Hello, Im receiving conflicting answers. I live in Germany but want to use a print/ship service for art prints based in the UK. Customers woud be EU/UK/USA/World. I was told that unless I got a UK VAT registration and file quarterly/yearly that this would be illegal and that I would need to otherwise find a print service that ships from Germany. But it would be way too cost prohibitve for infre...

Nov 8 2018 by romebot
change price font and size on envy theme

hi there, i am having big issues trying to change the website font and size 

Nov 7 2018 by adeel ul-haq
I just launched my store

Hello,   I just launched my store, so far i have around 200 views on my store, with the ad's i'm doing on facebook. My store: http://www.orionsdeals.com You guys have any opinion on how i can make my store a little bit more "professional"? And how i can achieve my first sales ? Thanks in advance.

Nov 7 2018 by Nick
Hacker cloned my store.

Hello, I have an ecommerce shopify store. I created it one year ago. I found my store in another domain. Someone bought a domain last week and 100% cloned my store. He hosted the store in a Virtual private server. He also synced my store with his store. When I add product to my original store then it is automatically add to the fake store. And same for the delete. I submited a DMCA Takedown ...

Nov 7 2018 by Dallas
Wholesale Womens Clothing?

Hi, I know alot of the members here on the forums have womens clothing fronts and I am wondering do you purchase a bunch of clothing at wholesale and hope you sell it? Or do you dropship it? If so what are some good designers, I am looking into getting into young 18-35 womens clothing, so if you could help me out. 

Nov 6 2018 by LuxyCharlotta
Is there a way to get country availability icons?

My store is on my website - so far everything is going well. I'm using several print on demand apps and some of the items are only available in the US while others are international or just in select countries. Is there anyway to get icons to appear on the listings so I don't have to put it in the title or make people go into the description to find out if they can get it or not. 

Nov 6 2018 by Nick
Updating of existing paid Order in Shopify -to replace a product

Currently we have a scenario where if a Product associated to paid Order goes out of stock then we would like to replace the product with an alternate product.How to replace a product of paid order through Shopify API.

Nov 6 2018 by Bo
Disabled Customer Discount

Hi, I have a product that I have found a lot of disabled customers are buying.  I would like to offer a discount to these customers but I am having difficulty finding a way to verify the disability in a proper and respectful manner.  Are there any services that do this?

Nov 6 2018 by Bo
Multiple Stores - 1 Checkout

Hello, I was curious if there was a way or app to have multiple stores checkout with 1 checkout. We are a clothing company and have multiple brands under our company. We sell wholesale to trade customers and we are trying to allow them to just log in once and be able to order from our multiple brands. They would be able to track all their orders in one place as well. Each brand has its own look...

Nov 5 2018 by Paul L. Newton
Online store for different artists.

Hi there, I'm struggling so much to find a solution for this problem! I'm a performer and I want to start selling merchandise on my website. I have a few keen artists that I collaborated with in the past that are keen to collaborate with me. I would love to find an option for an online store that: 1 - Directly gives the commission to the artist ( as I don't want to spend time in calculati...

Nov 5 2018 by Sunny