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Original Creative Store

Hi, we are managing  an onlinestore fashion jewelries blending with creative arts elements. Any advice or ideas? Thanks for your attention~ Best Wishes~   http://flori-glitti.shopify.com    

Nov 21 2018 by Karlie
Got traffic no sales

Hi guys, need a little advise on my niche. I started my niche around 3 weeks ago. Have invested in ads like google and facebook. I was wondering what is wrong with my niche.  I really appreciate some tips and advise, Here's my niche : https://shopanything.net TIA

Nov 21 2018 by beaships
collections Unavailable + unable to add collection in selection collecti...

please see these 2 image, i am unblae to create my home page becouse i am unble to add collection in selection collection bar ! and another problem i m faceing is collections is unavailable in collection menu.    i am really very upset. hope someone can help me via team viewer   thanks https://ibb.co/d21ZLV https://ibb.co/d6H8fV

Nov 21 2018 by Renu garg
Comcast is blocking my website!?

Hi! We are really desperate with this issue. Since some weeks ago we cannot access to our own website through Comcast net. Our domain is www.medineterranean.com but we are automaticly redirected to www.medineterreanean.com/defaulsite which is the default site from our hosting supplier (1&1) when you haven't still developed a website. We have checked with 1&1 and Shopify and everyt...

Nov 6 2018 by Jamie Randolph
Customer to create an account for specific products

Our online store is set to have customers check out as guests or create an account. Is there a way by coding or an app to prevent a customer from checking out as guests if they purchase a particular product?

Nov 21 2018 by Nick
Multiple Variants When Buying Multiple Quantities of a Product

Hello,  When a customers selects to buy two of the same product, I'd like them to be able to select two different variants of that product. Currently they can only select 2 of the same. E.g If I sell a tshirt in black and and blue they can only buy 2 black tshirts, not 1 black and 1 blue. How can this be achieved without splitting all variants as individual products? I've asked Shopify...

Nov 21 2018 by Lizzy
How can I take advantage of holiday season to boost sales for my e-comme...

With the holiday shopping season around the corner, I would like to know how I can take full advantage of this to boost sales for my e-commerce store. Any help on the matter would be useful.   Thanks, Andrew

Nov 21 2018 by Anthony Johnson
Hello! I'm newbie! I have a question, please help me!

Sau khi nhấn mí mắt, có thể ban đầu mắt bạn sẽ xuất hiện hiện tượng sưng nhẹ nhưng chỉ cần chăm sóc đúng cách, sau 3-5 ngày hiện tượng này sẽ hoàn toàn biến mất và chỉ sau 1 tháng bạn sẽ có đôi mắt khỏe đẹp tự nhiên. Cụ thể, để mắt đẹp hoàn mỹ sau khi nhấn mí, bạn cần nhớ những điều sau:  bấm mí mắt  – Mặc dù không cần cắt chỉ như cắt mí mắt, tuy nhiên khách hàng cần chú ý giữ vệ sinh vùng mắ...

Jul 20 2018 by Morgan
Contact Form Tab on Product Page (Auto Fill Problem)

Hello All I have a product page with Contact about product info. It has prefilled info about the product name, then requires the user to enter their name, email and a short message. It is then sent to my email which is all fine.  However, I have noticed on my computers I have auto fill and if i choose from the list ( my email or name) then it replaces the product name also. Is there anywa...

Nov 20 2018 by May
Went from $0 to $3.3 Million in 2 Years & Then Sold My E-Com Business - AMA

I know a lot of people struggle with getting some momentum going with their stores/e-com business. Wanted to post here to see if perhaps I can give back at all as Shopify has helped me and my business immensely.  Quick summary: Launched back in Summer 2016. From then until end of Summer 2018 we did a little over $3.3 Million in Sales in that time. Learned a TON along the way, tons of hicc...

Nov 20 2018 by ecomplayer
Inventory Levels not uploading when uploading New Products Into store

Hello I have a problem that I am desperate for a solution.  I do have a support ticket on the issue but it is going on 3 days and no solution.  Here is the problem, I have new products that I would like to import into my shop.  When I import the CSV file everything uploads such as Handle,Title, description, varient, images, etc.  THE ONLY THING that does not upload is the inventory quantity.  A...

Nov 20 2018 by Don
WeebHook "Send test notification" not getting any response

Hi there, I have created WebHook from admin section and added URL with event "Customer update". But, while i clicked on " Send test notification " nothing happened. I have created a TXT log file on call of this file and also try to send mail using mail function, but nothing happened. If i directly run the URL then i got mail and also txt log is generating. can you please help me ...

Nov 20 2018 by Akash
Discount Code and Automatic Discounts not working

Hi, I just made a new shopify store and added discount codes and automatic discounts. I'm aware that discount codes cannot be used when automatic discounts are applied, so I tested them separately (one enabled one disabled)   For Discount Codes, when I enter it in the checkout section, it says 'Unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered'. I read other posts about clearin...

Nov 20 2018 by Anthony Johnson
Delivery and warranty icons under product title

Hi all,  Sorry for the description but I couldn't find the pictures when I needed them.  I am trying to find how to add the little icons under a product title that have little images and say 'Free delivery' '12 month warranty' etc. Something that adds value and trust with customers. Hope you can understand what I mean! :)

Nov 20 2018 by Bo

Hi guys, We want opportunity to introduce ourselves. We in Apps On Demand have develop shopify app "AOD Instant Checkout" for which you must looking for and will surely help you in sales increase by providing fully customized and animated "BUY IT NOW" button. Buy Now Button skips the cart and sends users direct to the Checkout page. This saves an extra step in the buying process, gives yo...

Nov 19 2018 by Matt

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Nov 19 2018 by beaships
Instagram is reviewing your store

Hi, I want to link my shopify store with instagram. I did everything right (Facebook page, bussines instagragram account linked, etc). The instagram sales channel is on "Instagram is reviewing your store" for 2 weeks now. I have disabled and enabled back both: Facebook and Instagram channels but with same luck. Any ideas about what to do from here? Should I contact instagram? How?  ...

Nov 19 2018 by Pendular Pocket
How to show product image in color when sold out? Debut theme

Hey i was wondering if someone could help me keep the product image in color when sold out? For the debut theme. Thanks

Nov 19 2018 by zach
Store Built and published online i made alot of ads and use kit for adve...

Store Built and published online i made alot of ads and use kit for advertising but no sales. I need review for my store: https://trendyyard.com/, to know what can be improved.  

Nov 19 2018 by Bo
Feedback on our store please

Hi everyone We have recently set up our store and although we get plenty of traffic, they are not converting into sales. Any help would be appreciated. We are store that sources pre-loved plus size women’s clothes & sell them. www.sisterlycurves.com We have instagram & facebook pages which directs a lot of traffic to our website. We’ve also been featured in a local magazine ...

Nov 19 2018 by David